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Armorial Ancestors of Martha Abigail HOPKINS (1879-1959)
wife of Ira Baker BROWN
BALLARD... William Ballard, b. England, 1603, d Andover, Mass., 1689...
Arms -- Sable, a griffin segreant ermine armed and gorged with a crown or.
Crest -- A demi-griffin, wing endorsed ermine, beaked and legged or.
Motto -- Forti non ignavo...  (Matthews 1991c:10b) 
JOHN BENJAMIN, 1598-1645, from Bristol, Eng., in the ship "Lion," 1632, settled at Cambridge, Mass.
Arms Or, on a saltire quarterly, pierced sable five annulets counterchanged.
Crest On a chapeau turned up ermine a flame of fire proper. (Matthews 1991b:9)
BENJAMIN. Massachusetts.
John Benjamin, Boston, 1632.
Or, on a saltire quarterly, pierced sable five annulets counterchanged.
CREST On a chapeau, a flame of fire, all ppr.
MOTTO Poussez en avant.  (Crozier 1904:21)
Rev. William
EDDY... Rev. William Eddy, Vicar of St. Dunstan's Church, Cranbrook, Kent, England, a native of the City of Bristol, Gloucestershire...
Arms--Sable, three old men's head couped at the shoulders argent, crined proper.
Crest--A cross-crosslet fitchée sable, and a dagger argent, hilt or, in saltire.
Motto--Crux mihi grata quies...  (Matthews 1991a:191)
EMERY.  Massachusetts.
John Emery, Newbury, 1635.
Argent, three bars nebulée gules, in chief as many torteaux.
CREST -- Out of a mural crown, a demi-horse argent, maned or, collared gules, studded of the first.
MOTTO -- Fidelis et suavis.  (Crozier 1904:54)
JOHN EMERY, of Romsey, Hampshire, England, to Newbury, Mass., 1635.
Arms -- Argent, three bars nebuleé gules, in chief as many torteaux.
Crest -- Out of a mural crown a demi-horse argent maned or, collared gules studded of the first. (Matthews 1991b:30)
EDWARD FAWCONER, of Andover, Mass., 1648, from Kingsclere, Hampshire.
Arms Sable, three falcons argent, belled or.
Crest A garb of wheat or, banded argent. (Matthews 1991b:32)
FAWKENER. Massachusetts.
Edmond Fawkener, Andover.
(King's Cleere, Hampshire.)
Sable, three falcons argent, beaked, legged and belled or. (Crozier 1904:56)
HOLT.  Massachusetts.
Nicholas Holt, Newbury, 1635.
Azure, two bars or; in chief a cross formée fitchée of the last.
CREST -- A squirrel sejant or, holding a hazel-branch, slipped and fructed; all ppr.
MOTTO -- Exaltavit humiles.  (Crozier 1904:73)
LOOMIS. Connecticut.
Joseph Loomis, Windsor, 1639
(Briantree, Essex.)
Argent, between two palets gules, three fleurs-de-lis in pale sable, a chief azure.
CREST On a chapeau a pelican vulning herself ppr.
MOTTO Ne cede malis.  (Crozier 1904:86)
Loomis  Arg bet 2 pales 3 fleurs-de-lis a chief az
Crest: on a chapeau gu (?) turned up erm a pelican wounding herself
Motto: Ne cede mailis
Bookplate C.B. Loomis, writer  (Bolton 1927:105)
LORD.  Massachusetts.
Thomas Lord, Boston, 1635.
Argent, on a fesse gules between three cinquefoils azure, a hind passant between two pheons or.
CREST A demi-bird, wings expanded sable, on its head two small horns or.  Dexter wing gules lined argent.  Sinister wing argent lined gules.  (Crozier 1904:86)
THOMAS LORD, b 1585, came to New England, 1635, probably from Sudbury, Co. Suffolk, England.
Arms Argent, on a fesse gules, between three cinquefoils azure, a hind passant betw. two pheons or.
Crest A demi-bird sable on the head two small horns or, wings expanded.  (Matthews 1991b:51)
Lord  Arg on a fess gu bet 3 cinquefoils az a hind pass bet 2 pheons or.
Crest:  a demi-bird with wings expanded sa.  On its head 2 small horns or.  The dexter wing gu lined arg.  The sinister wing arg lined gu.
Seal on will of widow of Thomas Lord, who came 1635.  Vermont's Amer. Heral., pp. 22, 171  (Bolton 1927: 105)
JAMES OLMSTEAD, b. 1580, of New Eng., 1632, son of James Olmsted of Leighs Magna, Essex, Eng.
Arms Sable, a pheon between three cresents argent.
Crest A stag's head gules, armed or.  (Matthews 1991b:57)
STANTON... Thomas Stanton, 1616-76, from London, Eng. settled at Stonington, Conn., 1650, m. Ann LORD...
Arms -- Vairé, argent and sable, on a canton gules a lion passant guardant or.
Crest-- A demi-lion rampant, vairé argent and sable, crowned or.  (Matthews 1991c:149b)

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annulet a small ring
argent (arg) silver/white
armed in the case of animals, bearing its natural weapons (e.g., talons, teeth, horns, antlers, beak, etc.)
azure blue
banded used when two or more objects are joined with a band of a different color
bar horizontal band across the shield
belled a bird of prey with bells on its jesses (leather straps on the legs used to control a bird of prey, as in falconry)
blazon the verbal description of a coat of arms
canton resembles a first quarter, but smaller (size variable, but usually about 1/3 the width of the chief)
chapeau any hat, but specifically the "Cap of Dignity" or "Cap of Maintenance":  a red velvet cap with a turned up rim of ermine; used as a base for the crest, instead of a wreath
chief across the top of the shield; a horizontal band of color across the top third of the shield
cinquefoil ornaments in the form of five leaves or lobes, often with the center pierced
counterchanged alternating/opposite colors
couped cut off in a straight line
crined used with respect to the hair on a man's head (or a horse's mane) when of a different color
cross-crosslet a cross with its ends crossed
demi- upper half
dexter on the right side of the shield from the viewpoint of the wearer (on the left side to the viewer)
endorsed two objects back-to-back, often in reference to wings held raised over the animal's back
engrailed a scalloped edge with the points directed outwards
ermine (erm) white with numerous small black "tails," as in a robe made of ermine pelts; in heraldry, the black "tails" may be graphically highly stylized
(the ermine is a small weasel, related to the mink, whose fur turns white in winter, but with the tail remaining black)
expanded maximum spreading of a bird's wing
fesse a horizontal band of color across the middle third of the shield
fichée having the lower end pointed, usually in reference to crosses
fleurs-de-lis literally, flowers of the lily; the royal badge of France, later adopted in many English arms
garb/garbe sheaf of grain (wheat unless otherwise stated)
gorged collared
guardant having the face turned towards the viewer
gules (gu) red
hind female deer, specifically, the European Red Deer, Cervus elaphus (in U.S. called "elk" or "wapiti")
mural said of a crown, shaped and indented to look like a masonry battlement
nebulée wavy
or gold/yellow
pale/pal/pel a vertical stipe of color on the shield, one-third of the width of the shield and centered; a vertical line dividing the shield in two
pallet/palet a vertical stripe of color on the shield, one-sixth the width of the shield
passant (pass) an animal walking to the left (from the standpoint of the viewer) with its right forepaw raised
party per parted by, as in dividing the shield
pheon the head of a dart, barbed, and engrailed on the inner side
pierced pierced, usually with a circular hole, with the background color showing through
proper (ppr.) in natural colors
quarter/quarterly the shield is divided into quarters; quarters numbered one through four, left to right, top to bottom
rampant rearing up, as of an animal
sable (sa) black
saltier a cross in the form of an "X" or objects so crossed
segreant same as rampant, used only  with griffin
sinister on the left side of the shield from the viewpoint of the wearer (on the right side to the viewer)
stag male deer, specifically, the European Red Deer, Cervus elaphus (in U.S. called "elk" or "wapiti")
studded in reference to a collar with studs of a different color
torteau a red roundel/roundle (disk)
vairé a pattern of alternating blue and white (azure and argent) upright and inverted bell-like shapes
vulned/vulning used of an animal wounded and bleeding; vulning is most often used in reference to a pelican wounding herself
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