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The largest sections of this site consist of family group sheets (13,400+ pages) and census extractions (2800+ pages); there are small sections for DNA projects (480+ pages) and pedigree charts (80+ pages).  These sections can be reached via:
  • An Every-Name-Index Hub for indices to the family group sheets only.
  • A publicly accessible http://dgmweb.net/FGS/ folder where family group sheets can be browsed by the husband's name.  Note that the /Lyon/ folder contains all spelling variations of the name, including those beginning with "de."  Also, there is a /GKC/ folder that contains just my GRONINGER / KRONINGER / CRONINGER kin.
  • A Census home page with links to the various census hubs.
  • A DNA Hub with links to my DNA projects, analyses, and other information on DNA testing.
  • A Pedigree Charts home page with links to the root individuals of the pedigrees.
Plus home pages for my father's and mother's surnames:
Our Danish Roots — a section dedicated to my father's Danish ancestry, linked to a regional Danish DNA project.
STRAUB Home Page — a section dedicated to STRAUB and similar German surnames, linked to a STRAUB Y-DNA surname project.

And two pages to make it easy for my near relatives to jump to our "gee whiz" ancestors:

Kin of My Father Kin of My Mother

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The 350 or so files linked below constitute a small fraction of the material on this web site.  As time permits, I'm gradually incorporating this documentation into the Sources of the relevant family group sheets, rather than leaving them as separate files as was my practice when I began this site.  Therefore, this list is getting shorter, rather than longer, although it won't go away entirely because not every file is suitable for incorporation into a family group sheet.  Please note that the bulk of the documentation on this site already resides on the family group sheets and is not linked below.
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Books / Bibliographies / Indices 

BLOUNT — a North Carolina bibliography 
CORBIN — an unfinished genealogical bibliography 
HOPKINS, Mark (1813-1878) — my review of Controversial Mark Hopkins (E. Latta, 1953) 
LYON — annotated bibliography and general references 
McCRAY — Table of Contents of The McCray's of America (P.R. McCray, 1993) 
ROGERS, John (c1500-1555) — an annotated bibliography of the Smithfield Martyr 
STRAUB / STROUB / STROUP / TROUB — indexed in the Annals of Buffalo Valley (Linn, 1877) 
STROPE — blurb for The Strope Family from Germany to America (B.E. Strope, 1997) 


Biographical Sketches
A ALBRIGHT, John C. (1842-    ) — of Van Wert Co., OH 
AXTELL, Joel (1802-     ) — of Mercer Co., PA, and Morrow Co., OH
B BALLARD, William (c1617-1689) — of Andover, MA 
BELL, John F.  (1851-    ) — of Elkton, Todd Co., KY 
BOBBITT, John W.  (1782-1855) — of Christian Co., KY 
BRODHEAD, Robert Packer (1811-1863) — Senator of Pennsylvania 
BROWN, Samuel A. (1795-1863) of Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., NY
C CHENEY, Daniel (c1633-1694) — England to Massachusetts 
CHENEY, Edward C. (1752-1813) — of Newton, MA > finally to Brandon, VT 
CHENEY, Edward (1777-1812) — of Brandon, VT 
CHENEY, Ephraim (1741-    ) — of Newton, MA > finally to Brandon, VT 
CHENEY, Ephraim (1767-1852) — Roxbury, MA > Brandon, VT > Papineauville, QC 
CHENEY, Ephraim (1800-1883) — Brandon, VT > Papineauville, QC 
CHENEY, John  (c1590s-1666) — of Roxbury and Newbury, MA 
CHENEY, Dea. John (1666-1750) — Newbury, MA > Rowley, MA 
CHENEY, John (1676-1728) — of Newbury, MA 
CHENEY, Samuel (1772-1858) — born Stow, MA; lived Brandon, VT 
CHENEY, Thomas Jefferson (1806-1837) — Brandon, VT > New York City 
CHENEY, Timothy (1713-1772) — of Newton, MA 
CHENEY, Timothy (1745-1807) — of Newton, MA, and Rutland, VT 
CHENEY, Zacheus (1818-1898) — in Whitney (1894), in Jenson (1901), and in Carter (1952)
CLARK — excerpt from Pioneer Families of Missouri (Rose & Rose, 1876) 
CLARK — excerpt from Louisville's First Families (Jennings 1920)
CLARK, Hon. Ephraim (1832-    ) — from the History of Yolo County, California (Gregory 1913) 
CLARK, James M. (1840-1910) — of Christian Co., KY (Perri 1884) 
CLARK, John (1725-1799) — of VA and Louisville, KY 
CLARK, Capt. John C. (c1775-1830) — of NC/TN > Christian Co., KY > Callaway Co., MO 
COOLMAN, David U. (1869-    ) — of Huntingdon Co., IN (1901) 
CORBIN, Abraham et al. — of Huntington Co., PA (Africa 1883) 
CREASAP, Samuel B. (1849-    ) — of Marion Co., OH 
CULP, Sherman (1854-    ) — of Plymouth, OH (Jacoby 1907)
DAVIS, James #1 and #2 — two mixed up (Perrin 1884; Meacham 1930; Christ. Co. Hist. Soc. 1986) 
DAVIS, Jefferson (1807/8-1889) — President, CSA (Johnson 1904) 
DAVIS, Martin Clay (1829-    ) — of Christian Co., KY (Perrin 1884) 
DAVIS, Winchester (1844-    ) — of Howard Co., MO (1883) 
DOMBAUGH, Robert Sweney, M.D. (1868-1939) — of Marion, OH (Jacoby 1907) 
DUNHAM, Delilah (nee IRVIN) (1847-1913) — of Grundy Co., MO (Spickard 1900)
E ELY, Col. George (1745-1820) — of Bucks Co., PA (Ely 1910) 
ELY, Jonas, M.D. (c1850-    ) — of Washington Co., PA (Beers 1893)
F FRUIT, Edmund Webster (1823-1907) — of Christian Co., KY, and De Witt Co., IL (Brink 1882)
G GABLER, William (1839-1932) — of Waldo, OH (Jacoby 1907) 
GABLER, William (1839-1932) — of Waldo, OH (Legatt 1883)
H HENDERSON, Richard (1735-1785) — of Hanover, VA, adn Hillsborough, NC (Johnson 1904) 
HOPKINS, Samuel G. (1824->1880) — in History of Scott County, Iowa (1882)
HUNTINGTON, Henry Edwards (1850- ) — of NYC and San Marino, CA (Rhoades 1912)
J JENKINS, Park B., M.D. (1873- ) — of Waubay, SD (Kingsbury 1915) 
JOHNSTONBAUGH, Calvin Lagona, M.D. (1864- ) of Centre Co., PA (1894)
K KAPP, George J. (1837-1909) — of Berks Co., PA (Montgomery 1909) 
KAPP, Leonard Israel (1860-    ) — of Berks Co., PA (Montgomery 1909)
M McCRAY, William Lafayette (1848- ) — of Cloverdale, CA (Guinn 1904)
O OBORN, Albert  (1858-19??) — of Marion Co., OH (Jacoby 1907)
P PENDLETON, Rev. John (1780-1838) — of Spotsylvania Co., VA, and Christian Co., KY (1969)
R RHODES, Walton F. (1860-) — of Berks Co., PA (Floyd 1911)
S SMITH, Jacob (1799-1851) — of Sunbury, PA (Floyd 1911) 
STOLLAR, Henry (1811-1905) — of Washington Co., PA (Beers 1893) 
STRAUB, Andrew (1748-1806) — Founder of Milton, PA (Egle 1898) 
STRAUB, Jacob (1826-1910s) — of Chillisquaque, PA (Floyd 1911)
STRAUB, James H. (1866->1920) — of Shamokin, PA (Floyd 1911) 
STRAUB, William (1831-1900) — of Schuylkill Co., PA (1896) 
STRUBEL, Anna Margaretha — GGG-grandmother of President Dwight D. EISENHOWER
STROUP — of Madison Co., OH, and Clinton Co., IN (1895)
T TATUM — "Pioneers of Davidson County, Tennessee" (Whitley 1965) 
THOMPSON — a family in Trigg Co., KY (Thompson 1996)
W WYATT, James Nathanial Burroughs (1831-1911) — from History of Yolo County, California (1913)


BMD — Births, Marriages, Deaths

Births / Baptisms
MATHIESEN, Arthur Carsten "Art" — of Oakland and Boulder Creek, CA 
STRAUB — births from the LDS Vital Records CD (1998) 

CLARK, Isaac & Catherine TURNER — minister's return, 1818, Howard Co., MO 
DAVIS — recorded marriages in Scott Co., IN, from 1825 to 1850
MELIJN / MELYN, Cornelis & Jannetie ARIAENSS — betrothal certificate, 1617, Amsterdam, Belgium 
STRAUB / STROUB / STROUP — some early marriages in Synder Co., PA 
STRAUB, Albert Roy & Nine (WILLIS) DEAN — license, 1906, Fallon, Churchill Co., NV 
STRAUB / STROUP, Jacob & Betsy DILLINGER — bond, 1790, Lincoln Co., NC 
THOMPSON — some early marriages (1854-1911) in Santa Clara Co., CA 
THOMPSON, Thomas & Delilah DAVIS — bond, 1815, Christian Co., KY 
THOMPSON, Thomas & Delilah DAVIS — license, 1815, Christian Co., KY 
THOMPSON, Thomas B. & Eliz. (LEVALLEY) DAMERON — certificate, 1854, Santa Clara Co., CA 
WILLIS, William Murphy & Ida BROWN — certificate, 1877, Chillicothe, Livingston Co., MO 

KEELING, James Sylvester (1836-1913) — Death Certificate, Christian Co., KY 
STRAUB, (Johann Georg) George (1844-1908) — Death Certificate, Los Angeles, CA 
WILLIS, Ida (nee BROWN) (1856-1943) — Death Certificate, Fallon Co., NV 
WILLIS, William Murphy (1853-1912) — Death Certificate, Fallon Co., NV 


Church History / Records

ALLEN, T.M. — an article in The Christian Messenger (1843) 
ANDERSON, James — a letter to The Bible Expositor (Jan 1871) 
BROWNING, R.E., ed. — excerpts from The Christian Messenger (1843-45) 
CASE, J.M. & T. THOMPSON — article in The Bible Expositor (Sep 1871) 
COLE, C.A. — The Christian Churches of Southern California:  a History (c1959). 
DAVIS, Azariah — records in the Goshen Baptist Church, Greene Co., PA 
Disciples of Christ Pioneer Preachers — group photo (Ware 1916) 
PETERSON, Martin — letter to The Bible Expositor (Jul 1871) 
Red Top (Christian) Church — excerpt from the History of Boone County, Missouri (Switzler 1882) 
STEVENSON, Dr. W.W. — letter to Alexander CAMPBELL in the Millenial Harbinger (1852) 
THOMPSON, Elder Thomas — excerpt from the history of the Christian Church in MO (Haley 1888) 
THOMPSON, Rev. Thomas — founding of the Church of Christ in Santa Clara, CA (1913) 
THOMPSON, Thomas — mention in Religion Follows the Frontier… (Garrison 1931) 
THOMPSON, Thomas — California's First Restoration Preacher (Alley 1952) 
THOMPSON, Thomas — A Pioneer Preacher in California (Rushford 1980) 
THOMPSON, Thomas — letters to The Bible Expositor (Jan 1871, Apr 1871, Jul 1871, Aug 1871)
WARE, E.B. — excerpts from the History of the Disciples of Christ in California (1916) 

Please note:  I'm desperately seeking Vol. 2 (1872) of The Bible Expositor (publ. Santa Rosa, CA).


Court Records

"Billy" — 1838 manumission of slave owned by Nathaniel BURRUS, Todd Co., KY 
BURRUS, Nathaniel and Nancy — 1837 indenture, Deed Book K, Todd Co., KY 
CARRICO, Peter — will, signed 1764, Charles Co., MD 
CARRICOE, James — 1803 estate inventory, Charles Co., MD 
CLARK, Col. Henry — will, signed 1823, Christian Co., KY
CORBIN, Edward — will, signed 1770, Baltimore Co., MD 
CORBIN, Nicholas — will, signed 1695, Baltimore Co., MD 
DAVIS — 1809-1813 data from Court Order Book B, Christian Co., KY
DAVIS, Christiana (nee ?), widow of William DAVIS — will, signed 1772, Philadelphia, PA 
DAVIS, Evan, Sr. — will, signed 1734, Philadelphia, PA 
DAVIS, Jane (nee CLENDENIN), widow of John DAVIS — 1will, signed 1824, Christian Co., KY 
DAVIS, John — will, signed 1800, Greenbrier Co., VA [now WV] 
DAVIS, Mary (nee ?) , widow of Evan DAVIS — 1758 letters of administration, Philadelphia, PA 
DAVIS, Samuel — will, signed 1758, Philadelphia, PA 
DAVIS, William — 1762 indenture, buying out his siblings, Philadelphia, PA 
DAVIS, William — will, signed 1764 (probated 1771), Philadelphia, PA 
DAVIS, William — 1767 indenture, sells land bought from his siblings, Philadelphia, PA 
ELY, George — will, signed 1824, Washington Co., PA 
FAWCONER, Francis — will, signed 1662, Kingscleare, Hampshire, England 
GATES, Robert — will, signed 1694, St. Mary's Co., MD 
HOPKINS, John — will, signed 1649, Hartford, Connecticut Colony 
LYON, Richard — will, signed 1678, Fairfield, Connecticut Colony 
MASHBURN, Matthew — will, signed 1760, Northampton Co., NC 
PENDLETON, John — will, signed 1837, Christian Co., KY 
PENDLETON, John — 1838 estate inventory, Christian Co., KY 
SIAS, Benjamin — will, signed 1802, Baltimore Co., MD 
SMITH, Stephen — will, signed 1802, Centre Co., PA 
STRAUB, Andrew of Milton — will, signed 1806, Northumberland Co., PA 
STRAUB, (Johann) Daniel, Jr. — 1807 estate papers, Northampton [now Lehigh] Co., PA 
THOMPSON, James — 1798-1813 data from Court Order Books A and B, Christian Co.., KY 
THOMPSON, James — will, signed 1840, Cadiz, Trigg Co., KY 
THOMPSON, John — will, signed 1829, Mecklenbrg Co., VA 
THOMPSON, Thomas — will, signed 1871, Santa Clara Co., CA 
THOMSON, Asa — will, signed 1841, Fayette Co., KY 
WHEELER, Capt. John — 1832 pension declaration, Livingston Co., KY 


Genealogies, Lineages

ALLEN, Ray (1860- ), of Pavilion, NY — pedigree (Virkus 1937) 
BATEMAN, MIDDLEBROOK, LYON — from Savage (1860-62), Genealogical Dictionary… 
BLOUNT — notable kin 
BLOUNT — from Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina… (Wheeler 1884) 
BLOUNT AND BLUNT — the pedigree chart by Helen M. Blount Prescott (1902) 
BOONE - DAVIS - VanBIBBER — connections 
The BUSH Family Bush — genealogy of the two Presidents and their wives 
CAPP, Seth Bunker (1875-    ) — of Philadelphia 
CELLAR, Thomas (1741-1816) — of Maryland > Pennsylvania > Ohio 
CUPP, Peter (1755-1834) — from Pioneers of Preston [West Virginia] (Whetsell 1908) 
CUPP / COPP / KOPP, Jacob — disambiguation page for the individuals being mixed up in the southern U.S. 
DAVIS, Jefferson (1807/8-1889), President CSA — genealogy and discussion (by DGM)
FAWKNOR of Kingscleare — pedigree from Visitation of Hampshire, 1634 (Waters 1885) 
HOPKINS, Mark (1813-1878) — the bogus Hopkins/Coger Connection (Akers 1992) 
HOPKINS, Mark (1813-1878) — Which Mark HOPKINS is the railroad baron? 
HUNTINGTON— connection to GALUSHA, line to C.P., from Huntington Family in America (1915) 
JOBS, Stephen Paul (1955-2011), a.k.a., Steve JOBS — Co-Founder of Apple, NeXT, Pixar
JOHNS - GALLOWAY - KINSEY — "Answers to Queries" (Crowther 1963, MD Gen. Soc. Bull.)
LOOMIS, Joseph (1590-1658) — excerpts from Descendants of… (Loomis 1909) 
LYON — an unfinished excerpt from the Lyon Memorial: Massachusetts Families… (1905) 
LYON — a bogus ancestry of New England LYON progenitors (1991) 
LYON — in a genealogy of Thomas Hatch of Barnstable (Pack 1930)
LYON — excerpts from Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry (Burke 1939)
LYON, Henry (1623/4-1707/8) — of Milford, CT, and Elizabethtown/Newark, New Jersey
LYON, Richard (c1620s-1678) — a line in New England Families (Cutter 1913) 
LYON, Richard (c1620s-1678) — a line in Powers-Banks Ancestry (Pows 1921) 
MATHIESEN / MATTHIESEN — my father's Danish Roots 
McCRAY, Daniel (c1745-1819) — of Jonesborough, Tennessee 
MELYN, Cornelis (c1600-c1674) — Patroon of Staten Island 
PENDLETON, John (1780-1838) — excerpt from "The Pendleton Family" (Gottschalk & Nicklin 1981) 
PRESTON, Leolphus de (1046) — of Scotland 
PRESTON, Roger (1613/4-1665/6) of Ipswich, MA — discussion of his identity 
QUISENBERRY, James (1759-1830) — excerpt from Colonial Families… (MacKenzie 1912) 
ROBARDS — transcription of The Robards Family (J.L. Robards, 1900-03) 
ROBARDS — transcription of the History and Genealogy of the RoBards Family (J.H. Robards 1910) 
ROGERS, John (c1500-1555) — the Smithfield Martyr 
ROGERS, John (c1500-1555) — bogus connections to the Smithfield Martyr from Chester (1861) 
ROMNEY, Ann Lois (DAVIES) — DAVIES line of the wife of Willard Mitt ROMNEY
SEARS, Richard of Plymouth Colony, 1632 — excerpt from New England Families… (Cutter 1913-15) 
SIAS — New England vs. Southern 
STRAUB / STROUP — progenitors and the distribution of their descendants in the US
STRAUB, Daniel (1815-1889) — founder of WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik)
STROOP [STRUP] — of Philadelphia, PA, an excerpt from the BELL-SHARPE genealogy (Bell 1960) 
THOMPSON, Thomas and Adam THOMPSON of Christian Co., KY — convoluted connection 
THOMSON / THOMPSON — extract from Genealogy of the Ragland Family (Strong 1928) 
TIFFANY, Barbara Ann (nee LIGHT) — connection to Johannes LICHT 

Lines of Descent* or Descendants
Siegfrede le Danois [Sigefred the Dane] (-965) — alleged ancestor of BLOUNT (Prescott 1902) 
BLOUNT, Capt. James — progenitor of North Carolina BLOUNTs (Prescott 1902) 
BLOUNT, Sir John — progenitor of Bristol and Maple-Durham BLOUNTs (Prescott 1902) 
BLOUNT, Sir John — progenitor of Kinlet, Astley, and Sodington BLOUNTs (Prescott 1902) 
BLOUNT, Robert Le — progenitor of Croke BLOUNTs and all(?) English BLOUNTs (Prescott 1902) 
BLOUNT, William Le — erroneously styled, Dux Navium Militarium (Prescott 1902) 
BLOUNT, William of Andover, MA — progenitor of New England BLOUNTs (Prescott 1902) 
CARRICO, Robbie, 2008 American Idol semi-finalist — descent from Peter CARRICO I 
*in addition to lines linked under "Kin of My Father" and "Kin of My Mother" (q.v.). 

Salem Witch Trials — genealogical connections to those who were my kin 


Geography Resources

United States
USPS — United States Postal Service Codes for U.S. States
IA — County Formation
KY — Geographic Descendants of Original Lincoln County, 1776-1811
MD — County Formation of Western Maryland, 1637-1997
MI — Diagrammatic Township Map of Wexford County, Michigan
OH — County Formation, Townships, Links to Township Maps
  — Historical Timeline of County Formation
  — Township Evolution of Knox County
  — Township Maps of Knox County through the Censuses
PA — County Formation, Townships, Links to Township Maps
  — Townships in the 1790 PA Census
  — Townships and Boroughs in the 1870 PA Census
  — Origins of Placenames Derived from Old World Locations
  — Formation of Washington County
  — Townships and Boroughs of Perry County
  — Townships and Boroughs of Cumberland/Perry County, 1790
VA — County Formation of Northern Virginia, 1664-1997

France — Brief Geographical History of Alsace-Lorraine
Germany — Historical Divisions and Sub-Divisions of Wuerttemberg / Württemberg
Switzerland — Current Country Names and Cantons



BLOUNT, Capt. James — his coat-of-arms (Wheeler 1884) 
BROWNE(E) — arms for families known only from the British Isles
BROWNE(E) — arms for American families
HOPKINS, Martha Abigail (1879-1959), wife of Ira Baker BROWN — her armorial ancestors 
RASAY, Malcolm MacLeod — fabricated arms for a fabricated man



BENSLEY, Israel — murdered in 1880 in Waldo, Marion Co., OH 
HERRINGTON, Seth — in the History of Westminster, Massachusetts (Heywood (1893) 
HOPKINS, Ebenezer, et al. — war story from the History of the Town of Pittsford, Vt. (Caverly 1872) 
KNOBLOCH / KNOBLOCK — mention in The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA (1883-1923) 
LICHT, Johannes (John LIGHT), et al. — Steitztown, Lebanon Co., PA (Croll 1895) 
LYON — in the Narratives of Newark (Pierson (1917) 
LYON, Henry — the 1667 "Plantation Covenant" of the Founder of Newark, NJ 
MELYN, Cornelis vs. Jochem KUYTER — New Amsterdam (New York), NY (Evjen 1916) 
MELYN, Cornelis, Patroon of Staten Island — known voyages, 1638-1660 
MIDDLEBROOK — exerpts from the Register of the Middlebrook Family… of Fairfield, CT
STRAUB, Andrew — Founder of Freeburg, Snyder Co., PA (Egle 1897) 

Cerulean Precinct, Trigg Co., KY — from the History of Trigg County, Kentucky (Perrin 1994) 
Clarendon Springs, Rutland Co., VT — from The Fish Family in England and America… (Fish 1948) 
Greenwood Township — in Perry, Juniata, and Synder Cos., PA (Guss 1886) 
Middlebury — first settlement in Mercer Co., MO 

Reunion of the Natives of Freeburg, Snyder Co., PA — 1917 news clipping 



CUPP, KOPP, KOPF, etc.  — immigration or first known appearance in the U.S. 
IHLE — immigrants to Philadelphia, PA, in 1754 
STRAUB / STRAUBE — 18th and 19th Century immigrant or first known appearance in the U.S. 


Land Records

STROUP, John — of Columbiana Co., OH, 1837 
STROUP, John — of Coshocton Co., OH, 1835 

THOMPSON, Thomas, et al. — links to plat maps and indices of land patents in Boone Co., MO 
THOMPSON, Thomas — diagrammatic map of patents in Missouri from 1821 to 1843 

STRAUB, Andrew & Barbara to Peter FRIES — 1796, Northumberland Co., PA 
STRAUB, Andrew & Barbara to John RAUSH — 1803, Northumberland Co., PA 
STRAUB, Andrew & Barbara to Peter HILBISH, et al. — 1811, Northumberland Co., PA 
STRAUB, Andrew & Barbara to Peter STRAUB — 1819, Cumberland Co., PA 
STRAUB, Peter to George LAUMAN — 1767, Cumberland Co., PA 
STROUP, Peter to Andrew STROUP — 1792, Northumberland Co., PA 

THOMPSON, Peter from Thomas BRYANT — 1820, Todd Co., KY 
THOMPSON, Peter to Robert G. WAGGONER — 1826, Todd Co., KY 
THOMPSON, Peter to Claibourne MOBLEY — 20 Oct 1827, Todd Co., KY 
THOMPSON, Peter to William WYATT — 24 Oct 1827, Todd Co., KY 

T48N.R13W, Boone Co., MO — index to plat map 
T48N.R13W, Boone Co., MO — diagrammatic plat map 

T50N.R11W, Boone Co., MO — index to plat map 
T50N.R11W, Boone Co., MO — diagrammatic plat map 

T51N.R13W, Boone Co., MO — index to plat map 
T51N.R13W, Boone Co., MO — diagrammatic plat map 



HOPKINS, Mark — 1849, at sea, bound for California from New York 
PEASE, Fred S. — 1847, "Notice of the Huntington Family" (NEHGR) 
SPICKARD, Emanuel & Gladys, of Springfield, MO, to John Carr SPICKARD — ca. 1973, annotated 
THOMPSON, Kate (nee MOREHART) to Lindsey T. MOREHART — 1929, about STRAUB 
TRIMBLE, Eliza, of Ballard, WA, to Winifred MILES — 1906, about TRIMBLE 


Lineage Comparisons — individuals having a common ancestor with me*

Louisa May ALCOTT, writer
Josiah BARTLETT, Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Israel BENSLEY, murder victim
Humphrey BOGART, actor
Elizabeth BOWES-LYON, Queen Mother of Britain — the bogus connection to New England LYONs
George Herbert Walker BUSH, 41st President of the United States
George Walker BUSH, usurper of the 43rd Presidency of the United States
Louisa (nee JAMES) CALDER, wife of sculptor, Alexander CALDER
Julia (nee McWILLIAMS) CHILD, chef and TV personality
Grover CLEVELAND, 22nd/24th President of the United States — and Andrew J. CLEVELAND*
Grover CLEVELAND, 22nd/24th President of the United States
Emily DICKINSON, poet — on two lines
Millard FILLMORE, 13th President of the United States
Gerald FORD, 38th President of the United States
Ulysses Simpson GRANT, 18th President of the United States
Katharine HEPBURN, actor — on three lines
Johns HOPKINS, Quaker philanthropist
Mark HOPKINS, railroad baron
Ella Botts (nee RICE) HUGHES, wife of industrialist, Howard HUGHES
Archibald MacLEISH, poet, playright
Frank Edwin "Tug" McGRAW, baseball legend — and Thomas Andrew McGRAW*
Timothy Samuel "Tim" McGRAW, country singing star — and Thomas Andrew McGRAW*
Frances (nee TRACY) MORGAN, wife of banker, J. Pierpont MORGAN
Barack Hussein OBAMA, 44th President of the United States
Frederick Law OLMSTED, landscape architect (designer of New York City's Central Park)
The ROCKEFELLERs:  John D. (Sr., Jr., III), Nelson (Governor of New York), and David
Charles Lewis TIFFANY, jeweler — and James Hotchkiss TIFFANY*
Louis Comfort TIFFANY, glass designer — and James Hotchkiss TIFFANY*
Clarence Almon TORREY, noted New England genealogist
George WASHINGTON, 1st President of the United States — on two lines
William WILLIAMS, Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Diana Frances (nee SPENCER) WINDSOR, Princess of Wales

*except some relatives by marriage, not blood — online in the hopes of interesting my cousins in their genealogy!



France:  Alsace-Lorraine — 1871 
NC: Gaston and Lincoln Cos. — residence of Jacob STRAUB/STROUP family beginning ca. 1760s 
NJ: Newark — [historic map 1] [historic map 2


Military Records

23rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry — service history, 1861-1865 
CORBIN, KELLY, STROUB, et al. — some Marion Co., OH, soldiers in the Civil War
STRAUB, Pvt. S. — Co. C, 100th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, of Butler Co., PA 
William the Conqueror — his companions in 1066 



CORBIN, Barton Thomas — murderer
CORBIN, Leonard Barrie, a.k.a., Barry CORBIN, actor
CORDRYs from the New Lebanon Cemetery, Cooper Co., MO 
SPICKARD, George Alexander & Mary Ann THOMPSON — family bible 
THOMPSONs — in the 1867 Great Register [of Voters] of Santa Clara Co., CA 
THOMPSON, Capt. John (1762-1818) — query from the Thompson Family Magazine (1966) 



CELLAR, Lena Myrtle (nee STRAUB) (1876-1963) — Marion Co., OH; Washington, DC; and FL 
GILLIS, Romeo (1852-1950) — of Marion, Dayton, and Toledo, OH 
REID, (Elder) William, Jr. (c1812-1897) — of Madison Co., KY, and Mercer Co., MO 
REID, Sarah M. (nee THOMPSON) (c1820-1897) — of Boone and Mercer Cos., MO 
ROGERS, Solomon (c1790-1863) — of Carthage, OH, and Santa Clara Co., CA 
SPICKARD, Mary A. (nee THOMPSON) (1829-1911) — of Boone and Grundy Cos., MO 
STRAUB / STRAUP / STROUP / etc. — obits from The South Bend Tribune, IN (S. Gates) 
STRAUB, Albert Roy "Bert" (1879-1969) — of Marion Co., OH, and San Jose, CA 
STRAUB, Joel C. "Joe" (1837-1915) — of Marion Co., OH 
WILLIS, Ida (nee BROWN) (1856-1943) — of MI, MO, and Fallon Co., NV 
WILLIS, William Murphy (1853-1912) — of IN, MO, and Fallon Co., NV 
WYATT, Fred Shelford (1890-1974) — of Yolo Co., CA, and Oakland, CA 
WYATT, Martha Lulu (nee SHELFORD) (1865-1919) — of Sonoma and Yolo Cos., CA



CHENEY, Ephraim, Edward CHENEY, and Bezaleel HALE — DAR Patriots 
LAINE, Thomas H., et al. — Society of California Pioneers: Centennial Roster... (1948) 
MATTHIESEN, Anna California (nee ROSE) — eligibility for hereditary societies 
STRAUB, Nina (nee WILLIS) — eligibility for hereditary societies 


Tax Records — see also Timelines

BRADSHAW, Edward — 1804-1823 tax rolls, Todd Co., KY 
CLARK, Capt. John C. — 1804-1809 tax rolls, Todd Co., KY 
CLARK, Capt. John C. — 1810-1813 tax rolls, Todd Co., KY (just begun)
THOMPSON — 1797-1816 tax rolls, Christian/Todd Cos., KY, summary 
THOMPSON — 1797-1803 tax rolls, Christian Co., KY 
THOMPSON — 1808-1809 tax rolls, Christian Co., KY 
THOMPSON — 1810-1813 tax rolls, Christian Co., KY 
THOMPSON — 1814-1816 tax rolls, Christian Co., KY 
THOMPSON — 1820-1823 tax rolls, Todd Co., KY 
THOMPSON — 1824-1827 tax rolls, Todd Co., KY (unfinished) 
WYATT — in early Christian and Todd Cos, KY 



BROWN, Ira Baker & Martha Abigail HOPKINS — NY > OH > MI > MO > OK > LA 
CARRICO — in Charles Co., MD, beginning w/immigrant in 1674 
CARRICO — early migration from Maryland to Kentucky 
CLARK-DAVIS-JONES-etc.— my family's trek from SC/NC/TN > KY 
CLARK, Col. Henry (1723-1832) — chronology compiled by Myra Sydney (DAVIS) DIPPEL
LYON — historical events relating to early LYON immigrants to America
MANN — in early Lincoln, Christian, Todd, and Muhlenberg Cos., KY 
STRAUB — in PA, 1600s-1700s 
STRAUB, Andrew — in early PA 
THOMPSON — 1792-1830, in Logan, Christian, Todd, and Trigg Cos., KY, based on tax records 
WILLIS, William Murphy & Ida BROWN — IN > MI > MO > NV 
WYATT — in early Christian and Todd Cos., KY 


Warnings Regarding Broderbund CDs and Other Databases

Gender-switching in the numerical data on Broderbund census CDs
Missing surnames from supposedly covered states on Broderbund census CDs
Bogus 1810 census records for Tennessee
Missing data re: slaves on census CDs
Other glitches on CDs
Missing Pages from the 1860 census of Franklin Co., OH,  at Ancestry.com
Weird Indexing of the 1790 Census of Cheshire Co., NH


Odds 'n' Ends

Some Useful Stuff
A Word on Copyright
Spelling for Genealogists
Cousins Chart — Genealogical Relationships between Ten Generations of Descendants of a Common Ancestor
An Explanation of Marriage Bonds, Return's, Etc.
Reliability of Death Certificates and Tombstones
A Brief Explanation of Patronyms, with Examples
Calculating Birth Year / Birth Date from Age

The Editorial Corner
On the Changing Role of Genealogy Societies and Family Associations
Is HTML Email Better than ASCII Email?

On the Light Side
Some Interesting Causes of Death in Early California
Names of Note

Other Stuff
Number of Ancestors in a Given Generation
An Explanation of the Column Headings Used on Immigration Forms at Ellis Island
Citing Death Certificates
Format of a Classic Family Group Sheet
How to Read the Genealogies in Gary Boyd Roberts's Books
Blank HTML Table to place Five Generations on a Web Page in a Branching "Tree"
Blank HTML Table to place Six Generations on a Web Page in a Branching "Tree"
Blank HTML Table to Simulate a Township Divided into Sections (in the PLS System)
USPS Postal Codes for the United States


Mailing Lists

Mailing List FAQ's, including Mailing List Netiquette


Timothy DOWLING's Genealogy Scrapbook — use of images without permission



WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik) — manufacturer of quality stainless steel tableware, founded by Daniel STRAUB

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