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Husband:  Capt. Thomas STANTON
Birth:  1616?, England
Death:  2 Dec 1677, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Migration:  1635, England to VA in the merchant Bonaventure
Migration:  1635, VA to Newtown [Cambridge], MA 

Our subject's parents are unknown.
Father notThomas STANTON
Mother notKatherine WASHINGTON

Marriage:  1637, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Wife:  Anne LORD
Baptism:  18 Sep 1614, Towcester, NTH
Death:  1688, Stonington, New London Co., CT 
Father:  Dr. Thomas LORD
Mother:  Dorothy BIRD
born in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT:
  1.  Thomas STANTON, b. 1638
  2.  John STANTON, b. 1641; d. 3 Oct 1713; m. 1654, Hannah THOMPSON (18 Sep 1614 - 4 Sep 1688)
  3.  Mary STANTON, b. 1643; d. 1713; m. 11 Nov 1662, Samuel ROGERS (12 Dec 1640 - 1 Dec 1713)
  4.  Hannah Lord STANTON, b. 1644
  5.  Joseph STANTON, b. 1646
  6.  Daniel STANTON, b. 1648

  7.  Dorothy STANTON, b. 1651, Stonington, New London Co., CT
  8.  Robert STANTON, b. 1653, Pequoit [?], CT 
  9.  Sarah STANTON, b. 1655, Pequoit [?], CT 
10.  Samuel STANTON, b. 1657, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT

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1.  Eugene Cole Zubrinsky.  2006.  "Thomas Stanton of Connecticut and the Longbridge Tradition: and Old Dogma's Demise (Again)." The American Genealogist 81(Jan): 48-51.  Our subject is not the Thomas STANTON of Wolverton, Warwickshire.

2.  John Bernard Burke.  1975.  Burke's American Families with British Ancestry.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD.  On p. 2923:
Lineage.--THOMAS STANTON, went to America, 2 Jan. 1635, where he served as Crown Interpretor General for United Colonies of New England, Judge of New London County Court 1665-77, Member of Connecticut General Court 1666-73, served at Fort Saybrook and Fairfield Swamp in the Pequot War, b. 1616; m. 1637, Ann (b. in England, 1614), eldest dau. of Dr. Thomas Lord (b. in Towcester, England, 1585), by his wife, Dorothy, dau. of Robert Bird, of Towcester, England.  Thomas Stanton d. 2 Dec. 1677, leaving issue...
Burke then traces the line descended through son, John.

3.  Descendants of Thomas Prentice.

4.  The Stanton Connection.

5.  Mary E. Mayo, ed.  1982.  Sixteen Hundred Lines to Pilgrims: Lineage Book III.  National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims (reprinted 1996, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; Broderbund CD-506).

6.  Francis Barnum Culver, ed.  1940.  Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Maryland:  Genealogies of the Members and Record of Services of Ancestors.  Vol. II.  Published by the society, Baltimore, MD (reprinted 1997, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; Broderbund CD-506).  On p. 264, in an ahnentafel of Robert Field STANTON:
256. Thomas Stanton,* b. ante 1616, d. 2 Dec. 1677, m. 1637.
257. Ann Lord, bp. 18 Sept. 1614, d. 1688.
Boldface indicates an ancestor conferring eligibility; the asterisk indicates an immigrant. 

7.  John Matthews.  1991.  Complete American Armoury and Blue Book, combining 1903, 1907 and 1911-13 Editions.  Clearfield/Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-368).  In Part IV, 1911-23 edition, on p. 149b, including illustration
STANTON... Thomas Stanton, 1616-76, from London, Eng. settled at Stonington, Conn., 1650, m. Ann LORD...
Arms -- Vairé, argent and sable, on a canton gules a lion passant guardant or.
Crest-- A demi-lion rampant, vairé argent and sable, crowned or.

8.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Ancestral File.

9.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

10.  See articles in the NEHGR and TAG.

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