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Nehemiah HOPKINS, Jr.
Husband:  Nehemiah HOPKINS, Jr.
Birth:  ca. 1766, Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA
Death:  ca. 1844, Dexter, Washtenaw Co., MI
Occupation:  carpenter, businessman
Historical Event:  22 Nov 1786, was shot and lost an arm in Shay's Rebellion 
Office:  1799, 1801, 1803, 1804, constable, Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT
Father:  Nehemiah HOPKINS, Sr.
Mother:  Tryphena SMITH
Wife:  Lucy DURFEE
Birth:  1767, of Canterbury, Windham Co., CT
Death:  4 Oct 1829
Father:  Joseph DURFEE
Mother:  Abigail BUCK
1.  Norman C. HOPKINS, b. 17 Jul 1790, Cornwall, Addison Co., Republic of Vermont 
2.  Philander HOPKINS, b. 1 Sep 1794, VT 
3.  (Daughter A) HOPKINS, b. 1790-1800
4.  Samuel Lucas HOPKINS, b. 1800/1, Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT 
5.  Ashbel HOPKINS
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Year Location Event
c1766 MA: Berkshire Co.: Stockbridge birth of Nehemiah HOPKINS, Jr.
c1766 CT birth of Lucy DURFEE
1777 The "Republic of Vermont" declares its independence from New York
1778 Massachusetts to Vermont Nehemiah moves with parents
1779 Republic of Vermont divided into two original counties: Bennington and Cumberland
1781 RVt: Rutland Co. is formed from Bennington Co.
(henceforth, the towns of Rutland and Pittsford were always in Rutland Co.)
1785 RVt: Addison Co. is formed from Rutland Co.
1786 RVt: Rutland Co.: Rutland Nehemiah HOPKINS shot in Shay's Rebellion
1787 RVt: Chittenden Co. formed from Addison Co.
1789 NY: Ontario Co. is formed from Montgomery Co.
    marriage of Nehemiah HOPKINS, Jr., & Lucy DURFEE
1790 New York relinquishes its claim to Vermont
1790   birth of son, Norman
1790 Census RVt: Addison Co.: Cornwall Nehemiah HOPKINS
1791 Vermont becomes a state
1794   birth of son, Philander
1799 VT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah HOPKINS, Constable
1800 Census VT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah HOPKINS, head-of-household
1800/1   birth of son, Samuel
1801 VT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah HOPKINS, Constable
1802 NY: Genesee Co. formed from Ontario Co.
1803-4 VT: Rutland Co.: Pittsford Nehemiah HOPKINS, Constable
1805 Pittsford to Genesee River region of NY family moves
1810 Census   should be in Ontario Co.
1812 NY: Ontario [now Monroe] Co.: Rochester Nehemiah HOPKINS builds a house
1815 Canada: ON: Chatham marriage of son, Norman, to Mary LOUCKES
c1818   marriage of son, Philander, to Mary MARSALES
1820 Census   not found, presumably in Canada
1821 NY: Monroe Co. formed from Ontario and Genesee Cos.
1829   death of Lucy (DURFEE) HOPKINS
1830 Census   where? (sons are in Canada)
c1833 NY: Niagara Co.: Lockport marriage of son, Philander, to Deborah TOWNSEND
c1833 NY: Niagara Co.: Somerset? marriage of son, Samuel, to Philancia HOLT
1840 Census   where?
1844 MI: Washtenaw Co.: Dexter death of Nehemiah HOPKINS, Jr.


1.  Marriage Record:

2.  1790 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #1 of 1; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1790 VT Addison Co. Cornwall Roll M637_12 p. 11 Ln. 45 Nehemiah Hopkins 1-1-1-0-0
These data indicate:
Gender and Type Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 free white males 16 or over in or bef. 1774 = Nehemiah (b. ca. 1766)
1 free white males 15 or under 1774-1790 = Norman (b. 1790)
1 free white females all ages in or bef. 1790 = Lucy
Listed next to father-in-law, Joseph DURPHEY.

3.  1800 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #5 of 10; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1800 VT Rutland Co. Pitsford p. 170 Ln. 9 Hopkins Nehemiah 21010-10010-00
These data indicate:
No. ? Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 males 9 or under 1790-1800 = Samuel or Ashbel or ?
= Philander (b. 1794)
1 male 10-15 1784-1790 = Norman (b. 1790)
1 male 26-44 1755-1774 = Nehemiah (b. ca. 1766) 
1 female 9 or under 1790-1800 = Daughter A
1 female 26-44 1755-1774 = Lucy (b. ca. 1766)
The youngest son may be Samuel, b. 1800, but if Samuel was b. 1801, then the boy is either Ashbel or some unknown son.

4.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1810 (Broderbund CD-313):  not found (no Nehemiah HOPKINS on CD, anywhere) is he in Canada?

5.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1820 (Broderbund CD-314):  not found (no Nehemiah HOPKINS on CD, anywhere) is he in Canada, with his son, Philander?

6.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1830 (Broderbund CD-315):  not found (the only Nehemiah HOPKINS is in TN) is he in Canada, with his son, Philander?

7.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1840 (Broderbund CD-316):  not found, but as a widowed old man, he was probably living with one of his children.  Philander and Samuel Lucas are in Livingston Co., MI, and Norman is in Detroit, MI.

8.  Caverly, A.M.  1872.  History of the Town of Pittsford, Vt.  Tuttle Co., Printers, Rutland, VT.
p. 221 Nehemiah Hopkins, son of the Nehemiah who has been mentioned, built a house on land given to him by his father on the north side of the road, and a few rods east of the mouth of Ripley Brook.  He married ___ Durphy and resided here some years, afterwards lived for a short period in a house which stood about where L. Woolson's house now stands, then moved into a house which stood a few rods west of the present residence of H.F. Lothrop, Esq.  He was a man of considerable business capacity and served as constable for several years.  He moved to the State of New York.
p. 683 In a list of Selectmen and Constables for 1790 to 1873, "Neh'ah Hopkins, jr." was constable in 1799, 1801, 1803, and 1804.
p. 708 In a section of capsule biographies:
HOPKINS, NEHEMIAH, JR., 3d s of Dea. Nehemiah, m ___Durphy, and removed to the State of New York, where he d.

9.  Timothy Hopkins.  1932.  John Hopkins of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634, and Some of His Descendants. Stanford Univ. Press, Stanford, CA (available as a facsimile reprint from Higginson Books and online by subscription at GenealogyLibrary.com).  On p. 212:
Nehemiah was probably born at Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and removed with his father's family in 1778 to Pittsford, Vermont.  In a biographical sketch of his grandson, Loren Hopkins, he is said to have married Lucy Willard (Portrait and Biogl. Album of Clinton, Shiawassee County, Michigan), but the Willard Memorial does not mention it.  Either he or his father served in the Revolution 23 March to 28 March 1780, in Capt. Benjamin Cooley's Company, Col. Ebenezer Allen's Regiment.  He lost his right arm during Shay's Rebellion, being the only one shot in the riot at Rutland 22 November 1786.  One account (N.E. Register, 26: 130) is that he was swept along into the mob merely by a boy's love of adventure, but according to family tradition his father and family had refused to join the insurgent party which had stopped at their home, and Nehemiah was wounded by them as he was going to the well, because they thought he was running away.

He was constable at Pittsford, 1799, 1801-1804, removing to New York in about 1805, and settling on the Genesee River where Rochester now stands.

Peck's History of Rochester mentions a Nehemiah Hopkins who was engaged by Abelard Reynolds, 16 August 1812, to build the first frame house there.

Amongst the stodgy, participation in Shay's Rebellion was an embarrassment, and it appears to me the above is a snobbish rationalization for Nehemiah's injury.  As far as I'm concerned, participation in Shay's Rebellion was admirable, so I prefer to think that Nehemiah (my 7th great-grandfather) took an active part in the rebellion.

10.  William Farley Peck.  1884.  Semi-centennial History of the City of Rochester  D. Mason, Syracuse, NY (HeritageQuestOnline at Genealogy.com):
p. 100 the following extracts are given from the private diary of the late Abelard Reynolds, who came here from Pittsfield, Mass., in April, 1812: " I engaged a carpenter by the name of Nehemiah Hopkins to frame
p. 101 and raise the building, and on the 16th of August, 1812, said building was raised and planked.  I then arranged with Hopkins to inclose and finish the house to the extent of the joiner's work, while I should return to Pittsfield to remove the family."

11.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  IGI - International Genealogical Index (online at FamilySearch.org).

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