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Johann Pieter STRAUB, a.k.a. Peter STRAUB I
Anna Maria Barbara HOFFMAN
DNA testing has united descendants of our subject with a descendant of Martin STRAUB (1616-1676), of Gemmingen and Grossgartach, Heilbronn, Wuerttemberg.  There is no doubt whatsoever that these test subjects have a near common ancestor, so we have discovered the origin of the 1733 immigrant to Philadelphia, who became the major progenitor of STRAUB / STROUP in the United States as well as ancestor of President Barrack OBAMA!

It appears that our subject is the Johann Pieter STRAUB (b. 18 Feb 1695 in Grossgartach) who was a grandson of Martin STRAUB through his son, Johann/Hans Adam STRAUB.  We do have some inconsistencies on paper that do not make for a perfect fit, however; and while I don't seriously doubt that we have connected the immigrant to his origin, the fact is that the DNA test results only prove these are the same family.  Martin STRAUB had seven sons (not to mention other male kin), leaving the door open to the possibility of there having been more than one Johann Pieter STRAUB about our subject's age.

There is a minor inconsistency in that, based on his marriage record, the Grossgartach Johann Pieter had wife, Anna Barbara, while, based on the ship's manifest, the immigrant's wife was named Maria Barbara.  We can solve this one by assuming her full name was Anna Maria Barbara (having three given names is not at all unusual for a German).  Another minor problem is that the Grossgartach records show Johann Pieter & Anna Barbara with four surviving children, but they immigrated with only two.  This can be explained by two having died without being recorded in church records, possibly because they died en route to the New World.  But two other matters are harder to reconcile…

The immigrant had a son, Peter STRAUB II, who died 15 Sep 1804, age 79 years, 10 months, and 7 days [tombstone in St. Peter's Cemetery, Freeburg, Snyder Co., PA].  His age at death places his birth on 8 Nov 1724.  The problem is that birth records in Grossgartach show Johann Pieter STRAUB, son of Johann Pieter & Anna Barbara (HOFFMAN) STRAUB, as having been born on 4 Feb 1728. 

One further problem, pointed out by Garry Heagy, is that Anna Barbara (HOFFMAN) STRAUB (b. 29 Aug 1696) was too old to be the mother of Johann Carl (b. 7 Mar 1744) — she would have been 47 years old.  So, did our subject have a second, younger wife?  Were Anna Barbara and Maria Barbara two different women?  Or did Anna simply have an extraordinary span of fecundity?

Husband:  Johann / Hans Pieter / Petter / Peter STRAUB I
Birth:  18 Feb 1695, Grossgartach, Heilbronn, Wuerttemberg
Death said to be:  aft. 1760, Lynn Twp., Northampton [now Lehigh] Co., PA
Y-DNA Haplogroup:  I1-L592
Father:  Johann / Hans Adam STRAUB
Mother:  Anna Barbara DETSCHLER
Marriage:  9 May 1719, Grossgartach, Heilbronn, Wuerttemberg
Migration:  1733, Rotterdam to Plymouth to Philadelphia on the brigantine Pennsylvania Merchant
Wife:  Anna Maria Barbara HOFFMAN
Birth:  21 Aug 1696, Grossgartach, Heilbronn, Wuerttemberg
Father:  Hans Jacob HOFFMAN
Mother:  Anna Barbara ZIMMERMAN
— born in Grossgartach, Heilbronn, Baden-Wuerttemberg:
  1.  Anna Elisabetha STRAUB, b. 5 Jan 1720; d. 26 Jan 1720, Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg
  2.  Johann Jacob STRAUB / STROUP I, b. 7 Jan 1722
  3.  Johann Georg STRAUB, b. 20 Dec 1724; died young?
  4.  Johann Pieter STRAUB II, b. 4 Feb 1728 [8 Nov 1724?]
  5.  Anna Barbara STRAUB, b. 20 Oct 1730; died young?

— born in Philadelphia [now Berks] Co., PA: 
  6.  (Anna?) Catharina STRAUB, b. 23 Nov 1733 
  7.  (Mathias) Andreas / Andrew STRAUB, b. 1735
  8.  (Johann) Philip STRAUB, b. 1730s
  9.  (Johann) Daniel STRAUB, b. 1743, Colebrookdale Twp.
10.  (Johann) Carl STRAUB, b. 7 Mar 1744; bap. 6 May 1744, Lutheran Church, New Hanover, Philadelphia [now Montgomery] Co., PA

Of the children born in the U.S., we have primary documentation only for Johann Carl.  It seems odd that all the males would follow the German naming practice of having the same saint's name, Johann, except for Mathias Andreas.  Still, a patrilineal descendant of Mathias Andreas has been DNA tested, and he is a match for this family.

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; FRG, Germany, Deutschland, DEU, Württemberg, Großgartach; USA, US, United States, Pennsylvania

Date Location Event
1681-2 PA: founding of colony; formation of first three counties: Philadelphia, Bucks, and Chester. 
1695 Wuerttemberg: Heilbronn: Grossgartach birth of Johann Pieter STRAUB
1696 Wuerttemberg: Heilbronn: Grossgartach  birth of Anna Maria Barbara HOFFMAN
1719 Wuerttemberg: Heilbronn: Grossgartach marriage of Johann Pieter STRAUB & Anna Maria Barbara HOFFMAN
1720 PA: Philadelphia Co.: first settlements in the area that would become Colebrookdale Twp., Berks Co.
1720 Wuerttemberg: Heilbronn: Grossgartach birth and death of daughter, Anna Elisabetha
1722 Wuerttemberg: Heilbronn: Grossgartach birth of son, Johann Jacob
1724 Wuerttemberg: Heilbronn: Grossgartach birth of son, Johann Georg
1728 Wuerttemberg: Heilbronn: Grossgartach birth of son, Johann Pieter
1730 Wuerttemberg: Heilbronn: Grossgartach birth of daughter, Anna Barbara
1733 Rotterdam to Plymouth to Philadelphia family makes the crossing
1733 PA: Philadelphia Co.: Philadelphia Petter STRAUB takes the oath of allegiance
1733   birth of daughter, Catherine
c1734/5 to what would become Colebrookdale family moves
1735 PA: Philadelphia [now Berks] Co. birth of son, (Mathias) Andrew
c1730s   birth of son, (Johann) Philip
1741 PA: Philadelphia Co.: incorporation of Colebrookdale Twp.
1743 PA: Philadelphia [now Berks] Co.: Colebrookdale Twp. birth of son, (Johann) Daniel
1744 PA: Philadelphia [now Montgomery] Co.: New Hanover Twp. baptism of son, Johann Carl
c1744  Colebrookdale to Maiden Creek family moves
c1744 PA: Bucks Co. [now Lehigh Co.: Lynn Twp.]: Maiden Creek* Peter STRAUB buys land
1752 PA: Northampton Co. formed from Bucks Co.
PA: Berks Co. formed from Philadelphia and Lancaster Cos. (and a small part of Chester Co.)
1760 PA Peter and Maria sponsor baptism of grandson
1784 PA: Montgomery Co. formed from Philadelphia Co.
1812 PA: Lehigh Co. formed from Northampton Co.
*Most of Maiden Creek is in Berks Co.; only the headwaters reach into the NW corner of what was then Bucks Co. and is now Lehigh Co.


1.  Evangelische Kirche Großgartach, Württemberg (OA Heilbronn). -Kirchenbuch, 1563-1886.  Mikrofilme aufgenommen von Manuskripten im Hauptstaatsarchive, Stuttgart [LDS Microfilm #1860406/7/8/9; parish register baptisms, marriages, confirmations, deaths, and family books of Großgartach, Württemberg, Germany].  Not seen by DGM, but one of the sources cited by Burgert (see next source).

2.  Annette Kunselman Burgert.  1999.  Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, to Pennsylvania:  Some Early Colonial German Immigrants.  Self-published by "AKB Publications," 691 Weavertown Road, Myerstown, PA 17067-2642. 
p. 78 Joh. Peter Straub m. 9 May 1719 Anna Barbara Hoffmann.  They had children:
  1.  Anna Eliesabetha, b. 5 Jan. 1720, bp. same day, died 26 Jan. 1720...
  2.  Johann Jacob, b. 7 Jan. 1722, bp. 8 Jan. 1722
      Notation in KB "ist in die neue Welt gezogen"...
  3.  Johann Georg, b. 20 Dec. 1724, bp. 21 Dec. 1724...
  4.  Johann Peter, b. & bp. 4 Feb. 1728... 
  5.  Anna Barbara, b. & bp. 20 Oct. 1730


New Hanover Lutheran KB, Montgomery co.:
Joh. Peter Straub and Maria Barbara had:
      Johann Carl, b. 7 Mar. 1744, bp. 6 May 1744...

The omitted items represented by ellipses (...) are the names of sponsors.  With regard to Jacob having gone to the New World, if this is the family that emigrated on the Pennsylvania Merchant, why does that same notation not appear on the other childrens' records or the parents' records? 
Burgert juxtaposes the Grossgartach records along with isolated Pennsylvania records — including an extended quote from Fisher (1938) — with the implication that these are all one family.  There is nothing in the primary records to prove that they apply to one family.

1a.  William Henry Egle.  1890.  Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775, with the Foreign Arrivals, 1786-1808.  Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. XVII, 2nd Ser., E.K. Meyers, Harrisburg, PA (reprinted 1967ff by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; indexed on Broderbund CD-354; full text on Broderbund CD-267):
p. 91 List of Foreigners Imported in the Brigatine Pennsylvania Merchant of London, John Stedman, Master, from Rotterdam.  Qualified Sept. 18, 1733...
p. 92 Pieter Straub...
p. 93 Maria Straub...
p. 94 Jacob Straub,
Pieter Straub...

1b.  Ralph Beaver Strassburger.  1934.  Pennsylvania German Pioneers: a Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia, from 1727 to 1808.  Vol. 1.  Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, PA (reprinted 1966ff by Genealogical Publ Co., Baltimore, MD; indexed on Broderbund CD-354; full text on Broderbund CD-26y; online at Ancestry.com).  The following is from the version on Broderbund CD-267 (the most complete of the sources):
p. 121 [List 32 A] A List of Palatine Passengers Come on Board the Ship Pensilvania Mercant, John Stedman, Commander, from Roterdam in Holland. [Qualified September 18, 1733.]...
p. 122 Pieter Straub...
p. 123 Maria Straub...
p. 124 Jacob Straub
Pieter Straub...
"At the Courthouse aforesaid, September 18th, 1733.
Sixty seven Palatines, who with their families, making in all One hundred eighty seven persons, were imported here in the Briganteen Pennsylvania Merchant, of London, John Stedman, Mr., from Rotterdam, but last from Plymouth, as by Clearance thence, were qualified as before."
From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol. III, p. 518.
p. 125 [List 32 C] At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September 18, 1733.  Present the Honble Patrick Gordon, Esqr, Lt Governr, Saml Hassell, Ralph Asheton, Charles Read.
  The Palatines whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Brigantine Pennsylvania Merchant, of London, John Stedman, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Plymouth, did this day take and subscribe the Oaths to the Government...
p. 126 Petter Straub...

1c.  Israel Daniel Rupp.  1856.  A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776.   Harrisburg, PA (1876, Kohler, Philadelphia, PA; 1898, Leary, Stuart & Co., Philadelphia; 1931, Degener & Co., Leipzig, Germany; 1965ff, Genealogical Publ. Co.; indexed on Broderbund CD-354; full text on Broderbund CD-267):
p. 89 Sept. 18, 1733.  Palatines,--brigantine Pennsylvania Merchant, of London, John Stedman, Master, from Rotterdam,
p. 90 last from Plymouth...
Peter Straub...
p. 91 Under sixteen...
Jacob Straub, Peter Straub...
Rupp does not include the names of females; and, unfortunately from an academic standpoint, he did not transcribe records verbatim, but converted names into their English equivalents.

2.  J.J. Kline.  1911.  "The Lutheran Church in New Hanover (Falckner Swamp), Montgomery County, Penna."  The Pennsylvania-German Society Proceedings and Addresses v. XX, pp. 1-444 (republished in 1983 by Genealogical Publ. Co.., Baltimore, MD, as Pennsylvania German Church Records; republished in 1996 as Broderbund CD-130).
p. 272 Straub, Johann Carl Mar. 7, 1744 May 6, 1744 Johan Peter and Maria Barbara Carl Royer and wife.

3.   Charles A. Fisher.  1938.  Snyder County Pioneers.  Self-published, Selinsgrove, PA (reprinted 1991, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD):
p. 90 PETER STRAUB, SENIOR, was the son of Peter Straub who was born in Germany and embarked for America in the British ship "Pennsylvnia Merchant," Captain John Stedman, master, at Rotterdam, Holland, with his wife and sons Peter (1724-1805) and Jacob.  The wife was named Maria.  They arrived at the port of Philadelphia where the older Peter took the English oath of allegiance on September 18, 1733.  The Peter of this 
p. 91 sketch was born in Germany on November 8, 1724, came to America with his parents in 1733, and lived in one of the eastern counties, and prior to 1768, came to what is now Washington Township, where he died on September 15, 1804...
The remainder of the sketch is on son Peter's page.  Fisher is an undocumented source.  His book contains hundreds of biographical sketches he cobbled together from circumstantial evidence, none of which evidence is supplied.  We cannot be certain which bios are accurate and which are not.  For example, we do not really know for certain that the junior Pieter STRAUB who immigrated with his parents on the Pennsylvania Merchant in 1733 is the same one who died in 1804 in Snyder County.

4.  Archives of the STRAUB-L mailing list (online at RootsWeb.com), especially posts by Gwen Boyer Borkman:
About 1734 Johann Peter Straub moved to Colebrookdale Twp, Philadelphia (now Berks) Co.  (City of Philadelphia Archives, Hans Peter Straub, 1734, Vol. 9 p. 181.  Warrant dated 25 Feb 1734 surveyed 22 May 1735 unto Hans Peter Straub given to Jno Conrad Rudd/Redd adj Anthony Morris, John Rutter and Jacob Neal) 6 Jun 1744  Land survey warrant #8; and survey book C 169, p. 192.
About 1744 Johann Peter Straub moved to land on a branch of Maiden Creek in Bucks Co. (now Lynn Twp. Lehigh Co, PA)  Philadelphia land survey warrant #146 & surveybook D 46, p. 33, also Bucks Co. PA land survey warrant #257 & patent books #5, p. 716; H73, p. 179 & survey books C200, p. 281; C204, p. 228-229; A8 p. 99.
Peter and Anna Maria acted as sponsors at the baptism of a grandson, Johann Peter, 23 April 1760.  Ministerial Acts of Daniel Schumacher.

5.  William A. Brobst.  "National Brobst Family Historical Registry."  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

6.  Email from Debbe A. Hagner, Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, et al.


1.  The Duchy/Kingdom of Württemberg (English: Wuerttemberg) is now part of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  In 1970, the municipalities of Großgartach (English: Grossgartach) and Schluchturn were merged to form the city of Leingarten, in the Heilbronn District [Landkreis] of Baden-Württemberg.

2.  International Civic Arms.  Leingarten, Heilbronn [District], Baden-Württemberg [link died].
[Image of Arms:  shield divided in half vertically, red on left, white on right; left has white sword pointing down; right has a red grill.]
   These arms represent the city of Leingarten, which was formed in or shortly bef. 1970 by the merging of Schluchtern and Großgartach (Grossgartach in English).  The symbols are of the patron saints of these municipalities, namely, St. Larentius and St. Pancratius, respectively.  The seal of Großgartach is the oldest village seal in Württemberg, dating from 1379.  The symbolic grid represents the grill upon which St. Pancratius was roasted to death.  The earliest seal included the saint, but later versions only the grill.

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