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Descendants of James QUISENBERRY (1759-1830)
Source:  George Norbury MacKenzie.  1912.  Colonial Families of the United States of America.  Vol. I.  Grafton Press, Boston/NY (reprinted 1966/95 by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; 1998 as Broderbund CD-189).

The QUISENBERRY section is in Volume I and comprises pages 423-430.  It is the genealogy of Anderson Chenault QUISENBERRY (1850- ), going back as far as Europe in the 1300s.  The QUISENBERRY family of America is descended from Thomas QUESTENBURY of England, who settled in Virginia in 1624.

My interest in QUISSENBURY is limited to Kentucky before 1850, so the transcription starts with James QUISENBERRY (1759-1830), who settled in Clark Co., KY.  His line from the immigrant is:
Thomas QUESTENBURY (1608-1672) = __?__
—John QUESSENBURY (1627-1717) = Anne POPE
——Humphrey QUESENBURY (c1670-1727) = Elizabeth MOTHERSHEAD
———Thomas QUESENBURY (-1795) = a daughter of Aaron RAWLINS
————Aaron QUISENBERRY (c1720-1795) = Joyce DUDLEY
—————James QUISENBERRY (1759-1830) = Jane BURRIS / Chloe SHIPP

I do not do lookups, so please do not write to ask me for more information from this article.  If you are a QUISENBERRY descendant, it is well worth your while to buy the CD or get a copy of the article through the interlibrary loan service at your local library.

JAMES QUISENBERRY (founder of the Kentucky branch of the family), b. in Spottsylvania County, Va., 5th July, 1759; d. 5th August, 1830; in 1783, after having served in the Revolutionary War in the Orange County Militia, settled in what is now Clark County, Kentucky; was for some time one of the garrison in the fort at Boonesboro, under Daniel boone; was ordained a Baptist minister in Kentucky; m. (firstly) 24th December, 1776, Jane BURRIS, dau. of Thomas and Frances (TANDY) BURRIS of Orange County, Va. (Thomas BURRIS had been a soldier both in Braddock's War and the Revolutionary War); m. (secondly) Chloe SHIPP of Clark County, Ky., 24th December, 1811.


I.  Joyce, b. 25th October, 1777, in Orange County, Va.; m. James DUNCAN, about 1800, in Clark County, Ky.; about 1815 they settled in what is now Lincoln County, Mo.


1.  William Duncan.
2.  Mary Joyce, m. James CARTER.
3.  John Duncan, m. Mrs. Susan (DAVIS) COLLIER.

II.  Frances, b. in Orange County, Va., 6th October, 1779; m. John BRUNER, in Clark County, Ky.  Issue.

III.  Jane, b. 22d February, 1782, in Orange County, Ky. (sic); m. Ambrose BUSH, in Clark County, Ky.  Had issue.

IV.  Joel, b. 31st January, 1784, in Fayette County, Va. (now Clark County, Ky.); m. Elizabeth HAGGARD, in Clark County, Ky., and d. there, in 1849; 12 children.

V.  James Harvey, b. 13th March, 1786, in Fayette County, Va. (now Clark County, Ky.); m. Lucy THOMAS of Owen County, Ky., to which county he removed, and d. there, 5th August, 1822; 8 children.

VI.  COLBY BURRIS, b. 7th July, 1788 [see below]

VII.  Tandy, b. in Fayette County, Va. (now Clark County, Ky.), 8th February, 1791; m. Peggy BUSH; 19 children.

VIII.  Roger, b. in Clark County, Ky., 23d November, 1792; served in War of 1812, and taken prisoner at "Dudley's Defeat," and tortured by Indians; twice Sheriff of Clark County; m. Polly EUBANK; 15 children; he d. in 1878.

IX.  Mourning, b. in Clark County, Ky., 22d January, 1795; m. John HAGGARD of the same county. Issue.

X.  William Fountain, b. in Clark County, Ky., 9th July, 1797; m. Rachel RYAN; 10 children; he d. in 1868.

XI.  Jackson, b. in Clark County, Ky., 16th December, 1799; m. Miss SIMPSON; settled in Pettis County, Mo., where he d. about 1880; he had a number of children.

XII.  Rhoda, b. in Clark County, Ky., 3d February, 1802; m. George FOX; numerous children.

XIII.  Sallie B., b. in Clark County, Ky., 31st July, 1805; m. Thomas Smith RAGLAND of the same county; numerous children.


I.  Joseph Harrison (twin), b. 13th October, 1813; m. and had numerous children.

II.  Letty (twin), b. 13th October, 1813; d. 28th July 1814.

III.  Letitia, b. 23d October 1814; m. Dr. Peter EVANS.  Issue.

IV.  Louis Colby, b. 18th January, 1816; d. 28th August, 1844; m. and left issue.

V.  Kitty, b. 19th July 1817; d. 4th August, 1819.

VI. Patsey, b. 3d March, 1819, d. 9th August, 1830.

VII.  Chloe, b. 18th November, 1820; d. 6th January, 1821.

VIII.  Sophia, b. 12th October, 1821; m. Lindell GORDON, and settled near Paducah, Ky.  Issue.  She is still living (1907).

IX.  James Harvey, b. 13th June, 1823; never m.; d. 1888.

X.  George Washington, b. 17th January, 1825; d. 21st June 1842.

XI.  Polly Ann, b. 28th Jul, 1829; m. Ezekiel J.M. ELKIN of Clark County, Ky.; 4 children.  She d. in 1902.

COLBY BURRIS QUISENBERRY, b. in Fayette County, Va. (now Clark County, Ky.), 7th July, 1788; d. 30th December, 1870; m. 16th December, 1810, Lucy

BUSH, dau. of Francis BUSH (Revolutionary soldier) and Rachel MARTIN, his wife, dau. of John MARTIN, who was also a Revolutionary soldier.  They had 13 children and 88 grandchildren.

I.  Louisa, b. in Madison County, Ky., 29th September, 1811; m. 25th October, 1827, David CHENAULT of the same county; they settled in Sumner County, Tenn.; 14 children.

II.  Milton, b. 10th November, 1813, in Madison County, Ky., and d. in Clark County, Ky., 1845; m. Frances QUISENBERRY, 13th September, 1838; 3 children.

III.  Sallie, b. in Madison County, Ky., 26th February, 1816; m. William H. RAGLAND of Clark County, Ky., d. 1888; 14 children.

IV.  Rachel Jane, b. in Madison County, Ky., 29th June, 1817; m. in 1836, Thomas JENKINS of Lincoln Co., Ky.; 8 children.  She d. in 1853.

V.  Fielding Bush, b. in Madison County, Ky., 6th Jun, 1818; m. Rebecca Jane ELKIN of Clark County, Ky., 8th October, 1839; d. in that county in 1881; 9 children.

VI.  Lucy, b. 2d August, 1820, in Madison County, Ky.; m. 9th October, 1839, to Robert ELKIN of Clark County, Ky.; they settled in Sumner County, tenn., where she d. about 1875; 4 children.

VII.  Colby Burris, Jr., b. 31st August, 1822, in Madison County, Ky.; still living (1907) in Fayette County, ky.; m. 15th July, 1847, Sallie TRIBBLE of Madison County, Ky.; 6 children.

VIII.  JAMES FRANCIS, b. in Madison County, Ky., 15th October, 1824; d. in Clark County, Ky., 3d February, 1877. [see below]

IX.  Roger Tandy, b. in Madison County, Ky., 27th February, 1826; never m.; served in the Mexican War in Captain John S. Wiliams' Independent Company of Kentucky Cavalry, and distinguished himself at the battle of Cerro Gordo; from 1856 to 1858 he was in the little army of General William Walker, the filibuster, in Nicaragua; d. in Clark County, Ky., 3d October, 1892.

X.  Joyce Duncan, b. 12th Mrch, 1828, in Madison County, Ky.; m. 12th May, 1849, Joseph Helm WITHERS of Harrodsburg, Ky.; they moved to Mexico, Mo., about 1867, where she is still living (1907); 10 children.

XI.  Elkanah Elkin, b. 15th July, 1830, in Clark County, Ky.; served in the Civil War in Colonel R.S. Cluke's 8th Ky. Regiment of Confederate Cavalry, General John H. Morgan's command; m. 6th November, 1868, Ellen THORNTON of Clark County, Ky.; they settled near Springfield, Mo., where he d. about 1885; 7 children.

XII.  Newton, b. 26th January, 1832; d. 9th December, 1836.

XIII.  John Martin, b. in Clark County, Ky., 26th April, 1833; m. 25th October, 1859, Sarah MOORE of Montgomery County, Ky., where he settled and is still living (1907); 9 children.


JAMES FRANCIS QUISENBERRY, b. in Madison County, Ky., 15th October, 1824; d. in Clark County, Ky., 3d February, 1877; m. 14th October, 1847, Emily Cameron CHENAULT, dau. of Anderson CHENAULT and Emily CAMERON, his wife, of Madison County, Ky.  Anderson CHENAULT was descended form Estenne CHENAULT, a Huguenot refugee who settled at Monakintown, Va., in 1700, and his father, William CHENAULT (a Revolutionary soldier) settled in Madison County, Ky., in 1785, with his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Matthew MULLINS of Albemarle County, Va., a soldier both in Braddock's War and the Revolutionary War...

The article goes on to give the children of James Francis, then the direct line to Anderson Chenault QUISENBERRY.
Family Group Sheet of James QUISENBERRY & Jane BURRIS & Chloe SHIPP

Family Group Sheet of Jackson QUISENBERRY & Frances SIMPSON

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