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Mathias STROOP
Hanna __?__
For decades it has been widely accepted on paper that Jacob STROUP I (1724-1804), of Lincoln [now Gaston] Co., NC, was a grandson of our subject, through our subject's son Adam.  DNA testing (via the STRAUB Y-chromosome DNA Surname Project) has proven that Jacob I is, in fact, the son of Johann Pieter STRAUB I, the 1733 immigrant to Philadelphia.  For decades is has also been widely accepted on paper that Jacob STROUP II (1771-1846), of Lincoln Co., NC, then Cass [now Bartow] Co., GA, was a grandson of Jacob I, through Jacob I's son, Adam.  DNA testing has show this connection to be invalid, and it appears very likely that Jacob II was, himself, an immigrant.  One might think the door is till open for Jacob II to be descended from our subject, except that Jacob II signed his marriage bond in clear German script and spelled his surname, "Straub."  That leaves us with no descendants for Mathias, beyond the children of his son, Adam. 

The STRAUB/STROUP DNA project seeks a patrilineal (direct male line) descendant of our subject, Mathias STROOP, to be DNA tested, someone who does not descend from Jacob STROUP I or Jacob STROUP II of NC.  Because the results of such a test are important for identifying our subject and his descendants, the project is willing to subsidize $100 towards such a test.  If you feel you are, or know of, a suitable candidate, please contact the project admin for further details and conditions.

Husband:  Mathias / Matthias STROOP / STROOPE / STROUP
Birth:  1659/60, Dortmund, Westphalia
Death said to be:  ca. 1740, High Point, [now in Guilford Co.,] NC
Occupation:  iron-master (builder and operator of iron furnaces)
Father (said to be Dutch):  Andreas Pieter STROOP
Mother (said to be Dutch):  Catharina __?__

The "double-O" spelling is typically Dutch and found, today, mostly in the Netherlands and Westphalia.
Seeking proof that Mathias died in NC; or, in fact, any evidence that he was ever in NC, at all.

Marriage:  1682, Westphalia
Migration (Mathias alone, age 24):  arrived 10 Oct 1684, Baltimore, MD, on the ship, Shield; said to have gone to Philadelphia, then temporarily settled in Germantown
Transhumance (w/wife):  arrived Nov 1687, Baltimore, MD, on the ship, Endeavor, of Stockton
Residence in 1697:  on Chesapeake Bay, Talbot Co., MD
Wife:  Hanna __?__
Birth:  ca. 1661, Westphalia
Occupation:  homemaker
born in Germany:
1.  Catharina STROOP, b. ca. 1686

born in Talbot? Co., MD:
2.  Peter STROUP, b. ca. 1692
3.  Charles STROUP, b. ca. 1694
4.  David STROUP, b. ca. 1696
5.  Adam STROUP, b. ca. 1698 (or ca. 1690 sources disagree)

Kewords for search engines:  genealogy; FRG, Germany, DEU, Deutschland, Westfalen; USA, US, United States, Maryland, North Carolina
For years, I have been asking individuals to supply primary documentation to support this family group sheet, and no one has ever produced any.  Everyone just harkens back to the same secondary source everyone else is repeating.  Certainly, two major allegations made by this researcher have been proven  wrong (viz., that Jacob I is grandson of Mathias and that Jacob II is grandson of Jacob I), so there is good reason to doubt any assertions by this researcher that are not backed up with solid primary evidence.  It's time to let go of the pretty story this author concocted and uncover the real history here.

Sources (n.b., Guilford Co. was not formed until 1770):

1.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

2.  Emails from [name withheld] (17 Sep 2001; some personal and other information edited out):
According to my records the NC STROUP family is definitely from Jacob STROUP son of Adam STROUP (born 1695 to 1698 in MD) son of Matthias who came to the US in 1684 at age 24.  He was an Iron master, and the early spelling seems to be STROOPE.  He brought his wife over in a later crossing than the one he arrived on.  He is reported to have crossed the Atlantic 4 times, they are suppose to be from Rhur Valley of NW Germany.  He married Hannah in 1682.  They had 4 sons Peter, Charles, Adam, and David.  The sons were born between 1692 and 1696.  There are records in MD to back up these facts.  The daughter of a NC STROUP shared info from her mothers files with me.  She had spent many years doing research on our line and had planned to publish a book.  She unfortunately died before she accomplished her goal.  There have been some stories of brothers in the PA area but I have no idea if they are correct.

3.  William E. Williamson, of Roanoke, VA.  Descendants of Matthias Stroope (online at members.cox.net/wmson/strouppvt.htm).

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