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Will of Thomas THOMPSON & Mildred Bell (CAVE) THOMPSON, 1871
Transcribed by Diana Gale Matthiesen from a photocopy of the original will on file at the Santa Clara County Recorder's Office in San Jose, CA.  The will was one long paragraph; for improved readability, I have broken it into several smaller paragraphs.
In the Name of God Amen

We, Thomas Thompson and Mildred B. Thompson, his wife, of the County of Santa Clara and State of California, being of sound disposing mind and memory and knowing the uncertainty of human life and being jointly owners of the following real estate, (viz) the north half of the north half of the north west quarter section of Section no. three in Range one west, in Township no. Seven South, in the Land district of Sanfrancisco, containing about thirty 8ight acres, it being landed as follows, on the north by land of T.H. Laine, on the east by land of the heirs of John G. Bray, deceased, on the south by land we have given to A.W. Thompson and others making 40 acres, it being the South forty of the north half of the north west quarter of Section three in the Range Township & district above written. 

It is our joint will and wish that at our death and after paying all our just debts and burial expences that said real estate and other property we may have be equally divided between us, one half to said Thomas Thompson's heirs and the other half to go to the said Mildred B. Thompson's heirs in the following way, (viz)...

the half that goes to the said Mildred B. Thompson's heirs to be divided in four equal parts, one fourth to Thomas H. Laine, one fourth to Daniel B. Laine, one fourth to Mary F. Harner [?], and the other fourth to be equally divided between T.B. Tilford, Dugless Tilford, and Rosa Tilford, and untill the 3 last named persons are of age, their portions to be in the hand of Thomas H. Laine, whom we appoint as our administrator to settle our estate, without requiring security...

and the other half or portions to the heirs of the said Thomas Thompson on the following persons, (viz) one portion each to my two deceased sons for their heirs, one portion to John A.C. Thompson, one portion to Thomas B. Thompson, one portion to George W. Thompson, one portion to Sally Reed, one portion to Mary Ann Spickard, one portion to Frances M. Anderson, one portion to W.H.H. Thompson, one portion to Allen W. Thompson, and one portion to be divided between Sadona Thompson and Delila Irvin, 2 grand daughters, the portions to be equal, except the two grand daughters, they each to have half portions. 

It is our will that which ever survives the other have the use of what property we may jointy have during life, but not to waste, then be divided as aforesaid.  Given under our hands this 17(?)th day of July in the year of our Lord one Thousand 8ight hundred and seventy one.  Givin under our hands the day above written

(sig) Thomas Thompson
(sig) Mildred B Thompson

P.S. Langford
S.M. Langford

Family Group Sheet
Thomas THOMPSON & Delilah DAVIS & Susannah JONES & Mildred Bell CAVE

Genealogical Who's Who
  If you can identity any of the unknowns, please let me know!

Kin of Thomas THOMPSON:
  • A.W. THOMPSON is Allen W. THOMPSON, s/o Thomas & Susannah (JONES) THOMPSON
  • of the "two deceased sons," one is known to be Isaac Davis THOMPSON, the other is believed to be James Henry THOMPSON
  • John A.C. THOMPSON is John Alexander Campbell THOMPSON, s/o Thomas & Delilah (DAVIS) THOMPSON
  • Thomas B. THOMPSON is s/o Thomas & Delilah (DAVIS) THOMPSON
  • George W. THOMPSON is George Washington THOMPSON, s/o Thomas & Delilah (DAVIS) THOMPSON
  • Sally REED is Sarah THOMPSON, w/o William REED, Jr., and d/o Thomas & Delilah (DAVIS) THOMPSON
  • Mary Ann SPICKARD is Mary Ann THOMPSON, w/o George Alexander SPICKARD (her 2nd marriage), d/o Thomas & Delilah (DAVIS) THOMPSON
  • Frances M. ANDERSON is Frances Margaret THOMPSON, w/o James ANDERSON, d/o Thomas & Delilah (DAVIS) THOMPSON
  • W.H.H. THOMPSON is William Henry Harrison THOMPSON, s/o Thomas & Delilah (DAVIS) THOMPSON
  • Sadona THOMPSON is ?  I wonder if she is the "S.D. THOMPSON" who was daughter of Isaac David THOMPSON?
  • Delila IRVIN is d/o Alexander and Mary Ann (THOMPSON) IRVIN
  • Thomas H. LAINE is Thomas Henry LAINE, s/o Willis & Mildred Bell (CAVE) LAINE 
  • Daniel B. LAINE is Daniel Boone LAINE, s/o Willis & Mildred Bell (CAVE) LAINE
  • Mary F. HARNER? is ?
  • T.B. TILFORD is Thomas Boone TILFORD, s/o John & Sarah Ann (WESTERFIELD) TILFORD
  • Dugless TILFORD in George Douglas TILFORD, s/o John & Sara Ann (WESTERFIELD) TILFORD
  • Rosa TILFORD is d/o John & Sarah Ann (WESTERFIELD) TILFORD
  • Sarah Ann WESTERFIELD is d/o David & Mildred Bell (CAVE) WESTERFIELD
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