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Diana, Goddess of the Hunt for Ancestors!
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Every-Name Index to Family Group Sheets:  Mi thru Mz
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For purposes of alphabetizing, minor variations in the spelling of names are ignored.  Within each given name, entries are chronological, regardless of variations in spelling of the given name or the presence of a middle name or initial.  Children known to have died before coming of age are not indexed.  A trick for using this index (if you have your browser's "Status Bar" visible):  Position your cursor over a name, but without clicking on it.  The name of the family group sheet the individual is on will appear in the Status Bar.

MICHAEL, Caroline Dorcas  (1810-    )
MICHEL / MICHAEL, Elizabeth  (c1740s-    ) 
MICHAEL, Elizabeth  (c1820s    ) 
MICHAELS, George  (c1800s-    )
MICHAEL, George Washington  (1881/2-    )
MICHAEL, Henry J.  (1912/3-    )
MICHEL, Katharina  (1841-    ) 
MICHELL, Lottie  (1846/7-    )
MICHAEL, Louise / Luvise D.  (1917/8-    )
MICHAL, Mahala J.  (1856/7-    ) 
MICHAEL, Malidia / Millida / Malida / Milide  (1831-1889) 
MICHAL, Maria / Mary  (1781-1861)
MICHAELS, Mary A.  (1833-1909)
MICHAEL, Mary Virginia  (1859->1910)