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Brandon PETERS
Anatole LITVAK
Raymond B. BLOCK
Wife:  Ellen Miriam HOPKINS
Birth:  18 Oct 1902, Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA
Death (heart attack):  9 Oct 1972, Hotel Alrae, New York City, New York Co., NY
Occupation:  actress
Father:  Homer Ayres HOPKINS
Marriage-1:  11 May 1926; div. by 1930
Husband-1:  Brandon PETERS
Birth:  1893
Death:  1956
Marriage-2:  1928; divorced 1936, after a 5-year separation
Husband-2:  Austin PARKER
Birth:  1892/3, MT
Occupation:  writer (magazines)
Other Spouse:  m1. 1919, Phyllis DUGANNE
Father:  born in NY
Mother:  worn in WI

Phyllis is said to have divorced Austin when he became involved with Miriam.

Marriage-3 said to be:  1937; div. 1939
Husband-3:  Anatole LITVAK
Birth:  21 May 1902
Death:  Dec 1974
Marriage-4 said to be:  1939 or 1945; div. 1951
Husband-4:  Raymond B. BLOCK
Adopted a baby boy in 1932.
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Georgia, Montana, New York, Wisconsin


1.  Marriage Records:

2.  1910 Census Index/Images (online at Genealogy.com, Image #63 of 126):  1701 Whitaker Street, Savannah City (Ward 2), Chatham Co., GA, Roll 178 (Book 1), p. 81A, SN 3A, SD 1, ED 56, enumerated 16 Apr 1910, official enumeration date 15 Apr 1910 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1910:  for an explanation of the column headings,
please see What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data).
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 17 18 23 24 25 26 28
* 1701 59 63 Cutter Mildred Head M W 60 Wd 4 4 VA VA VA Eng None Y Y   R H
      Hopkins Ellen M Dau F W 30 Wd 2 2 GA VA VA Eng None Y Y      
      _______ Ruby C G-Dau F W 10 S     GA PA GA Eng None Y Y Y    
      _______ Ellen M G-Dau F W  7 S     GA PA GA Eng None Y Y Y    
*Whitaker Street
Ellen is divorced, not widowed, though I can't find her husband in the census (but see 1920 and 1930 below).

3.  1920 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  can't find Miriam.  Her mother and grandmother are living together in Bainbridge, GA.  Her father has remarried and is living in Oklahoma City, OK.

4.  1930 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #36 of 48):  46 Washington Square South, Manhattan Borough, New York City (Assembly District 10, Block No. M), New York Co., NY, Roll T626_1558, p. 86B, SN 6B, ED 31-243, SD 21, enumerated 24/25 Apr 1930, official enumeration date 1 Apr 1930 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1930:  for an explanation of the column headings, please see What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data).
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 24 25 26 27 28 30 31
* 46 19 193 Parker Austin Head R 185 N M W 37 M 27 N Y MT NY WI Y Writer Magazines O Y Y WW
      ______ Miriam Wife       F W 27 M 22 N Y GA GA GA Y None          
*Washington Square South

5a.  Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration:  Application for Account Number (photocopy obtained by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Name: Miriam Hopkins
Address: 222 California Bank Building, Beverly Hills, California
Employer's Address: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Culver City, California
Age | Birth Date/Place: 34 | Oct 18, 1902, Atlanta, Georgia
Father | Mother: Homer Ayres Hopkins | Ellen Dickinson Hopkins
Gender | Race: Female | White
Date Signed: March 18, 1937
Signature: Miriam Hopkins

5b.  SSDI:  Social Security Death Index (online at RootsWeb.com; missing columns contained no data):
Name Birth Death Last Residence SSN Issued Post-em
Miriam Hopkins 18 Oct 1902 Oct 1972 90069 (West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA) 555-09-3508 CA Yes
Anatole Litvak 21 May 1902 Dec 1974 90028 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA) 568-05-1631 CA Yes
Brandon PETERS and Austin PARKER not found.  There are numerous Raymond BLOCKs, one of whom may be Miriam's ex-husband.

6.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Pedigree Resource File (index to CDs, online at FamilySearch.org).

7.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

8.  Anon.  Tuesday, 10 Oct 1972.  "Succumbs to Coronay." Fond du Lac Reporter (Fond du Lac, WI), p. ?? (online at Ancestry.com):
Succumbs to Coronary
NEW YORK (AP) Miriam Hopkins, the star of "Becky Sharp" and about 35 other movies, most of them in the 1930s, died Sunday night at the Hotel Alrae.  She was 69.

Miss Hopkins had come to New York last July for a special presentation of her film "The Story of Temple Drake" (1933) at the Museum of Modern Art.

She became ill while here.  Her death was tentively (sic) attributed to a massive coronary attack.

Miss Hopkins was born in Bainbridge, Ga., on Oct. 18, 1902.  She was married to Brandon Peters in 1926, to Austin Parker in 1931, to Anatole Litvak in 1937, and to Raymond Block in 1939.  She remained single after her divorce from Block in 1951.

She must have died after midnight on Sunday because all other sources report her death date as 9 Oct 1972.  Miriam married Austin in 1928, not 1931.

9.  Numerous sites on the web.

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