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Mathew HOWARD, Gent.
Anne __?__
Husband:  Mathew HOWARD
Birth:  prob. ca. 1610s, England
Death:  1650-59, Anne Arundel Co., MD
Marriage:  bef. 1638, England
Migration:  8 Feb 1637/8, Mathew and Anne appear in Virginia records for the first time
Wife:  Anne __?__
Birth:  prob. ca. 1610s/20s, England
Children birth order unknown, except that Samuel was the eldest son:
born in or bef. 1648: 
Samuel HOWARD, b. Norfolk Co., VA 
.  Mathew HOWARD, Jr.; m. Sarah DORSEY
.  Cornelius HOWARD; m. Elizabeth GORSUCH? (see sources below)
.  John HOWARD; m. Widow STEVENS and Widow MACCUBIN
.  Anne HOWARD; m. James GREENIFFE
.  Elizabeth HOWARD; m. Henry RIDGELEY

born in or aft. 1648:
.  Philip HOWARD; m. Ruth BALDWIN
.  Mary HOWARD; m. Maj. Gen. John HAMMOND


1.  Harry Wright Newman.  1971.  "The Howards of Maryland."  Pp. 225-372 in Anne Arundel Gentry: a Genealogical History of Some Early Families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  Vol. 2.  Self-published (republished 1990/96 by Family Line Publ., Westminster, MD; republished 1998 as Broderbund CD-184).  Covers three Howard families:  Cornelius Howard of Baltimore Co., Edmund Howard of Charles Co., and Mathew Howard of Anne Arundel Co.

2.  Email from "Peggy" <mskeigler @ aol.com>  (28 Jan 2003):
Cornelius Howard did not marry Elizabeth Gorsuch.  You can look at the Gorsuch family genealogy and prove that.
The surname of his wife Elizabeth cannot be proven but possibly it was Elizabeth Porter.  However, unproven.

3.  Email from Becky Fox <beckfox @ aol.com>  (28 Jun 2003):
Your email from Peggy saying that Elizabeth Gorsuch was not the wife of Cornelius Howard is in error. 

Henry Wright Newman, who wrote "Anne Arundel Gentry," proves that Cornelius Howard's wife was Elizabeth Gorsuch.  He is a
direct descendant of Cornelius and Elizabeth, and says, "For fifty or more years the identity of my ancestress, Elizabeth, the wife of Captain Cornelius Howard, has haunted me."  He obviously put a lot of time, thought and research of primary sources into his conclusion.

On pages 261-261, he details the evidence from primary sources which prove that Elizabeth Gorsuch was the wife of Cornelius Howard.  Among other things: 1) in the 1663 will of Capt. John Sisson, husband of her sister Frances Gorsuch, Cornelius Howard is called "brother," is named executor of Sisson's will, is asked to look after Sisson's wife and children, and is bequeathed indentured servant, Richard Warfield; 2) a will of Cornelius Howard written in 1663 called John Sisson "brother" and named him executor of his will; 3) in 1671 Cornelius Howard was named guardian to John Todd, son of sister Anne Gorsuch and Capt. Thomas Todd's son; 4) in the 1690 will of Lancelot Todd, son of her sister Anne Gorsuch and Capt. Thomas Todd, Elizabeth is named as daughter Mary Todd's "Aunt Elizabeth Howard."  These records show pretty clearly that Elizabeth Howard, Anne Todd and Frances Sisson were sisters. 

I am a descendant of Cornelius Howard and Elizabeth Gorsuch, and also of his brother Samuel Howard and Catherine Warner.  I
have researched this family extensively.  Although I can't claim to have done research on the spot in primary resources, as Mr. Newman did, I believe he has proven the point conclusively. 

I'm open to any reseach in primary sources that Peggy may have done that could prove Mr. Newman wrong.

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