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Ebenezer HOPKINS, Jr.
Husband:  Ebenezer HOPKINS, Jr.
Birth:  24 Jun 1699, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Death:  ca. 1784, Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., VT 
Military Service:  Revolutionary War
D.A.R. Patriot Number:  A057966
Father:  Ebenezer HOPKINS, Sr.
Mother:  Mary BUTLER
Marriage:  7 Jun 1727, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Wife:  Susannah MESSENGER
Birth:  30 Nov 1704, Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT 
Father:  Daniel MESSENGER
Mother:  Lydia ROYCE
born in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT:
  1.  Ebenezer HOPKINS III, b. 5 May 1728 
  2.  Nehemiah HOPKINS (Sr.), b. 14 Apr 1730 
  3.  Daniel HOPKINS, b. 18 Oct 1732 

born in Harwinton, Litchfield Co., CT:
  4.  Lydia HOPKINS, b. 2 Sep 1734
  5.  Ashbel HOPKINS, b. 12 Mar 1736/7 
  6.  James HOPKINS, b. 17 Feb 1738/9 
  7.  Elias HOPKINS, b. 12 Mar 1740/1
  8.  Susanna HOPKINS, b. 18 May 1743 
  9.  Tabitha HOPKINS, b. 16 Oct 1745 
10.  Huldah HOPKINS, b. 1748

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1.  Timothy Hopkins.  1932.   John Hopkins of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634, and Some of His Descendants. Stanford Univ. Press, Stanford, CA.  On p. 44:
    EBENEZER ... b. at Hartford, Connecticut, 24 June 1699; m. there 7 June 1727, Susannah Messenger, b. at Wallingford 30 November 1704, daughter of Capt. Daniel Messenger, b. 1683, and Lydia Royce (Nehemiah, Robert), b. at Wallingord 28 May 1680.  He d. about 1784 in Shaftsbury, Vermont, while reurning from a visit to West Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
    In 1729 his name is among the new settlers at Waterbury with his mother and brothers Stephen and Isaac.  (Anderson's Waterbury, 1: 301.)  On 9 January 1731-32 Ebenezer Hopkins of Waterbury bought land of his uncle, Samuel Sedgwick of Hartford; and a year later Ebenezer Hopkins of the 'Western Lands near the road between Litchfield and Farmington' sells land to 'my father, Daniel Messenger, living at the same place.' (Chipman's Harwinton, p. 24.)  He was among the first settlers of Harwinton, and resided there from 1733 to 1770.  Both he and his son Ebenezer were signers, 1751, of the petition to erect the new county of Litchfield.  He was a grantor of that part of the town called East Harwinton and, in 1759 and 1760, bought and sold land in Nine Partners, New York.  (Cutter's Genl. and Fam. History of Central New York, p. 695.)
    In 1770 Ebenezer removed to Pittsford, Vermont, being one of the first settlers there and an Original Proprietor.  The first meeting of the proprietors was held at his house, 19 March 1771, and he was chosen Moderator.  (Caverly's History of Pittsford, p. 708.)  He held town offices in both Harwinton and Pittsford.

2.  G.B. Roberts & W.A. Reitwiesner.  1984.  American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD, p. 38.

3.  Gary Boyd Roberts.  1995.  Ancestors of American Presidents.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston.

4.  A.M. Caverly.  1872.  History of the Town of Pittsford, Vt.  Tuttle & Co., Printers, Rutland, VT:
p. 32 Ebenezer Hopkins was born in Waterbury, Conn. in 1699, married in 1728, and settled in Hartford.  He became one of the original proprietors of Harwinton in the same State, and removed there in 1733.  He had three sons, James, Nehemiah, and Elias, the two former born in Hartford, the latter, and a daughter, Tabitha, born in Harwinton.
p. 36 This year begin the earliest existing records of the Proprietors' meetings.  The record of the first meeting is as follows:
'March 19, 1771.  Warned by Gideon Warren Proprietors' Clerk.  A Proprietors' Meeting Now Held at the House of Ebenezer Hopkins [footnote: This house was built by James Hopkins and his father, but as it was designed for the fahter's use it is here called the house of Ebenezer Hopkins], Firstly Voted and Chose Ebenezer Hopkins Proprietors' Moderator to be Moderator for Sd Meeting.  Then Voted and Chose Benjamin Cooley Proprietors Clerk.  Then Voted to lay out the first Division of Lots and Number the Same.  Then Voted and Chose Isick Rood First Committy Man.  Then Voted and Chose James Hopkins 2 Committy Man.  Then Voted and Chose Moses Olmstead Committy Man.  Then Voted to ad Ten acres to every Loot in the first Division for Highways.  Then Voted that every Man should
p. 37 have his Hundred acres where he has Don his Work. [footnote: Up to this time no division of lots had been made among the Proprietors, but those who had settled here, did so on rights which they had purchased, andthey had made their pitches without regard to any particular system; hence this vote that 'every man should have his hundred acres where he has done his work.']  Then voted that all the Lots be the same size.  Then Voted to give the Committy three shillings a Day.  Then Voted to have the same Committy lay out the Hiways.'
p. 708 [capsule biographies]
HOPKINS, EBENEZER SEN., of Harwinton, Conn., m. and had sons, James, Nehemiah, and Elias, and daughter Tabitha, who m. Dr. Abiathar Millard.  Ebenezer Hopkins, Sen., d. at Shaftsbury, while returning from a visit to West Stockbridge, Mass., about the year 1784.
The Ebenezer whom Caverly calls "Senior" is our Ebenezer "Junior."  The Moses OLMSTED mentioned by Caverly is possibly related to Mary (BUTLER) HOPKINS, whose mother was Elizabeth OLMSTED/OLMSTEAD (Elizabeth had a nephew named Moses).  The 1785 plat map contained in Caverly shows the HOPKINSes and OLMSTEADs between them owned about half the land immediately surrounding the village of Pittsford.

5.  D.A.R. Genealogical Research Database (online at http://services.dar.org/Public/DAR_Research/).

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