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Nicholas CORBIN I
Elizabeth [KEMP?]
Alice [BRYAN?]
Announcement (7 Jun 2014):  a Y-DNA match has been found between patrilineal line descendants of our subject and the descendant of an emigrant from the Isle of Guernsey.  We have crossed the pond!  Please see this page for test results and discussion. 
Husband:  Nicholas CORBIN
Birth:  probably bef. 1645 and probably on the Isle of Guernsey
Death:  Dec 1696
Disposition:  buried 31 Dec 1696, St. Paul's Parish, Baltimore Co., MD
Migration:  to MD by Nov 1671
Wife-1:  Elizabeth [KEMP?]
Birth probably:  bef. 1650
Death:  between 1671 and 1677, Baltimore Co., MD
Marriage-2:  1671-1676/7
Wife-2:  Alice [BRYAN?]
Death:  aft. Nov. 1718, Baltimore Co., MD
Other spouse:  m2. John BARRETT
Father said to be:  Lewis BRYEN / BRYAN / BRIAN
Children with Elizabeth KEMP born in Guernsey?:
1.  Elizabeth "Eliza" CORBIN, b. bef. 1671; m. [Thomas?] ROBERTS 
2.  Mary CORBIN, b. bef. 1671
Children with Alice BRYAN born in Baltimore Co., MD:
3.  Edward CORBIN, b. ca. 1685 
Some secondary sources give Nicholas & Alice this child, but he's not mentioned in our subjects will:
Nathaniel CORBIN, b. ca. 1683 
Certainly, Nathaniel is in Baltimore Co. records by 1699, but he is likely older than estimated.

No son Nicholas is mentioned in our subject's will, but if this is not our subject's son, whose son is he?
Nicholas CORBIN, b. 1676-78, Baltimore Co., MD

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; CHI, CI, Channel Islands, GSY, Guernsey; USA, US, United States, Maryland

Year Location Event
bef. 1651 Guernsey birth of Nicholas CORBIN
bef. 1655 Guernsey birth of Elizabeth KEMP
bef. 1660   birth of Alice BRYAN
bef. 1671 Guernsey birth of daughter, Elizabeth
bef. 1671 Guernsey birth of daughter, Mary
in or bef. 1671 Guernsey to Maryland family makes the crossing
1671-1676/7 MD death of Elizabeth (KEMP) CORBIN
1676 MD: Baltimore Co. Nicholas CORBIN receives bequest from Lewis BRYAN
1677 MD: Baltimore Co. Nichoals CORBIN witnesses a deed
c1677/8? MD birth of son, Nicholas
1680 MD: Baltimore Co. Nicholas CORBIN patents 200 a. he calls "Corbin's Rest"
c1685 MD birth of son, Edward
1687 MD: Baltimore Co. Nicholas CORBIN patents 100 a. he calls "Costrell Hill"
1692 MD: Baltimore Co.: Patapsco 100 Nicholas CORBIN, Constable
1693 MD: Baltimore Co.: Patapsco Pr. Nicholas CORBIN, Vestryman
1693 MD: Baltimore Co. Nicholas CORBIN inventoried estate of Anthony DIMONDIDIER
1693 MD: Baltimore Co. Nicholas CORBIN inventoried estate of Joseph HEATHECOTE
1695   Nicholas CORBIN signs his will
1696 MD: Baltimore Co.: Patapsco Pr. Nicholas CORBIN, Vestryman
1696   death of Nicholas CORBIN
1696 MD: Baltimore Co.: St. Paul's Pr. burial of Nicholas CORBIN
1697 MD: Baltimore Co. inventory of estate of Nicholas CORBIN
See Formation of Counties in Western Maryland.


1.  Gust Skordas, ed.  1968.  The Early Settlers of Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-354).  On p. 107:
Place: Maryland
Year; 1671
Primary Individual: Corbin, Nicholas
Family Members: Wife & 2 daughters
Place: Maryland
Year; 1671
Primary Individual: Corbin, Elizabeth
Family Members: Husband Nicholas
Place: Maryland
Year; 1671
Primary Individual: Corbin, Mary
Family Members: Father Nicholas
Place: Maryland
Year; 1671
Primary Individual: Corbin, Elizabeth
Family Members: Father Nicholas

2.  Robert W. Barnes.  1989.  Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195).  Boldface added.
p. 30 BARRETT, JOHN, d. by 24 March 1717/8 having m. Alice, extx. of Nicholas Corbin; his will, 21 June 1717 - 24 March 1717/8 named "grandson" Nicholas Corbin, eld. s. of Edward Corbin, also John Royston, James Wells, and John Keith, s. of Alex., wife Alice to be extx.; she was alive in Nov. 1718 when Zacheus Richards, age 2, was bound to serve her...
p. 69 BRIAN (BRYAN), LEWIS, was in Md. by 1676 and acquired at least one tract called Bryen's Forest; admin. bond posted 20 March 1676 by Jonas Bowen and Nicholas Corbin with Richard Ball and John Hardin; will, 31 Jan. 1676 - 5 Feb. 1676, left property to Nicholas Corbin and 100 a Bryan's Forest to Eliza, dau. of Jonas Bowen, and if said Eliza d. without heirs, land was to go to the children of William and Ellinor Smith of Nansemond R. Jonas Bowen and Nicholas Corbin were overseers...
p. 134 THE CORBIN FAMILY has been the subject of much research by William D. Patrick who has generously shared information with the compiler.

CORBIN, NICHOLAS (1), came to Md. by Nov. 1671, d. by 11 May 1697; in 1667 surv. 100 a. Costrell Hill; in Nov. 1671 claimed land for bringing himself, w. Elizabeth, and daus. Elizabeth and Mary into the Province; m. 1st Elizabeth (?) by 1671; m. 2nd by 30 March 1695 to Alice (?) who m. as her 2nd husb. John Barrett; his will, 30 March 1695 - 11 May 1697, named daus. Eliza Roberts and Mary Gostwick, son Edward, and w. Alice; est. was inv. on 11 May 1697 by Jonas Bowen and John Mounfield, and val. at £32.5.6; wid. Alice m. 2nd John Barrett, and was alive on Nov. 1718 when Zacheus Richards, age 2, was bound to her to age 21; had iss.:  ELIZA, came to Md. by 1671, m. by 30 March 1695 (prob. Thomas) Roberts; MARY, came to Md. by 1671, m. Joseph Gostwick; NICHOLAS, Jr.; and EDWARD...

CORBIN, NICHOLAS (2), s. of Nicholas (1), first appeared in the tax lists in 1694, indicating he was b. c. 1676-1678; may be the Nicholas "Corver" whose wid. owned 100 a. part Bachelor's Choice in 1750; issue not proven...

p. 168 DEMONDIDIER, ANTHONY (1), was b. in France, and transp. to Md. between 1653 and 1656; wife Katherine and dau. Herkier claimed land for service in 1658; naturalized in 1671; purch. land in 1675 and was a taxable in n. side Patapsco Hund., 1692; Justice of the Balto. Co. Court, 1679/80; his will, 2 Oct. 1693 - 6 Nov. 1693, named w. Martha, s. Anthony, daus. Eliza and and (sic) Eliza Horton of London, only sis. of testator's w. Martha; est. was inv. on 2 Dec. 1693 by John Thomas and Nicholas Corbin and val. at £77.16.0; had iss.:  HERKIER, b. by 1658; ANTHONY; ELIZABETH...
p. 315 HEATHCOTE, JOSEPH (2), heir of Nathaniel (1), but rel. is not clear, inherited Heathcote's Cottage; was in Balto Co. by 1692 as a taxable in n. side Patapsco Hund.; m. Martha, dau. of Thomas Morgan; she m. 2nd Nicholas Fitzsimmons; he d. by 3 April 1693 when admin. bond was posted by admnx Martha Heathcote alias Fitzsimmon, with William Wilkinson and Nicholas Corbin; est. was inv. on 8 April 1693 by said Wilkinson and Corbin and val. at £187.7.0; est. was admin. by Fitzsimmons on 30 July 1694 and 6 Nov. 1694; his orphans owned 500 a. Heathcote's Cottage, orig. surv. in March 1678 for Nathaniel Heathcote, and Nicholas Fitzsimmons held 15 a. Hopewell for Joseph's orphans; had iss.: dau., m. William Pickett; poss. SAMUEL; RUTH, m. by Jan. 1752 Luke Trotten...
p. 548 ROBERTS, (---), m. by 1695 Eliza or Mary, dau. of Nicholas Corbin...
The 1667 date has to be a typo; it should be 1687.

3a.  John Davis.  1996.  Baltimore County, Maryland, Deed Records, Volume One: 1659-1737.  Heritage Books, Bowie, MD.  On p. 62:
7 Aug 1677, William Ball, of Lancaster Co., Virginia, to Thomas Long, gentleman, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, 420 acres...through power of attorney to Nicholas Ruxton, of Baltimore Co., Maryland.  Signed William Ball. Wit: Nicholas Corbin and Rowland Thornbrough.

3b.  John Davis.  1996.  Baltimore County, Maryland, Deed Records, Volume Two: 1727-1757.  Heritage Books, Bowie, MD.
p. 73 10 Sep 1737, Edward & Jane Corbin, planter, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, to Thomas Sligh, planter, of same, £50, 50 acres of 200 acres...  Bare creek...  patented 6 Jul 1680 by Nicholas Corbin who devised to said Edward.  Signed Edward (x) Corbin. Wit: Philip Jones Jr. and John Sheredine.

4. Will of Nicholas CORBIN (transcribed by Diana Gale Matthiesen). 

5.  Email from "TnT":
I have discovered a specific death date for Nicholas Corbin of Baltimore Co. He was buried on Dec. 31, 1696 at St. Paul's Parish.  This is mentioned on page 161 of "Genealogy, Local History, Early maps of MD, DE, So. PA and Washington DC" published 1988 by Family Line Publications.  The author was Martha Reamy.

6a.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 40, Pedigree No. 356.  Cites the following source:

6b.  Anon.  1921.  Maryland Historical Magazine, v. XVL, n. 2, pp. 111-112.  Summary by DGM:
Nicholas Corbin immigrated to Maryland in 1671 bringing with him his wife, Elizabeth, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary.  He received patents for a two hundred acre tract, dated the 26th of July 1680, called Corbins Rest, and a one hundred acre tract, dated the 6th of March 1687, called Costrell Hill.  He was the constable for Northside Patapsco Hundred in 1692 and was a vestryman for Patapsco Parish in 1693 and 1696.

7.  Mrs. H. K. McAdams.  1929.  Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records.  Lexington, KY (online at HeritageQuest at Genealogy.com):
p. 81
(Furnished by Mrs. Effie S. Honson, of Ventura, California, to Mrs. J. W. Marr, Lexington, Ky.)

NICHOLAS CORBIN Came to Baltimore Co., Md. in 1671. (Authority, "Early Maryland Settlers List." "Annapolis land office records. Vol. XVI., page 533."  Alice, wife of Nicholas Corbin, 2nd., mar. John Barrot.  (Annapolis Md. Inventories and Accounts, XX, page 47).  Children of Nicholas and Alice Corbin, 1, Elizabeth (Mr. Roberts); 2. Mary (mar. Gostwick); 3, Edward (mar. Jane Wilkinson, a daughter of Wm Wilkinson, 1718)...

Nicholas made the crossing with his first wife, Elizabeth, and daughters Elizabeth and Mary, so Alice was not their mother.  Alice does appear to have been Edward's mother.

8.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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