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Diana, Goddess of the Hunt for Ancestors!
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Kin of My Mother:  Nina Gale (STRAUB) MATTHIESEN  (1907-1991)
Pedigree Chart of Gale's Father, Albert Roy STRAUB
Pedigree Chart of Gale's Mother, Nina WILLIS
Eligibility for Hereditary Societies
Ancestors of Nina Gale STRAUB

Old England to New England The Great Migration
    Thomas & Dorothy (BIRD) LORD, England to Massachusetts, 1629/30 
    Robert ROYCE, England to Boston, ca. 1631 
    Richard BUTLER, England to Cambridge on the Hester, 1632 
    John & Abigail (EDDY) BENJAMIN, London to Boston on the Lyon, 1632 
    James OLMSTED, London to Boston on the Lyon, 1632 
    Abraham & Martha (BULKELEY) MELLOWES, England to Charlestown, MA, 1633
    John & Frances (HILLS) BRONSON, England to Cambridge, ca. 1633 
    William BALLARD, England, to Massachusetts on the Mary & John, 1634 
    John HOPKINS, England to Cambridge, by 1634 
    Thomas & Ann (LORD) STANTON, England to Virginia to Massachusetts on the Bonaventure, 1635 
    John & Martha (PARRAT) CHENEY, England to Roxbury, MA, 1635 
    Daniel CHENEY, England to Roxbury, MA, 1635 
    Nicholas HOLT, England to Boston on the James, 1635 
    John & Alice (GRANTHAM) EMERY, England to Boston on the James, 1635
    Roger PRESTON, England to Boston on the Elizabeth, 1635 
    John & Dorothy (ROYALE) HEALD, England to Massachusetts, 1635 
    Dea. Henry & Olive (WELBY) FARWELL, Lincolnshire to Massachusetts, ca. 1636
    Andrew MESSENGER, England to Connecticut by 1637 
    Joseph & Mary (WHITE) LOOMIS, England to Boston on the Susan & Ellen, 1638 
    James MORGAN, England to Boston by 1640 
    John & Margaret (TAFT) JACKSON, England to Massachusetts, 1640/41 
    William GUTTERSON, England to Massachusetts by 1643 
    Edmund FAULKNER, England to Massachusetts by 1647 
    Capt. Thomas & Grace (BULL) PRENTICE, England to Massachusetts, 1648-50 

Cavaliers and Pioneers Our Southern Ancestry
    Matthew & Anne HOWARD, in Virginia Colony by 1637/8, settled in Maryland by 1650 
    Hugh KINSEY, of Cheshire, England, in Virginia Colony by 1655, settled in Maryland by 1659 
    Nicholas CORBIN, of the Isle of Guernsey, in Maryland by 1671 
    Peter CARRICO, immigrant to Maryland in 1674 

Pennsylvania Deutsch Our German Ancestry
    Johann Pieter STRAUB, Württemberg to Philadelphia on the brigantine, Pennsylvania Merchant, 1733 

Pioneers (settled in a state before statehood)
    Charles & Martha (REASON) CARRICO, by 1801, settled Northwest Territory (became Indiana in 1816) 
    et al.
Patriots of War
    Nicholas OLMSTED, King Philip's War, Capt. of Dragoons, 1675 
    Thomas PRENTICE, King Philip's War 
    Capt. Thomas STANTON, Pequot War 
    Pvt. Joseph RASEY II, Revolutionary War, NH
    Bezaleel HALE, Revolutionary War, Minute Man; Alarm List of Middlesex Co., MA 
    Pvt. Nehemiah HOPKINS, Sr., Indian War, Revolutionary War, Vermont Militia 
    Edward C. CHENEY, Revolutionary War, Minute Man at Lexington & Concord 19 Apr 1775 
    Pvt. Silas HOLT, Revolutionary War, Minute Man, 3 yrs Continental Army, Massachusetts Line 
    Nehemiah HOPKINS, Jr., lost an arm in Shay's Rebellion, 1786 
    1st Lt. Seth HOLT, War of 1812, U.S. Army Light Infantry; died in service, Niagara Falls, NY 
    Charles CARRICO, War of 1812, Pvt., Capt. Pierre Andre's Co., U.S. Mounted Rangers
    Samuel Lucas HOPKINS, Mexican War, lost a leg 
    Ira Baker BROWN, Mexican War to the "Halls of Montezuma" (Mexico City) 
    Albert Roy STRAUB, Philippine Insurrection Bronze Medal, Purple Heart
    Charlemagne (740s-814), Holy Roman Emperor
    Brian Boru (c941-1014), High King of Ireland
    William the Conqueror (c1028-1087), Duke of Normandy, King of England
    Descent from Cerdic, King of the West Saxons, through Henry II, King of England
    Descent from Cerdic, King of the West Saxons, through Edward I, King of England
    et al.

Magna Carta Sureties
    Richard de CLARE, Knight, Earl of Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford
    Gilbert de CLARE, Knight, 7th Earl of Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford
    Saher de QUINCY, 1st Earl of Winchester
    Roger le BIGOD, 4th Earl of Norfolk, Lord High Steward of England
    Hugh le BIGOD, 5th Earl of Norfolk, Lord High Steward of England
    William de MOWBRAY, Constable of York Castle [Crusader to Palestine with King John]
    et al.

Through our "gateway" New England ancestor, Olive WELBY, we descend from 14 Magna Carta sureties, 13 crusaders, William the Conqueror, Brian Boru, and Charlemagne, among others.  [Documented connection to Charlemagne through Olive WELBY confirmed by researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA (30 Nov 2015).]

Armorial Ancestors
    Edmund FAULKNER of Kingsclere, Hampshire, England three silver falcons on a black shield
    Edmund & Dorothy FAULKNER, first marriage in the history of Salem, MA, 1647 (by Rev. Cotton MATHER)
    Dea. Richard BUTLER, original proprietor of the City of Hartford, CT
Salem Witch Trials - 1692
    Samuel PRESTON - accuser 
    Thomas PRESTON, Sr. - accuser 
    Joseph BALLARD, Sr. - accuser 
    Rebecca (TOWNE) NURSE - hanged 
    Mary NURSE - hanged 
    Sarah NURSE - condemned, but escaped 
    Ann (ALCOCK) FOSTER - died in jail awaiting hanging 
    Abigail (DANE) FAULKNER - condemned, but reprieved 

We are descendants of one of the accusers (viz., Samuel PRESTON) and blood-kin to the two other accusers (the other two men); we are kin-by-marriage to the five victims (the women).  Rebecca (TOWNE) NURSE is the most famous of the victims as the central character in Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible.

Other kin (aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, etc.), both near and distant . . .
Big Money
    Johns HOPKINS, Quaker philanthropist, endowed the university and the hospital of that name 
    John D. ROCKEFELLER, oil tycoon, philanthropist 
    Mark HOPKINS, railroad baron, California "Big Four," namesake of the hotel in San Francisco 
    Collis Potter HUNTINGTON, railroad baron, California "Big Four," shipping magnate, philanthropist
    Humphrey BOGART, actor 
    Katharine HEPBURN, actor 
    Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGRAW, country singing star
    Audrey Faith (PERRY) HILL, county singing star 
    Bette DAVIS, actor
    Carole LOMBARD, actor
    Robbie CARRICO, 2008 American Idol semi-finalist
    Frederick BROWN, killed by Rev. Martin WHITE at Osawatomie, KS, 1856 
    John BROWN, abolitionist, hanged at Charles Town, (West) Virginia, 1859
First Ladies
    Jane Means APPLETON, w/o Franklin PIERCE, 14th President
    Julia Boggs DENT, w/o President Ulysses S. GRANT, 18th President
    Alice Hathaway LEE, 1st w/o Theodore ROOSEVELT, Jr., 26th President
Other Firsts
    Christopher HUNTINGTON, first European male born in Norwich, CT, 1660
Artists and Literary Figures
    Louisa May ALCOTT, writer 
    Emily DICKINSON, poet 
    Archibald MacLEISH, poet, playwright 
    Andrew Newell WYETH, painter thru Sarah (WYETH) FISKE
    Charles Lewis TIFFANY, jeweler 
    Louis Comfort TIFFANY, glass designer 
    Tennesee WILLIAMS, playwright
    Christopher Michael STRAUB, fashion designer; contestant, Project Runway, 2009
Murder Most Foul and Other Crimes
    Pascoe & Hannah (FAULKNER) CHUBB, killed by Indians, 1698 
    Israel BENSLEY, stabbed to death, 1880 [read newspaper story
    Tom HORN, (wrongly?) hanged for murder in 1903 in Cheyenne, WY 
    William Tellison LOW, murdered in El Centro, CA, in 1940 
    George W. STRAUB, rapist/murderer, died Jackson State Prison, MI, in 1944
    William Claud STRAUB, rapist (brother of George), 8-10 yrs Jackson State Prison, MI
    George WASHINGTON, 1st President of the United States 
    James MADISON, Jr., 4th President of the United States 
    Millard FILLMORE, 13th President of the United States 
    Ulysses S. GRANT, 18th President of the United States 
    Grover CLEVELAND, 22nd/24th President of the United States 
    Theodore ROOSEVELT, Jr., 26th President of the United States
    Calvin COOLIDGE, 30th President of the United States
    Herbert HOOVER, 31st President of the United States 
    Gerald FORD, 38th President of the United States 
    George Herbert Walker BUSH, 41st President of the United States
    Nelson ROCKEFELLER, Governor of New York, Vice-President of the United States 
    George Walker BUSH, usurper of the 43rd Presidency of the United States
    Barack Hussein OBAMA, Jr., 44th President of the United States
    Frederick Law OLMSTED, landscape architect (designer of Central Park, NY) 
    Clarence Almon TORREY, noted New England genealogist 
    Julia (McWILLIAMS) CHILD, chef and TV personality
   Prof. B. Smith HOPKINS, U. of Ill., worked towards discovery of Promethium (61st element)
    Princess Diana (we, and an estimated 20 million other Americans, are distant cousins to the late Princess)
    Josiah BARTLETT, Declaration of Independence 
    William WILLIAMS, Declaration of Independence
Soldiers in War Time
    Capt. Norman C. HOPKINS - War of 1812 (wounded); Blackhawk War of 1832 
    Cpl. Asahel RASEY - War of 1812
    Pvt. Henry Loucks HOPKINS - Mexican War 
Civil War
    Albert Gallatin CORBIN - died 6/7 Apr 1862, Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee 
    Pvt. Samuel Holt HOPKINS - Co. B, 5th Iowa Cavalry (wounded) 
    Capt. Henry Loucks HOPKINS - Co. G, 1st Iowa Cavalry (wounded) 
    Pvt. Levi WILLIS - Co. G, 11th Indiana Cavalry
    Pvt. Silas W. BROWN - Co. D, 6th Michigan Infantry / Heavy Artillery 

Company H, 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry  
this unit was at Winchester, Manassas, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg
    Capt. William S. STRAUB
    Pvt. John B. CORBIN
    Pvt. Joshua M.V. CORBIN 
    Pvt. Joel C. STRAUB, was also with John BROWN at Osawatomie, KS
    Sgt. Terrell Del BROWN - WWI, Co. A, 352nd Infantry, U.S. Army, in Alsace 
    Clarence Joseph DREISCHMEYER - WWI
    Carroll Forest FINDLAY - WWI
    Stephen Hopkins STRAUB - WWII, Canadian Royal Air Force 
    Cmdr. Earl Edward WAUGH - WWII, U.S. Navy 
    M/Sgt. Lawrence William CREHORE, Jr. - WWII, survived the Bataan Death March 
    2nd Lt. Ellis Josephine STRAUB - WWII, U.S. Army Nurse Corp
    T/Sgt. Arthur Robert MATTHIESEN - WWII, U.S. Army, European Theater
    Hans Alfred STRAUB - WWII, Germany
Wives of the Rich and/or Famous
    Mary BRONSON, wife of Vermont hero, Ethan ALLEN
    Louisa JAMES, wife of sculptor, Alexander CALDER 
    Frances Louise TRACY, wife of banker, J. Pierpont MORGAN 
    Ella Botts RICE, first wife of eccentric industrialist, Howard HUGHES
Sports Legends
    Frank Edwin "Tug" McGRAW - New York Mets, Philadelphia Philies
IF our link to the BLOUNTs is proven, we are also related to these Notable Kin.
Family Legends
1.  That we are descended from Stephen HOPKINS (c1578-1644), Mayflower passenger, and from Stephen HOPKINS (1707-1785), signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Untrue.  Our HOPKINS ancestry does include a Stephen HOPKINS, but this Stephen is neither of the famous ones.
2.  That we are cousins of Mark HOPKINS, railroad baron, one of the California "Big Four," and namesake of the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco, CA.  True.  We and Mark HOPKINS share a common ancestor in Stephen HOPKINS (c1629-1689), son of John HOPKINS (1613-1654), the 1634 immigrant to Cambridge, Massachusetts.
3.  That Sarah CORBIN, mother of Albert Roy STRAUB and daughter of Elijah Kelley CORBIN & Elizabeth ELY, was descended from the "Earl of Jennings." Untrue.  There is no such title in the English, Scottish, or Irish peerage as the "Earl of Jennings," so this legend cannot possibly be true.  Yet, the story may allude to a connection to Col. Edmund JENINGS, an early Governor of Virginia, who married Frances CORBIN, daughter of Henry CORBIN, the 1654 immigrant to Virginia from Hall End, Warwickshire.  Henry and his wife, Alice ELTONHEAD, are both "gateway" ancestors to the royals of Europe, so virtually every American CORBIN family has attempted to connect to them.  Alas, Y-DNA testing shows our Guernsey-Baltimore CORBINs are not remotely related to the Hall End CORBINs of Warwickshire.
4.  That Sarah CORBIN, mother of Albert Roy STRAUB, is a descendant of Margaret CORBIN, a.k.a., "Captain Molly" or "Molly Pitcher."  Untrue.  Molly Pitcher was not one person:  "Molly Pitcher" was a nickname applied to any woman who carried water to fighting men during battle in the Revolutionary War to cool down the over-heated cannons and there were many such women.  The two most famous "Molly Pitchers" were Mary (HAYS) McCAULY and Margaret (COCHRAN) CORBIN because each took her husband's place in battle when he fell.  Margaret's husband, John CORBIN, was shot and killed in the defense of Fort Washington, NY, in 1776.  Margaret took her husband's place at his artillery piece and continued to fight until she was, herself, severely wounded (and permanently maimed).  For her heroism, she was awarded a pension by Congress the first woman in U.S. history to receive a pension for military service.  She is buried at the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY.  She never remarried and had no children, so she cannot be anyone's ancestor, which is too bad, because I would surely be proud to be her descendant.  As yet, no one has been able to identify her husband, John CORBIN (i.e., connect him to his parents or any other CORBIN kin).

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