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Delilah DAVIS
Susannah JONES
Mildred Bell CAVE
PLEASE NOTE:  Two patrilineal descendants of our subject through his son, John Alexander Campbell THOMPSON, have been Y-DNA tested; and they are a tight match (see results).  We are seeking additional male THOMPSONs who descend from Thomas on a patrilineal (direct male) line to also be DNA tested.  We are especially seeking someone who is not a descendant of John Alexander Campbell THOMPSON.  Please contact me if you are such a descendant or know of one.
Husband:  Thomas THOMPSON
Birth:  7 Jul 1797, KYA
Death:  14 Apr 1872, Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., CA
Disposition:  buried in Laine Plot, Mission City Memorial Cemetery, Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., CA
Occupation:  clergyman, innkeeper, farmer
Religion:  Baptist, then Disciples of Christ
Office:  1836, Randolph Co., MO, Justice of the Peace
Historical:  founder of the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) in California 
Y-DNA Haplogroup:  I1-L338
Father:  Peter THOMPSON
Mother:  unknown

[Some secondary sources give our subject first name, "John."  So far, I have found no contemporary or primary records giving him that first name.]

Marriage-1:  21 Dec 1815, Christian Co., KY
Wife-1:  Delilah DAVIS
Birth:  1794-1800, KY
Death:  1844?, Spickard, Grundy Co., MO
Disposition:  said to be buried on the Austin Farm, Grundy Co., MO
Occupation:  homemaker 
Father:  Isaac DAVIS, Sr.
Mother:  Sarah "Sally" CLARK

In the 1900 Census, Delilah's son, George, says his mother was born in Virginia.  This location seems highly unlikely given that her father was in the 1790 census of Pendleton Co., SC, and was a taxpayer in Christian Co., KY, by 1797.  In the 1880 census, Delilah's son, John A.C., says his mother was born in KY; and in the 1900 and 1920 censuses, Delilah's daughter, Mary Ann, says her mother was born in KY.  Kentucky seems far more likely to be correct, on several counts.

Marriage-2:  19 Feb 1845, Monroe Co., MO
Wife-2:  Susannah JONES
Birth:  ca. 1826
Death:  1846
Occupation:  homemaker
Marriage-3:  31 Aug 1847, Boone Co., MO
Wife-3:  Mildred Bell "Millie" CAVE
Birth:  11 Dec 1797, Scott Co., KY
Death:  1875, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA
Disposition: buried in Laine Plot, Mission City Memorial Cemetery, Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., CA
Occupation:  homemaker 
Other spouses:  m1. c1820, David WESTERFIELD, m2. 1831, Willis LAINE
Father:  Henry CAVE
Mother:  Margaret HAWKINS
Children with Delilah DAVIS:
born in KY:
  1?  Joseph THOMPSON, b. 1816; d. bef. 1830?
  2.  Isaac Davis THOMPSON, b. 11 Mar 1817 
  3?  (Son A) THOMPSON, b. 1820-25; d. bef. 1840?
  4.  James Henry THOMPSON, b. 1820/1 

born in Boone Co., MO:
  5.  Sarah M. "Sallie" THOMPSON, b. ca. 8 Aug 1819/20/21/22
  6.  John Alexander Campbell THOMPSON, b. 10 Dec 1825 
  7.  Mary Ann THOMPSON, b. 10 Feb 1829
  8.  Thomas B. THOMPSON, b. 1831 

born in Paris, Monroe Co., MO
  9.  George Washington THOMPSON, b. 30 Oct 1835 
10.  Margaret Frances THOMPSON, b. 1836
11.  William Henry Harrison THOMPSON, b. 20 Nov 1840 
12?  (Son B) THOMPSON, b. 1840-44; d. early 1850, CA
Except for the ages and birthplaces of his children as given in the 1850 and later censuses, there is a total void of information on the whereabouts of Thomas THOMPSON between his marriage to Delilah DAVIS in 1815 in Christian/Todd, Co., KY, and his 1821 land patent in Boone Co., MO.   Daughter Sallie's birthplace should help us, but there is a conflict among sources as to her birthyear.  The big question is:  if Thomas was in KY between 1815 and 1821, why does he not appear in the census or on the tax rolls?  One may escape the census and Thomas's father surely did in 1820 in Todd Co. but you rarely escape the tax collector, and certainly not for six years.

Child with Susannah JONES:
13.  Allen W. THOMPSON, b. 16 Mar 1846, Paris, Monroe Co., MO
Children with Mildred CAVE:
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, California, Kentucky, Missouri

Year Location Event
1797 KY birth of Thomas THOMPSON
1794-1800 KY birth of Delilah DAVIS
1797 KY: Scott Co. birth of Mildred Bell CAVE
1815 KY: Christian Co. marriage of Thomas THOMPSON & Delilah DAVIS
1816?   birth of son, Joseph?
1817 KY birth of son, Isaac Davis THOMPSON
1820 Census not found, but neither was his father, and Peter was in Todd Co. as shown by his presence on tax rolls from 1799 to 1826;
however, Thomas was not on the Christian/Todd tax rolls, ever, nor have I yet found him in any other KY county
1820 Missouri Territory: Boone Co. formed from Howard Co.
1820/1 KY birth of son, James Henry THOMPSON
1820/1? Kentucky to Missouri family moves? [date hinges on the birthplace of James being correct]
1821 Missouri becomes the 24th State in the Union
1821 MO: Boone Co. Thomas THOMPSON and John CAVE patent land
1824 MO: Boone Co. Thomas THOMPSON and Isaac DAVIS patent land
1825 MO birth of son, John Alexander Campbell THOMPSON
1829 MO birth of daughter, Mary Ann THOMPSON
bef. 1830   death of son, Joseph?
1830 Census MO: Boone Co.: Columbia Twp. Thomas THOMPSON, head-of-household
1831 MO birth of son, Thomas B. THOMPSON
1833 MO: Boone Co. Thomas THOMPSON patents land
1833/4 Boone Co. to Monroe Co. family moves
1833 MO: Monroe Co. Thomas THOMPSON patents land
1834 MO: Monroe Co. Thomas THOMPSON patents land
1834 MO: Monroe Co. marriage of daughter, Sarah, to William REID
1835 MO: Monroe Co. Thomas THOMPSON patents land
1835 MO: Monroe Co. birth of son, George Washington THOMPSON
1836 MO: Monroe Co. birth of daughter, Frances Margaret THOMPSON
1836 MO: Randolph Co. marriage of son, Isaac, to Mary Jane SORRELL,
ceremony by Thomas THOMPSON, JP
1837 MO: Livingston Co. formed from Carroll Co.
1838 MO: Monroe Co. Thomas THOMPSON patents land
1839 MO: Monroe Co. Thomas THOMPSON patents land
1839 MO: Randolph Co. Thomas THOMPSON patents land
1840 MO: Monroe Co. [what is proof of location?] birth of son, William Henry Harrison THOMPSON
1839/40 Monroe Co. to Grundy Co. family moves
bef. 1840   death of Son A?
1840 Census MO: Livingston [now Grundy] Co.: Wash. Twp. Thomas THOMPSON, head-of-household
aft. 1840   birth of Son B?
1841 MO: Grundy Co. formed from Livingston Co.
1841 MO: Monroe Co. marriage of son, James, to Angeline THAXTON
1840-45 MO death of Delilah (DAVIS) THOMPSON
1843 MO: Grundy Co. Thomas THOMPSON patents land
1843 MO: Grundy Co. Thomas THOMPSON writes a letter
1843 MO: Howard Co.: Fayette Thomas THOMPSON attends church meeting
1844 MO marriage of daughter, Mary Ann, to Alexander IRVIN
1844 MO: Howard Co.: Fayette Thomas THOMPSON attends church meeting
1844 MO: Livingston Co.: Chillicothe Thomas THOMPSON & J.S. ALLEN found church
1845 MO: Grundy Co. marriage of son, John, to Amanda WILLIAMS
1845 MO: Monroe Co. marriage of Thomas THOMPSON & Susannah JONES
1845 MO: Mercer Co. formed from Grundy Co. Washington Twp. is split between the two counties
1845 MO birth of son, Allen W. THOMPSON
1845/6 MO death of Susannah (JONES) THOMPSON
1847 MO: Boone Co. marriage of Thomas THOMPSON & Mildred Bell CAVE
1849 Missouri to California family moves
1849-50 CA: Placer Co.: Gold Run preaching in the gold camps
1850 CA death of a son Son B?
1850 Placer Co. to El Dorado Co. family moves
1850 Census CA: El Dorado Co. Thomas THOMPSON, head-of-household
1851 CA: El Dorado Co. marriage of daughter, Frances, to James ANDERSON
1851 CA: El Dorado Co. marriage of daughter, Mary Ann, to George SPICKARD
1851 El Dorado Co. to Santa Clara Co. family moves
1852 Census CA: Santa Clara Co. Thomas THOMPSON, head-of-household
1854 CA: Santa Clara Co.: Santa Clara marriage of son, Thomas, to Elizabeth (LEVALLEY) DAMERON
1856 MO death of son, Isaac Davis
1850-60 MO death of son, James Henry
1860 Census CA: Santa Clara Co.: Santa Clara Twp. Thomas THOMPSON, head-of-household
1866 CA: Santa Clara Co.: Town of Santa Clara Thomas THOMPSON, in the Great Register (of voters)
1870 Census CA: Santa Clara Co.: Santa Clara Twp. Thomas THOMPSON, head-of-household
1872 CA: Santa Clara Co.: Santa Clara death of Thomas THOMPSON
1875 CA: Santa Barbara Co.: Santa Barbara death of Mildred Bell (CAVE) THOMPSON
1876 CA: Solano Co.: Maine Prairie marriage of son, George Clinton, to Delilah Ann McCRAY

Another Timeline:  The CLARK/DAVIS/JONES/etc. "Track" from SC/NC/TN > KY

ANNOUNCEMENT:  There is a mailing list for researchers of the genealogy and family history of Thomas THOMPSON and kin, including his sister, Rachel THOMPSON and her husband, William T. WYATT, and the ancestors of Thomas's wives, Delilah DAVIS, Susannah JONES, and Mildred Bell CAVE.  Please join and share in the research.  To subscribe, visit this web page and follow the instructions.

Pedigree Charts: 

The Connections between Daniel BOONE and Delilah DAVIS

The Convoluted Connection between Adam THOMPSON and Thomas THOMPSON


These are the photographs/portraits of Thomas THOMPSON both known to be and said to be in existence, as far as I know: 

1)  A photograph of "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas THOMPSON," the origin of which is unknown to me, though it is clearly from a book.  In the photograph, both Thomas and Mildred are elderly and in a seated position, shown from about hip-level upwards.  Thomas appears to be holding his "gold-headed cane," the one mentioned in E.B. Ware's book. 

2)  A photograph of "Thomas THOMPSON and Wife" that is the frontispiece of E.B. Ware's (1916) book on the History of the Disciples of Christ in California.  This is a full figure portrait, with Thomas sitting and his wife, Mildred, standing; both are elderly. 

3)  A group photo of "Pioneer Preachers" in E.B. Ware's book (1916) on the History of the Disciples of Christ in California.  Thomas THOMPSON is seated front row, center, holding a cane. 

4)  There is a photograph of Thomas THOMPSON taken just of his head and shoulders.  He appears to be at his most advanced age with a great shock of white beard and long flowing hair.  The photo appears as the frontispiece of Now and Then, a 1977 book by Norman Warren on the history of the Christian Churches in Stockton, CA. 

5)  There is a photograph of a young man named "THOMPSON" from Jonathan Smith's book, The Campbellite Story (kindly provided by the Disciples of Christ Historical Society, Nashville, TN).   I do not believe it to be a photograph of Thomas THOMPSON, but it may be an image of John THOMPSON, noted figure in the early Campbellite movement. 

6)  My late grandmother, Anna California (ROSE) MATTHIESEN, recalled to us that when she was a girl, she remembered visiting a church where there was a painting of Thomas THOMPSON and his wife, Mildred, prominently displayed.  One reason the visit stuck in her memory was that "quite a fuss" was made over her and her sister, as descendents of this great man.  Amongst Ann's descendants, there seem to be two versions of where and which church this was.  One is that it is/was the Christian Church in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA, and the other is that it is/was the "Vue du Lac" Christian Church in/near Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., CA.  When I get back to California (some day <sigh>), I hope to locate the church and the portrait to take a good photograph of it (assuming I would be allowed to do so), in which case I will make prints available (at cost) to anyone who wants one.  If you are in California and can beat me to it, please feel free to do so!

Beginning Source:

1.  Family Group Sheet compiled by Georgie TOLLESON, Betty Ann (MATTHIESEN) COGLIATI, and Maude Irene (THOMPSON) ROSE, granddaughter of Thomas THOMPSON.

Supporting Data: 

1a.  Marriage Bond of Thomas THOMPSON & Delilah DAVIS

1b.  Marriage License and Minister's Return of Thomas THOMPSON & Delilah DAVIS

1c.  D.L. Murray & N.R. Murray.  1995.  Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926.  (Broderbund CD-2):
Thompson, Thomas Davis, Deliah 11 Dec 1815 KY Christian Co.

1d.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages: Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Thompson, Thomas Davis, Delilah 21 Dec 1815 Christian Co.

1e.  Christian County, KY.  Marriage Bonds 1-A, 1797-1817, White.  LDS Film No. 0465562 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen).  On p. 168:
Thompson, Thomas & Delilah Davis 11 Dec 1815 21 Dec 1815 Finis Ewing
Finis EWING is the preacher who married them (see link to minister's return, above).

1f.  Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry.  [nd]  Marriage Records of Christian County, Kentucky, 1795-1825.  Typescript (LDS Film No. 0908037, Item #6).  On p. 57:
Thompson, Thomas to Deliah Davis  11 Dec 1815  Henry C. Davis
Henry Clark DAVIS is Delilah's brother.  Based on the marriage bond itself (see link above), Henry and Thomas, together, posted bond.

1g.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Missouri Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-227):
Thompson, Thomas Jones, Susunnah 19 Feb 1845 Monroe Co.
Thompson, Thomas Lane, Milley 31 Aug 1847 Boone Co.

2.  1820 U.S. Census Index (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):  not found in Christian or Todd Co., KY, but neither was Thomas's father, Peter THOMPSON, and we know Peter was there because he shows up on the tax rolls from 1799 to 1826.  Thomas never shows up on the tax rolls of Christian or Todd Co., though the 1818 tax roll of Christian Co. is missing and the 1820 and 1821 tax rolls of Todd Co. are unreadable.  Missouri did not become a state until 1821, so there was no 1820 Census in Missouri.

3.  Family Quest Archives:  Missouri Federal Census 1830.  Heritage Quest CD M19-72 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1830 MO Boone Co. Columbia Twp. pp. 93A-93B Ln. 5 Thomas Thompson 121 010 010 - 101 021 000 3010-010
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 4 or under 1825-1830 = John A.C. (b. 1830)
2 males 5-9 1820-1825 = James Henry (b. 1820/1)
= Son A
1 male 10-14 1815-1820 = Isaac (b. 1817)
1 male 20-29 1800-1810 = ?
0 males 30-30 1790-1800 = Thomas (b. 1797)
1 male 50-59 1770-1780 = ?
1 female 4 or under 1825-1830 = Mary Ann (b. 1829)
1 female 10-14 1815-1820 = Sarah (b. 1819)
2 females 20-29 1800-1810 = ?
= ?
1 female 30-39 1790-1800 = Delilah
3 male slaves 9 or under 1820-1830 = names unknown
1 male slave 24-35 1794-1805 = name unknown
1 female slave 10-23 1806-1820 = name unknown
This record raises some questions.  You hate to attribute everything to enumerator error, but they certainly made them.  Then again, it's more the rule than the exception for a household to contain individuals who were not part of the nuclear family, and this is especially true in the household of a clergyman because they, more than anyone else, are likely to take in non-family members.  So, despite being tallied in the wrong age class, it's difficult to believe this is not our subject because 1) he is supposed to be in Boone Co. at this time; 2) this household is just 16 lines from widow Mildred (CAVE) WESTERFIELD (Thomas's future third wife) and Henry CAVE (Mildred's father) and 3) some enumerators really were careless.  The two older girls cannot be their daughters.  They are the right age to be Thomas's or Delilah's siblings.  Are these two of their unwed sisters?  There is no other Thomas THOMPSON indexed in Missouri. 

4.  1840 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #1 of 2; official enumeration began 1 Jun 1840; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1840 MO Livingston [then Grundy, now Mercer] Co. Washington Twp. Roll 225 p. 262 Thomas Thompson 002 100 100 - 101 001 100
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 males 10-14 1825-1830 = John A.C. (b. 1830)
1 male 15-19 1820-1825 = James Henry (b. 1820/1)
1 male 40-49 1790-1800 = Thomas (b. 1797)
1 female 4 or under 1835-1840 = Frances (b. 1836)
1 female 10-14 1825-1830 = Mary Ann (b. 1829)
1 female 30-39 1800-1810 = ?
1 female 40-49 1790-1800 = Delilah
Listed two households from daughter Sarah (THOMPSON) REED.  There were only 31 households in all of Washington Twp.  There was one other THOMPSON in the township:  Patrick (age 20-30), with a wife and two children. 

5a.  1850 U.S. mCensus Index/Microfilm (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).  The index on the CD says "Union Town," but the location field on pages 378A to 382A is blank.  The entries for Union Town end on p. 377B; the entries for "South Fork of the American River" begin on p. 382B, and every page before and after is labeled with the location.  The record (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen) reads:  El Dorado Co., CA, p. 378A, 6/6, enumerated 24 Oct 1850.
Thomas Thompson 48 M Hotel 4200 Ky
Mildred    " 43 F     "
Isaac D    " 33 M Physician   "
Mary A     " 21 F    150 Mo
Thos  B    " 19 M None   "
Geo        " 16 M Laborer   "
Francis F  " 14 F     "
Wm H H     " 10 M     "
Allen W    "  5 M     "
Marcus L Cave 23 M Miner   "
Wm W Cave 25 M   "   "
John Delzith? 30 M Clerk   Scotland
Jas McCann 36 M Miner   Mo?
Chas W Wills 19 M   "   Mo
Elijah A Wills 24 M Physician   Ky
Richard Redmond 23 M Miner   Mo
Ben A Woodworth 42 M   "   Nova Scotia
Thomas should be 53 years old and Mildred should be 52.  Mary Ann (THOMPSON) ERVIN/IRVIN is a widow at this point.  Where is her daughter, Delilah?  And why is she not called Mary IRVIN?  The two young CAVE men (sorry, couldn't resist) are the right age to be Mildred's nephews.

5b.  1850 Tax Assessment, El Dorado Co., CA (image courtesy of Carol Mahoney):  Thomas THOMPSON is listed along with his son, Thomas B. THOMPSON.  Their location is given as "Union Town," which clears up the uncertainty of his location in 1850.

6.  1852 California State Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #9 of 147):  Santa Clara Co., CA, Roll #5, p. 9, enumerated 13 Oct 1852 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1852:  for an explanation of the column headings, please see
What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data.).
Ln 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
35 Thomas Thompson 70 M White Farmer Kentucky Missouri /   /
36 Amelia Thompson 50 F do " do do   /  
37 Thomas B Thompson 22 M do " Misssouri do /   /
38 Daniel B Thompson 16 M do " do do /    
39 William H H Thompson 12 M do " do do /    
40 Allen W Thompson  6 M do " do do /    
41 Sarah Ann 14 F Mulatto " do do   /  
42 Jane 10 F do " do do   /  
Is Amelia actually Mildred?  If not, who is she and where's Mildred?  Who is Daniel?  Could the girls be some of the THAXTON slaves?

7.  1860 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #290-291 of 303):  Santa Clara P.O., Santa Clara Twp., Santa Clara Co., CA, Roll M653_65, pp. 512-513, PN 290-291, enumerated 8 Aug 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
2324 364 Thos Thompson 62 M   Christian Clergyman   2500 Ky
    Mildred B  " 62 F         "
    W H        " 18 M   farm laborer     Mo
    Ellen W    " 14 F         "
  365 Thos H Lane 27 M   Lawyer     Mo
    Lucy    " 19 F         "
  366 James Anderson 33 M   farm laborer     Ind
    Margaret F  " 23 F         Mo
    Vencent     "  7 M         Cal
    John        "  5 M         Cal
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    Mary Anderson  1 F         Cal
    Marcus L Cave 30 M   farm laborer     Mo
"Ellen" has to be son "Allen."  Thomas Henry LAINE is Thomas's step-son, the son of Willis & Mildred Bell (CAVE) LAINE; Lucy is his wife.  James ANDERSON is the husband of Margaret Frances THOMPSON, Thomas's daughter.  Listed next to William CAVE (æ 33, b. MO), who is next to William C. JONES (æ 53, b. KY, wife Margaret).

8.  1870 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #54 of 88):  San Jose P.O., Santa Clara Twp., Santa Clara Co., CA, Roll M593_88, p. 161B, PN 54, 452/423, enumerated 20 Jun 1870, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1870 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Thompson Thomas 73 M W Farmer 15000 700 Kentucky
________ Mildred 73 F W Keeping House     Kentucky
________ Thomas B 39 M W Farm laborer     Missouri
________ William H 30 M W Farm laborer     Missouri
________ Allen W 24 M W Farm laborer     Missouri
________ Susan 15 F W       California
________ Sunola 11 F W       California
Susan and Sunola appear to be the children of Thomas B. THOMPSON, whose wife has apparently died. 

9.  Transcription of the Will of Thomas and Mildred THOMPSON

10.  Anon.  1993.  Christian County, Kentucky, Wills and Estates, 1815-1823:  Christian County Will Book C.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.
p. 9 Page 34.  Acct of sale of the personal estate of John McFarland, decd.  Purchasers ... Thomas Thompson ...
Recorded Jan Term 1816.
p. 66 Page 248.  Inventory of the sale of the personal estate of John Roberts deceased.  Purchasers ... Thomas Thompson .. Recorded Aug Term 1819.
One or both of these records could apply to the other Thomas THOMPSON in Christian County at this time. 

11.  Diagrammatic Representation of Boone County, Missouri, Land Patent Plat Maps (proximate source:  photocopies courtesy of Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati; ultimate source:  presumably the book of Original Land Patents kept by the Boone County Recorder of Deeds, as mentioned in the next source). 
13 Sep 1821 Thomas Thompson  80 a NE¼ S17.T48N.R13W
13 Nov 1824 Thomas Thompson 160 a   NE¼ S18.T50N.R11W
 7 May 1831 Thomas Thompson  80 a NE¼ S25.T51N.R13W

12.  Nadine Hodges, Mrs. John vineyard, & Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff.  1968.  Missouri Pioneers: County and Genealogical Records.  Vol. 2.  Self-published, Kansas City, MO.  Sadly, compilers did not consistently or completely label each list of names; I had to make some deductions based on the contents of the lists.
This book, un-numbered and with no identifying letter, is kept in the vault in the office of Recorder of Deeds.  This is a large book of plats...  The compiler's aim was primarily to present as many early land patents as possible, from the earliest until about 1833...
p. 18 PLAT 5 [TOWNSHIP 50 N - R 11 W] Isaac Davis 1824
Thomas Thompson 1824
p. 21   TOWNSHIP 48 N [- R 13 W] [Thomas Thompson] [1821]
p. 24 PLAT 13  TOWNSHIP 51 N - R 13 [W] Benjamin Davis 1824
James Davis 1827
Thomas Thompson 1833
Because of the limitation set by the compilers as to date, their indices of these plats name only a fraction of the patent-holders for each plat although, even (or especially) with the date limitation, they should not have missed Thomas in T48N.R13W.

13.  According to the Bureau of Land Management online Land Patent database, a Thomas THOMPSON received the following Land Patents in Missouri.
To Thomas Thompson "of Boone County" at the Franklin Land Office:
08 Jun 1833 No. 04562 NE¼ S25.T51N.R13W  82.75 a Boone Co.
 To Thomas Thompson "of Boone County" at the Palmyra Land Office:
14 Nov 1833 No. 03536 NE¼ S19.T54N.R11W  80 a Monroe Co.
No. 03537 SW¼ S20.T54N.R11W  80 a Monroe Co.
To Thomas Thompson "of Monroe County" at the Palmyra Land Office:
15 Oct 1834 No. 03766 NE¼ S19.T54N.R11W  80 a Monroe Co.
13 Oct 1835 No. 04299 SE¼ S20.T54N.R11W  80 a Monroe Co.
No. 04300 NW¼ S27.T54N.R11W  80 a Monroe Co.
21 Oct 1835 No. 06580 SW¼ S22.T54N.R11W  80 a Monroe Co.
01 Aug 1838 No. 14686 NE¼ S21.T54N.R11W  80 a Monroe Co.
SE¼ S21.T54N.R11W  80 a Monroe Co.
01 Sep 1838 No. 13044 NE¼ SE¼ S21.T54N.R11W  40 a Monroe Co.
01 Apr 1839 No. 17412 NW¼ S22.T54N.R11W  80 a Monroe Co.
No. 18668 SW¼  S9.T53N.R13W  80 a Randolph Co.
No. 18669 SE¼  S9.T53N.R13W  80 a Randolph Co.
To Thomas Thompson "of Livingston County" at the Lexington Land Office:
01 May 1843 No. 17034 SE¼ S18.T63N.R24W  80 a Grundy Co.
No. 17035 SE¼ S17.T63N.R24W  80 a Grundy Co.
No. 17036   SW¼ S18.T63N.R24W  80 a Grundy Co.
No. 17037 NE¼ S19.T63N.R24W  80 a Grundy Co.
No. 17076   SE¼ S20.T64N.R24W 160 a Mercer Co.
No. 17986 NE¼ S20.T63N.R24W  80 a Grundy Co.
The county names given in the rightmost column above, after the number of acres, must have been added later, probably when the database was computerized, because the only county name indicated on the original certificates is the county of residence of the purchaser; the location of the land is given only in Aliquot, Section, Township, and Range. 

14.  Diagrammatic Map of the Missouri Land Patents Procured by Thomas THOMPSON

15a.  Monroe Co., MO.  Deed Book C, 1837-1838 (data extracted by Phyllis Houlding).  On p. 514:
On 9 Mar 1837 Thomas Thompson and Delilah, his wife, sold, for $3000 paid in cash, to Joseph Forman and John W. Boil, both of Monroe Co., a tract of land containing 400 acres, more or less, in the district of Palmyra.  The tract is described as:
 E½ of NE¼, of S21.T54N.R11
 W½ of SE¼, of S21.T54N.R11
NE¼ of SE¼, of S21.T54N.R11
E½ of NW¼, of S22.T54N.R11
W½ of SW¼, of S22.R54N.R11
SW¼ of NW¼, of S22.R54N.R11

The above was prepared by Samuel Curtright, Justice of the Peace.  Delila signed with an "X"...  The transaction was recorded on 19 Mar 1838 by Tho. S. Miller, Recorder for Monroe Co. 

The color-codes match the previous table (Source 12, above) showing land patents of Thomas THOMPSON.  The sale of a parcel not in the table of patents (not colored here) means either the original patent record is missing from the BLM database or, much more likely, that Thomas bought a parcel of land that had already been patented by someone else.

15b.  Monroe Co., MO.  Deed Book D, 1838-1839 (data extracted by Phyllis Houlding).  On pp. 145-146:
On 30 Mar 1838 Thomas Thompson and Delilah, his wife, sold, for $2500 paid in cash, to Harden Yates of Monroe Co., a tract of land containing 240 acres.  The tract is described as:
SW¼ of S16.T54N.R11
E½ NE¼ of S20.T54N.R11

The same Justice and Recorder prepared this sale.  It was filed 25 Oct 1838.

16.  The 1867 Great Register (of voters).  Extracted 21 Oct 1998 by A. Robert Matthiesen at the San Jose Historical Museum, Pacific Hotel Bldg., Senter Rd., San Jose, CA.
Name Age Born Occupation Residence Registered
Thomas THOMPSON 68 KY Farmer Town of Santa Clara 1866
Also in register:  son, William Henry Harrison THOMPSON.

Bibliographic Sources in chronological order of publication date: 

1.  T.M. Allen.  1843.  "News from the Churches:  Letter(s) from T.M. Allen."  The Christian Messenger 13(2): 62-63; 13(3): 94-95 [photocopies courtesy of Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati].  Mention of Thomas THOMPSON and three other family members who were Disciples preachers (viz., Winthrop Hartly HOPSON, William REID, Jr., and Elijah English CHRISMAN). 

2.  T.M. Allen.  1843.  "Religious News:  Letter from T.M. Allen."  The Christian Messenger 13(4): 127-128 [photocopy of p. 128 only, courtesey of Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati]:
...I received a letter from bro. T. Thompson a few days ago, dated Grundy Co. Mo. July 27, '43, in which he says, "Bro. Jno. Allen and myself commenced our evangelizing operations up here about the 1st of June; up to this time there have been 60 baptized, and 40 added by letter: of the above number there were 5 from the Baptists and 10 from the Methodists.  The good cause is going ahead in our State. [no end quote, but it's the end of letter]

3.  Anon.  24 Apr 1850 (Wednesday).  The Paris Mercury, Paris, Missouri (courtesy of Carol Mahoney):
A number of letters from California were received at this place by Monday evening's mail... We also learn that a son of Elder Thomas Thompson died recently in that country...
This son cannot be Isaac because Isaac died in 1856 in Missouri.  He cannot be James Henry because James was alive and enumerated in the Missouri Census on 5 Aug 1850 though dead before 1860 because his wife shows up a widow, still in Missouri, in 1860.  This son had to be an unmarried youth without issue because Thomas's will of 1871 mentions only two deceased sons with heirs, and those had to be the children of the deceased Isaac and James. 

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4b.  T. Thompson.  1871 (April).  "What Think Ye of Christ? Whose Son is He?The Bible Expositor 1(6): 140-141 (microfilm courtesy of Abilene Christian College, TX; photocopy courtesy of Dr. James V. Spickard, University of Redlands, CA). 

4c.  Martin Peterson.  1871 (July).  [Letter to Bro. Johnston, ed.The Bible Expositor 1(7): 268-270 (microfilm courtesy of Abilene Christian College, TX; photocopy courtesy of Dr. James V. Spickard, University of Redlands, CA). 

4d.  T. Thompson.  1871 (August).  [Letter to Bro. Johnston, ed.The Bible Expositor  1(8): 313-314 (microfilm courtesy of Abilene Christian College, TX; photocopy courtesy of Dr. James V. Spickard, University of Redlands, CA). 

4e.  J.M. Case & Thomas Thompson.  1871 (September).  "California Annual State Meeting of the Christian Church."  The Bible Expositor 1(9): 353-354 (photocopy courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA). 

4f.  T. Thompson.  1871 (September).  [Letter to Bro. Johnston, ed.] The Bible Expositor  1(9): 357 (photocopy courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA). 

5.  William F. Switzler.  1882.  History of Boone County, Missouri.  Western Historical Co., St. Louis, MO.  An excerpt on the Red Top Christian Church mentions Thomas THOMPSON and his father-in-law, Isaac DAVIS, as early pastors of the church.  Note that Thomas McBRIDE was a founding Elder of the Red Top Church, in 1822.  According to Alley (1952), McBRIDE was responsible for Thomas's "conversion" to Christianity.  However Ware (1816) tells us Thomas THOMPSON was first a Baptist and was then converted to Restoration views by McBRIDE.  This latter view is confirmed by Rushford (1980-Part 1) showing, in a letter by Thomas himself, that he, like Alexander CAMPBELL, was initially a Baptist, and that, in 1824, it was Thomas McBRIDE who introduced him to the writings of Alexander CAMPBELL.  By 1825, Thomas THOMPSON was fully won over and in communication with CAMPBELL. 

6.  T.P. Haley.  1888.  Historical and Biographical Sketches of the Early Churches and Pioneer Preachers of the Christian Church in Missouri.  Christian Publ. Co., St. Louis, MO.  Excerpt:   "Elder Thomas Thompson."  (Photocopy courtesy of Disciples of Christ Historical Society, Nashville, TN.) 

7.  Anon.  [c1911]  "Death Notices:  Mary A. Thompson Spickard.Grundy County Gazette, Grundy Co., MO.  This obituary appears to be the source for Delilah's burial on the Austin Farm in Grundy Co., MO. 

8.  Anon.  4 Nov 1913.  "The Church of Christ in Santa Clara, California." Santa Clara News, Santa Clara, CA (photocopy courtesy of A. Robert Matthiesen). 

9.  E.B. Ware.  1916.  History of the Disciples of Christ in California.  Healdsburg, CA (book inherited from Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati).  Excerpt under the heading:  "Pioneer Preachers:  Thomas Thompson and J.P. McCorkle." 

10.  Winfred Ernest Garrison.  1931.  Religion Follows the Frontier: a History of the Disciples of Christ.  Harper, New York (photocopy courtesy of the California State Library via Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati).
p. 216


Since the purpose of these sketches is not to present a complete series of abbreviated state histories, but rather to illustrate the way in which the advance of the Disciples followed the westward course of the general population

p. 217 movement, it will be sufficient to pass as hastily as possible across the mountain country, as the 'forty-niners themselves did, and come to California.  Within two years after the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill there were two congregations in California, one at Stockton and one at Santa Clara.  These were the product of the work of Thomas Thompson, the first Disciple preacher in the state.  He looked like Horace Greeley, and had money enough to evangelize at his own expense and religious zeal enough to devote his time to that work even when everyone else was in a fever of eagerness to find gold.  The first state meeting of which there is definite record was held in Vaca Valley, in October, 1856, though there are references to an earlier one at Stockton.  The state meeting became annual camp meetings, the first of which was held at Yountville in 1858.  This grew into the assembly at Santa Cruz with its permanent camp-ground upon which the northern California convention is still held.

11.  Benjamin Smith.  c1941.  The March of the Years, 1851-1941.  Mentions Thomas THOMPSON, as quoted by Warren (1977, see below).  Benjamin SMITH (1877-1971) seems to have been a Disciples preacher/writer because he has a biographical folder at the Disciples of Christ Historical Society.  It may be worth tracking down his writings to see if there is futher mention of Thomas.

12.  Anon.  1947 (June).  "Protestant Beginnings in California." California Historical Quarterly 26(2): 170 (courtesy of Carol Mahoney):
September 1849
Elder Thomas Thompson, a preacher of the Disciples of Christ, located at Gold Run in Placer County after his overland trip.

13.  Walter C. Allen.  1948.  The Society of California Pioneers:  Centennial Roster, Commemorative Edition.  Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco, CA.  See this page, in which Thomas H. LAINE gives the arrival date of their wagon train in California as 20 Sep 1849. 

14.  James Matthew Alley.  1952.  "California's First Restoration Preacher."  Christian Standard  J1: 469-470 (photocopy courtesy of Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati; used by permission of Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, OH). 

15.  Clifford Adair Cole.  c1959.  The Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) of Southern California:  a History.  Christian Board of Publication, St. Louis, MO.  Excerpt mentioning Thomas THOMPSON under the heading, "The Disciples of Christ in Northern California" (transcription courtesy of Carol Mahoney). 

16.  Norman La Grand Warren.  1977.  Now and Then:  an Historical Study of the Times and Events of the Stockton, California, Churches of Christ arranged in a Chronological Order.  Pioneer Publ. Co., Fresno, CA.  Frontispiece and excerpt

17.  Jerry Rushford.  1980.  "A Pioneer Preacher in California," published in four parts in Firm Foundation (photocopies courtesy of Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati; used with permission). 

18  James E. Smith, Jr.  2 Dec 1992.  A Brief History of First Christian Church, Columbia, Missouri.  Online at the web site of the First Christian Church of Columbia, MO.  Brief mention of Thomas THOMPSON:
The Red Top Christian Church had been organized at Hallsville October 5, 1822 (the first in Boone County), and Bear Creek Christian Church, three miles north of Columbia, had been organized June 6, 1824.  It was from Bear Creek that several members came to Columbia to establish a church in 1832.  On August 17, 1836, this congregation purchased a lot on the west side of Seventh Street on which a building was built facing the Court House.  During this time services were held in the Court House and other accommodations.

Prior to, and after this time, many noted evangelists and early pioneers of the Christian faith had visited and preached in the Columbia area.  Among these were Joel H. Haden, Thomas Thompson, Alexander Campbell and his father Thomas, and Barton W. Stone.  All of these are, or should be, familiar names to members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

19.  Livingston County History:  Celebrating 150 Years, 1821-1981.  Published by The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (online at the Livingston County Library [Chillicothe, MO] web site):
The First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Chillicothe, Missouri was organized November 7, 1844, by Reverend J. S. Allen and the Reverend Thomas Thompson.  The organization took place in the old brick court house, built in 1840, and located in the center of where the square is today. The church met there until 1856 when the first building was erected at the southwest corner of Clay and Washington streets...

20.  Anon.  Saturday, 11 May 1872.  "Religious Intelligence." Daily Evening Bulletin (San Francisco, CA), n.p.  (online at Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers, via NEHGS):
Eld. Thomas Thompson, of the "Disciples," died in Santa Clara, April 21st, aged 74 years.


A.  Secondary sources universally have Thomas THOMPSON born in Christian [now Todd] Co., KY; however, the facts do not support his birth there:
1792, Kentucky achieved statehood and Logan Co. was formed from Lincoln Co.
1797, Christian Co. formed from Logan Co. [legislatively created 1796; locally organized 1797]
1820, Todd Co. formed from Logan and Christian Cos. [legislatively created 1819; locally organized 1820]
Peter THOMPSON does not appear on any extant tax roll in any county in Kentucky until he appears on the Christian Co. tax rolls in 1799.  There is no reason to doubt Thomas THOMPSON's birth date of 7 Jul 1797; and in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses, Thomas consistently gives his birthplace as Kentucky (as do his children in later censuses).  It appears Peter was in Kentucky by 1797, but not in Christian County until 1799. 

B.  It has been said that William and Frances Jackson (MILLS) THOMPSON of Virginia are the parents of John Thomas THOMPSON, who is our Thomas THOMPSON.  I discuss that impossibility on their family group sheet

C.  Thomas THOMPSON is said to have written an "autobiographical sketch" that was published in The Bible Expositor, a monthly magazine for members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  The editor/publisher was Alexander JOHNSTON, Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., CA (printed in San Francisco by "Jos. Winterburn & Co., Printers and Electrotypers").  My understanding is that the magazine was published for only four years, from 1871 to 1874 (monthly).  Given that Thomas THOMPSON died in April of 1872, we would expect an autobiography to appear in 1871 or 1872 (Vols. 1 or 2).  This publication is extremely difficult to find, but Karen Ferraro and Carol Mahony managed to locate a microfilm of Vol. 1 (1871) at Abilene Christian College in Abilene, TX.  Dr. James V. Spickard (University of Redlands) was able to borrow the film on interlibrary loan and check it for mention of or writtings by Thomas THOMPSON (these items have been transcribed and links to the transcriptions are in the Sources above).  Vol. 1 did not contain the hoped-for autobiography. We still desperately need to find Vol. 2 (1872) of The Bible Expositor.  It is possible that further issues might be located by writing every Christian/Disciples Church in northern California (or a wider geographic area if necessary), asking if they have the publication in their church library.  It's on my "to do" list, but feel free to beat me to it!

D.  In the LDS  International Genealogical Index (online), there is a Thomas THOMPSON born 1797 in Fleming Co., KY, son of Lawrence and Mary THOMPSON.  He is not our Thomas THOMPSON.  The one in Fleming Co. was still there in the 1830, 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses.  In the 1850 Census of Fleming Co., this Thomas THOMPSON is 53 years old, so there is little doubt that he is the same Thomas THOMPSON who was born there in 1797.

Major Contributors to this page:  Karen Ferraro, Phyllis Houlding, Carol Mahoney, Dr. James V. Spickard, Carol Moore Manoukian.

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