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Documents Pertaining to the Estate and Children of (Johann) Daniel Straub, Jr.,
of Lynn Twp., Northampton [now Lehigh] Co., PA
Source:  the documents given here were uncovered by Garry Heagy and posted 6 Apr 2002 to the Straub Message Board (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).  Thank you, Garry, for clearing up the long-standing confusion over which Daniel STRAUB (Jr. or Sr.) married which Catharina (SITTLER or SCHITZ)!

(STRAUBIN is a feminized form of STRAUB.)

Documents were filed June 15, 1807, at the Northampton County Orphans Court, Easton, concerning the estate of Daniel Straub, 'late of Lynn Township':

1) Catharina Straubin, widow of Daniel Straub, appointed her brother, Johannes Sitler, and brother-in-law, Johannes Straub to be the administrators of the estate, 12 June 1807. This document was written in German and Catharina made a mark instead of a signature.  It translates, 

"I Catharina Straubin widow of deceased Daniel Straub commission my brother, Johannes Sitler and my brother-in-law, Johannes Straub, to execute the administration for me."

2) John Seidler and John Straub agree to be the administrators of the estate of Daniel Straub, 15 June 1807.  They sign the document, Johannes Sittler and Johannes Straub.

3) John Siedler and John Straub signed a document stating,

"they believe that Daniel Straub died without a Will, and that they will well and truly administer all and every the goods of the said deceased, and pay his debts as far as his goods will extend, and that they will exhibit a true, full and perfect inventory of the goods of the said deceased, and render a true account of his administration into the Registers office, when he shall be there unto lawfully required."

4) An inventory and appraisal of assets was presented, dated 12 June 1807, for

"Daniel Straub Junge (or Jungs) in Lynn Taunship."

"Inventory of the Estate late of Daniel Straub jr(?)."

It looks like "Exhibited 20 June 1807."

These documents are in File #2464 at the Northampton County Orphans Court, Easton.

More documents were filed at August 17, 1807, at the Orphans Court:

1) "Settlement of the Estate late of Daniel Straub Dec'd."  The realized value of Daniel's inventoried assets was 83.17.5.  The value of claims against the estate was 357.0.4, leaving a balance due of 273.2.11.

2) "The petition of John Sittler one of the administrators of the Estate of Daniel Stroub late of Lynn Township, Yeoman deseased, ... it appears there is a balance due from the estate to the creditors of the deceased of 273.2.11 pounds which cannot be paid without making sale of two certain parcels of land situated in Lynn township in the County aforesaid, one of them adjoining lands of Peter Kershner, Jacob Oswald, Peter Miller, John Noeff and others containing about fifty one acres ... and the other of them adjoining lands of Jacob Oswald, Peter Miller, John Werthman, and others containing about seventeen acres ... Praying the Court to grant him an order to make the Sale of the Premises aforesaid for the purpose of paying the debts and bringing up the minor children of said deceased.  Where upon the Court do order and decree that the said administrator do proceed to make public sale of the Premises at the house of the deceased on the third Monday of September next at 10 o'Clock in the forenoon, first giving timely notice of the time and place of Sale and of the quantity and quality of the land and where the same is situated by Hand Bills to be put up in the most public places at least ten days before such Sale is made, as aforesaid and that he make return of his proceedings in the premises to the next Orphans Court after such Sale is made as a foresaid."

November 20, 1807, at the Orphans Court:

"John Sittler, Administrator of the estate of Daniel Straub deceased make report of the Sale of the Real Estate of said deceased in the words and figures following to wit, 'To the honorable the Judges of the Orphans Court within named, I the within named, John Sitler, do hereby humbly report that in pursuance of the within order of court having given due public and timely notice of the time and place of sale agreeably to the directions thereof, I did on Monday, the twenty first day of September last, post expose the land and premises therein mentioned to Sale by public vendue or outcry and sold the same to Henry Weaver of Heidelberg Township in the County of Northampton, Yeoman, for the sum of Five hundred and Sixty pounds money of the State of Pennsylvania, by installments to wit, 150.0.0 pounds payable the 27th day of November instant, 175.0.0 pounds on the 15th day of April next, and then 25.0.0 pounds yearly, the first payment to be made the 27th day of May A.D. 1809, he being the highest bidder and that the highest and best price bidder for the same which Sale so as aforesaid made I pray may be confirmed by the Court. John Sitler, Nov 20th, 1807.'  Which Report being read and fully considered by the court, it is ordered that the Sale so made as aforesaid be and remain firm and stable forever."

January 22, 1810, at the Orphans Court:

"The Account of John Straub and John Sitler, Administrators of the Estate of Daniel Straub, dec'd ... Balance due the Estate, the whole of which is at present outstanding as appears by Dr. (Debit) side of this a/c, 179.2.10 1/2 pounds."

"On the 22nd Day of January 1810, Before me, Philip H. Mattes, Deputy Register in and for .. county came the above named John Straub and John Sitler and being duly sworn according to law did declare and say that the above account is just and true to the best of their knowledge and belief."

January 23, 1810, at the Orphans Court:

"The petition of John Straub, brother of Daniel Straub, late of Lynn Township in the county aforesaid, yeoman, deceased, was read setting forth that the said Daniel Straub left issue seven children, four of whom to wit, Magdalena, Catharine, Joshua, and Maria are minors under the age of fourteen years and have no guardian appointed to take care of their persons and Estates, praying the court to appoint some proper person or persons as guardians for said minors.  Whereupon the court appointed Jacob Moser and George Seller late of Lynn Townhip Guardians of the persons and Estates of said minors."

Family Group Sheet of (Johann) Daniel STRAUB, Jr. & Catharina SITTLER
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