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The CUPP Y-DNA Surname Project at FamilyTreeDNA including
Variations, such as, CUP, COP, COPP, KOP, KOPP, KAP, KAPP, KUP, KUPP, KOPF, ZUPP, etc.
This project utilizes Y-DNA testing as a tool for genealogical research on the Germanic surnames KAP, KAPP, KOPP, KOP, KOPF, KUP, KUPP, ZUPP, and variations, especially the Anglicized spelling, CUPP, to which many of these converted in the U.S. 

Human gender is genetically determined by a pair of chromosomes that are, by convention, designated XX (for females) and XY (for males).  Only males have the Y-chromosome, and because the male Y-chromosome is handed down intact from father to son through the generations (except for infrequent mutations), just as surnames are handed down from father to son, Y-DNA testing can identify common ancestors on the direct male line, that is, the patrilineal line.  Y-DNA testing is an extremely powerful tool for supporting pedigrees and for breaking past brick walls where paper genealogy has failed to go.

The project is based at FamilyTreeDNA, but people tested elsewhere are welcome to join by sharing results and lineages, either unofficially or by officially transferring results to FTDNA (scroll down the page for transfer products), which I recommend.

If you are researching surname CUPP or any of its variations, please consider having a male family member submit a sample to the project.  I consider it the duty of every male to be Y-DNA tested.  Your descendants will bless you for it!

If you are English COPE, I recommend joining the COPE Y-DNA Surname Project, and if you are English COBB, I recommend joining the COBB Y-DNA Surname Project.  If you are uncertain of your origin, having your DNA tested should reveal whether your origin is German or English (and you can be moved to the correct project if you guessed the wrong one). 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Y-DNA Test Results    Introduction to Genealogy and Genetics

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Join the CUPP Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project

Family Tree DNA FAQs
Answers to an exhaustive list of questions relating to DNA testing.

CUPP DNA Test Results and Member Lineages

If you want to increase the probability of making a match and speed up the progress of this project, offer to fully or partially subsidize a test.  Donations can easily be made through the project's General Fund, and I recommend that avenue rather than exchanging funds personally (see below).

The following subsidies are currently being offered:

1.  Your project admin is offering to fund the full price of a 67-marker Y-DNA test for any male patrilineal descendant of Conrad KOPP/CUPP II (1781-1820s) of Northampton [now Lehigh] Co., PA, then Fairfield and Marion Cos., OH.
For all subsidies, acceptance of the subject is at the discretion of the donor (i.e., upon the researcher's satisfaction that there is a valid paper connection between the test subject and the ancestor) and the test subject must agree to sign the Release to allow sharing of his test results.  Subject must also agree to having their results uploaded to Ysearch.  Please note that sharing of results does not necessarily mean sharing of identity, even at Ysearch.  Only the project administrator and the donor necessarily need know the identity of the test subject.
General Funds

In recognition of the fact that some individuals may find the cost of DNA testing prohibitive and that these individuals may be the only representatives of key lines in our genealogical research, Family Tree DNA has instituted "General Funds" to allow researchers to subsidize the testing of these key individuals.  The fund can also be used as a simple way to give someone a gift of DNA testing.  Please see this link at Family Tree DNA for more details.  And please consider a donation to the project as a way of bringing more lines into the project, especially to help some of our elder kin be tested who may not otherwise be able to afford it.  There is also a field on the donation form allowing you to make a donation in honor of a specific person.  The funds will be entirely collected and held by Family Tree DNA, but their dispursement is implemented by your project administrator.  You can inform your project adminstrator whose test you want subsidized with your donation or, if you wish, you can leave it up to the project administrator to decide where the funds can best be applied.  Please note that anonymous donations are not just anonymous to the public; they are also anonymous to the project admin.  If you want the admin to know you made the donation and/or have a special request for how it is to be spent, please notify the admin by email at the time you make the donation.

There has been an instance in one of my projects where a donor sent a prospective member a check, then the person never followed through by joining the project.  This situation can be avoided if the researcher has, instead, donated the money to the project's General Fund, because the money simply won't be spent if the person fails to join and return their sample. There has also been an instance in one of my projects where a donor agreed to fund a test based on the promise of a secure line to their progenitor, only for me to discover there was an adoption in the line.  In this case, the researcher had donated their money to the General Fund, and I caught the NPE in time to deny the subsidy to the test subject.  This situation is also a reminder to examine someone's line, yourself, before agreeing to subsidize their test not that there was any intentional deception here, just flawed paper genealogy.

Bottom line:  before sending a check or money order to a stranger, do consider making a donation to the project's General Fund, instead.  And, please, in no case send money to me; I do not want the responsibility of handling it.

On-Site Resources
Every-Name Indices to Family Group Sheets, by Given Name
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Direct Access to the Online Folders for Family Group Sheets, by Surname

CAP / CAPP / COP / COPP and others beginning with "C"

CUP / CUPP and others beginning with "Cu"

KAP / KAPP / KOP / KOPF / KOPP / KUPP  and others beginning with "K"

CUPP/etc. Census Records:  United States
Off-Site Resources

CUPP Surname Mailing List (online at

If you seek general information about genetic genealogy, I recommend subscribing to

And for the gateway to genealogy web links, specifically DNA links, see Cyndi's List - DNA

The project administrator and webmaster is yours truly, Diana Gale Matthiesen.  I am a volunteer and receive no financial remuneration of any kind from FamilyTreeDNA.  I'm a retired zoologist / paleontologist, and genealogy is my hobby.  I descend from Conrad KOP/KOPP I (c1753-c1805) of Northampton [now Lehigh] Co., PA, through his son, Conrad KOPP/CUPP II (1781-1820s), who moved from PA to Fairfield Co., OH, then Marion Co., OH.  Conrad II's daughter, Anna "Nancy" (CUPP) STRAUB (1815-1927), is my maternal grandfather's paternal grandmother and, with her, my line daughters out of CUPP.

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'Diana of Versailles' Louvre Museum [PD-US]
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'Diana of Versailles' Louvre Museum [PD-US]