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Seth HERRINGTON in the History of Westminster, Massachusetts
Source:  William Sweetzer Heywood.  1893.  History of Westminster, Massachusetts... Vox Poluli Press, S.W. Huse & Co., Lowell, MA (online at HeritageQuest at Genealogy.com).

Excepts containing mention of Seth HERRINGTON.

Fathers and Founders...

In [the] list, found below, the names are given in chronological order, each one accompanied by the name of the town whence the person represented came, the date of his coming, the number of the lot where he located, and its present occupant... A star (*) before a name shows that it appeared on the first tax list of the incorporated district, bearing date Dec. 17, 1759. A dagger () following a name implies that the person referred to was a transient resident...

34.  Joshua Child () Watertown 1743(?) 23 Ephraim Lufkin.
53. *Seth Herrington Watertown 1750 23 Ephraim Lufkin.
Transciber's note:  Joshua CHILD may be Seth's father-in-law.

Affairs of the District...
On the 8th of July, the selectmen, in obedience to the statutes of the province, presented a list of names of person who should be liable to be drqwn as jurors to serve in the courts of the county of Worcester.  the list was accepted and approved by the voters in the district meeting assembled, and, as it was the first in the long series which has been continued to the present day, is given in full, as it stands in the clerk's book of records...

Seth Herrington...

At a meeting held May 15, 1787, it was voted to let out the raising of the meetinghouse to the lowest bidder, on condition that the person or persons contracting for the work shall pro-

cure all needful material and appliances therefor, and also the men, with no claims whatever upon the town in that respect.  Under those conditions, Seth Herrington bid off the job for £90, and that sum was appropriated from the uncollected public taxes... the work went on during the years 1787 and 1788 to its final consummation with commendable rapidity...  On the 8th of December, after the house was virtually completed, a new
under construction sign


The earliest records of this name in New England have it Errington and Arrington.  The first of these forms soon received its aspirated prefix, making it Herrington, and this was the prevailing orthography for more than a century.  Robert Errington1, the immigrant, was one of the proprietors of Watertown in 1642.  He m. in 1649, Susannah George and had a son Thomas2, whose w., Rebecca Bemis, bore him George3, b. Aug. 1, 1695.  The latter m. Hepzibah, dau. of John and Abigail Fiske, whose sister was mother of John and Thomas Stearns of Nar. No. 2, and whose nieces were the wives of Samuel Hager and Stephen Sawin.  A cousin of Hepzibah m. Eliezer Bigelow.  So it appears that four of the oldest families in town were connected with each other by ties of blood relationship.

1. HERRINGTON, SETH4, was the 10th child of George and Hepzibah, b. Watertown, Sept. 15, 1729.  He is understood to have m. Sarah, dau. of Joshua and Grace (Bemis) Child, of whom mention has been made, coming here ab. 1750, possibly bef. m. took place.  They located on lot No. 23, now in possession of Ephraim Lufkin, which had been improved and built upon previously by Mrs. H.'s f.  She d. Sept. 30, 1759, leaving 4 chn., and he m. (2) Priscilla (Wilder), wid. of Benjamin Houghton of Lanc.  She had a dau., Priscilla Houghton, who d. Aug. 4, 1764, a. 5 yrs.  Seth Herrington d. Nov. 25, 1815, a. 86.  His w. d. the previous year, Jan. 28, 1814, a. 85.  He was afterward pub. to wid. Rebecca Temple, and prob. m. her a few months bef. his decease.  Chn.:

[with Sarah CHILD]
2.  SARAH5, b. Nov. 10, 1752; m. Silas Holt; 2 chn. b. W.
3.  ELISHA5, b. Aug. 31, 1754; d. unm. Feb. 29, 1884.
4.  SETH5, b. June 5, 1756; prob. d. young.
5.  DANIEL5, b. Feb. 24, 1758; prob. d. young.

[with Priscilla WILDER]
6.  ABIGAIL5, b. Dec. 23, 1763; m. (1) James Bowers and (2) Capt. Samuel Sawin; 2 chn.; res. W.
7.  EUNICE5, b. Aug. 31 1766; m. (1) Isaac Dupee and (2) Stephen Hunting; 2 chn.; res. W.
8.  BENJAMIN5, b. Jan. 7, 1769; m. Sarah Woodward; res. W.
9.  HANNAH5, b. Oct. 28, 1770; prob. d. young.

[Continues the descent, but from Benjamin5 only.]

Family Group Sheet of Seth HERRINGTON
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