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The 1667 "Plantation Covenant" of the Founders of Newark, NJ
Source:  Royal R. Hinman.  1852.  A Catalogue of the Names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut.  Press of Case, Tiffany, & Co., Hartford (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).   The covenant was printed in the form of a footnote.

(+)First settlers of Newark, New Jersey, from Connecticut. 

May 11, 1665, the union of the Connecticut and New Haven Colonies was effected, to which Rev. Ab'm Pierson and others of Branford, Guilford, New Haven, and Milford were so violently opposed that they determined to remove, and in 1665, agents were sent from these towns to examine the country on the Passaic River, in New Jersey, and make purchases of the Indians and other arrangements necessary for a removal.  The Committee were Capt. Robert Treat, John Curtis, Jasper Crane, and John Treat.  They purchased the land comprising the ancient town of Newark, N.J.  The price paid was 130, New England currency, twelve Indian blankets, and twelve guns. 

Preparatory to a removal, the emigrants from Guilford, Branford and Milford met and adopted the following "PLANTATION COVENANT." 


Deuteronomy, i: 13.
Exodus, xviii: 21.
Deut., xvii: 15.
Jeremiah, xxvi: 21.

1. None shall be admitted freemen or free burgesses within our town upon Passaic River, in the Province of New Jersey, but such planters as are members of some or other of the Congregational Churches; nor shall any but such be chosen to magistracy, or to carry on any part of civil judicature, or as deputies or assistants to have power to vote in establishing laws, and making and repealing them, or to any chief civil trust or office. Nor shall any but such church members have any vote in any such elections, though all others admitted to be planters have right to their proper inheritances, and do and shall enjoy all other civil liberties and privileges, according to all laws, orders, grants, which are or hereafter shall be made for this town.

2. We shall with care and diligence provide for the maintainance of the purity of religion professed in the Congregational Churches.  Whereunto subscribed from time to time, until the removal, which happened June 24, 1667, the following persons:

Abraham Pierson, Branford.
Mr. Robert Kitchell, Guilford.
Samuel Kitchell, (his son,) Guilford.
Rev. Jeremiah Peck, (son-in-law,) Guilford.
Mr. Jasper Crane, Branford,
Samuel Swaine,        "
Laurence Ward,        "
Thomas Blachley,      "
Samuel Plum,          "
Josiah Ward,          "
Samuel Rose,          "
Thomas Pierson,       "
John Ward,            "
John Catlin,          "
Richard Harrison,     "
Ebenezer Canfield, Milford.
John Ward, Sen., Branford.
John Harrison,        "
John Crane,           "
Thomas Huntington,    "
Delivered Crane,      "
Aaron Blachley,       "
Richard Lawrence,     "
John Johnson, Guilford.
Thomas [his x mark] Lyon, Branford.
Robert Treat, Milford.
Obadiah Bruen, New London.
Matthew Canfield, Milford, (Norwalk.)
Michael Tompkins,     "
Stephen Freeman,      "
Thomas Johnson,       "
John Curtiss, Stratford.
Eph. Burwell, Milford,
Robert Dennison, [mark R.]
Nathaniel Wheeler, Stratford.
Zechariah Burwell, Milford,
William Camp,          "
Henry Lyon,            "
John Brown,            "
John Rogers,           "
Stephen Davis, Derby.
Ed. Riggs,       "   (Milford.)
J. Brooks.--[mark J.B.]
Robert Lyman.--[mark V.]
Francis Linchs.--[mark F.]
Daniel Tichenor, N. Haven.
John Bauldwin, Sen., Milford.
John Bauldwin, Jun., Guilford.
Jonathan Tompkins, Milford.
George Day.
Joseph Walters.
Robert Doglich--(Douglass.)
Hauns, Albers, New York.
Thomas Morris.
Hugh Roberts.
Eph. Pennington, New Haven.
Martin Tichenor.
John Brown, Jr.
Jonathan Sergeant, Guilford.
Azariah Crane, Branford.
Samuel Lyon,      "
Joseph Riggs, Derby.
Stephen Bond.
Family Group Sheet of Henry LYON & Elizabeth BATEMAN
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