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The 1843 State Meeting of the Christian Churches of Missouri
Source:  T.M. Allen.  1843.  "News from the Churches." The Christian Messenger 13(2): 62-63 [photocopy courtesy of Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati].  (boldface added)
Boon County, Mo. June 14, 1843.
DEAR BRETHREN:--I have received the first number of the present volume of the Christian Messenger, and will do all I can to promote its circulation.
Our State meeting commenced in Fayette, Howard county, on Friday the 26th ult. and continued until Tuesday following.  Fourteen accessions were obtained during the meeting, 11 by obedience and 3 by letter.  Seventy-seven churches were heard from having 5166 members, and having had 2864 additions since our last State meeting.  Forty-two churches heard from at our last meeting, were not heard from at the present one; their number then was 2217, which, added to the above, would make 119 churches, and 7383 members; but as there have been large additions to some of the churches that made no report, and as there are other congregations in the State that was not reported to either of the two meetings we have held, I have no doubt that our number exceeds 10,000 in Missouri.  About 40 of the above churches have been planted since our last State meeting.

The teaching brethern present were Wm. Reed, Saml. Rogers, H. Thomas, T.M. Allen, Allen Wright, Thomas Thompson, Jos. Coons, Jno. Alexander, Wm. White, M. Sidenor, Livy Hatchett, Jac. Coons, Winthrop H. Hopson, M.A. Ferris, B.W. Hall, Eli Valentine, Chas. Russell, Wm. Burton, T.B. Marsh, and Joel Prewitt.

Appointed another state meeting to be held at the same place and to commence on the Friday before the 3d Lord's day in May 1844.

Teaching brethren from other States are earnestly and affectionately invited to attend.  In some sections of our State the brethren are awaking to the importance of keeping evangelists in the field.  In the Grand River country the churches, are sustaining brothers Thos. Thompson and Allen, who are almost constantly and successfully proclaiming the word.  In Franklin and the adjoining counties bro. Saml. Rogers has been by the liberality of the brethren, sustained for near two yers, and the churches he has planted, and the number of accessions in the bounds of his labor, attest his usefulness, and show what could be done, were the brethren all alive to this subject.  Bro. Wills is engaged to labor in Calloway Co., the present season.  In other parts of the State the brethren are also doing something in this way.

Last Satuday and Lord's day I was in Rochport, and immersed 4.

Your Brother, T.M. ALLEN.
P.S.  I will send you a list of the churches heard from, soon, with their number, additions, $c.  Other periodicals will please copy the statistical information.
Source:  T.M. Allen.  1943.  "News from the Churches." The Christian Messenger 13(3): 94-95 [photocopy courtesy of Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati].  (boldface added)


Statement of churches heard from at the state meeting that commenced in Fayette, Howard County, Missouri, on the 26th May, 1843.

[The following was given as one long, run-on paragraph; I have changed it to a table for improved readability.  DGM]




Columbia 154 T M Allen
Persia  99 Wm White
Rochport 120 T M Allen and L Hatchett
Friendship 155 Jas Williams and E Chrisman
Mt Pleasant*  40 Wm Lee
Bear Creek  95 M P Wills and L Hatchett
Elk Fork  70 J Alexander and M Sidenor
Paris 188 H Thomas and J Alexander
Florida 120 H Thomas
Sante Fee 133 H Thomas and McSwain
Crooked Creek  36 M Sidenor
Madison  87  
Clinton*  50 M Sidenor
Georgetown  95 M A Feris and Allen Wright
Wither's  30  
Shelbyville 168 B W Hall
Liberty 108  
Antioch  82 M Sidenor
Dover 108 Wm White
Huntsville*  20  
Huston 172 Ballinger
Hannibal*  25 J Creath Jr.
Palmyra 157 J Creath Jr.
Richland 210 Wm Burton C Russell and Marsh
Fayette 156  
Mt Pleasant  35 Wm Burton
Salt Creek  50  
Mt Moria  30 Joel Prewitt
Monitor*  12 Wm White
Edina  31  
Warrensburg  50  
Walnut Creek  70 Elgin
Warsaw*  28 Elgin
Big Creek 103 Elgin
Big Creek*  50 Elgin



Warsaw*  50 Elgin
North Prairie*  19  
Springfield 185 J H Haden and Allen Wright
Walnut Grove  50 Allen Wright
Millersburg 221 Jos and Ja Coons and M P Wills
Union*  38 L Hatchett
Portland*  31 M P Wills
Diamond Grove 100  
Dade co.*  25  
Polk co.  23  
Mt Pleasant*  93 Sam'l Rogers
Burbys*  45 Sam'l Rogers 
St Johns*  45 S Rogers
Union*  70 Sam'l Rogers
Canaan*  25 Sam'l Rogers
Pinckney*  54 Sam'l Rogers
Marthasville*  18 Sam'l Rogers
Loutre*  16 S Rogers
Caledonia*   9 Geo E Taylor
Cooks Settlement*  75 Lunsford and G E Taylor
Dee Run*  27 Lunsford and Taylor
Goshen*  20 Allen and Tho Thompson
Welden's Fork*  41 Tho Thompson and Allen
Trenton*  47 T Thompson and Allen
Medicine Creek*  11 Thompson and Allen
Big Creek*  68 Allen and T Thompson
Hickory Creek*  45 Allen and Thompson
Sampson*  10 Allen and Thompson
Three fork gr River*  13  
Thompson's Fork*   8 Allen and Thompson
Navestown*  16 Allen and Thompson
Chilicothe*  13 Allen and Thompson
Linneus*  11 Allen and Thompson
Locust Fork*   8 Allen and Thompson
Lick Creek*  39 H Thomas
St Louis*  87 W H Hopson and others
Ten Mile*  36 M Sidenor
Landesier*  38 Mulkey
Dover 214 Th Gaines
25 Mile Prairie*   6  
Marshall*  38  

*Those marked thus (*) are new Churches.

Whole number of members 5166, increase since last state meeting 2864.  42 Churches reported to our last state meeting, not heard from at this; their number then was 2217.

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Withrop Hartly HOPSON Elisha English CHRISMAN
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