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Please note that everything I have is on this web site and can be found using the tools on the Table of Contents page linked above.  I am finding new information daily, and what I find daily, I upload daily this web site is my working database.  I have no additional information beyond what is displayed here, so please don't email me asking for more.  There isn't any more.
My Family's Genealogy and Related Projects
Genealogy of My Paternal Grandfather
Arthur Carsten MATTHIESEN (1895-1967)
of Oakland and Boulder Creek, California,
son of Andreas MATHIESEN, 1886 immigrant from Visby, Sonderjyllands, Denmark, to Oakland, CA
Our Danish Roots

The Danish Demes Regional DNA Project
A regional project for genealogists wanting to use DNA testing to research their Danish roots.

Genealogy of My Paternal Grandmother
Anna California ROSE (1898-1994)
of Sutter Creek and San Francisco, California
Our Southern Roots

Open Rose: an Alternative Web Site for ROSE Y-DNA

The Lyon(s) Families Association DNA Project

Henry LYON (1623/4-1707) a Founder of Newark, NJ

Cornelis MELYN (c1600-c1674), Patroon of Staten Island

Thomas THOMPSON (1797-1872), a Founder of the Disciples of Christ in California

DNA Testing for Haplogroup I1 THOMPSON

DNA Testing for Haplogroup R1b-Z209 Kin of James DAVIS (1744-1822)

Genealogy of My Maternal Grandfather
Albert Roy "Bert" STRAUB (1879-1969)
descendant of Johann Pieter STRAUB, 1733 immigrant from Großgartach, Württemberg, to Philadelphia, PA
Waldo, OH > Fallon, NV > San Jose, CA
Our Maryland Quaker and Pennsylvania Deutsch Ancestry they're German, not Dutch!

The STRAUB Line of Barack OBAMA, 44th President of the United States
like Bert, a descendant of Johann Pieter STRAUB



The STRAUB Line of Christopher Michael STRAUB, Project Runway Contestant (2009)
like Bert, a descendant of Johann Pieter STRAUB

CORBIN, CORBEN, CORBAN, etc. Y-DNA Surname Project

Y-DNA Haplogroup I2b KELLEY / KELLY

Genealogy of My Maternal Grandmother
Nina WILLIS (1879-1956)
Hannibal, MO > Fallon, NV > San Jose, CA
Our Maryland Catholic and New England Blueblood Ancestry

Nina WILLIS, Descendant of Emperor Charlemagne [pages under construction]
(genealogy confirmed and documented by New England Historic Genealogy Society researchers, January 2016)
Ancestry includes 14 Magna Carta Sureties, 13 Crusaders, and thousands of royals, including William the Conqueror.

Companions of William the Conqueror in 1066

Mark HOPKINS (1813-1872), railroad baron
like Nina, a descendant of John HOPKINS, 1634 immigrant from England to Cambridge, MA

CARRICO, CARICO, CARRIÇO, etc. Y-DNA Surname Project

The CARRICO Line of Robbie CARRICO, American Idol Semi-Finalist (2008)
like Nina, a descendant of Peter CARRICO, 1674 immigrant to Maryland

RASEY, RACEY, RAZEY, etc. Y-DNA Surname Project

Y-DNA Haplogroup I2b1 HARRINGTON

Salem Witch Trials Some Accusers and Accused

Miscellaneous Highlights not necessarily related to us
(also see Table of Contents)

Brief Genealogy of U.S. Presidents John ADAMS and John Quincy ADAMS

BIDDLE / BECHTEL (and Variations) Y-DNA Surname Project

Patrilineal Line Ancestry of Leonard Barrie CORBIN, a.k.a., Barry CORBIN, actor

Death and the Dentist:  the CORBIN Ancestry of Murderer, Barton Thomas CORBIN

Ancestors and Descendants of Jefferson DAVIS, President CSA

A Brief Ancestry of Actor Tim HOLT

The HOPKINS Line of Actress Miriam HOPKINS

Pedigree of Outlaw Jesse JAMES

A Brief Ancestry of Actor Jason ROBARDS

A Brief Genealogy of John ROGERS, the Smithfield Martyr

Better incomplete, than incorrect bad data are not better than no data.
Mistakes mislead.  If you don't know, don't guess.

It isn't enough to compile your pedigree, you need to prove your pedigree.

"Direct ancestor" is redundant.  What would an "indirect ancestor" be?

If you can't prove it, don't believe it and that applies to everything.

Share the data, don't sell it a rising tide lifts all boats.

Or, to quote Gypsy Rose Lee...

How can you sell it when the amateurs are giving it away?!
This web site is my working database.  I have no other, either on computer or on paper.  I am basically allowing you to "look over my shoulder" while I work because you are seeing my work from first draft to polished page I even take my notes on my web pages using my HTML editor, rather than a wordprocessor or genealogy software.  The quality and completeness of the pages thus varies greatly, and some pages will obviously be "under construction."  I figure you'd rather have the information available than not, so I don't hold back a page because it's "unfinished" technically, all the pages are unfinished and will always remain so because there is always room for improvement.

The family group sheets at this web site amount to working hypotheses.  Some sheets are well documented, while others are poorly documented. Please examine the sources which I always include when I have them and judge for yourself the validity of each datum on each sheet and each conclusion deduced from those data.  If there is no primary source listed for a datum, consider the datum to have come from one of the general secondary sources, which will be towards the end of the list of sources.  Hypotheses exist to be tested, so I welcome correction.

About this site:  The owner and webmaster of this site is yours truly, Diana Gale Matthiesen.  I'm a retired zoologist / paleontologist, and genealogy is my hobby.  I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I'm now retired in Florida.  To answer two question I'm often asked:

1.  I began building this site at the same time I began working on my genealogy, in 1998.  I started from scratch on my mother's side of the family, but I had a huge head start on my father's side of the family because his sister, Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati, and their maternal grandmother, Maude Irene (Thompson) Rose, had worked together on their genealogy for decades before I got involved.

2.  I'm still using the same web design software I started out with, namely, a now obsolete HTML editor known as Netscape Composer (v. 4.8), which I do not recommend using if you are starting out a new web site.  I simply have a tiger-by-the-tail because converting the site at this point would take more time than I care to spend on it. Any HTML editor could construct static pages like mine, there's nothing special about Composer, except that it's extremely easy to use, which is another reason I've been reluctant to part with it.  What makes Composer so obsolete is that it doesn't use CSS (cascading style sheets).  So, if you decide to go with static web pages, like mine, do pick a "modern" application, one that uses CSS. 

However, if you are just getting started, I recommend using a dynamic application, one that creates web pages on the fly from an online genealogy database.  In particular, I recommend TNG, The Next Generation.  If you want to customize it, it has a bit of a learning curve, unless you already understand CSS and PHP.  If you simply use one of the supplied templates, you can get a workable site online without too much grief.  You can upload GEDCOMs to it, so even if you've spent years using some other genealogy application, you can transfer a GEDCOM to TNG and continue to use both or TNG alone, whichever you prefer.

I do, in fact, use TNG on two of my smaller, newer web sites (BiddleEtc and Danish Demes), but neither of these sites is a good example of its power because I haven't gotten the hang of it, yet (understatement I'm a klutz with it).  It has the huge advantage that my DNA project members can upload their own GEDCOMs to it, so I'm doing my best to find time to improve my skill with it.  If I were just starting out my genealogy web site, I would use TNG.

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