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Margaret COULTON
Husband:  Hugh KINSEY
Baptism: 16 Feb 1592, St. Leonard, Warmingham, CHS
Will signed:  6 May 1667, Anne Arundel Co., MD
Father:  Hugh KINSEY
Mother:  Margaret SMITH

Given the age difference betweeen Hugh & Margaret, it's likely he had a prior wife.

Marriage:  16 Dec 1632, St. Mary on the Hill, Chester, CHS
Wife: Margaret COULTON
Baptism:  27 Feb 1611, St. John the Baptist, Chester, CHS
Death:  aft. 1667, MD
Father:  Paul COULTON
Mother:  Ann __?__
Children with Margaret COULTON born in England (birth order unknown, but Paul is almost certainly the eldest):
1.  Paul KINSEY, b. 1630s
2.  Daniel KINSEY, b. 1630s/40s; d. by 1667
3.  Sarah KINSEY, b. 1630s/40s
4.  Christopher KINSEY, b. ?; d. by 6 Sep 1642; bur. Alford, CHS
5.  Mary KINSEY, b. 1640s
6.  Elizabeth KINSEY, b. ca. 1651
Bastard Child (mother unnamed) born in England:
.  Hugh KINSEY, b. 1610s/20s; d. by 21 Aug 1621, Warmingham, CHS
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'Under Construction' sign.Timeline
Year Location Event
1592 CHS: Warmingham, St. Leonard baptism of Hugh KINSEY
1611 CHS: Chester baptism of Margaret COULTON
1632 CHS: Chester: St. Mary on the Hill  marriage of Hugh KINSEY & Margaret COULTON
1652 VA: Lancaster Co. formed from Northumberland Co.
bef. 1655 England to Virginia Hugh KINSEY and son, Paul, make the crossing
1656 VA: York Co. Hugh KINSEY is heir to his brother, Robert
1659 VA: Northumberland Co. Hugh KINSEY witnesses a document
1659 MD: Baltimore Co.: Patapsco R. Hugh KINSEY/KENSEY patents 400 a.
1662 VA: Lancaster Co. Hugh KINSEY is designated a debtor, then mortgages, then forfeits, his plantation of 500 a.
bef. 1662/3 England to Virginia Margaret (COULTON) KINSEY and children (Daniel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary) make the crossing
1664 MD: Baltimore Co.: Patapsco R. Hugh KINSEY patents 100 a. called "Walnut Neck"
1667 MD: Anne Arundel Co. Hugh KINSEY signs his will
Hugh's brother, Robert, was in Virginia by 1646, so there's a strong possibility Hugh was there by then, also.  Hugh bought land in 1659 in Baltimore Co., MD, but it looks like he didn't move there, at least not immediately (or possibly ever).


1.  Beverly Fleet.  1988.  "York County, 1648-1657."  Pp. 99-142 in Virginia Colonial Abstracts.  Vol. III.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-187):
p. 130 No. 1. p.309.  It appearing that High Kinsey is heir to his brother Robt Kinsey deceased in this Co "whoe dyed without any written Will". Order that said Hugh have his brother's land and that Nathaniell Bacon Esqr Lt Coll Wm Barber, Collo George Read and Lt Coll Thomas Ludlow, or any 3 of them, divide the land in 3 parts, of which Mr Gooch who married the relict of Robt Kinsey to have his choice of 1/3 part. Red 15 8ber 1656 [15 Oct. 1656]. Ver Copia, Teste, Tho: Ballard, Cl Cur.
No.1. p.310. By order of Quarter Court dated James Citty 10 Oct, Bacon, Read, Barber, and Ludlow, Gentlemen [as above] to divide land late of Robt Kinsey dec'd betw Capt Henry Gooch in right of his wife Millicent the relict of said Robt, and Mr Hugh Kinsey heir of the said dec'd Robert who was his brother.  Meeting at the dwelling house of Gooch find that Gooch's 1/3 part valued at 7250 lb tobo, etc. This is a long-winded, involved entry.  It goes on, and on and on.  Dated 14 Oct 1656. Signed Nathaniell Bacon, George Read, Wm Barber, Tho: Ludlow. Rec 15 Oct 1656 by Tho Ballard, Cl Cur.
No. 1. p. 312.  14 Oct 1656.  Hugh Kinsey assignes interest in land inherited from his late brother Robt Kinsey to Capt Henry Gooch. Signed the mark of Hugh KH Kinsey. Wit: Nathaniell Bacon, George Read, Tho: Ludlow. Rec 15 Oct 1656.
No. 1. p.313.  Another entry same date, same witnesses, signed by Hugh x Kinsey, discharging Gooch from all bills, bonds, etc.  This followed by an entry in like manner signed by Henry Gooch.

2.  Beverly Fleet.  1988.  "Lancaster County Record Book No. 2, 1654-1666."  Pp. 99-168 in Virginia Colonial Abstracts.  Vol. 1.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-187).  On :
p. 129 p.185.  Henry Clarke of Wicocomoco in the County of Northumberland in Virginia acknowledges receipt from Isaac Foxcroft, mercht., several bills of sale and accounts... [These bills and accounts are enumerated, but are of no genealogical interest.]Signed Hen Clarke.  Wit: Willm Ball, Hugh Kinsey. Recorded 27th April 1659.
p. 138 p.229. John Fish Citizen and fletcher of London, gives power of atty to Edmons Farow of London, mariner, to collect debts from Hugh Kinsey of Rapa. in Virginia, planter, and from others. Dated 18th Sept. 1660. Signed John Fish. Wit: Rich Donley, John Fisher, John Neenee, Will Bayley, Anth Cheeke. Recorded 12th March 1661/2.
p. 139 p.237. 21st May 1662. Hugh Kinsey of Lanc., planter, mortagages to John Fish of London, Fletcher, plantation "whereon the sd Hugh Kinsey now liveth," 500 acres for 33 pounds six shillings to be paid 20th Jan. next. Signed Hugh Kinsey. Wit: Miles Riley, Edward Dale. Recognit 9 July 1662. Rec 1 Aug. 1662.
p. 154 p.322.  Hugh Kinsey sells John ffish of London, ffletcher, 500 acres for L 33.6.8 Sterl. to be paid 25th of Jan. following. Dated 24th May 1662. Signed Hugh Kinsey. Wit: Myles Ryley, Edward Dale. Rec. 1st Aug. 1662 [sic].
[The transcriber wrote "sic" for the recording date because this record was sandwiched between records recorded in 1665.]
p.323. John ffish citizen and ffletcher of London. "whereas my attorney Edmond ffaroe of Wapping in the County of Middx marriner and Will Neasum of Virginia planter did by authority by me granted sell to Will Capell citizen and cooper of London one plantation situate in Lancashire in the sd County of Virginia wch was mortgaged and forfeited unto me by one Hugh Kensey of Virga afsd planter" Dated 29th Jun 1663. Signed Jo Fish. Wit: Robt Casby, Hen Clerke, Sam Griffin. Rec. 1st Aug. 1665.
"Rapa." refers to the Rappahanock River, which is the southwestern border of Lancaster Co.

3.  Jane Baldwin, ed.  1988.  The Maryland Calendar of Wills. Vol. I.  Family Line Publ., Westminster, MD (Broderbund CD-206).  "A.A." = Anne Arundel.  On p. 40:
Kinsey, Hugh, A.A. co., 6th May 1667;
To grandson Paull Kinsey, "Walnutt Neck."
To Sara Clarke, grandchildren Hancock Ball and Margaret Kinsey, and Charles Gorsuch, personalty.
To wife Margaret, residue of estate, real and personal.
To young. dau. Eliza: Kinsey and hrs., said estate at death of wife afsd.
In event of death of said Eliza: without hrs., estate to pass to Mary Humphreys, at whose death, sd. estate to be divided among rest of testator's children, equally.
Test: Wm. Hare, John Malom. 1. 291.
Sons Paul and Daniel must be deceased.
Grandchildren Paul and Margaret KINSEY are presumably children of Paul and/or Daniel, or possibly some other son unknown to us.  I'm inclined, however, to believe they are the children of Paul KINSEY because, other than his being transported in 1662 by his father, there is no mention of Daniel anywhere in the records of VA or MD, which suggests he died early on.
Sarah CLARKE is Hugh's daughter, wife of Abraham CLARK.
"Hancock Ball" is Hannah BALL, Hugh's granddaughter, the daughter of Mary (KINSEY) HUMPHREYS BALL.
Mary HUMPHREYS, as referred to here, must mean Hugh's granddaughter, the daughter of Thomas & Mary (KINSEY) HUMPHREYS.  Mary HUMPHREYS, "Jr.," never married, so without a husband, would have had special need for the bequest, which may be the reason she was favored in this way.  When Mary HUMPHREYS, Jr., died, her parents and Hannah BALL's parents were already deceased.  The BALL family took legal action to have Mary's estate fall to her half-sister, Hannah BALL, rather than back to the KINSEY heirs.  They succeeded.
The genealogy of Charles GORSUCH is well known (see source below), but he appears to be no relation to Hugh.  Though Charles GORSUCH fell on hard times ca. 1680s/90s, he was, at one time, a major landowner in Baltimore Co., owning 5000+ acres, including the land on which Baltimore Town was laid out.

4.  Richard B. Miller & Robert W. Barnes.  1988.  "Baltimore County Land Records, 1700-1713."  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 29(2): 153-174 (Broderbund CD-208).
p. 170 25 Sept 1704: George Valentine of Anne Arundel Co. conv. to John Gill 100 a. WALNUT NECK; granted 6 Aug 1664 by Lord Baltimore to Hugh Kinsey; land became the right and inheritance of 
p. 171 Thomas Sparrow, who on 13 May 1701 sold to Thomas Rider, who on 1 Sept 1702 sold it to George Valentine (IR # PP, 139).
This Thomas SPARROW has to be Hugh's grandson because his son-in-law, Thomas SPARROW died in 1774/5.

5.  John Davis.  1996.  Baltimore County, Maryland, Deed Records, Volume One: 1659-1737.  Heritage Books, Bowie, MD.
p. 88 25 Sep 1704, George Valentine, merchant, of Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, to John Gell, carpenter, of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, 100 acres...north side of Patapsco River... patented 6 Aug 1664 by Hugh Kinsey, then became the inheritance of Thomas Sparrow, who sold 13 May 1701 to Thomas Rider, planter, of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, who sold 1 Sep 1702 to said Valentine.  Signed George Valentine. Wit: Evan Jones and Francis Thomas.
Again, this Thomas SPARROW has to be Hugh's grandson because his son-in-law, Thomas SPARROW died in 1774/5.

6.  Robert W. Barnes.  1989.  Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195).  "A.A." = Anne Arundel Co.
p. 387 KINSEY, HUGH (1), imm. to Md. c. 1659; in 1662 he transp. his ch. Daniel and Sarah; in Aug. 1663 he surv. 100 a. Walnut Neck which was later held by Isaac Jackson (45 a.) and John Wilmot (55 a.); d. leaving a will made in A.A. Co., 6 May 1667, naming
p. 388 Sara Clark and Charles Gorsuch, w. Margaret, dau. Eliza Kinsey, Mary Humphreys, and Grandch. Paul and Margaret Kinsey and Hancock Ball; had iss.: DANIEL, transp. in 1662; SARA, transp. in 1662, m. by 1667 (Abraham) Clark; PAUL; and ELIZA...

KINSEY, PAUL (2), s. or grandson of Hugh (1), was named as a s. of Margaret Kinsey in 1661; on 31 March 1662 surv. 100 a. Spring Point, which Paul and Elizabeth Kinsey conv. to William Gwynn on 5 Feb. 1663; on 2 April 1662 he surv. 200 a. Curtis' Neck and on 18 Aug. 1663 he surv. 350 a. Harborough; alive on 10 April 1672 when he surv. 200 a. Paul's Neck, later held by John Lockett for the orphans of Richard Gwynn...

7.  George Cabel Greer.  1912.  Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666.  W.C. Hill Printing Co., Richmond, VA (online at Ancestry.com).  On p. 194:
Kinsey, Paul, 1655, by Mr. Hugh Kinsey, Lancaster Co.

8.  G. Rodney Crowther.  1963.  "Answers to Queries:  JOHNS-GALLOWAY."  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 2(4): 14-15 (Broderbund CD-208).  See article

9.  Eleanor (Hough) Buckler.  1988.  "Ancestor Table, Hough Family."  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 29(4): 384-394.
p. 387 138.  Richard Johns, 1649 - 1717; m. in 1676.
139.  Elizabeth Kinsey (Kensey), widow Sparrow, who d. 1715/16.
p. 389 278.  Hugh Kinsey to Maryland from Virginia 1659; d. 1667.
279.  Margaret _____.

10.  John W. Jordan, ed.  1911.  Colonial Families of Philadelphia.  Lewis Publ. Co., New York (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).  In a section entitled, "The Troth Family," on p. 761:
Richard Johns ... married, in 1676, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Sparrow, and daughter of Hugh Kinsey, who with his brother, Robert Kinsey, came to Virginia and in 1655, when 100 acres of land was surveyed to him in the county of Lancaster, north side of the Rappahannock, was living on an adjoining tract of 400 acres.  He died in 1667, in Anne Arundel county, Maryland, his wife Margaret surviving him. Elizabeth, wife of Richard Johns, was his youngest daughter.  She died February 1, 1715-16...

11.  John Hall Pleasants.  1916-21.  "The Gorsuch and Lovelace Families."  The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, numerous articles, which were republished in 1981 as pp. 226-546 in Vol. III of Genealogies of Virginia Families by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (issued 1996 as Broderbund CD-162).
p. 245 The record of the establishment of this little colony, stretched along the north shore of the Patapsco and made up of various members of the Gorsuch family, would appear to begin with an entry in the Maryland Land Office records which reads
"July 16, 1659, Warrants granted the undersigned conditionally that they enter Rights and seat their land between this and the 25th of March next:  Thomas Powell 700 acres; Walter Kickinson 600 acres; Robert Gorsuch 300 acres; Richard Gorsuch 300 acres; Howell Powell 300 acres; William Ball 500 acres; William Clapman jur. [sic jnr.] 500 acres; Richard Ball 500 acres; Thos. Humphry 600 acres; Hugh Kensey 400 acres" (Md. Patents Vol. IV, fol. 54).
Most of these names occur soon after in the Quaker records of the province, so that is seems quite probable that they were a little group of Quaker colonists who had come up from Virginia to take up the recently opened lands on the Patapsco in Baltimore County, which appears to have been erected into a county this same year.  The Gorsuches, Powells, Claphams, Dickensons, Balls, Kinseys (Kenseys) and Humphreys are known to have come from Lancaster County, while the Todds, who came a year or two later, were from Gloucester.  That the conditions in regard to entering their rights and seating their lands were complied with by the warrantees is shown by the subsequent entries in the records of the Land Office of certificates of survey and, finally, by the issuance of patents to all whose names appear in the warrant of 1659.  July 28, 1659, a tract of 500 acres called "Gorsuch" was surveyed for Robert Gorsuch, planter, on the north side of the Patapsco river "respecting" (i.e., opposite) the land of Hugh Kensey on the south side of the river (Md. Patents, Vol. IV, fol. 228)...
p. 246 ...Charles Gorsuch, August 3, 1661, had surveyed for him "Whetstone Point," 50 acres comprising that part of the present city of Baltimore now occupied in part by Fort McHenry... William Ball and Richard Ball, each of whom received warrants for 500 acres of land under the warrant of 1659 and became settlers on the Patapsco, have been shown by Dr. Christopher Johnston to be the sons of Colonel William Ball of Lancaster County, the progenitor of the distinguished Virginia family of that name (Virginia Mag. Vol. VII p. 440 and Vol. VIII p. 80)*. Hugh Kinsey and Thomas Humphrey have been shown by Mr. Miles White, in his Ancestry of Johns Hopkins, to have also come from Lancaster County (Publications Southern Historical Association, Vols. IV, p. 395 and V, p. 360)...

...many if not all of these first actual settlers [those named in the Warrant of 1659] were probably a group of friends who came up together from Lancaster County and that the probable motive of their migration was religious persecution, as most of them are known to have been Quakers, and it was at this time that Virginia began to put into full effect the various repressive measures against the numerous recent converts to this sect in order to drive them out of that colony.

*Genealogies of Virginia Families (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981), Vol. I, 23-27.
p. 387 ...He [Charles Gorsuch] probably became a convert to Quakerism before leaving Virginia and was one of the group who removed from there to the Patapsco in 1659 to avoid religious persecution... There are a few chance references to him in several early wills. Hugh Kinsey [Kensey] of Anne Arundel County in his will dated May 2nd, 1667, leaves his sac cup to Charles Gorsuch and his heirs (Annap. Test. Proc. 2: 188)...

12.  Gene Pool (online at Ancestry.com):
Name Birth
Birth Place Death
Marriage Place Spouse Father Mother
Mary Kinsey 1643 Princess, Anne Arundel, MD 1668 - March 1661 Lancaster, VA Richard Ball Hugh Kinsey Mary Humphrey
Mary KINSEY's mother was Margaret COULTON, not Mary HUMPHREY(S).  Mary KINSEY is Mary HUMPHREYS!  That is, Mary KINSEY is Mary (KINSEY) HUMPHREYS BALL.  Mary KINSEY, daughter of Hugh KINSEY, married first Thomas HUMPHREYS and second Richard BALL.  Also, Mary was born in England.

13.  Nell Marion Nugent.  1934.  Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1666.  Vol. 1.  Dietz Printing Co., Richmond, VA (reprinted 1983, Genealogical Publ Co., Baltimore, MD; Broderbund CD-354).  These are not immigration dates, but dates of mention in Virginia land records.  These are all of the Kinseys listed by Nugent.
p.  81 Kinsey, Edward Virginia 1637
p. 325 Kinsey, Hugh Virginia 1655
p. 325 Kinsey, Paule Virginia 1655
p. 458 Kinsey, Margtt Virginia 1663
p. 458 Kinsey, Danll Virginia 1663
p. 458 Kinsey, Eliz Virginia 1663
p. 458 Kinsey, Paul Virginia 1664
p. 459 Kinsey, Mary Virginia 1663
p. 459 Kinsey, Sarah Virginia 1663
p. 266 Kinsey, Paul Virginia 1683
p. 266 Kinsey, Jon Virginia 1683
The Paul KINSEY in 1683 is presumably Hugh's grandson because Hugh's son, Paul, appears to have died before Hugh signed his will in 1667.

14.  Gust Skordas, ed.  1968.  The Early Settlers of Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-354).  These are not immigration dates, but dates of mention in Maryland land records.  These are all of the Kinseys listed by Skordas.
p. 276 Kinsey, Welch  Maryland 1653
p. 276 Kinsey, Hugh Maryland 1659
p. 276 Kinsey, Paul Maryland 1661
p. 276 Kinsey, Daniel Maryland 1662
p. 276 Kinsey, Sarah Maryland 1662
p. 276 Kinsey, Catherine Maryland 1663

14.  Messages in the Clarke Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

15.  Email from Paul Cynsye.

16.  Tree online at www.wikitree.com (well documented).  Cites Parish Register, St. Leonard, Warmingham, CHS.

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