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Five Germanic Surnames with Similar Spelling Variations, especially STROUP and TROUP
Dedicated to the memory of my mother, Nina Gale (STRAUB) MATTHIESEN (1907-1991).
My late mother's surname was STRAUB; and this, the largest section of my genealogy web site, is devoted to STRAUB in memory of her.  I have included four additional Germanic surnames namely, STRAUBE, TRAUB, STROOP, and STRUB because they have similar spelling variations in the United States, despite having different origins (see discussion below).  This site may be searched using the Every-Name Indices, by browsing, or by doing a Google search using this phrase as one of the search terms:  site:dgmweb.net

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A STRAUB Y-chromosome DNA Surname Project, including surnames STRAUBE, TRAUB, STROOP, and STRUB plus any and all of their many spelling variations is underway in collaboration with FamilyTreeDNA.  This study is based on genetic testing of the male Y-chromosome, the results of which expand and support our knowledge of the genealogy of these surnames.  Please read more about the study and please consider participating in it!

The STRAUB Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project

Discussion Origins and Spelling Variations

Like most German surnames, STRAUB underwent a variety of spelling changes in the U.S., the most common variant being STROUP.  Some of these variations are the same as variants of two other Germanic surnames:  STROOP and STRUB, so I am including study of these surnames because, until the identity of the immigrant is known, the original spelling of the surname is uncertain.  Surname TRAUB is included because conversions to STRAUB are known to have occurred.  I am also including STRAUBE, though I have not found it confused with STRAUB, even when misspelled in America, because STRAUBE is pronounced in two syllables and STRAUB is pronounced in one.  Most early German immigrants were illiterate farmers (or, if literate, literate only in German), so the spellings of their names usually became Anglicized.  Later immigrants were more likely to be literate and, thus, to retain the original spelling of their name. 

1a.  STRAUB has a primary origin in three adjacent regions:  1) southern Germany (Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse-Darmstadt, and Baden-Wuerttemberg), 2) the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland, and 3) the ethnic German enclave of Alsace-Lorraine in France.  Eighteenth Century church records show that while most Germans emigrating from this region were bound for the west, especially the United States, some were migrating to eastern Europe.  Thus we find some later STRAUB immigrants to the United States originating from Poland, Russia, Georgia, and Austro-Hungary/Romania.  There were numerous STRAUB immigrants to the United States in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries; so, here in the U.S., this surname has the largest number of descendants of the five surnames.  The most common spelling variation in America is STROUP.  One of the earliest and most prolific progenitors of this group is Johann Pieter STRAUB I, the 1733 emigrant from Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, to Philadelphia, PA. 

1b.  STROPE the earliest known STRAUB to America was Johannes STRAUB, a Palatine who immigrated to New York in 1710.  His surname immediately converted to STRAUP, and his descendants are mostly STROPE, with some STROPES and STROUP.  Branches moved westward across NY or south into Bradford Co., PA, then west to Greene Co., PA; later concentrations are found in Jackson, Fayette, and Medina Cos., OH.

2.  STROOP the "double-o" spelling of which is characteristically Dutch has an origin in the Netherlands and adjacent Germany (Westphalia).  The only U.S. immigrant known, so far, is the 1687 immigrant from Westphalia to Maryland, Mathias STROOP.  It has long been held that Jacob STROUP I of Lincoln [now Gaston] Co., NC, was Mathias's descendant, but DNA testing has shown he is the Jacob who accompanied his father, Johann Pieter STRAUB I, when he immigrated to Philadelphia in 1733 (see No. 1a above).  This leaves Mathias STROOP with no known descendants in the U.S. beyond his grandchildren, unless the (Adam) Michael STROUP of Washington Co., MD, was his descendant.  By 1810, Michael's sons had settled in Highland Co., OH, where they greatly proliferated.

3.  STRUB has an origin in southern Germany similar to, though apparently more widespread than, surname STRAUB.  Most later STRUB immigrants to the United States appear to have maintained the original spelling of their name, but early ones coverted to STRUP/STRUPP, then to STROOP, STROOPE, STROOPS, or STROUP.  So far, most of these "transformed" STRUBs in the U.S. appear to be the descendants of just two immigrants:  (1)  Wilhelm STRUB of the Kurpfalz [Electoral Palatinate], who immigrated to Philadelphia in 1737, then settled in Frederick Co., VA.  His descendants spread mainly up the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, then some to Highland Co., OH, and others to Arkansas.  (2)  Johannes STRUB, who immigrated to Philadelphia in 1751 where he then lived out his life.  Descendants lived primary in Philadelphia and adjacent Delaware Co., PA, and New Castle Co., DE.

4.  STRAUBE has an origin primarily in northern and eastern Germany, specifically, in Pommerania, Mecklenburg, Saxony, and Thuringen (historically, "Prussia").  Nearly all of the early STRAUBEs in the U.S., up through the 1850 census, descend from a single progenitor whose descendents settled in Bracken and Campbell Counties in north-central Kentucky, then later in Audrain and Montgomery Counties in Missouri.  Spelling variations in the U.S. include STROUBE, STROUBIE, STRAUBY, STRAWBY, STRAWBEE, etc. even STRAWBERRY. 

5.  TRAUB STRAUB and TRAUB are different German surnames with independent origins.

STRAUB Mailing List at RootsWeb
STRAUB, TRAUB, STRAUBE, STROUP, STROOP, etc. and all variations are welcome to join and participate.

STRAUB-DNA Mailing List at RootsWeb
STRAUB, TRAUB, STRAUBE, STROUP, STROOP, etc., and all variations interested in the application of DNA testing to genealogy are welcome to join and participate.

See also STROUP and TROUP Mailing Lists at RootsWeb, and the Jacob STROUP Family at Yahoo Groups.

Considerable work on STROPE has been compiled by Bonita Elaine "Bonnie" STROPE, who has written a book on the family:

The Strope Family from Germany to America

The book is both genealogy and family history, with many photographs, and is a "must have" for anyone descended from Johannes STRAUB, the earliest known STRAUB immigrant to the United States, in 1710 to New York.  Most of his descendants converted to STROPE and some to STROUP.  The information provided here at my web site is merely the genealogical "skeleton" of the early generations; it does not compare with the family history compiled by Bonnie STROPE.  I hearby dedicate the STROPE pages at this site to Bonnie STROPE in recognition of her work on the family.

The Notable, the Notorious, and the Infamous
Johann Baptist STRAUB (1704-1784), German Rococo sculptor
Philipp Jakob STRAUB (1706-1774), Austrian Rococo sculptor
Andrew STRAUB (1748-1806), Founder of Milton, Northumberland Co., PA, in 1791 
Andrew STRAUB (1770-c1826), Founder of Freeburg, Snyder Co., PA, in 1796 
William L. STRAUB (1867-1939), publisher/editor, St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, FL
George W. STRAUB (1871-1944), rapist/murderer, died Michigan State Prison, Jackson, MI
Henry STROUP (1874-    ), murderer, incarcerated Michigan State Prison, Jackson, MI
George Francis STRAUB, M.D. (1879-1966), founder of the Straub Clinic and Hospital, Honolulu, HI
William Claude STRAUB (1881-    ), rapist, incarcerated Michigan State Prison, Jackson, MI
Hamilton Paul TRAUB, Ph.D. (1890-1983), plant physiologist for the USDA, Washington, DC
SS Major-General Jürgen STROOP (1895-1951), Nazi war criminal
James David STRAUB (1957-1990), firefighter killed in the line of duty, Taney Co., MO
Robert William "Bob" STRAUB (1920-2002), Governor of Oregon 
Jean-Marie STRAUB (1933-    ), French filmmaker
Peter Francis STRAUB (1943-    ), award-winning sci-fi/fantasy writer
Alexander STRAUB (1972/3-    ), of Darmstadt, co-founder of Mondus.com, Truphone, Pixsta
Georg STRAUB, Mayor of Hohenroth, Rhön-Grabfeld, Lower Franconia, Bavaria
Christopher Michael STRAUB (1979-    ), of Shakopee, MN, Project Runway contestant, 2009
Some Useful Geography for STRAUB Researchers
Alsace-Lorraine an Ethnic German Enclave in France
Current Country Names and Cantons of Switzerland
Oberamter and Kreise (Districts) of Wuerttemberg
Counties, Townships, Boroughs Formation, Maps, Links
Pennsylvania Ohio
In a list of the 89,000 most common surnames in the 1990 U.S. Census,
here is how our surnames ranked:
STROUP   4619
STRAUB   4636
TROUPE   6143
TROUP   9076
TRAUB   11290
STROUPE   11295
STROPE   11444
STRUB   16326
STRAUBE   19947
STROOP   22596
STRUBE   24180
STRUBBE   28272
STRUPP   34619
STROP   36730
STROPES   39099
STROUB   59929
Word Language Part of Speech Meaning
sträub- German verb root to ruffle up, bristle; to struggle, resist, oppose
strobel German noun mop of hair
straubig German adjective bristling, stiff, rough, coarse; resisting, rebellious
struppig German adjective rough, bristly, unkempt, shaggy
strobig German adjective synonymous with "struppig"
strub Swiss-German adjective synonymous with "struppig"
stroop Dutch noun syrup
Other Web Sites


Ancestors of Catharina Friedricha STRAUB compiled by Allen Potts
Gates, VanderWerf, Davis, STROUP Genealogy by Susan M. (Gates) Davis
Stroup's of Cherryville, NC by Michael Barnett Stroupe
Stroup Troup by William Franklin Stroup
Pennsylvania Cemetery Records for STRAUB and STROUP by Stephen Straub [link died]
STRAUB Entrepreneurs
J.N. Straub & Company Brewery [link died] - Allegheny City, PA; John N. STRAUB, founder in 1831
Straub Brewing Company - Saint Marys, PA; Peter P. STRAUB, founder in 1872
Straub's Meats - St. Louis, MO; William A. STRAUB, founder in 1901
Straubs' Inc. (European Beer Glasses, Steins, and Tankards) - Nashua, NH 
Straub Motors, Inc. (Buick, Pontiac, GMC) - Keyport, NJ; Charles F. STRAUB III, owner
Useful Links for "Pennsylvania Deutsch" Researchers
19th Century Pennsylvania German Naming Customs
19th Century Pennsylvania German Nicknames
The "Pennsylvania Dutch" are "Pennsylvania Deutsch"!
The 1812 Project: Early Surnames for Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Other Useful Sites for STRAUB Researchers
American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
STRAUB / STROUP / etc. Placenames

Bob Straub State Park - Pacific City, Tillamook Co., OR; named for Bob STRAUB, late Governor of Oregon
Bob & Pat Straub Nature Park - Salem, Marion Co., OR; named for Bob STRAUB, late Governor of Oregon
Straub (historical, a.k.a., Stroub) - Pershing Co., NV
Straub Canyon - Benton Co., WA
Straub Cemetery - McCracken Co., KY
Straub Church - Montour Co., PA
Straub Clinic and Hospital - Honolulu Co., HA
Straub Field - Black Hawk Co., IA
Straub Mountain - Teller Co., CO
Straub Road - Rochester, NY
Straub Run - tributary of Mill Creek, Clarion Co., PA
Straubtown [now Freeburg] - Washington Twp., Snyder Co., PA; named for founder in 1796, Andrew STRAUB
Straubville - Sargent Co., ND
Straub (east bank of Volga River) - ethnic German enclave in Samara [Samarskaya Oblast], Russia
Neu-Straub (west bank of Volga River) - ethnic German enclave in Saratov [Saratovskaya Oblast], Russia

Straube Branch (a.k.a., Strauby Branch) - trib. of Lick Ck., Pike Co., MO; named for landowner, Jim STRAUBE
Straube Creek - Wheeler Co., OR
Straube Lake - Madera Co., CA

Stroop Cemetery - Rutherford Co., TN
Stroope Tank - reservoir in Lincoln Co., NM
Stroope Well - Lincoln Co., NM
Stroope Canyon - Kimble Co., TX
Strooptown Road - Timberville, Rockingham Co., VA

Stroube Dam/Lake - Henderson Co., TX (two of them)
Stroubs Mine - Douglas Co., OR

Stroup Cemetery - Morgan Co., AL
Stroup Cemetery - Clinton Co., IN
Stroup Cemetery - Highland Co., OH
Stroup Hall - building in Cuyahoga Co., OH
Stroup Lake - Henry Co., GA
Stroup Branch - trib. of Cuivre R., Pike Co., MO; named for pioneer landowner, Joseph STROUP
Stroup Branch (a.k.a., Moser Branch) - trib. of Big Ck., Wayne Co., MO 
Stroup Park - Holdenville, Hughes Co., OK
Stroup Road - Rootstown, Portage Co., OH
Stroup Road - Roswell, Fulton Co., GA
Stroup Run - spring run (stream) in Clarion Co., PA
Stroup School (historical) - Petroleum Co., MT
Stroup School (historical) - Highland Co., OH
Stroup Siding - Adair Co., MO
Stroup Spring - Shannon Co., MO
Stroupe Creek - Clackamas Co., OR
Stroupe Gap (a.k.a., Strouph, Strouph Gap) - Henderson Co., NC 
Stroupe Lake - Howard Co., MO
Stroupes Store - Wythe Co., VA
Stroups (a.k.a., Stroup, Stroups Crossing) - town in Trumbull Co., OH 
Strouptown - town in West Perry Twp., Snyder Co., PA

Strube Dam/Lake - Lane Co., OR
Strubes Forest Camp (historical) - Lane Co., OR
Struby Creek - Tillamook Co., OR
Struby Reservoir - Tillamook Co., OR

Strup Lake - Lake Co., MN
Strupp School - Marathon Co., WI

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