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Ebenezer HOPKINS, Sr.
Husband:  Ebenezer HOPKINS, Sr.
Birth:  Jul 1668, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Death:  1711, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 
Father:  Stephen HOPKINS, Sr.
Mother: Dorcas BRONSON
Marriage:  21 Jan 1691, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Wife:  Mary BUTLER
Birth:  ca. 1670
Death:  17 May 1744, Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT 
Father:  Samuel BUTLER
Mother:  Elizabeth OLMSTED
Children born in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT:
1.  Ebenezer HOPKINS, b. 16 Nov 1693; d. bef. 1699
2.  Jonathan HOPKINS, b. 23 Jun 1696 
3.  Ebenezer HOPKINS, Jr., b. 24 Jun 1699 
4.  Hezekiah HOPKINS, b. 21 Nov 1701
5.  Mary HOPKINS, b. 30 Jan 1703?
6.  Stephen HOPKINS, b. 17 Aug 1706
7.  Isaac HOPKINS, b. 25 Nov 1708
8.  Sarah HOPKINS, b. 23 Jun 1710
9.  Joseph HOPKINS, b. 23 Jun 1710 (twin, apparently died young)


1a.  Royal Ralph Hinman.  1846.  A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut.  E. Gleason, Hartford, CT. (online at Ancestry.com):
A Part of the Early Marriages, Births, and Baptisms, in Hartford, Ct., from Record...
Hopkins, Ebenezer, m. Mary Butlear, of Wethersfield, dau. of Samuel, Jan. 21, 1691.

1b.  William Montgomery Clemens, ed.  1916.  Early Marriage Records of the Hopkins Family in the United States.  Self-published, New York, NY (compiled from original sources; online at Ancestry.com):
Ebenezer Hopkins Mary Butler 21 Jan 1691 Hartford, Conn.

2.  Timothy Hopkins.  1932.  John Hopkins of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634, and Some of His Descendants.  Stanford Univ. Press, Stanford, CA.  On p. 23:
Ebenezer received under his father's will the 'dwelling house and home lotts' in Hartford, and was admitted into the First Church 24 April 1698 (Church Records).  His widow and sons Stephen, Isaac, and Ebenezer were among the new settlers at Waterbury in 1729. (Anderson's Waterbury 1: 301.)  His widow Mary and his brother Joseph were granted administration upon his estate 19 December 1711 and it was distributed 4 April 1721.  (Hartford Probate Records, 8: 115.) Inventory £433-15-18.

3.  Gary Boyd Roberts.  1995.  Ancestors of American Presidents.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, pp. 25-26, 240.

4.  Lucius M. Boltwod.  1859.  "Births, Marriages, and Deaths, from Book Lettered 'Records of Town of Hartford, 1685-1709, No. I'."  New England Historical and Genealogical Register 13(2): 141-148, 13(3): 239-244, 13(4): 343-346.
13(2): 143 Isaac Hopkins son of Ebenz Hopkins was born Novembr 25th 1708.
13(3): 241 Ebenezer Hopkins son of Eben. Hopkins & his wife Mar was born Nov. 16, 1693. Died Nov. 29 16[  ].
Jonathan was Born June 23, 169[
Ebenr his son was Born June 24.
Hezekiah      was Born Novr 21, 170[ ]
Mary          was Born Jan 30th 170[3?]
Stephen       was Born August 17th 1706.
13(4): 344 Ebenezer Hopkins was married to Mary Butler Daughter of Saml Butler of Weathersfield Janry 21, 1691.

5.  Judd, Sylvester.  1851.  "Ancestors of Rev. Samuel Hopkins, D.D., of Newport, and Their Children."  New England Historical and Genealogical Register 5(1): 43-45.
p. 43 STEPHEN HOPKINS, only son of John, married Dorcas Bronson, daughter of John Bronson, of Farmington, and resided at Hartford.  He died in 1689, and his widow in 1697.  He names, in his will, six (sic) children, viz.: John, Stephen, Ebenezer, Joseph, Dorcas, Webster, and Mary Hopkins.

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