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Descendants of Nina (WILLIS) DEAN STRAUB
Their Eligibility for Hereditary Societies
Below are ancestors of Nina (WILLIS) DEAN STRAUB who have already been approved as providing eligibility for membership in the societies below, meaning descendants of Nina WILLIS desiring to become members of these organizations can do so by documenting her line to them (and the applicant's connection to her).

Nina's descendants are eligible to join the first three societies listed below based on her descent from her 10th great-grandmother, the gateway ancestor, Olive (WELBY) FARWELL.

OCC:  Order of the Crown of Charlemagne

"Ladies and gentlemen are eligible for membership if they can prove beyond doubt their descent from the Emperor Charlemagne."

My membership application is pending using a documented pedigree from me to Charlemagne through Olive WELBY as confirmed by the NEHGS (30 Nov 2015).

BOMC: The Baronial Order of Magna Charta

"Individuals of good character who can prove descent from one of more of the 25 Sureties who were responsible for holding King John to the terms of the Great Charter he signed on 15 June 1215 at Runnymede meadow in England anad five counselors of the King who were in sympathy with the Magna Charta will be considered for membership."

Via Olive WELBY, Nina has 14 Magna Charta barons in her ancestry. 

MOC:  The Military Order of the Crusades

"The membership is comprised of individuals, male and female, of proven lineal descent from one or more Crusaders of Knightly or Higher Rank who participated in one or more of the regular and/or interim Crusades between 1096 and 1291 and who made great personal sacrifices, endured great hardship, performed heroically, and died in great numbers during the Crusades."

Via Olive WELBY, Nina has 13 crusaders in her ancestry.

National Society of Daughters of 
Founders and Patriots of America

"In each lineage is a Founder who arrived in one of the Colonies between May 13, 1607, and May 13, 1687, and a Patriot ancestor who gave military, civil service, or other aid in establishing American Independence in the period of 1775 to 1784."

FounderNicholas HOLT (1602-1685), of Andover, MA 
PatriotSilas HOLT (1752-1815), Revolutionary War: 1775, 1777, 1780-83 

Additional membership could be applied for via: 

1.  Joseph LOOMIS, already a recognized by the society as a Founder, and his descendant, Nehemiah HOPKINS, Sr., already recognized by the D.A.R. as a Patriot

2.  Thomas LORD and/or Capt. Thomas STANTON, both already recognized as Founders, and their descendant, Edward C. CHENEY, already recognized by the D.A.R. as a Patriot

National Society of Colonial Dames

Edmund FAULKNER (-1687), of Andover, MA 
Nicholas HOLT (1602-1685), of Massachusetts 
Joseph LOOMIS (1590-1658), of Windsor, CT 
Thomas LORD (1585-1677), founder/proprietor of Hartford, CT 
John MARBLE (c1605-1695), proprietor of Andover, MA 
Andrew MESSENGER (c1588-), of Connecticut 
James OLMSTEAD (1580-1640), of Connecticut 
Nicholas OLMSTEAD (1619-1684), of Connecticut 
Robert ROYCE (-1676), of Connecticut 

National Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims

John HOPKINS (1613-1654), of Cambridge, MA 
Thomas LORD (1585-1677), of Hartford, CT 

DAR:  National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Bezaleel HALE (1716-1804), Alarm List of Middlesex County, MA 
Nehemiah HOPKINS (1730-c1814), Vermont Militia 
Edward C. CHENEY (1752-1813), Minuteman at Lexington 

UPDATE:  My application to the D.A.R. has been approved on a line from me through Nina (WILLIS) STRAUB, my maternal grandmother, to Nehemiah HOPKINS.  Any of Nina's descendants need only prove their connection to her to gain membership.  Refer to:  Diana Gale MATTHIESEN, D.A.R. No. 827427.

The Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry

Just because a European surname has a coat of arms does not mean someone of that surname, today, has a right to display the coat of arms as their own.  This society recognizes those American families with a heritable right to display the family coat of arms.

Thomas LORD (1585/6-1667) 
Edmund FAULKNER (c1625-1687) 

[Other Armorial Ancestors]

Society of Colonial Wars

Robert ROYCE (-1676), of Connecticut 

The Society of the War of 1812

Only males are accepted for membership.  Nina's male descendants are eligible through Seth HOLT, who was killed in action at Niagara, NY.


Lineages of Hereditary Society Members, 1600s-1900s.  Broderbund CD-506.

Frederick Lewis Weis.  1999.  Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD

Douglas Richardson.  2005.  Magna Carta Ancestry:  a Study in Colonial and Medieval Families.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD.

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