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Will of Jane (CLENDENIN) DAVIS, of Christian Co., KY
Source:  Transcription courtesy of Carole Arbuckle Marlow.  Edited by Diana Gale Matthiesen (I broke what was one continuous paragraph into smaller paragraphs, for improved readability, and added a Summary).

Testator:  Jane DAVIS
Daughters:  Polly SMITH, Sally BREEDING, Betsy LONG, Jane ARBUCKLE, Nancy
Grandsons:  John ARBUCKLE, David BREEDING, Davis/David MIMES/MIMMS, Addison MIMMS, Rufus MIMMS
Granddaughters:  Frances Jane ARBUCKLE, Sarah Jane MIMES, Juliann MIMMS, Cornelia MIMMS, Jane Clendenin LONG, Ann Eliza. LONG
Other Legatees:  Thomas ARBUCKLE
Slaves:  Jonathan
Incidentals:  Ballard SMITH
Executor:  Thomas ARBUCKLE
Signed:  10 Jul 1824
Recorded:  Sep 1824, Christian Co., KY, Will Book D, p. 181

I, Jane Davis of Christian County and State of Kentucky do hereby make my last Will and Testament in manner and form _____, that is to say.

First, I give to Thomas Arbuckle my negro boy named Jonathan provided the said Arbuckle relinquish his claim to two negro boys in the possesion of Ballard Smith in Virginia.  To Polly Smith, my daughter and if the said Arbuckle fail or refuse to do so then and in such case Jonathan is to go to Polly Smith.

I desire after my death that all the rest of my negros shall be sold and credit of ___ months by my executor and the money ___ ___ be applied and distributed in the following manner--

I give to my daughter Sally Breeding one hundred dollars.  I give to my daughter Betsy Long one hundred dollars and to my daughter Jane Arbuckle one hundred dollars to them and their heirs forever.  I give to my Grandson John Arbuckle fifty dollars.  I give to my granddaughter Frances Jane Arbuckle fifty dollars.  I to my grandson David Breeding fifty dollars to them and theirs forever.

And further I desire that out of the money arising from the sale of my negros that my Executor shall purchase a likey negro girl of eight or ten years of age the price not to exceed three hundred and fifty dollars which negro so to be purchased.  I give to my grandson Davis Mimes and it is my desire that his mother shall have the use and benefit of said negro during her natural life and the ___ ___ it may has to go and descend it follow.  It is my desire that the first male child shall go to my grand daughter, Sarah Jane Mimes the first female child said negro may have and if there is sufficent ___ it is my will that each of my grandchildren named as follows shall have one child of said issue that is to say Addison Mimms, Juliann Mimms, Cornelia Mimms and Rufus Mimms to them and theirs forever.  It is my desire that in the case the negro girl herein directed to be purchased should have more issue than herein disposed of that they go and descend with the mother to my said grandson David Mimms to him and his heirs forever.

I give to my grandaughter Jane Clendenin Long the tract of land whereon I live to her and her heirs forever giving to my Executor the power of selling the same or retaining it for her as may seem to him best calculated to promote her interest and further I give to my said grand daughter Jane C. Long all my household and kitchen furniture and all my personal estate of whatsover kind except what is or may be disposed of here after in this will and one feather bed furniture I give to my grand daughter Ann Eliza. Long and one cow and calf.  It is also my will that Jane C. Long shall have four hundred dollars of the money arising from the sale of my negros provided there be that much after the sums aforementioned be paid and if these should remain after the four hundred dollars given to Jane C. Long any balance from the sale of the negros it is my Will that it be equally divided between my daughters - Nancy, Sally, Betsy, Jane and Polly -- I do ___ one bed and furniture which I wish hereafter verbally to who ever I may hereafter think proper to give it to.

And lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend and son in law Thomas Arbuckle Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former Wills or testaments by me heretofore made.  In ___ where of I have hereinto set my hand and affixed my seal this tenth day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Four.

Jane Davis [seal]
Family Group Sheet of John DAVIS & Jane CLENDENDIN
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