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Will of Evan DAVIS, Sr., 1743, Philadelphia, PA
Source:  Kirk Bentley Barb.  1971.  "Extract from Genealogy of Jefferson Davis."  Pp. 488-508, Appendix III, in Haskell M. Monroe, Jr. & James T. McIntosh, eds.  Papers of Jefferson Davis, Volume 1, 1808-1840.  Louisiana State Univ. Press, Baton Rouge.
Genealogical Summary

Testator:  Evan Davis (Sr.) [great-grandfather of Jefferson Davis]
Wife: Mary
Children:  Benjamin, William, Samuel, Hannah, Joseph, Evan (Jr.)
Date signed: 17 Mar 1743
Date proved: 14 May 1747
Witnesses:  Joseph Harmer, Samuel Young, Jno Green
Recorded:  Register of Wills, Book H, 256 ff. (Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia Co., PA.

Note:  text was broken into paragraphs for improved readabilty.  Some punctuation was added for the same reason.  Boldface added.

In the name of God Amen, I Evan Davis of the City of Philadelphia in the province of Pennsylvania, Carter, being infirm and weak of Body but of Sound and perfect mind and Memory therefore knowing the uncertainty of this Life do make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament in the following manner and form.

Imprimis, my Will and Desire is that my just Debts and funeral Expences be fully Satisfyed and paid.

Item I.  Give and be-


queath unto Mary, my beloved wife, all my Estate whereof I shall die possessed as well moveable as Immoveable Real & personal by her freely to be possessed for & during her natural life, She only paying unto my two Sons hereafter named such Sums of money as I shall bequeath to them at the time prefixed.

Viz., to my Son Joseph the Sum of ten pounds Current money of Pennsylvania when he Shall Arrive at the full age of Twenty one Years, and to my Son Evan whom I desire may be put Apprentice to a Blacksmith as soon as he shall become fit the Sum of Twenty pounds Current money of Pennsylvania when he Shall arrive at the full age of Twenty one Years likewise.

But if it so happen that Mary my Aforesaid wife should die before my Above mentioned Sons Joseph and Evan or Either of them shall arrive at the full age of Twenty one Years as aforesaid then my Will and Desire is my Estate may be kept entire until my Above said Son Evan Attain to the full age of of Twenty one Years and then to be Equally divided amongst all my Children hereafter named, viz., Benjamin, William, Samuel, Hannah, Joseph & Evan, Except the two last mentioned Joseph & Evan, for my will & Desire is that Joseph Shall have twenty pounds more & Evan Thirty pounds4 [more] than Either Benjamin, William, Samuel, or Hannah.

Also5 [it] is my Will and Desire that if my Above said wife Mary should live till my two Sons Joseph & Evan Attain to the full age of Twenty one Years as aforesaid and that my two Sons Joseph & Evan receive from her the Sums before mentioned to be paid by her to them, Yet Notwithstanding after her Decease that my two Sons Joseph and Evan Each receive ten pounds more than Equal Dividend with the rest of my Children before named.

And my will and desire is that if Any of my above named Children should die before that my Aforesaid Son Evan shall attain to the full age of Twenty one Years that then his or hers their or their parts or part Shares or Share Dividends or Dividend be Equally divided amongst the Surviving part of my Children his or hers their or theirs heir or heirs by them to be fully possessed and Enjoyed.

Item.  I Constitute my beloved Wife Aforesaid my whole and Sole Executrix of this my last Will & Testament and I do hereby utterly disallow Revoke and Disannul all and Every other former Testaments Wills Legacies and Bequests & Executors by me in any ways before named Willed and Bequeathed. Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal this Seventeenth day of March in the Year of our Lord on Thousand Seven hundred forty & Three.
Evan his

Sign'd Seal'd Publish'd pronounced & Declared by the Said Evan Davis as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us the Subscribers

Joseph Harmer
Samuel Young
Jno Green


4. Interlined.
5. Manuscript torn.

Family Group Sheets

Evan DAVIS, Sr. & Mary __?__

William DAVIS & Christiana __?__

Benjamin DAVIS

Samuel DAVIS & Martha __?__

Jacob DUBRE & Hannah DAVIS

Joseph DAVIS

Evan DAVIS, Jr. & Mary EMORY

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