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Husband:  James QUISENBERRY
Birth:  5 Jul 1759, Spottsylvania Co., VA
Death:  5 Aug 1830, Clark Co., KY
Military:  Revolutionary War:  Orange County Militia
Occupation:  clergy
Religion:  Baptist
Father:  Aaron QUISENBERRY 
Mother:  Joyce DUDLEY
Marriage-1:  4 or 24 Dec 1776, Orange Co., VA
Wife-1:  Jane BURRUS
Birth:  3 Jul 1759, Orange Co., VA
Death:  3 Nov 1811, Clark Co., KY
Father:  Rev. Thomas BURRUS
Mother:  Frances TANDY
Marriage-2:  24 Dec 1811, Clark Co., KY
Wife-2:  Chloe SHIPP
Birth:  1789
Children with Jane BURRUS:
born in Orange Co., VA:
  1.  Joyce QUISENBERRY, 25 Oct 1777; d. MO; m. ca. 1800, Clark Co., KY, James DUNCAN
  2.  Frances "Frankie" QUISENBERRY, b. 6 Oct 1779; m. 4 Dec 1804, Clark Co., KY, John BRUNER
  3.  Jane QUISENBERRY, b. 22 Feb 1782; d. 1830; m. Clark Co., KY, Ambrose BUSH (1779-1849)

born in Fayette Co., VA [now Clark Co., KY}:
  4.  Joel QUISENBERRY, b. 31 Jan 1784; d. 1849, Clark Co.,KY ; m. Clark Co., KY, Elizabeth HAGGARD
  5.  James Harvey QUISENBERRY, b. 13 Mar 1786; d. 5 Aug 1822, Owen Co., KY; m. Lucy THOMAS
  6.  Colby Burris QUISENBERRY, b. 7 Jul 1788; d. 30 Dec 1870; m. 16 Dec 1810, Clark Co., KY, Lucy BUSH
  7.  Tandy QUISENBERRY, b. 8 Feb 1791; m. 3 Feb 1811, Clark Co., KY, Margaret "Peggy" BUSH; 19 children

born in Clark Co., KY:
  8.  Roger QUISENBERRY, b. 23 Nov 1792; d. 1878; m. 10 Jun 1813, Clark Co., KY, Mary "Polly" EUBANK
  9.  Mourning QUISENBERRY, b. 22 Jan 1795; m. 22 Dec 1811, Clark Co., KY, John HAGGARD
10.  William Fountain QUISENBERRY, b. 9 Jul 1797; d. 1868; m. 16 Jan 1817, Clark Co., KY, Rachel RYAN 
11.  Jackson QUISENBERRY, b. 16 Dec 1799 
12.  Rhoda QUISENBERRY, b. 3 Feb 1802; m. George FOX
13.  Sarah B. "Sallie" QUISENBERRY, b. 31 Jul 1805; m. Thomas Smith RAGLAND

Children with Chloe SHIPP born in Clark Co., KY:
14.  Joseph Harrison QUISENBERRY (twin), b. 13 Oct 1813; d. 1872; m. Louise SNOWDEN
15.  Letty QUISENBERRY (twin), b. 13 Oct 1813; d.s.p. 28 Jul 1814
16.  Letitia QUISENBERRY, b. 23 Oct 1814; d. 1890; m. 18 May 1836, Clark Co., KY, Dr. Peter EVANS
17?  Louis Colby QUISENBERRY, b. 18 Jan 1816; d.s.p. 28 Aug 1816
17?  Louise Colby QUISENBERRY, b. 18 Jan 1816; d. 28 Aug 1844; m. __?__
18.  Catherine "Kitty" QUISENBERRY, b. 19 Jul 1817; d.s.p. 4 Aug 1819
19.  Martha "Patsey" QUISENBERRY, b. 3 Mar 1819; d.s.p. 9 Aug 1830
20.  Chloe QUISENBERRY, b. 10 or 18 Nov 1820; d.s.p. 6 Jan 1821
21.  Sophia QUISENBERRY, b. 12 Oct 1821; d. aft. 1907, KY; m. 7 Sep 1839, Clark Co., KY, Randall M. GORDON
22.  James Harvey QUISENBERRY, b. 13 or 23 Jun 1823; d.s.p. 1888 (never married)
23.  George Washington QUISENBERRY, b. 17 Jan 1825; d.s.p. 21 Jun 1842
24.  Mary Ann "Polly" QUISENBERRY, b. 28 Jul 1829; d. 6 Sep 1901, Clark Co., KY; m. Ezekiel J.M. ELKIN


1.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Quisenberry, Frankey Bruner, John Dec 4, 1804 Clark Co.
Quisenberry, Colby B. Bush, Lucy Dec 16, 1810 Clark Co.
Quisenberry, Tandy Bush, Peggy Feb 3, 1811 Clark Co.
Quisenberry, Mourning Haggard, John Dec 22, 1811 Clark Co.
Quisenberry, James Chep, Cloey Dec 24, 1811 Clark Co.
Quisenberry, Rogger Eubanks, Polly Jun 10, 1813 Clark Co.
Quisenberry, William F. Rhyen, Rachel Jan 16, 1817 Clark Co.
Quisenberry, Letitia Evans, Peter May 18, 1836 Clark Co.

2.  George Norbury MacKenzie.  1912.  Colonial Families of the United States of America. Grafton Press, Boston/NY (reprinted 1966/95 by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; 1998 as Broderbund CD-189).  For excerpt, click here

3.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 15, Pedigree No. 453; Vol. 22, Pedigree No. 495 [these two appear to be the same pedigrees].

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