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Will of Asa THOMSON, 1841, Fayette County, Kentucky
Source:  Fayette County, Kentucky, Will Book P, 1841.

The name of the transcriber was not specified, but the transcription is from Virginia Baldwin's Thomson Family web site, so I presume she is the transcriber.  I repost it here principally to help insure that it remains online and available (on the theory that two copies are safer than one).  If you are related to this family, you should definitely visit her site, which has much more information than mine.  (My interest is in the pre-1850 THOMPSONs of Christian/Todd Co., KY, so my interest in Asa's family is primarily focused on Asa's brother, John, and Asa's son, Roger, both of whom lived in Christian Co., KY.)

As is the case with most wills, it was written in one long, relentless paragraph.  I have broken it into smaller paragraphs for improved readability and, for the same reason, added some punctuation.  Names are boldfaced for quick searching. 

In the name of God Amen.  I Asa Thomson of the County of Fayette being of sound mind and memory at this time but sensable of the decay of nature and the certainty of death in order to dispose of my Estate both real and personal according to my present desire do make this my last will and Testament as follows. viz

Item It is my desire that my Exors or Executor hereafter named pay all my just debts.

Item I lend unto my beloved wife Dianna Thomson during her natural life three choice slaves, two choice horses, & my carriage & g (?) two thousand dollars in money & if she chooses to move to the Missouri to be carried there at the expence of my Estate or wheresoever she may chose to reside, and at her death the property loan to be divided in Eight equal parts and that my Executors pay to my daughter Polly Kirtley one Eighth part; to my son Roger Thomson one Do(llar); to Patsey Prewitt one do(llar); to my grand sons, sons of my son, John Thomson dec'd, one Do(llar) viz Pike William & John M. Thomson to be equally divided between them; to my daughter Nancy Garth one eighth part; to my son Asa Q. Thomson one eighth; and to my son George Q Thomson dec'd children in the following order viz to his five last children by his last wife named Mary, Bellinda, Eliza, Virginia, & Sarah Jane(?) fifty dollars each; & the balance to be equally divided between his two first children named Ennie Ann/Elvira Thomson and if either of the two should die before they come of age or marry the surviving child to inherit the hole of the departed childs Estate.

Item I give to my daughter Nancy Garth a negro man named Alexander & a negro woman named Rachael together with her future increase a horse beast(?) worth Eighty dollars two Feather beds & furniture & two cows and calves to her & her heirs forever which property I value to fourteen hundred dollars.

Item I have given to each of my children viz to Polley Kirtley, Roger Thomson, Patsey Prewitt,John Thomson dec'd, Asa Q. Thomson, Robert Y Thomson, and George Q. Thomson dec'd property which I value to fourteen hundred dollars which I give to them and their heirs forever.

Item It is my will & desire that all my Estate not above devised be sold in the following manner viz my land one third in hand one third in twelve months & one third in six months after and a lien(?) upon the land until the cash payment is made the purchaser giving bond with approved security, my negroes to be sold upon a credit of six months & my personal Estate to be sold upon the same credit with bonds with approved security.

Item It is my desire that my nephew James K. Thomson shall have the privilege to take at the selling price of my land a tenantship(?) of land supposed to contain six or seven acres to begin at a Stone corner between him the said James K Thomson & myself near my spring branch & to run from thence to a strate line to Henry Rogers line so as to make the line strate between him the said James K. Thomson & myself.

Item my grand son John J. Thomson lost his mother when an infant & we have raised him & educated him thus far mostly at my expence & his father is not to be charged with it and for the regard I have for him I give (?) my silver watch.

Item It is my desire after my wife has received the portion above named the hole of my Estate be sold as above directed & be divided in eighth equal lots & that my daughter Polly Kirtley, my son Roger Thomson, Patsy Prewitt, my grandsons, sons of my son John Thomson dec'd viz Pike William and John M. Thomson, Nancy Garth, Asa Q. Thomson, Robert Y. Thomson & George Q. Thomson dec'd two daughters named Enne Ann & Elvira Thomson each to receive the one Eighth part viz the grand children named to receive their fathers portion to them and their heirs forever.

Lastly I hereby constitute & appoint my nephew William Z. Thomson, Robert P. Kinney & Robert Innis executors to this my last will and Testament authorizing them or either of them if the others fail to qualify to sell & convey the whole of my Estate both real and personal, and it is my will that neither of my aforesaid Executors shall be compelled to give security in Court for their performance Given under my hand & seal this 25 day of Jany 1842.

Asa Thomson (seal)

William Mason
John M. Selcher
William Selcher

Fayette County (?) March County Court 1842

This last Will and Testament of Asa Thomson deceased was produced in Open Court and proved by the oaths of John M. Selcher and William Selcher the two of the subscribing Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be recorded which is truly done in my Office.

Att James C. Rodes Clk

Transcriber's Note: The children of John Thomson, deceased, son of Asa, should read Pike M. & John William Thomson.
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