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Capt. John BROWN, Abolitionist
Dianthe __?__
Mary Ann DAY
Husband:  John BROWN
Birth:  9 May 1800, Torrington, Litchfield Co., CT
Death by hanging:  2 Dec 1859, Charles Town, Jefferson Co., VA [now WV] 
Father:  Owen BROWN
Mother:  Ruth MILLS
Marriage-1:  21 Jun 1820
Wife-1:  Dianthe __?__
Death:  10 Aug 1832
Other spouse:  m1. Amos LUSK
Marriage-2:  14 Jun 1833
Wife-2:  Mary Ann DAY
Birth:  ca. 1810s
Living:  1860 Census, North Elba, Essex Co., NY
Father:  Charles DAY of Meadville, PA

Some say she was Mary Ann LITTLE and that Charles DAY was her first husband, but was it the case that Mr. LITTLE was her first husband?  Her marriage record would reveal which.

Children with Dianthe __?__:
  1.  John BROWN, b. 25 Jul 1821, Hudson, Summit Co., OH; m. Wealthy HOTCHKISS
  2.  Jason BROWN, b. 19 Jan 1823, Hudson, Summit Co., OH; age 86 in 1910; m. Ellen SHERBOUDY
  3.  Owen BROWN, b. 4 Nov 1824, Hudson, Summit Co., OH; d. 8/9 Jan 1889, Pasadena, CA; never married
  4.  Frederick BROWN, b. 9 Jan 1827, Richmond, Crawford Co., PA; d. 31 Mar 1833
  5.  Ruth BROWN, b. 18 Feb 1829, Richmond, Crawford Co., PA; m. Henry THOMPSON
  6.  Frederick BROWN, b. 21 Dec 1830, Richmond, Crawford Co., PA; murdered 30 Aug 1856 at Osawatomie, Miami Co., KS, by Rev. Martin WHITE (1802-1862)
  7.  Infant BROWN, b. 7 Aug 1832; bur. 10 Aug 1832, with his mother
Children with Mary Ann DAY:
  8.  Sarah BROWN, b. 11 May 1834, Richmond, Crawford Co., PA; d. 23 Sep 1843
  9.  Watson BROWN, b. 7 Oct 1835; d. 19 Oct 1859, Harper's Ferry, Jefferson Co., VA [now WV], from wounds received there two days earlier; m. 1856, Isabella THOMPSON
10.  Salmon BROWN, b. 2 Oct 1836, Hudson, Summit Co., OH; m. 1856, Abba/Abbie HINKLEY
11.  Charles BROWN, b. 3 Nov 1837, Hudson, Summit Co., OH; d. 11 Sep 1843
12.  Oliver BROWN, b. 9 Mar 1839, Franklin Mills, Portage Co., OH; killed 17 Oct 1859, Harper's Ferry, Jefferson Co., VA [now WV]; m. 1858, Martha BREWSTER
13.  Peter BROWN, b. 7 Dec 1840; d. 22 Sep 1843
14.  Austin BROWN, b. 14 Sep 1842, Richfield, Summit Co., OH; d. 1843
15.  Anne BROWN, b. 23 Dec 1843; living 1860 Census, North Elba, Essex Co., NY
16.  Amelia BROWN, b. 22 Jun 1845, Akron, Summit Co., OH; d. 1846
17.  Sarah BROWN, b. 11 Sep 1846; living 1860 Census, North Elba, Essex Co., NY
18.  Ellen BROWN, b. 20 May 1848, Springfield, Hampden Co., MA; d. 1849
19.  Infant BROWN, b. 30 Apr 1852; d. 17 May 1852
20.  Ellen BROWN, b. 25 Sep 1854, Akron, Summit Co., OH; living 1860 Census, North Elba, Essex Co., NY
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia


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