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Elizabeth LANG
Husband:  Johann / John N. STRAUB
Birth:  1810/1, Hesse-Darmstadt
Death:  1880-1900
Occupation:  brewer, founder of J.N. Straub & Company Brewery, Allegheny City, Allegheny Co., PA
Parents:  born in Darmstadt
Wife:  Elizabeth LANG
Birth:  1814/5, Alsace
Occupation:  homemaker
Parents:  born in Alsace
born in PA:
1.  Friederike / Frederica STRAUB, b. 1834/5
2.  Theodor / Theodore F. STRAUB, b. 1836/7
3.  Margaretha / Margaret C. STRAUB, b. 1838/9; unmarried
4.  Charles Louis STRAUB, b. May 1842
5.  August / Augustus W. STRAUB, b. 1845/6
6.  Hermann / Herman A. STRAUB, b. Jun 1848/9 

born in Allegheny Co., PA:
7.  John H. STRAUB, b. 19 Dec 1851
8.  Ottilie STRAB, b. 1867/8; d. by 1870

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; France; FRG, Germany, Deutschland, Hessen-Darmstadt; USA, US, United States, Pennsylvania;  brewing, beer, Straub Beer

Sources (n.b., Allegheny City was incorporated into Pittsburgh in 1907):

1.  Marriage Record:

2.  1840 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  can't find.

3.  1850 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #120-121 of 178):  Allegheny City (Ward 4), Allegheny Co., PA, Roll M432_744, pp. 226B-227A, 853/926, enumerated 12 Sep 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
John M. Straube 39 M   Brewer 5000 Germany
Elizabeth  " 35 F       "
Frederica  " 15 M       Pennsylvania
Theodore   " 13 M       Pa
Margaret   " 11 F       Pa
Lewis      "  8 M       Pa
Augustus   "  4 M       Pa
Hermann    "  2 M       Pa
Henry Baker 27 M   Brewer none Germany
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Adam Ruhl 28 M   Cooper none Germany
Elizabeth " 26 F       do
Charles   "  2 M       Pennsylvania
Margaret  " 50 F       Germany
The middle initial is definitely "M" and the surname is definitely "Straube."

4.  1860 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #67 of 77):  Pittsburgh P.O., Reserve Twp., Allegheny Co., PA, Roll M653_1066, p. 1027, PN 67, 409/508, enumerated 28 Jul 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
J N Straub 49 M   Master Brewer 40,000 10,000 Gr Duchy Hessen
Elizabeth Straub 44 F         France
Margaretha Straub 19 F         Pennsylvania
Louis Straub 16 M   Brewer (App)     do
August Straub 14 M         do
Hermann Straub 12 M         do
John Straub  8 M         do
Ottilie Straub  2 F         do
Cath. Simon 35 F   Serv't girl     Ohio
John Loesch 35 M   Brewer     Bavaria

5.  1870 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #12-13 of 40):  Perrysville P.O., Reserve Twp., Allegheny Co., PA, Roll M593_1299, pp. 266A-266B, PN 12-13, 78/78, enumerated 16/17 Aug 1870, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1870 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
Straub John 59 M W Brewer 60,000 20,000 Darmstadt
   "   Elizabeth 55 F W Keeping House     France
   "   August W 24 M W Bank Clerk     "
   "   Margaret 27 F W Keeping House     "
   "   Harmon 22 M W Clerk in Store     "
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Straub John 19 M W at School     Penna
Stewart George 19 M B Laborer     Va
Simon Kate 40 F W Domestic     Ohio
Kate is fibbing about her age.

6.  1880 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #8 of 36):  Reserve Twp., Allegheny Co., PA, Roll T9_1090 (Book 1), p. 189D, PN 8, SD 9, ED 81, enumerated 3/4 Jun 1880, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1880 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1880:  for an explanation of the column headings, please see
What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data).
1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 13 24 25 26
58 63 Straub John N W M 69     / Beer Brewer Darmstadt Darmstadt Darmstadt
    ______ Elizabeth W F 65 Wife   / Keeping house Elsess Elsess Elsess
    ______ Margaret W F 40 Dau /   at Home Penna Darmstadt Elsess
    Semon Kate W F 49 Servant /     Ohio Elsess Elsess
Kate is fibbing about her age.

7.  1890 Census:  the 1890 Census Population Schedules were destroyed.

8a.  1900 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  John and Elizabeth not found.

8b  1900 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #20 of 24):  5216 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh City (Ward 20), Allegheny Co., PA, Roll T623_1362, p. 216B, SN 10, SD 18, ED 234, enumerated __ Jun 1900, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1900 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1900:  for an explanation of the column headings, please see What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data).
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
* 5216 173 194 Straub Herman A Head W M Jun 1849 50 M 27     PA Ger Ger Supt (Brewery) 0   Y Y Y O F H
      [Herman's wife and children, plus servants]
      ______ Margaret C Sister W F Mch 1847 53 S       PA Ger Ger Landlady                
*Liberty Avenue
Margaret is fibbing about her age, and even Herman appears to be off a year.

9.  Allegheny County Genealogy Project Biography:  Straub, John H. (posted by Carol Eddleman at pa-roots.org):
John H. Straub, son of John N. and Elizabeth (Lang) Straub, was born 19 Dec 1851...
(Source: Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania Biography, Vol. 4, John W. Jordan, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, 1915.) 

10.  The History of Straub Beer (online at the web site of the Straub Brewery in Saint Marys, Elk Co., PA):
John N. Straub had settled in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania (currently Pittsburgh's North Side) where, in 1831, he opened a "brew pub" which grew into the J. N. Straub and Company Brewery.  Eventually, Straub and Company would merge with Eberhart and Ober to form the Eberhardt and Ober Brewing Company (located at Pennsylvania Route 28 and Interstate 279).  The brewery was located in the building now occupied by the Pennsylvania Brewing Co. - Penn Pilsner.  It was with Eberhardt and Ober that young Peter secured employment under the managment of John Straub.  John's sons, Herman and John H., would later become officers in the Straub Brewing Company, located in Lawrenceville, PA (Liberty Avenue and Main Street, North Central Pittsburgh).  This brewery would reach a capacity of 100,000 barrels...
The "young Peter" referred to is Peter P. STRAUB (Sr.) of Wuerttemberg who came to the U.S. in 1869 and, in 1872, took over the Benzinger Springs Brewery in Saint Marys, Elk Co., PA.  If Peter actually did work for John N. STRAUB, he had to have worked in the J.N. Straub Brewery, not the Eberhardt & Ober Brewery, which did not combine with the J.N. Straub Brewery until 1883 (see sources below).

11.  Eberhardt and Ober Brewing Company Records, 1882-1906.  RG 40, Historical Collections and Labor Archives, Special Collections Library, University Libraries, Pennsylvania State University (online at the Penn State Library web site):
The Eberhardt and Ober Brewing Company was established at Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, in 1870 by John Peter Ober and his brother-in-law William Eberhardt, son of another Allegheny City, Pennsylvania brewer.  The small brewery absorbed the J.N. Straub Brewing Company in 1883.  Located in the heart of historical "Deutschtown," the sprawling Eberhardt and Ober Brewery complex became a permanent fixture of north Pittsburgh during the late nineteenth century.  The surviving main office and administrative building of the original brewery complex is now listed in the National Register of Historic Sites. The modern-day Pennsylvania Brewing Company is located on this site and continues to brew and distribute beer to this day.  All beers are made in accordance with the German beer purity law (implemented by royal decree during the 1500s), termed the Reinheisgebot.  According to this law, all beer is to be brewed using only classical ingredients -- malt, wheat, hops, water, and yeast.

12.  "Historical Society Tours Brewery, Learns Traditions." The Ridgway Record (Ridgway, Elk Co., PA), Wednesday, 17 Mar 2004 (online at www.ridgwayrecord.com):
...[Peter P. Straub (Sr.)] initially settled in what is now Pittsburgh's North Side, and worked, coincidentally, at the John N. Straub Brewery & Co.  That brewery and the Eberhart & Ober Brewery consolidated in 1883 and sixteen years later, the two formerly separate companies joined with others to form the Pittsburgh Brewing Company...
It appears the group toured the Straub Brewery in Elk County, which asserts that Peter S. STRAUB worked for John N. STRAUB.

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