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Dea. William LYON
Husband:  William LYON
Birth:  15 Sep 1675, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
Death:  17 Sep 1741, Woodstock, Windham Co., CT
Disposition:  buried Woodstock Hill Cemetery, Windham Co., CT
Father:  John LYON
Mother:  Abigail POLLEY
Marriage-1:  8 Nov 1699, Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA
Wife-1:  Deborah COLBURN
Birth:  1678/9
Death:  18 Apr 1714
Father:  John COLBURN
Mother:  Experience LELAND
Wife-2:  Martha MORRIS
Birth:  3 Jan 1674/5, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
Death:  9 May 1756, Woodstock, Windham Co., CT
Father:  Lt. Edward MORRIS
Mother:  Grace BETT
Children with Deborah COLBURN — born in Woodstock, Windham Co., CT:
1.  William LYON, b. 26 Oct 1700; d. 27 Sep 1780, Woodstock
2.  Daniel LYON, b. 6 Jun 1702; d. 3 Mar 1767, Woodstock
3.  Ebenezer LYON, b. 13 Aug 1703; d. 12 Jul 1767, Woodstock
4.  Jabez LYON, b. 7 Mar 1704; d. 30 May 1760, Woodstock
5.  Aaron LYON, b. 11 Jan 1707
6.  Margaret LYON, b. 9 Nov 1708; d. 26 Nov 1781, Woodstock; m. 29 Feb 1728, Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA, Caleb LYON (1709-1792)
7.  Moses LYON, b. 4 Jan 1710; d. 6 May 1710, Woodstock
8.  Moses LYON, b. 26 Oct 1712
Child with Martha MORRIS — born in Woodstock, Windham Co., CT:
9.  Nehemiah LYON, b. 16 Oct 1719
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1.  Marriage Record:

2.  A.B. Lyon, G.W.A. Lyon, & Eugene F. McPike.  1905. Lyon Memorial.  Vol. I.  Press of Wm. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI  (OCR copy with numerous recognition errors online at GenealogyLibrary.com; page images online at Ancestry.com):
p. 34 11. III. 2. WILLIAM3 LYON [John,2 William1] was born in Roxbury, Mass., Sept. 15, 1675, and died in Woodstock, Conn., Sept. 17, 1741; buried in Woodstock Hill Cemetery, as were his two wives.  He was married first in Dedham, by Rev. Joseph Belcher, Nov. 8, 1699, to 
p. 35 Deborah Colburn, daughter of John and Experience (Leland) Colburn.†  She died April 18, 1714, ae. 34 y. (G.R.).  He married second (date not ascertained) Martha Morris, daughter of Lieut. Edward and Grace (Betts) Morris of Woodstock.  She died May 9, 1756, ae. 81 (G.R.) [May 8, T.R.]. 

William Lyon was one of the pioneer settlers (1686) in Woodstock, where he became a prominent member of the community.  In 1710 he was appointed on a committee to build a schoolhouse.  In 1712 he was appointed grave digger for the parish, to receive two shillings for each grave for a child under five, three shillings if the grave were for a child over five and under twelve, and five shillings if the grave were for an adult.  In 1717 he was one of a committee to provide materials for a new meeting house; 1719 to 1721 was on the building committee.  In the division of the remaining land in the south half of Woodstock, Sept. 11, 1725, he received Lot 15.  For many years he served as deacon in the Congregational Church.  He was several times sent to represent Woodstock in the General Court (1734 and in succeeding years).  In 1736 he was chosen moderator of the town meeting in place of Col. Chandler, who had been accustomed to serve.  About this time also he was appointed with his cousin Joseph Lyon on committee for pulpit supply. 

He gave a deed (dated Nov. 9, 1727) to "a parcel of land in Roxbury, Co. Suffolk [Mass.] * * * it being a lot of land which my honored grandfather William Lyon dyed seized of, and did ??n his last will and testament give to my honored father John Lyon and to his male heirs as by the will appeareth."  Signed William Lyon; Witnesses, John Lyon (no. 53?) Aaron Lyon (no. 66). 

Heirs named in distribution of his estate, including lands originally laid out to John Lyon, Sr.: sons William, Daniel, Ebenezer, Jabez, Aaron, Caleb [son-in-law—Ed.], Moses, Nehemiah

Children of William and Deborah (Colburn) Lyon, all born in Woodstock: 

*62. I. William, b. Oct. 26, 1700 (T.R.); d. Woodstock, Sept. 27, 1780 (Mss. Fam. R.). 

*63. II. Daniel, b. June 6, 1702 (T.R.); d. Woodstock, March 3, 1767 (T.R.). 

*64. III. Ebenezer, b. Aug. 13, 1703 (T.R.); d. Woodstock, July 12, 1767; "ae. 63y. 11m. 1d." (G.R.). 

†John Colburn of Dedham, born July 29, 1648, son of Nathaniel and Priscilla (Clark) "Coalborne," was land owner in Dedham 1637.  Experience Leland, born May 16, 1656, was daughter of Henry and Margaret (Babcock) Leland of Dorchester; Henry was only son of Hopestill Leland, one of the earliest settlers in New England. 
p. 36 *65. IV. Jabez, b. March 7, 1704 (T.R.); d. Woodstock, May 30, 1760, "in 56th year" (G.R.). 

*66. V. Aaron, b. Jan. 11, 1707 (T.R.); killed by Indians, Charlestown, N.H., May 24, 1746. 

 67. VI. Margaret, b. Nov. 9, 1708 (T.R.); m. Feb. 29, 1728 (Dedham T.R.) Caleb Lyon (No. 59); d. Woodstock, Nov. 26, 1781 (T.R.). 

 68. VII. Moses, b. Jan. 4, 1710 (T.R.); d. Woodstock, May 6, 1710 (T.R.). 

*69. VIII. Moses, b. Oct. 26, 1712 (T.R.); d. Brimfield, Mass., Sept. 28, 1778 (G.R. in Woodstock). 

Son of William and Martha (Morris) Lyon: 

*70. IX. Nehemiah, b. Woodstock, Oct. 16, 1719 (T.R.), d. Oct. 1, 1807; ae. 87 (G.R., E. Woodstock Cemetery).

3.  Lyon(s) Families Association: Database (on CD, as of 22 Feb 2010).

4.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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