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Open Rose:  an Alternative Y-DNA Web Site for Surname ROSE
I began a ROSE page here on my web site in December of 2008 simply to correct what I felt were some bad connections being made in my ROSE family (I descend from John ROSE of King George Co., VA).  Resolution of the problem was made difficult because, at the time, the Rose Family Association, which was then in charge of the ROSE DNA Project, was not publicly displaying test results on the web, so results had to be shared offline between individual researchers.  Once I had resolved the issues in my own line, I made an offer to assist anyone else in making a similar evaluation of their own results, hence, the creation of Open Rose.

In May of 2012, the ROSE Y-DNA Surname Project at FTDNA came under new managment.  Test results are now publicly accessible, which eliminates the need for Open Rose to fill that function.  It's unlikely I will continue to update these pages, except the one for my own ROSE family (Group L).

Early in the history of the ROSE Y-DNA project, many members were tested to only 25 markers.  In most cases, 25 markers is insufficient to adequately support relationships.  While even twelve markers may be enough to disprove a relationship, at least 37 is usually required to confidently assert a connection.  (The bad connections made in my ROSE family were largely the result of relying on only 25 markers.)  In my own projects, I have standardized on 67 markers because experience has taught me that, in most cases, that level of testing is needed to make connections with confidence.  So, my advice to anyone being Y-DNA tested is to upgrade to 67 markers.

Upgrading to more markers is especially critical if you are Haplogroup R1b, the most common haplogroup in western Europe.  Some 70-80% of males in the British Isles are R1b, making it very easy to get a match merely by coincidence.  If you are getting matches in other surnames, especially if you are getting a lot of them, you definitely need to upgrade.

Surname ROSE has many different origins, and it's a common surname in the U.S. — in the 1990 census, it ranked 157th in frequency out of nearly 90,000 surnames.  Because of this diversity and abundance, it's possible to get a low-level match with another ROSE and still not be related, at least not within "genealogical time" (15-20 generations) — we're all related if you back far enough.

Links to Results, Lineages, and Analyses by Haplogroup
E G  I1 I2 J2 L Q R1a R1b T
Maintenance of these pages has ceased, except for R1b Group L.
Subsidized Testing!

If you want to increase the probability of making a match, please offer to subsidize a test, even if it's just to split the cost.  If you have a line you want tested, please consider offering a subsidy to encourage a volunteer.  I will be happy to post it here for you.
I am was offering to fully pay the cost of a 67-marker test of a patrilineal descendant of 
Bennett ROSE (1731/2-c1788) of King George's Co., VA, and Surry Co., NC
Success!  A (formerly unknown) cousin has accepted my offer and has been tested.
Do consider making such an offer, so you can get your line tested, too.
For any subsidy, acceptance of the subject is at the discretion of the donor (i.e., upon the researcher's satisfaction that there is a valid paper connection between the test subject and the ancestor) and the test subject must agree to sign the Release to allow sharing of his test results.  Please note that sharing of results does not necessarily mean sharing of identity.  Only the donor, the project administration, FamilyTreeDNA, and matching test subjects need know the identity of the test subject.

External Links to ROSE Genealogy Web Sites
(If you would like your site listed, please contact me.)

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Brewer Descendants of Johannes (Jan) BROUWER
(an adopted line surnamed ROSE, but genetically BREWER)

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