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Dea. Richard BUTLER
Elizabeth BIGELOW
Husband:  Richard BUTLER
Birth:  of Braintree, ESS
Death:  6 Aug 1684, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Migration:  1632, England to Newtown [Cambridge], MA, on the Hester
Event:  14 May 1634, made Freeman, Massachusetts Colony
Event:  one of the original proprietors, and thus founder, of the City of Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Marriage-1:  bef. 1635
Wife-1:  Ms. BANBURY?
Wife-2:  Elizabeth BIGELOW
Death:  11 Sep 1691, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Children with Ms. BANBURY?:
1.  Mary BUTLER, b. ca. 1635
2.  Thomas BUTLER, b. ca. 1637
Children with Elizabeth BIGELOW?:
3.  Samuel BUTLER, b. 1639 
4.  Nathaniel BUTLER, b. ca. 1641
5.  Joseph BUTLER, b. ca. 1648 
6.  Daniel BUTLER, b. 1650 
7.  Elizabeth BUTLER, b. ca. 1651, b. ca. 1643 
8.  Hannah BUTLER
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Richard Butler, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1633, came from Braintree, County Essex, England.  He was among the first settlers of Hartford with Hooker in 1636.  Deacon in the First Church; deputy to the General Court, 1656-60; appointed clerk to General Court, 1658. (Savage's Genl. Dictionary, 1: 321; Stiles' Wethersfield, 2: 171.)
On p. 805, Hopkins indicates that descendants of Richard Butler are eligible for membership in the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

4.  Lucius R. Paige.  1849.  "List of Freeman." New England Historical Genealogical Register.  3(1): 89-96.  On p. 92, citing Colonial Records, Vol. I, p. 79 :  "Rich. Butlar" made Freeman of Massachussetts Colony on 14 May 1634 (same day Thomas Hooker was made Freeman).

5.  Clarence Almon Torrey.  1985.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD.  On p. 127:
BUTLER, Richard ( -1684) & 1/wf __?__ [BANBURY?]; b 1635; Hartford/Wethersfield
BUTLER, Richard ( -1684) & 2/wf Elizabeth [BIGELOW] (-1694, 1691?); b 1639?, b 1643?, b 1647; Hartford/Wethersfield

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Deacon Richard Butler came from Braintree, Essex County, Eng.  He was at Cambridge 1632, but settled in Hartford about 1640. He was b. in Eng. d. Aug. 6, 1684, in Hartford. m. first, ___ Banbury? m. second, Elizabeth Bigelow (probably a sister of John Bigelow of Watertown, Mass.), about 1642. b. ___  d. Sept. 11, 1691.  Richard Butler was Deacon of the First Church in Hartford.  Selectman 1648, 1649, 1654, 1658.  Deputy 1643, 1644, 1648, 1656 to 1660.
Sergeant Thomas Butler, b. about 1637. d. Aug. 29, 1688. m. Sarah Stone (Rev. Samuel). b. before 1640. d. after July 5, 1690. He was Sergeant of the Hartford train band. Selectman 1682, 1683.
Mary Butler, b. about 1635. d. before Feby. 1690. m. Ens. Samuel Wright (Thomas1), Sept. 29, 1659. b. 1634, in Eng.  d. Feby. 1690.
Ens. Samuel Butler, b. about 1639. d. Dec. 30, 1692. m. Mary Olmstead (Capt. Nicholas2). b. Nov. 20, 1646. d. Oct. 17, 1681.
Nathaniel Butler, b. about 1641. d. Feby. 9, 1698. Æt. 56. m. Sarah
Elizabeth Butler, b. about 1643. d. after March 7, 1727.  m. Dea. Joseph Olmstead (Capt. Nicholas2, James1) b. 1654. d. Oct. 1, 1726.
Dea. Joseph Butler, b. about 1648. d. Dec. 10, 1732. m. Mary Goodrich (Ens. William1), 1667. b. Nov. 13, 1651, d. June 1, 1735.
Sergt. Daniel Butler, b. ___  d. March 28, 1692.  m. Mabel Olmstead (Capt. Nicholas2), about 1679.  b. ___  d. after April 6, 1705. she m. second, Michael Taintor, Aug. 1697.
Hannah Butler, b. ___  d. after 1703. m. John Green, of Fairfield. b. ___ d. 1703.
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7.  William C. Kiessel.  1950.  "The Green Family, a Dynasty of Printers."  New England Historical and Genealogical Register 104(2): 81-93.  On p. 83:
Students of the Green family agree that Samuel, Jr., married Hannah, daughter of Dea. Richard Butler, of Hartford.  The will of Deacon Butler, dated 2 Apr 1677, bequeathed twenty shillings to his daughter Hannah Green.

8.  Ruth Ellsworth Richardson.  1974.  Samuel Richardson (1602-1658) and Josiah Ellsworth (1629-1689), Some Descendants.  Self-published; available online at GenealogyLibrary.com.  [I take everything from this book with a grain of salt.  Poor editing alone indicates a careless worker. The inclusion of some totally irrelevant preferatory material on the Butlers associated with medieval royalty shouts "amateur genealogist!" and "vanity book!"]
[p. 278]
Deacon Richard Butler b ca 1600; d Hartford, Conn. August 4, 1684 m 1st (???) (???); 2nd Elizabeth Bigelow who d September 11, 1691. Richard emigrated from Braintree, Essex County, England 1632 on the ship HESTER. His wife came with him. Landed at Cambridge and removed to Hartford, Conn. with Hooker.  An original proprietor 1639-40; 16 acres allotted to him; freeman in Mass. May 14, 1634; juror; deputy; deacon in First Church Hartford, Conn. William Butler, his bro also settled in Hartford. William left no desc. Two sisters in England. Mrs. West & Mrs. Winter.
Ch: By 1st wife
1.  Sgt. Thomas 1637-1688 m ca 1658 Sarah Stone dau Rev. Samuel Stone
2.  Deac. Samuel 1639-1692 m Elizabeth Olmstead d 1681; 8 ch mentioned in will.
3.  Nathaniel 1641-1697 m Sarah (???) 6 ch; he d in Wethersfield, Ct.
4.  Joseph 1648-1732 m 1st 1667 Mary Goodrich dau Ensign William & Sarah (Marvin) Goodrich of Wethersfield; 2nd Margaret
5.  Sgt. Daniel 1650-1692; m Mabel Olmsted dau Nicholas. Mabel m 2nd 1697 as 2nd wf Michael Taintor
6.  Mary m 1659 Samuel Wright of Wethersfield
7.  Elizabeth m 1st Deac Joseph Olmsted of Hartford; 2nd Obadiah Gilbert
[p. 279]
8.  Hannah m John Green

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