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Dea. Nehemiah HOPKINS, Sr.
Tryphena SMITH
Husband:  Nehemiah HOPKINS, Sr.
Birth:  14 Apr 1730, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Death:  ca. 1814, Crown Point, Essex Co., NY
Military Service:  Indian War
Military Service:  Revolutionary War:  Pvt., Massachusetts Militia and, later, Vermont Militia
D.A.R. Patriot Number:  A058110
Office:  1781, tax collector, Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT
Occupation:  clergyman (deacon), grist mill owner, saw mill owner
Father:  Ebenezer HOPKINS, Jr.
Mother:  Susannah MESSENGER

Our subject is recognized as a Patriot by both the D.A.R. and S.A.R.  So, if you descend from him and can prove it, you would be eligible to join either organization.

Wife:  Tryphena SMITH
Baptism:  1730, of Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA
Death:  1803, Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT 
Occupation:  homemaker
Father:  Ebenezer SMITH
Mother:  Zerviah __?__

Tryphena is a Greek name meaning soft or delicate (found in the bible, Rom 16:12).

Children — born in Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA:
These first three were baptized at the Congregational Church in Monterey [not Tyringham], Berkshire Co., MA:
1.  Jemima HOPKINS, bap. 2 Jul 1753; m. 22 Oct 1774, Berkshire Co., MA, Simon PARMALEE
2.  Tryphena HOPKINS, b. 4 May 1755; bap. 11 May 1755; m. Charles MORRIS
3.  Rachel HOPKINS, bap. 2 Sep 1757; d. 5 Aug 1758, Tyringham, Berkshire Co., MA

4.  Ashbel HOPKINS, b. ca. 1761; d. 1793, Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT; m. ca. 1789
5.  Ebenezer HOPKINS, bap. 15 Jun 1763, Canaan (Falls Village), Litchfield Co., CT 
6.  Sylvia HOPKINS, b. ca. 1764; m. Stephen MEAD
7.  Nehemiah HOPKINS, Jr., b. ca. 1766 
8.  Martin HOPKINS, bap. 7 Aug 1768; m. ca. 1789
9.  Matthew Augustus HOPKINS, b. 8 Jan 1772

Note:  Sons Ashbel and Ebenezer both served in the Revolutionary War.  Ebenezer first appears in the war records in 1779, at the age of 16.  Ashbel first appears in the records a year earlier, in 1778, and by 1780 he was a Corporal, so he was almost certainly older than Ebenezer, though possible only by a year or two.

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont

(n.b., Tyringham is ~8 mi ESE of Stockbridge and ~5 mi S of Monterey; Hartford Co. is adjacent to Litchfield Co. which is adjacent to Berkshire Co.)
Year Location Event
1662 Massachusetts Colony: Hampshire Co. formed de novo
1666 Connecticut Colony: Hartford Co. formed de novo
1730 CTC: Hartford Co.: Hartford birth of Nehemiah HOPKINS, Sr.
c1731   birth of Tryphena SMITH
    marriage of Nehemiah HOPKINS, Sr., & Tryphena SMITH
1751 CT: Litchfield Co. formed from Hartford, Fairfield, and New Haven Cos.
1753 MA: Hampshire [now Berkshire] Co.: Monterey baptism of daughter, Jemima
1755 MA: Hampshire [now Berkshire] Co.: Monterey baptism of daughter, Tryphena
1757 MA: Hampshire [now Berkshire] Co.: Monterey baptism of daughter, Rachel
1758 MA: Hampshire [now Berkshire] Co.: Tyringham death of daughter, Rachel
1758 MA: Hampshire [now Berkshire] Co.: Tryingham Nehemiah HOPKINS, resident of Tyringham
c1760   birth of son, Ashbel
1761 MA: Berkshire Co. formed from Hampshire Co.
1763 CT: Litchfield Co.: Canaan baptism of son, Ebenezer
c1764 birth of daughter, Sylvia
c1766   birth of son, Nehemiah
1768   baptism of son, Martin
1772   birth of son, Matthew
4 Jul 1776 Signing of the Declaration of Independence beginning the Revolutionary War
1777 The "Republic of Vermont" declares its independence from New York
1777   Pvt. Nehemiah HOPKINS answers an alarm
1778 to Pittsford, Republic of Vermont family moves
1779 The Republic of Vermont is divided into two original counties: Bennington and Cumberland
1781 RVT: Rutland Co. is formed from Bennington Co.
1781 RVT: Rutland Co. Nehemiah HOPKINS, tax collector
3 Sep 1783 Signing of the Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War
1783 RVT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford marriage of son, Ebenezer, to Rachel MEAD 
1784 RVT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah & Tryphena (SMITH) HOPKINS
founding members of first church in Pittsford
1785 RVT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah HOPKINS builds a grist mill
aft. 1785 RVT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah HOPKINS builds a saw mill
1788 NY: Clinton Co. is formed from Washington Co.
1790 Census RVT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah HOPKINS, head-of-household
1790 New York relinquishes its claim to Vermont
1791 Vermont becomes a state
1793   death of son, Ashbel HOPKINS
1796 VT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah HOPKINS sells his mills to sons Ebenezer and Ashbel
1799 NY: Essex Co. is formed from Clinton Co.
1800 Census VT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah HOPKINS not found as head-of-household, 
but living with son, Ebenezer
1803   death of Tryphena (SMITH) HOPKINS
1804/5 Vermont to New York Nehemiah moves with son, Ebenezer, to Crown Point
1810 Census   Nehemiah HOPKINS not found as head-of-household,
but not living with son, Ebenezer, who is in Essex Co.
ca. 1814 NY: Essex Co.: Crown Point* death of Nehemiah HOPKINS
*Crown point is just across the Hudson River from Vermont, about 27 miles NW of Pittsford.


1.  Henry Ernest Woods, ed.  1903.  Vital Records of Tyringham, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA (online at the Berkshire County MAGenWeb site):
Hopkins, Jemima, ch. Nehemiah and Tryphena, July 2, 1753. C.R.
Rachel, ch. Nehemiah and Tryphena, Sept. 2, 1757. C.R.
Tryphena, ch. Nehemiah and Tryphena, May 4, 1755. C.R.
HOPKINS, Rachel, d. Neh[emiah] and Tryphena, Aug 5, 1758, a. 11 m. 3 d. C.R.
a. = age
ch. = child
C.R. = Church Record (Congregational, at Monterey [Berkshire Co.])
d. = daughter; died; day
m. = married; month
Surely these are dates of baptism, not birth.

2.  1790 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #2 of 2 — list was roughly alphabetized; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤•
1790 VT Rutland Co. Pittsford Roll M637_12 p. 249 Ln. 19L Hopkins Nehemiah 2-0-1-0-0
These data indicate:
Gender and Type Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 free white males 16 or over in or bef. 1774 = Nehemiah (b. 1730)
= Matthew (b. 1772)
1 free white females all ages in or bef. 1790 = Tryphena (b. ca. 1731)
Matthew didn't marry until 1795, so Matthew must be the one last child left at home in 1790. 

3a.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1800 (Broderbund CD-312).  Please see my WARNING regarding use of this database (the numerical data have the genders switched). 
1800 Hopkins, Ebenezer VT Rutland Co. Pittsford 31111-2201100

3b.  1800 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #5 of 10; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤•
1800 VT Rutland Co. Pitsford p. 170 Ln. 6 Hopkins Eben 22011-31111-00
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 males 9 or under 1790-1800 = Timothy (b. 1800)
= Bradley (b. 1798)
2 males 10-15 1784-1790 = Ebenezer (b. 1787)
1 male 26-44 1755-1774 = Ebenezer (b. 1763)
1 male 45 or over in or bef. 1755 = Nehemiah (b. 1730)
3 females 9 or under 1790-1800 = Minerva (b. 1794)
= Achsah (b. 1792)
= Charlotte (b. 1790)
1 female 10-15 1784-1790 = Sophia (b. 1789)
1 female 16-25 1774-1784 = ?
1 female 26-44 1755-1774 = Rachel (b. 1768)
1 female 45 or over in or bef. 1755 = Tryphena (b. ca. 1731)
Our seniors are living with their son, Ebenezer.  The unknown female is too old to be Rachel's daughter, but could be a last, youngest daughter of Tryphena.  List was roughly alphabetized.

4.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1810 (Broderbund CD-313):  not found.  Nehemiah's son, Ebenezer, was in Essex Co., NY, which is where we would expect to find Nehemiah, but the numbers do not show Nehemiah living in Ebenezer's household.  Perhaps the widowed Nehemiah, now in his 80s, is living with some other kin, most likely one of his married daughters.

5.  A.M. Caverly.  1872.  History of the Town of Pittsford, Vt.  Tuttle & Co., Printers, Rutland.  Note that the Ebenezer whom Caverly calls "Senior" is our Ebenezer "Junior."
p. 33 Nehemiah married Tryphena Smith, and located in Stockbridge, Mass.  His children were Ebenezer, Nehemiah, Ashbel, Martin, Matthew, Jemima, Tryphena, Rachel and Sylvia.
p. 62 Joshua June, Nehemiah Hopkins, Timothy Barker and Abel Stevens located here in 1778...
Nehemiah Hopkins was the second son of Ebenezer -- before mentioned -- and was, probably, born in Harwinton, Conn., where he spent his childhood.  He married Tryphene Smith and settled in Stockbridge, Mass., where were born to them five sons, Ebenezer, Nehemiah, Ashbel, Martin and Matthew; and four daughters, Jemima, Tryphene, Rachel and Sylvia.  He came to Pittsford in 1778 and purchased the tract of land upon which Mill Village is now located.  He made a clearing and built a log house which stood about ten rods west of the present residence of John Stevens, and here he removed his family in the fall of that year.
p. 688 [In what is the earliest extant tax list for Pittsford (tax collectors being called "listers"), it states,]
This may certify that the inhabitants of Pittsford, at their annual meeting in the month of March last, made choice of Benjamin Cooley, Nehemiah Hopkins and Lieut. Moses Olmstead as Listers for said town, and they were, at the same time, sworn to the faithful discharge of their duty before me.   Ebenezer Drury, Justice of the Peace.  The sum total of the polls and other rateable estate in the town of Pittsford for this present year, 1781, is £573 10s. 0d. Benjamin Cooley, Nehemiah Hopkins, Moses Olmstead, Listers.
p. 708
HOPKINS, DEA. NEHEMIAH 2d s of Ebenezer, Sen., m Tryphene Smith.  Children--sons:  Ashbel, Ebenezer, Nehemiah, Jr., Martin and Matthew; daughters: Jemima, m Simeon Parmalee; Tryphene, m Charles Morris, of Stockbridge; Rachel, m Peter Bresee; Sylvia, m Stephen Mead.  Mrs. Tryphene Hopkins d in Pittsford, in 1803; Dea. Nehemiah Hopkins d in Crown Point, N.Y., about the year 1814.

6.  Timothy Hopkins.  1932.  John Hopkins of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634, and Some of His Descendants.  Stanford Univ. Press, Stanford, CA:
p. 108 38. NEHEMIAH5 (EBENEZER,4 EBENEZER,3 STEPHEN,2 JOHN1), b. at Hartford, Connecticut, 14 April 1730; m. Tryphena Smith.  She d. 1803 at Pittsford, Vermont.  He d. about 1814 at Crown Point, New York.
   Deacon Nehemiah spent his childhood days in Harwinton, Connecticut, where he was possibly born. He settled in Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, and Dr. Caverly says that all of his children were born there. (History of Pittsford, Vermont, p. 62.)  Some of them were baptized in the near-by towns of Tyringham and Canaan (Falls Village), Connecticut.  In 1778 he removed to Pittsford, Vermont, made a clearing and built a log house which the family occupied in the fall of that year.  He constructed a grist mill in 1785, and shortly afterward a sawmill, which were operated by him and his sons until 1796.  (History of Pittsford.)  The first church in Pittsford was organized 14 April 1784, and among its fifteen original members were Nehemiah and his wife Tryphena.  He became Deacon and held that office until his removal to Crown Point, New York, in 1805 or 1806. (Caverly's Pittsford.)
p. 109    Nehemiah served in both the Indian war and in the Revolution.  'Nehemiah Hopkins, residence Tyringham, served as Private in Captain Jonathan Ball's Company, Colonel Williams' Regiment, from May 2 to November 2, 1758.' (Records of Secretary of State, Massachusetts.)  'Nehemiah Hopkins, Private, Lieut. James Hubbard's Company [footnote] Lieut. Col. David Rosseter's detachment of Militia; enlised 17 August 1777, discharged 23 August 1777; service five days; company marched on an alarm.' (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution, p. 242.)  There is a record in Vermont of his having been paid £1-9-0 for labor on Fort Mott in May 1780, and it is probable he served 23 March to 28 March 1780, in Capt. Benjamin Cooley's Company, Col. Ebenezer Allen's Regiment; and again in the same company and regiment 18 December 1780.  (Vermont Records of Revolution, p. 162, 217.)  This service was given by either Nehemiah or his son Nehemiah Hopkins, but as we lack the date of birth of the son there is doubt as to whether he was old enough to have been the soldier in 1780.  The son was shot in the arm in the Rutland Riot in 1786, and one account is 'that he was swept into the mob by a boy's love of adventure' (History of Pittsford), which strengthens the doubt as to his age.

Children (order of birth uncertain):

JEMIMA,6 b. 2 July 1753 in Tyringham, Massachusetts; m. in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, 22 October 1774, Simeon Parmelee (Hezekiah), b. at Durham, Connecticut, in August 1741.  He d. 3 May 1820. She d. 14 May 1831. (Caverly's History of Pittsford, Vermont, pp. 708-709, 718.)  Simeon Parmelee (1740-96) served in the Revolution in the Connecticut Militia under Capt. Noah Fowler.  Served in the Canadian campaign, and for the relief of Boston.  (D.A.R. Lineage Books, 20: 213.)

[lists children of Simeon PARMELEE & Jemima HOPKINS]

[footnote] This was the Third Berkshire County Regiment, Col. John Brown.  Col. David Rosseter was a resident of Richmond, Lieut. James Hubbard was of Pittsfield, and the men under him were from that town and neighboring places.
p. 110 TRYPHENA,6 b. 4 May 1755, bapt. at West Hartford, Connecticut, 11 May 1755; m. Charles Morris.  Intentions entered at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and he was called of Queensborough (Glens Falls) New York.  Resided at West Stockbridge.

RACHEL,6 b. 2 September 1757, at Tyringham; d. there 5 August 1758. (Vital Records.)

92.  EBENEZER,6 bapt. 15 June 1763, at Canaan (Falls Village), Connecticut; m. Rachel Mead.

ASHBEL,6 m. Betsey Tupper; he d. 1793 at Pittsford, New York.  She remarred and resided at Monckton, Vermont.  A soldier in the Revolution; he served as a private in Captain Cooley's Company, Colonel Warren's Regiment of Militia, 8 to 13 November 1778; Capt. John Smith's Company, Colonel Warren's Regiment, 3 to 28 February 1779; Corporal, Capt. Benjamin Cooley's Company in Col. Ebenezer Allen's Regiment of Militia, 23 to 28 March, 30 May to 6 June, and 12 to 18 October 1780; as private in Col. Jotham White's Company, Col. Samuel Fletcher's Battalion, 23 August to 19 December 1781.  (Goodrich, Rolls of Vermont Soldiers in the Revolution, pp. 101, 106, 162, 182, 554.)  Ashbel was fined for participation in the Rutland Riot, 1786.

93.  NEHEMIAH,6 m. _____ Durphy.

94.  MARTIN,6 bapt. 7 August 1768; m. (1) Sarah Mead; (2) Miss Gould.

95.  MATTHEW,6 b. 8 January 1772; m. (1) Mercy Mead; (2) Lucy Wright.

SYLVIA,6 b. in Stockbridge; m. Stephen Mead, b. 1760, son of Stephen Mead, b. 23 January 1734, and Polly White.  Intentions were entered in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  Probably removed to Crown Point, New York.  He d. circa 1800.  (Mead Family, p. 354; Caverly's Pittsford, Vermont.)

7.  Lineage Books of the Charter Members of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Vol. 20, p. 213:
Nehemiah Hopkins served in the Vermont militia at various alarms during the Revolution.  He was born in Harwinton, Conn., located in Pittsford, Vt., 1770, and died in 1814 at Crown Point, N.Y.
Nehemiah was born in Hartford, not Harwinton.  He located in Pittsford in 1778, not 1770.  The lineage shows his wife to be Tryphena Smith; so, along with the death date and place, they obviously consider the patriot to be the senior Nehemiah.

8.  Secretary of the Commonwealth.  1896.  Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution. 17 vols.  Wright & Potter, Boston (online at Ancestry.com and on Broderbund CD-147).  In Vol. VIII, on p. 242:
HOPKINS, NEHEMIAH.  Private, Lieut. James Hubbard's co., Lieut. Col. David Rositer's detachment of militia; enlisted Aug. 17, 1777; discharged Aug. 23, 1777; service, 5 days; company marched on an alarm.

9.  John E. Goodrich, ed., for Vermont General Assembly.  1904.  Rolls of the [Vermont] Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.  Tuttle Co., Tutland, VT (online at Ancestry.com):
p. 161
[140] [Capt. Benjamin Cooley's Company]

Pay Roll for Capt. Benj. Cooley's Company in Col. Ebenr Allen's Regiment of Militia, called out on the alarm of the 23d March, 1780, commencing the 23d March and ending the 28th day of March, inclusive, the money being due from the State of Vermont...

p. 162
Names Days Amt. wages Miles Amt. travel Total
Nehemiah Hopkins
6 8.0 47 15.8 1.3.8
Benj. Cooley, Capt.
State of Vermont, Arlington, Aug. 10, 1781.  Sworn to by Capt. Benj. Cooley.  Before John Fassett, Jr. Assistant.

Pay Table Office, Aug. 10, 1781.  The within roll examined and approved and the Treasurer is directed to pay the same to Capt. Benj. Cooley or bearer, being thirty-eight pound twelve shillings and eight pence, lawful Money. 

John Fassett
Timothy Brownson
Recd. 10th August, 1781, of the Treasurer the contents of the above order. Per me,
£38.12.8 Benj. Cooley.
p. 217
[131] [Capt. Benjamin Cooley's Company (part)]

Pay Roll for that part of Capt. Benj. Cooley's Company in Col. Ebenr Allen's Regiment of Militia called out on the alarm of the 12th of Oct. 1780, commencing the 12th day of October 1780 and ending the 18th, inclusive—the money being due from the State of Vermont.
Names Entered Left Days Wages
pr month
Amt. of
Nehemiah Hopkins
Oct. 12
Oct 18 7 2. 0.9.4     0.9.4

Benj. Cooley, Capt.
Pay Table Office, Aug 10, 1781.  The within roll examined and approved and the Treasurer is directed to pay the same to Capt. Benj. Cooley or order, being eight pounds three shillings lawful money. 
John Fassett,
Timo. Brownson,
Recd. 10th of August, 1781, of the Treasurer the contents of the above.
£8.3.0 Benj. Cooley.
p. 728
[500] [Ebenezer Drury's Bill]
The State of Vermont
To Ebenezer Drury Dr.
To post-riding 50 miles at /9
 " sixteen days scouting at 1/6 per day
 " two men 7 horses to carry flour to Castleton
 " myself & oxen two days hawling boards
 " a due-bill in favor of Nehemiah Hopkins
 1. 4.0
 1. 0.0
 0. 3.0
Pay Table Office |
June 27th 1781   | The within account examined & approved, the Treasurer is directed to pay the same to Ebenr Drury, it being three pounds thirteen shilllings & eight pence—
John Strong
Timo. Brownson

10.  The New England Historical and Genealogical Register.  Vols. 1-148, 1847-1994.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA (9 CDs, with index):  nothing found on these HOPKINSes.

11.  D.A.R. Genealogical Research Database (online at http://services.dar.org/Public/DAR_Research/).

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