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Abigail CHENEY
Husband:  Seth HOLT
Birth:  25 Apr 1776, Westminster, Worcester Co., MA
Death ("died in service" of fever):  8 Nov 1812, at Manchester (a.k.a., Schlosser, a.k.a., Niagara), near the Niagara River , Niagara Co., NY
Military Service:  War of 1812:  1st Lt., Capt. John Heisted's Co., 109th Rgmt. under Lt. Col. Zadok Rhoads, U.S. Army Light Infantry 
Father:  Silas HOLT
Mother:  Sarah HARRINGTON
Marriage:  5 Dec 1799, Brandon Twp., Rutland Co., VT
Wife:  Abigail "Nabby" CHENEY
Birth:  20 Jun 1781, Brandon, Rutland Co., VT
Death:  12 Oct 1866, probably in Fairhaven Twp., Carroll Co., IL
Other Spouse:  m2. 16 Jan 1817, Sempronius, Cayuga Co., NY, Daniel GALUSHA
Father:  Edward C. CHENEY
Mother:  Abigail HALE
born in Brandon, Rutland Co., VT:
1.  Almira HOLT, b. 16 Feb 1800; d. 5 Mar 1800
2.  Daniel Hale / Hail HOLT, b. 29 Nov 1801; d. 9 Dec 1801
3.  Myron HOLT, b. 16 Nov 1803; d. 9 Apr 1804
4.  Seth Harrington HOLT, b. 5 Jan 1805; d. 14 Jan 1805 
5.  Daniel Putnam HOLT, b. 17 Feb 1806

born in VT or NY:
6.  Erastus HOLT, b. 11 Jan 1808; d. 14 Jan 1808

born in Sempronius, Cayuga Co., NY:
7.  Elijah Hale HOLT, b. 29 Dec 1809
8.  Philancia "Philency / Philancy" Cheney HOLT, b. 12 Sep 1811 

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Year Location Event
1776 MA: Worcester Co.: Westminster birth of Seth HOLT
1781 VT: Rutland Co.: Brandon birth of Abigail CHENEY
c1800   marriage of Seth HOLT & Abigail CHENEY
1800 Census VT: Rutland Co.: Brandon Seth HOLT, head-of-household
1800   birth and death of daughter, Almira HOLT
1801   birth and death of son, Daniel Hale HOLT
1803/4   birth and death of son, Myron HOLT
1805   birth and death of son, Seth Harrington HOLT
1806 VT  birth of son, Daniel Putnam HOLT
1808 ? birth and death of son, Erastus HOLT
1806-9 Vermont to New York family moves
1809 NY  birth of son, Elijah Hale HOLT
1810 Census NY: Cayuga Co.: Sempronius Seth HOLT, head-of-household
1811 NY birth of daughter, Philancy
War of 1812 NY: Niagara Co.: Schlosser [now Niagara] death of Seth HOLT
1817   marriage of Abigail (CHENEY) HOLT & Daniel GALUSHA
[continued on Timetable of Daniel GALUSHA


1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1800 (Broderbund CD-312):¤
1800 Holt, Seth VT Rutland Co. Brandon 00100-00100-00
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 16-25 1774-1784 = Seth (b. 1776)
1 female 16-25 1774-1784 = Abigail (b. 1781)
Abigail is only 19 and they have not yet had a child, so we can assume they haven't been married long.

3.  1810 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #2 of 14; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen Cayuga is a re-bound county):¤
1810 NY Cayuga Co. Sempronius Roll M252_31 p. 1140 Ln. 7 Seth Holt 20010-10010
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 males 9 or under 1800-1810 = Elijah
= Daniel
1 male 26-44 1765-1784 = Seth (b. 1776)
1 female 9 or under 1800-1810 = Daughter?
1 female 26-44 1765-1784 = Abigail (b. 1781)
Abigail's tick mark is hard to see, but it is there.  Who is the daughter?  Almira should be deceased and Philancy wasn't born until 1811.  Or was Philancy really born in 1810?

4.  Daniel S. Durrie.  1864.  A Genealogical History of the Holt Family in the United States: more particularly, Descendants of Nicholas Holt of Newbury and Andover, Mass., 1634-1644... Munsell, Albany, NY:
p. 79 Children of SILAS6 (355) and Sarah (Herrington) Holt.
926.   1.   SETH6 (1966) b. Westminster Apr. 25, 1776; m. Abigail Cheney of Brandon, Vt.  After marriage he removed to Sempronius, N.Y.  In 1812 he enlisted and went to the frontiers under Capt. John Husted, and d. a short time afterwards at Schlosser, near Niagara Falls.  His widow m. 2d, Daniel Galusha, and has lived at Sodus, N.Y., and Warren, Du Page county, Ill. 3 ch.
p. 136 Children of SETH6 (926) and Abigail (Cheney) Holt.
1966   1.   DANIEL7 P. (3327) b. Brandon, Vt.; m. Nov. 24, 1824, Sarah, daughter of Gurdon Huntington of Batavia, N.Y.; removed to Somerset, Niagara county, N.Y., and subsequently to Savanna, Carrol county, Ill., where he now resides.  Has been for a number of years postmaster.  5 ch.
1967   2.   ELIJAH7 H. (3332) b. Sempronius, N.Y.; m. June 15, 1838, Jane, daughter of James Herrington of Pennsylvania; resided in Fairhaven, Carrol county, Ill. 5 ch.
1968   3.   PHYLANCY7 b. Sempronius; m. Lucas Hopkins of Hastings, Mich.
The superscript for Silas should be 5, not 6.

5.  War of 1812 Pension Application:  Abigail (HOLT) GALUSHA, widow of 1st Lt. Seth HOLT.  39 pp.  (online at fold3.com).  Gives dates and places for both marriages and lists names and dates for Nabby's children.

6.  Charles Henry Pope.  1897.  The Cheney Genealogy. (Self-published) Barta Press, Boston (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).

7.  Changes In Names Of New York State Towns.  Courtesy of the Early Dutch Families of Ulster County, New York, Research Center.  [link died]
Early Name Later Name County
Schlosser, F. Niagara Niagara Co.
F.  indicates French's Gazetteer.

8.  Emails from Kathleen Hontz, Grecia DeRossett.

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