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Capt. William THOMPSON, Esq.
Frances Jackson MILLS
Husband:  William THOMPSON
Birth:  25 Nov 1749, Hanover Co., VA
Death:  3 May 1797, Culpeper Co., VA
Military Service:  Revolutionary War:  1777-81, Capt. of a co. in a Virginia state rgmt.

There is disagreement over the identity of his parents. As I am not descended from William, I'm not going to expend the effort to find out which is correct.
Father:  William THOMPSON
Mother:  Margaret CHARLES
Father:  Rev. John THOMPSON
Mother:  Anne Butler (BRAYNE) SPOTSWOOD, d/o Richard BRAYNE
Father:  Col. Roger THOMPSON of Blackwell's Neck, Hanover Co., VA

Marriage:  29 Jan 1771, Hanover Co., VA
Wife:  Frances Jackson MILLS
Birth:  ca. 1750s, Hanover Co., VA
Death:  19 Nov 1802, Louisa Co., VA
Father:  Charles MILLS
Mother:  Ann JACKSON
Children born in Hanover Co., VA:
  1.  Margaret "Peggy" THOMPSON, b. 6 Feb 1772; m. John YAEMAN
  2.  Charles THOMPSON, b. 7 Mar 1773 
  3.  William Mills THOMPSON, b. 11 Jan 1775 
  4.  Ann THOMPSON, b. 18 Jun 1777
  5.  Sarah Mills THOMPSON, b. 15 Dec 1779; m. William CORLEY 
  6.  Mary Ann "Polly" THOMPSON, b. 1 Dec 1782 
  7.  Frances Jackson "Fanny" THOMPSON, b. 29 Dec 1784 
  8.  Edmond THOMPSON, b. 11 Apr 1787, d. 3 Mar 1830
  9.  Nathaniel THOMPSON, b. 25 Aug 1789 
PLEASE NOTE:  our subjects did not have a son named John Thomas (or John or Thomas).  See Comments below.
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Virginia

Year Location Event
1749 VA: Albemarle [now1] Co. birth of William THOMPSON
1740-50 VA: Hanover Co. birth of Frances MILLS
1771 VA: Hanover Co. marriage of William THOMPSON & Frances MILLS
1772   birth of daughter, Peggy
1773   birth of son, Charles
1775   birth of son, William
1777   birth of daughter, Anna
1779   birth of daughter, Sarah
1779 VA: Hanover Co. William THOMPSON
1782   birth of daughter, Mary
1784   birth of daughter, Frances
1787   birth of son, Edmond
1787 VA: Hanover Co. land transaction, Wm. & Francis of Hanover Co.
1789   birth of son, Nathaniel
1790 Census - VA census destroyed
1793 VA: Hanover Co.: St. Martins Pr. a William THOMPSON is said to be a tithable
May 1797 VA: Culpeper [now2] Co. death of William THOMPSON
Jul 1797 KY birth of Thomas THOMPSON
1800 Census - VA census destroyed
1800 VA: Louisa Co. marriage of son, Charles, to Nancy Ann Pettus GRAVES
1802   death of Frances MILLS
1803 KY: Christian [now Todd] Co. birth of Rachel THOMPSON, sister of Thomas
1806 VA: Culpeper [now2] Co. marriage of daughter, Frances, to John PENDLETON
1808   marriage of son, William, to Catherine BROADDUS
1809 VA: Louisa Co. marriage of daughter, Mary, to John JACKSON
1any of six counties:  Albemarle, Amherst, Appomattox, Buckingham, Fluvanna, or Nelson
2any of three counties:  Culpeper, Madison, or Rappahannock
Based on geography and/or biology, there is no way Thomas and Rachel can be children of these parents.


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2.  Census Index:  Colonial America, 1607-1789 (Broderbund CD-310):
1779 Thompson, William VA Hanover Co.
This possibly is our subject.  There is no indication on the CD as to what kind of record this is.

3.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1790 (Broderbund CD-311):  William not found VA census destroyed.

4.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1800 (Broderbund CD-312):  Frances not found VA census destroyed, except for Accomack and Louisa Cos.

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Frances Mills, daughter of Charles Mills and Ann (Jackson?) Mills, was born in Hanover County, and was married there on January 29, 1771, to William Thompson, Esq.  They took up residence in Saint Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co.  William Thompson, Esq., died May 3, 1797, and his wife, Frances Mills, died November 19, 1802.  They were married January 29, 1771.  (Hayden, Virginia Genealogies, 131).  Their Bible record deposited in the DAR Library, Washington, D.C., names the following children: 

Peggy Thompson born February 6, 1772
Charles Thompson born March 7, 1773
William Mills Thompson born January 11, 1775
Ann Thompson born June 18, 1777
Sarah Mills Thompson born December 15, 1779
Mary Ann Thompson born December 1, 1782
Frances Jackson Thompson born December 29, 1784
Edmund Thompson born April 11, 1787
Nathaniel Thompson born August 25, 1789


An account of the father of Frances Jackson Thompson was written by Judge John W. Jones of Bowling Green, Kentucky, in June of 1900, which article is reprinted in Genealogical & Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia (p. 86), by Ralph Travers Green.  This article shows that William Thompson, the father of Frances Jackson Thompson, came from England to the United States and settled in Hanover County, Virginia, probably in the second half of the Seventeenth Century.  William Thompson appears in Spotsylvania records as early as 1745.  He married Frances, daughter of Charles Mills, on January 29, 1771. 

The William Thompson who married Frances Mills is sometimes referred to as William Thompson, Jr.  This does not necessarily prove that his father was also William Thompson because in the Colonial period the term Junior simply served to indicate a person younger than another of the same name but not necessarily a son.  William Thompson appears as a tithable in St. Martin's, Hanover County, 1793, though it seems that his children were in Orange and Culpeper Counties. 

There is a typewritten manuscript in the Virginia State Library by Henry Lockhart and entitled "Thompson of Hanover and Louisa Counties" (Cs 7i--T47- 1960).  This source says that tradition regards William Thompson, Jr., as the son of Colonel Roger Thompson of Blackwell's Neck of Hanover County and that this Roger Thompson was Sheriff of New Kent County in 1706.  He shows that in 1790 William Stewart of Sussex County sold to William Thompson and his wife Frances 100 acres of land adjoining Christopher Smith, Robert Morris, and William Thompson.

How can our subject have appeared in Spotsylvania Co. in 1745 when he wasn't born until 1749?!

11.  National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.  19??.  Lineage Books of the Charter Members of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Vol. 39.  NSDAR, Washington, DC (online at Ancestry.com), p. 353.

12.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

The pedigree found on the United Ancestries CD (see Source 5, above) has been widely circulated, which is unfortunate because it cannot possibly be correct, at least with regards to the son "John Thomas."  First of all, I can find no record of any son named "John" or "Thomas" or "John Thomas" for William & Frances (MILLS) THOMPSON, but even if they had such a son, he could not possibly be the same man as the Thomas THOMPSON who was born 7 Jul 1797 in KY and who married Delilah DAVIS because: 

1.  The father of Thomas THOMPSON, husband of Delilah DAVIS, has been  proven to be Peter THOMPSON

2.  The family bible of William & Frances (MILLS) THOMPSON lists nine children, none of whom were named John, Thomas, or John Thomas and none of whom were born after 1789.  This, alone, is enough to establish that Thomas THOMPSON (1797-1872) was not their son. 

3.  Thomas THOMPSON was born 7 Jul 1797, and he had a sister, Rachel THOMPSON, who was born 17 Jul 1803.  William died in 1797 and Frances died in 1802, so they could not possibly be Rachel's parents nor, by inference, the parents of Thomas.  The fact that William died in May 1797 is what is behind the statement sometimes made that "Thomas THOMPSON's father died before he was born."  Not so.  Thomas THOMPSON's actual father, Peter THOMPSON, died 1839/40 in Missouri.

4.  William THOMPSON was born in and died in Virginia.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no evidence that either William or Frances was ever in Kentucky.  Both Thomas and Rachel were born in Kentucky.  Through no less than three censuses (1850/60/70) and his 1867 voter registration, Thomas consistently gives his birthplace as Kentucky, as does his biographer, E.B. Ware (1916).

5.  If Frances (MILLS) THOMPSON had been Thomas's mother, she would have been 47 or 48 years of age at his birth.  Most women have had their last child by age 41, and few have a child as late as age 43.  A birth at age 47 or 48 is simply not plausible, much less a birth at age 53, for Thomas's sister, Rachel. 

6.  To the best of my knowledge, the Thomas THOMPSON who was born 7 Jul 1797 in KY was never in his lifetime called "John Thomas."  Only in recent decades have people referred to him by that name (i.e., as far as I know, no source contemporary to Thomas ever called him "John Thomas").  If anyone has a contemporary source calling him "John Thomas," I would very much appreciate being made aware of it.

I'm told that the roots of this error are to be found, decades ago, in the efforts of a descendent of Thomas THOMPSON to join the D.A.R.  While this membership was originally accepted, the D.A.R. later rejected it due to the lack of proof of the connection between Thomas and these parents.

The great irony of this episode is that descendants of Thomas & Delilah (DAVIS) THOMPSON could easily join the D.A.R. through either of Delilah's two grandfathers.

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