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William Mills THOMPSON
Catherine Wigginton BROADDUS
Mildred Thornton BALL
Husband:  William Mills THOMPSON
Birth:  11 Jan 1775, Virginia
Death:  18 Sep 1837
Disposition:  Ball Graveyard, Springwood (near Leesburg), Loudoun Co., VA
Occupationi:  merchant, lawyer
Fraternal:  Mason
Father:  William THOMPSON
Mother:  Frances Jackson MILLS
Marriage-1:  9 Feb 1808 [on the bride's 18th birthday], Culpeper Co., VA
Wife-1:  Catherine Wigginton "Kitty" BROADDUS
Birth:  9 Feb 1790
Death:  26 Jan 1819
Disposition:  buried Kinloch Cemetery, Culpeper Co., VA
Father:  Maj. William BROADDUS
Mother:  Martha SLAUGHTER
Marriage-2:  25 Nov 1820, Loudoun Co., VA
Wife-2:  Mildred Thornton BALL
Birth:  22 Oct 1786
Death:  5 May 1854
Disposition:  Ball Graveyard, Springwood (near Leesburg), Loudoun Co., VA
Father:  Lt. Col. Burgess BALL
Mother:  Frances WASHINGTON
Children with Catherine Wigginton BROADDUS born in Culpeper Co., VA:
1.  (Hon.) Richard Wigginton THOMPSON, b. 9 Jun 1809; d. 9 Feb 1900, Terre Haute, IN; bur. High Lawn Cemetery; U.S. Representative; Secretary of the Navy under President HAYES; m. 5 May 1836, Harriett Eliza GARDINER
2.  Mary Juliet THOMPSON, b. 14 Dec 1811; d. 22 Apr 1879, Washington, DC; m. 4 Jun 1833, Loudoun Co., VA, Anthony ADDISON
3.  Martha Frances THOMPSON, b. 8 Dec 1814; d. 21 Jun 1869, Louisville, KY; m. 15 Sep 1835, Samuel CAMPBELL
4.  William Mills THOMPSON, Jr., b. 6 Dec 1816; d. 11 Apr 1864; m. 7 Mar 1839, Mary J. BARKER
Children with Mildred Thornton BALL:
5.  Catherine Mildred THOMPSON, b. 9 Aug 1822; d.s.p. 19 May 1901; m. 1 May 1844, Richard LITTLETON
6.  George Washington THOMPSON, b. 7 Jan 1825; m. 4 Jun 1855, Sarah BRYANT
7.  Margaret Ann Ball THOMPSON, b. 25 Jul 1827; d.s.p. (murdered) 30 Jul 1859, Louisville, KY; m. 1858, Francis S. RONALD


1.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Virginia Marriages: Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229) :
Thompson, William M. Ball, Mildred F. 25 Nov 1820 Loudoun Co., VA

2.  Horace Edwin Hayden.  1891.  "Ball, of Virginia."  Pp. 45-144 in A Genealogy of the Glassell Family of Scotland and Virginia... (self-published) Wilkes-Barre, PA (Broderbund CD-205).

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4.  George Rose & Margaret Rose.  1969.  The Kay-Pendleton-Neel Families.  J. Grant Stevenson, Provo, UT (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).  On p. 200:
William Mills Thompson, the brother of our ancestress Frances Jackson Thompson and the third child of their parents, is treated at length in Hayden's Virginia Genealogies.  He is described as a "lawyer of eminence and a man of great erudition in other lines."  He was vestryman of St. Marks Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia.  His son, Honorable Richard W. Thompson was President Pro Tem. of the Indiana Legislature, a presidential elector who voted for Abraham Lincoln, Secretary of Navy under President Hayes, and Vice President of the Panama Canal Company.  He was twice member of Congress and declined re-election 1850.  He was proffered appointment as Charge d'Affaires to the Austria Hungarian Empire and the position of Recorder of the General Land Office, both of which he declined.  He was the author of an eight volume work entitled The Papacy and the Civil Power and an eight volume History of Protective Tariff Laws. (Hayden's Virginia Genealogies pages 132-133).  He was a first cousin of Caroline Augusta Pendleton who married William Kay.

5.  "THOMPSON, Richard Wigginton, 1809-1900" (online at the Biographical Directory of the United State Congress).

6.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

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