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Chronology of the Life of Henry CLARK (1723-1832)
compiled by Myra Sydney (DAVIS) DIPPLE
(reproduced here with the permission of the author)
Family Group Sheet of Col. Henry CLARK & Sarah JONES
Date Event Source
1732 Oct 08 Henry Clark was born to Ephraim and Elizabeth Lyon Clark -probably at Elizabeth Town, Essex County, NJ. John Wheeler Rev. War Pension #W8999 and will of Ebenezer Lyon.
1737 Jul 26 Henry's future wife, Sarah Jones, was born. John Wheeler's Rev. War Pension Record #W8999.
1739 Jan 22 The probated will of Ebenezer Lyon of Elizabeth Town, NJ, named his daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Ephraim Clark, and their children:  Elizabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Darkis, Henry, Riderous, Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark. NJ Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills, 1730-1750, Lib. of Congress, page 270.
1748 - - Efrem Clark and Rydarus Clark are listed together as two tithes in Lunenberg County, Va.  List of tithables from the "Mouth of Falling River Upwards" taken by John Phelps.
1749 - - Ephraim Clark, Henry Clark, two tithes; Reyderus Clark, one tithe. List taken by Nicholas Haile from "Goose Creek to the extant of the County upwards." [Lunenburg Co., VA]
1750 - - Ephm. Clark, Henry1 Clark, Rideras Clark listed together as three tithes. List taken by John Phelps "from Falling River to Goose Creek" [Lunenburg Co., VA].  This area is now located in Bedford Co., [VA,] created in 1754.
1756 Feb 14 Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark are listed on the Muster Roll of captain Adam Alexander's Company of Anson County, NC. Capt. Adam Alexander was a member of the Washaw settlement not far from Camp Creek in South Carolina.
1758 Aug 29 Henry Clark and Ryderus Clark were each granted 100 acres on Camp Creek in what is now located in Lancaster Co., SC. SC Royal Land Grants, Craven Co., SC.
1759 Mar 02 Ephraim Clark was granted 100 acres on Camp Creek.  Henry's son, Benjamin, was born about this time. -
- Henry and Rideruss Clark served in the Cherokee Expedition under Colonel Richard Richardson from Camden District, Craven County, SC. Muster and payroll of Cherokee Expedition, SC Historical Commission.
1762 - - Ephraim, Ichabod and Henry were each granted 100 acres on Lower Camp Creek, Craven County. -
1766 Feb 21 Henry Clark granted 180 acres on the west side of Broad River at Loves Corner.2 Nathaniel Clark, chain bearer. File #2219, Grant 374, Book 23, Page 151.
1766 Feb 24 Ichabod Clark granted 200 acres on west side of Broad River, joining the mouth of Thicketty Creek.** Nathaniel Clark, chain bearer. File #1516, Grant 469, Book 18, Page 340.
1767 Feb 12 Reydias Clark granted 200 acres on the south side of Broad River touching on Henry Clark's line, Ichabod Clark's line and Love's Corner.2 Surveyor Ichabod Clark; Henry Clark, chain beare. File #2379, Grant 139, Book 23, Page 209.
1767 Aug 01 John Hannah's will was probated in Mecklenburg Co., NC.  His wife was named Mary, and children were Ichabod, Richard, Hannah and Elizabeth.  His brother-in-law, Henry Clark, was named executor and Ichabod Clark was a witness to the will.  Evidently, Mary was born after Ebenezer Lyon's will was written naming the Clark grandchildren. Tryon Co., NC, Wills and Estates abstracted by Brent Holcomb CRS.  Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC. Page 127.
1768 Dec 05 Henry Clark was appointed Justice of the Peace to the newly created county of Tryon and took the oath of office.  Nathaniel Clark was allowed a license to keep an ordinaryin his dwelling house after complying with all laws. Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Tryon Co., NC.
1769 - - Rideras Clark and Nathaniel Clark were empanelled to jury duty at the July Court. Court Minutes, Tryon Co., NC.
1770 Apr - Henry Clark with Andrew Hampton, Abraham Kuykkendall and Joseph Green, came into court and produced his Excellency's commission appointing them each a Captain of Militia of this Province. Court Minutes, Tryon Co., NC.
1770 Jun 05 Henry Clark and wife, Sarah, sell 180 acres on the south side of Thicketty Creek2 adjoining Zacharia Bullock and Stephen Jones. File #711, Grant 420, Book 22, Page 307.
1773 Sep 01 Henry Clark and wife, Sarah, sell 180 acres on the west side of Broad River2 to John Foster beginning at Love's Corner, with the house, outbuilding, orchard, garden, etc. Witnessed by Rydarus Clark and William Laughlin. Union Co., SC, Deed Book A, Page 55.
1775 - - By this time, Henry Clark was living on Kendrick's Creek, south of the Long Island of the Holston including the Double Springs, site of "Captain Clark's Mustering Grounds," near the Indian Path.  In 1777, NC passed a new land law.  Those who had acquired their holdings through Charles Robertson of the Wataugans had to get new titles; but were given preference.  Near Kendrick's Creek, Nathaniel Clark and Ichabod Clark each had land holdings on Stewart's Branch and the Sugar Tree Bottom Land. NC Land Grants and Sullivan Co. TN Deed Book 1.
1776 Jul 20 Captain Henry Clark participated in the Battle of Long Island Flats of the Holston River against the Cherokee Indians led by Dragging Canoe. [As did Henry's son, Lt. Benjamin Clark.] John Wheller (sic) Rev. War Pension Record.
1776 Oct 03 Colonel William Christian and over 2000 men camped on Henry Clark's property at Double Springs.  Henry Clark, Benjamin Clark and John Wheeler joined the expedition to destroy the Indian towns. Draper Manuscript 4QQ74 and 8ZZ72; John Wheeler's Pension Record.
1777 Aug - District of Washington was created by the North Carolina Legislature and the first Court session was held with Henry Clark named one of the twenty-one Justices of the Peace. Colonial Records of North Carolina XXIII, Page 995.
1778 - - Henry Clark paid taxes to Washington County of 9 pounds, 5 shillings and 5 pense of 904 acres with improvements, slaves, horses and cattle. -
1779 Mar
- Captain Henry Clark and son, Lt. Benjamin Clark, volunteered under Colonel Evan Shelby and Major Charles Robertson with a force of 900 men and floated 120 miles down the Holston and Tennessee Rivers to lay waste to Dragging Canoe's new towns.  Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark were also on the expedition's payroll. NC State Archives titled Rev. Army Accounts, Volume VIII, Page 70, Folio 4, and Page 71.  Fojlio 1, 2, 3, and 4.
1779 Oct 18 Henry Clark and Jesse Walton, members for Washington County, took their seats in the NC House of Commons at Halifax.  The legislative session ended by raising the members pay an additional $10 per day. Minutes of the General Assembly, NC State Records, Volume 13, Page 914 and 999.
1799 Nov 19 Henry Clark Received a commission as Lieutenant Colonel from Governor Caswell of North Carolina. Historic Sullivan by Oliver Taylor, King Publishing Co., Bristol, TN, 1909, obtained from Court Records at Madison, Wisconsin.
1779 Dec 15 Henry Clark's daughter, Susannah, was married to John Wheeler at the plantation on Kendrick's Creek. John Wheeler's Rev. War Record #W8999.
1780 Feb 07 Sullivan County was officially organized.  Henry Clark was appointed Justice of the Peace and Nathan Clark was named Sheriff. Historic Sullivan by Oliver Taylor, Page 91.
1780 - - Henry Clark again represented Washington County in the House of Commons at Hillsborough. -
1781 Sep 07 Henry Clark bought 260 acres in Rutherford Co., NC, on the west fork of Knob Creek.  Witness: Benjamin Clark.  Also, another 240 acres on Knob Creek including a "Great Bottom and Cherokee Path" and forks of the creek. Rutherford Deed Book A #1, Pages 70-71 and 78-79.
1781 - - About this time, Benjamin Clark married Patience Dillingham, daughter of Vachel Dillingham and his first wife, Mrs. Ann Dillingham. Dillinghams of Big Ivy, Buncombe Co., NC, and Related Families compiled by Margaret Wallis Haile, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1979.
1781 Nov - Colonel Henry Clark and Colonel Sevier each commanded regiments drafted to subdue the Tories at Cross Creek.  The Tories had already been defeated so they marched toward Charleston and joined General Marion down on the Santee Swamps.  The expedition lasted three months. John Wheeler's Rev. War Record.
1782 Sep 05 John Wheeler bought 105 acres on Knob Creek, Rutherford Co., NC.  Henry Clark witnessed the deed. Rutherford Co., NC, Deed Book A #1, Page 90.
1782 - - About 1782, Mary Ann Clark married Francis Whitesides of Rutherford County, son of William Whitesides and Elizabeth Stockton. Family Group Sheet on file at the LDS Genealogical Archives dated 1934.
1783 Oct 29 John Wheeler sold their 105 acres on Knob Creek.  Witness: Nathaniel Clark. Rutherford Co. Deed Book C, Page 275.
1784 Jan 13 Henry Clark sold all 500 acres on Knobb Creek to William Queen. Rutherford Co. Deed Book C, Pages 331-332.
1784 Jul 16 Henry Clark is granted 300 acres on the south fork of Saluda River bounded by vacant land. SC Land Grant, Abbeyville Co., SC, Volume A, Page 73.  For a short time, Pendlton Co. was attached to Abbeyville.
1784 - - Benjamin Clark's property was located on the south side of the Saluda River between "Colonel Henry Clark's old place and John Wheeler's." Anderson Co., SC, Book D, Page 408.
1789 - - Henry Clark was one of the commissioners appointed by the SC legislature to locate a courthouse and buy property for the newly formed county of Pendleton. SC State Statutes Acts of 1789, Volume 7, Page 252 and Volume 5, Page 105.
1790 - - US Census of 96th District, Pendleton Co., SC. Listed in one group were Capt. Benjamin Clark, Henry Clark, John Wheeler, Isaac davis, and a little further down was Ichabod Clark.  Nathaniel Clark, Simon French and Francis Whitesides were listed on page 84. Heads of Families - South Carolina, Page 83.
1795 - - Henry Clark of Pendleton County sold 270 acres of a 370 acre tract to Hannah Shotwell. 200 acres he gave to his son, Isaac Clark.  His sons, Henry Clark Jr. and Benjamin Clark witness the deed. Anderson Co. SC Deed Book D, Page 239.
1795 - - It was about this time that Isaac Clark married a Miss Campbell. -
1797 Nov 14 Henry Clark bought 200 acres on the North Fork of Red River from John Irwin. Christian Co. Ky Deeds Volume B, Page 7.
1797 - - About this time, Mary Clark married Simon French. -
1797 - - Henry's son, John Clark, was appointed Clerk of the newly created co. of Christian.  Benjamin Clark posted his security bond of 1000 pounds. Christian Co., KY Deed Book A, Page 17.
1799 Feb 27 John Clark was married to Lucy Elliott, daughter of Lewis and Nancy Elliott. Montgomery County, TN, Marriage.
1800 Mar 10 Isaac Clark was married to Polly French, daughter of William French. Warren Co., KY, Marriages 1797-1851 compiled by Helen Thomas, Mary Rabold and Elizabeth Price, Bowling Green, 1970.
1800 Aug 22 Ephraim Clark, oldest brother of Henry3, of Montgomery Co, TN, sold a house and lot at Elizabeth Town, NJ, to John Clark.  This property was an inheritance willed by Captain Ebenezer Lyon, Henry's maternal grandfather. Christian Co. KY Deed Book A, Page 251-251 and the will of Ebenezer Lyon.
1801 Dec 13 Rydarus Clark, with sons-in-law, John Bird and John Gillham, sold a tract of land on Gilkey's creek of Thicketty Creek2 for $2570.  This seems to be the disposal or Rydarus' estate, recorded 25 June, 1803.  John and Sarah Gillham moved to Wanda, Madison Co., Illnois, in June of 1803. Union Co. SC Deed Book G, Page 279.
1805 - - Ichabod Clark was "exonerated from paying taxes because of age and infirmity" on his property on the Tradewater River. Livingston Co., KY, Court Minutes.
1806 Mar 30 Henry Clark Jr. was married to Betsy Davis, daughter of James Davis and Deborah Miller. Christian Co. KY Marriage Records 1797-1850 compiled by Cordelia C. Gary, 1970.
1806 May 14 Ephraim Clark was exempted from paying County levy and from working on roads. Christian Co. KY Court Order Book A, Part 1.  Manuscript preparation by Lon Bostick, sr.; indexed by Elizabeth Harringotn. Christian Co. Family and HIst. Research Soc., Hopkinsville, KY 42240, 1987.
1813 Jun 11 Hopkinsvile.  The will of Ephraim Clark was proven by the oath of Isaac Clark [Col. Henry's son, nephew of Ephraim], witness, and ordered filed. Christian Court Order Book B, Part 2, Page 291, Christian Co. Family and Hist. Research Soc., Hopkinsville, Ky 42240, 1987. Manuscript preparation by James Taylor Killebrew.
1I'm afraid according to Bell (see source given below) the record reads "Ash: Clark," not Henry Clark.  (The colon was then used to indicate abbreviation.)  It's very difficult to know what is going on here.  If the individual was, in fact, Henry, it's an odd almost impossible mistake for the Lister to have made.  My first thought was that it was another son coming of age, but if "Ash" came of age in 1750, he would have had to have been born in 1733/4 and thus have been alive when Ebenezer Lyon wrote his will, in which no "Ash" was mentioned.  Or is the will mistaken?  Or is "Ash" some other kin a nephew, perhaps?  In any case, it does appear that Henry has left the nest at 17.  Did he go to live with one of his elder brothers?  Or is Bell (or Duda) the one who is mistaken? 
2 This land is now in Cherokee Co., SC.
3Ephraim cannot be the eldest brother of Henry because, according to Ebenezer Lyon's 1739 will, Ephraim was "not of age," but their brothers, Nathaniel and Ichabod were of age, so either Nathaniel or Ichabod is Henry's eldest brother.  I suspect Myra concluded that Ephraim was the eldest brother because Ephraim was mentioned first among the tithables of 1748-50; however, I believe Ephraim was mentioned first because he was their father, not their brother, and that the younger Ephraim was not listed because he still had not come of age.
Landon C. Bell.  1931.  Sunlight on the Southside: Lists of Tithes, Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1748-1783. Clearfield, Blto. (reprinted 1974, Genealogical Publ. Co., Blto.; transcribed by Thomas Walter Duda and online in the Archives of the Lunenburg County VAGenWeb site), p. 153.
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