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NOTICE:  patrilineal descendants of our subject through three of his sons are participating in the CARRICO Y-chromosome DNA Surname Project.  Test results for the descendants through sons Basil and Josiah support that Charles is a descendant of Peter CARRICO I, 1674 immigrant to Maryland.  Their closest match (67/67) is with a descendant of James T. CARRICO (1764-1815) of Charles Co., MD, and Washington Co., KY.  Charles and James are of an age to be brothers and appear to have been in Washington Co., KY, at the same time.  [James remained in Washington County, while Charles moved on to Indiana.]  Test results of the descendant through son, R  eason, show he is not a genetic CARRICO.  More cousins of this test subject need to be tested to pinpoint the location of the NPE, but apparently Reason was adopted, which resolves the long-standing issue of the births of Reason and Basil being too closely spaced.
Husband:  Charles CARRICO / CARICO
Birth:  1770-75, Montgomery? Co., MD
Death:  1830-40, presumably in Sullivan Co., IN
Military Service:  War of 1812:  Pvt., Capt. Pierre Andre's Co., U.S. Mounted Rangers
Y-DNA Haplogroup:  J-2a4b*, a.k.a., J-M67
Brother:  Josiah CARRICO
Father:  unknown, but genetically a descendant of Peter CARRICO I, 1674 immigrant to Maryland

Some secondary sources give Charles middle name, Joseph, but I have not found any primary record giving him a middle name or initial.
Many secondary sources make Charles the son of Basil CARRICO & Margaret __?__, but this connection has never been proven.

Marriage-1:  ca. 1790
Wife-1:  Martha REASON
Birth:  ca. 1775

ATTENTION:  I'm seeking a male surnamed REASON for Y-DNA testing, one who has some prospect of being kin to Martha, which means his earliest patrilineal ancestor needs to have lived somewhere Martha did.  These locations are:  Montgomery Co., MD, Washington Co., KY, or Sullivan Co., IN.  Conditions are 1) that the test subject share his patrilineal line genealogy with me in sufficient detail that I'm convinced he is a likely prospect, 2) that the subject join the REASON project at FamilyTreeDNA, and 3) that the subject sign the Release allowing sharing of his results.  Please note that public sharing of results does not mean public sharing of one's identity the degree of privacy you wish to maintain is up to you.  If you qualify or know someone who does, please contact me.  I'm willing to subsidize half the cost of your testing.

Wife-2(?):  Ms. __?__
Birth:  1780-90:

None of the near descendants of Charles give him more than one wife or more children than those named below.  Are the woman and children with Charles in the 1830 census not his wife and children?

Adopted Child:
Reason CARRICO, b. 8 Feb 1794, KY

Reason's given name suggests he might be kin of Martha.  He cannnot be Martha's child because his birthdate is too close to that of her son, Basil (see below).  DNA testing shows he is not Charles's son.

Children with Martha REASON:
  1.  Charles CARRICO, Jr., b. ca. 1792 
  2.  Basil CARRICO, b. 11 May 1794, KY 
  3.  Nancy CARRICO, b. ca. 1798, Washington Co., KY

born in Knox Co., Indiana Territory [now Sullivan Co., IN]:
  4.  Catherine CARRICO, b. 15 Jan 1801 
  5.  Josiah CARRICO, b. 1803/4
  6.  Margaret CARRICO, b. 1804/5

Children with Wife-2(?):
  8?  (Daughter A) CARRICO, b. 1810-20
  9?  (Daughter B) CARRICO, b. 1820-25
10?  (Daughter C) CARRICO, b. 1820-25
11?  (Daughter D) CARRICO, b. 1825-30

The average maximum span of fecudity for a woman is 23 years (from age 20 to age 43).  Even if we make "Daughter D" born in 1825, that is still 33 years between her and Charles Jr., and it could be as much as 38 years.  Given that the wife in the 1830 census is younger than Martha could be, it seems that either Charles had a second wife or the woman and children with him in the 1830 census are not his wife and children.

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland

Year Location Event
1770-75 MD? birth of Charles CARRICO
ca. 1775 MD? birth of Martha REASON
1790 Census   not found in MD; VA census lost; KY didn't exist
c1790   marriage of Charles CARRICO & Martha REASON
1792 Kentucky formed from Virginia; admited as 15th state of the Union
ca. 1792-3 KY birth of son, Charles
1794 KY birth of adopted son, Reason
1794 KY birth of son, Bazil
1795-96 KY: Washington Co. Charles CARRICO, taxpayer
ca. 1798 KY birth of daughter, Nancy
1799 / 1800 KY: Washington Co. Charles CARRICO, taxpayer
1800 Census   Kentucky Census lost
1800 Indiana Territory formed from Northwest Territory (Knox Co. already exists)
1800-1801 Kentucky to Indiana Territory family moves
1801 IN Terr: Knox [now Sullivan] Co. birth of daughter, Catherine
1803/4 IN Terr: Knox [now Sullivan] Co. birth of son, Josiah
1804/5 IN Terr: Knox [now Sullivan] Co. birth of daughter, Margaret
1807 IN Terr: Knox [now Sullivan] Co. Charles CARRICO, voter
1810 Census   none taken in Indiana Territory
War of 1812   Charles CARRICO serves
1814 IN Terr: Knox [now Sullivan] Co. marriage of adpted son, Reason, to Elizabeth ENGLE
1815 IN Terr: Knox [now Sullivan] Co. marriage of daughter, Nancy, to Henry LITSEY
1815 IN Terr: Knox [now Sullivan] Co. marriage of daughter, Margaret, to Allen REEVES
1816 Indiana formed from Indiana Territory as 19th state of the Union
1817 IN: Sullivan Co. formed from Knox Co.
1820 Census IN: Sullivan Co. Charles CARRICO, head-of-household
1823 IN: Sullivan Co. marriage of daughter, Catherine, to Joseph TRIMBLE
1826 KY: Gallatin Co. marriage of son, Basil, to Frances LONG
1830 Census IN: Sullivan Co. Charles CARICO, head-of-household
    death of Charles CARRICO
1840 Census   not found


1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Anon.  1991.  The 1795 Census of Kentucky [as constructed from tax lists].  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL (said to include every extant tax list from every county existing in the state of Kentucky in 1795):
Pg Name County
29 Carrico, Charles Washington

3.  Anon.  19__.  Washington County Kentucky Taxpayers, 1793-1799.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL (as cited by Linda Boorom):
Name Year
Carrico, Charles 1795, 1796, 1799

4.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1800 (Broderbund CD-312):
1800 Tax List Carrico, Charles KY Washington Co.  
1807 Voter List* Carrico, Charles IN Knox Co. p. 5
*Males over 21 Years

5.  1810 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  not found, but there was no 1810 census in the Northwest Territory (Indiana did not become a state until 1816).

6.  1820 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #7 of 14; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1820 IN Sullivan Co. Roll M33_15 pp. 116-117 Ln. 30 Charles Carrico 010101-10210-0-300
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 10-15 1804-1810 = Josiah (b. 1803/4)
1 male 19-25* 1794-1801 = Basil (b. 1794)
1 male 45 or over in or bef. 1775 = Charles (b. ca. 1772)
1 female 9 or under 1810-1820 = Daughter? A
2 females 16-25 1794-1804 = Margaret (b. 1804/5)
= Catherine (b. 1801)
1 female 26-44 1775-1794 = Martha? or Wife-2?
*In the 1820 Census, the third column is age class 16-18 and the fourth column is age class 16-25; therefore, any individual in column three is duplicated in column four.  By subtracting the number in column three from the number in column four, you can create an age class "19-25."

7.  1830 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #49 of 76; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1830 IN Sullivan Co. Roll 26 p. 182 Ln. 5 Charles Carico 000 000 010 - 120 000 100
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 50-59 1770-1780 = Charles (b. ca. 1772)
1 female 4 or under 1825-1830 = Daughter? D
2 females 5-9 1820-1825 = Daughter? C
= Daughter? B
1 female 40-49 1780-1790 = Wife-2?

8.  1840 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  not found.

9.  Mea culpa, I neglected to record the source of this information.  Looks like the text of an email.
CHARLES CARRICO was the third of nine children of Basil Carrico.  Basil Carrico wsa born About 1747 in Bryntown [Bryantown] Hundred, Charles County, MD, and served in the American Revolution in Class 2, Second Company, Montgomery County, MD, under Cpt. Benjamin Ray.  Charles was born about 1772/1733 in Montgomery County, MD, and served in the War of 1812.  Charles married Martha about 1790-91 and they were the parents of:

Nancy (Martha) born about 1791 in Carroll County, KY.  Nancy married Henry Litsey.

Reason (Raisen) born abot 1794 in Carroll County, KY.  Reason married Elizabeth Engle in 1824 and passed away Feb. 23, 1878, and is buried in the Engle Cemetery in Sullivan County, IN.

Bazil was brn about 1795 in Carroll County, KY.  Bazil married Frances Long and passed away Sept. 6, 1872, and is buried in the carrico Cemetery in Sullivan County, IN.

Catherine was born Jan. 15, 1801, in Lexington, Fayette County, KY.  Catherine married Joseph Trimble Jan. 28, 1822, in Sullivan County, IN.  Catherine and Joseph had 10 Children.  She passed away Jan. 3, 1871, and is buried in the Trimble Cemetery in Sullivan County, IN.

Charles was born about 1803 and married Miss Altman.

Margaret was born about 1805 in Sullivan County, IN, and married James Anderson Wilson and probably moved west.

Josiah was born about 1808 in Sullivan County, IN, and married Jane Williams.  Josiah was a Methodist Minister and probably moved west.

What is the source of the connection to Basil?  And what are the sources for the Carroll County Location?  Carroll County was not formed until 1838.

10.  Homer E. Carrico.  1951.  "The Carrico Family." Filson Club Historical Quarterly  25: 217-252 (republ. 1981 as pp. 215-250 in Genealogies of Kentucky Families by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; in 1997 as Broderbund CD-185).  [This article is known to contain errors; consult with caution.]

11.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 19, Pedigree No. 1592.

12.  The Carrico/Carico Connection by Pamela A. Carico, citing the next source.

13.  Sullivan County Historical Society.  175th Anniversary History of Sullivan County, 1816-1991.  (not seen)

14.  Messages in the Indiana Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

15a.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  AF - Ancestral File (online at FamilySearch.org).

15b.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  IGI - International Genealogical Index (online at FamilySearch.org).

16.  Messages posted to the CARRICO Surname Board (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

17.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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