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Will of John DAVIS of Greenbrier Co., VA [now WV]
Source:  Transcription courtesy of Carole Arbuckle Marlow.  Edited by Diana Gale Matthiesen (I broke what was one continuous paragraph into smaller paragraphs, for improved readability, and added a Summary).

Testator:  John DAVIS of Greenbrier Co., VA [now WV]
Wife and Executrix:  Jean
Children:  Polly, Sally, Jean/Jeaney, Rebecka, Betsy, Nancy (w/o Donal FEAR)
Slaves:  Alce/Alice, Henry, James, Milly, Rodger, Sam, Saul
Additional Executors:  William RENICK, John STUART, Joseph MAZE
Witnesses:  William MORROW, John RODGERS, Agatha STUART, John STUART
Incidentals:  Charles ARBUCKLE, James ARBUCKLE, Donal FEAR, James PEEBLES, John RODGERS, Michael SHANKS, Alexander WELCH
Date Signed:  17 Mar 1800
Said by other sources to be proved:  Apr 1800, but others give death date as 1803
Where Recorded:  Will Book I, Greenbrier Co., VA [now WV], pp. 137-138

In the Name of God, Amen.  I, John Davis of Greenbrier County and the State of Virginia at present afflicted with dangerous Malady, but retaining through the mercy of the Supreme Being a reasonable and disposing memory with greatful acknowledgments do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament for the disposal of such worldly estate whereof  I am possessed.

Imprimus -- to my dearly beloved wife, Jean Davis, I bequeath One hundred and fifty acres of land which shall include my dwelling house and all improvements adjacent there to upon the same tract to be laid off a line running from the graveyard with the line of the survey towards James Arbuckle's house one hundred poles thence across the survey a parallel line with the north side of the survey so as to include the said one hundred and fifty acres to enjoy the full benefits and advanages of said one hundred and fifty acres of land and the improvements thereon during her natural life for to support herself and family, but if my daughter Polly should arrive at full age before her mother's decease or marry with her consent it is my desire that she would have the half of said one hundred and fifty acres of land laid off at the one or other end thereof as my Executors may direst for her use and at the decease of my wife, Jean, it is my will that my daughter Polly shall have the side one hundred and fifty acres of land to her and her heirs forever.  I also give to my wife, Jean, all my household and kitchen furniture with all stock of horse, cattle, sheep and hogs and accept what may be found necessary to dispose of  for the discharging of my just debts of which there are few and none of any magnitude.  Also, I bequeath to my said wife my two slaves, Sam and Milly to her use during her natural life as also my slave, Henry, to her during her widowhood, but if my said negro woman, Milly, should have any issue during the lifetime of her mistress it is my will that such issue descend equally to my three daughters viz: Sally, Jean, and Rebecka allowing the said Jean to make her first choice of such division.  But, at the death or marriage of my said wife it is my wish that my slave Henry descend to my daughter Polly and her heirs.  Also that at the decease of her mother that my said negro woman, Milly, descend to my said daughter Polly and her heirs forever.

Item:  I give to my daughter Sally one hundred acres of land (or whatever may be contained in my Part of the Land Purchased by Alexander Welch and myself from Charles Arbuckle and land adjoining the lands whereon we now live which is to be divided between us according to Special Agreement) - be the same more or less to my daughter, Sally and her heirs forever --

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Betsy, two hundred acres of land part of a patent granted to John Rodgers for four hundred acres lying at the place generally known in this county [by the name of ??] the Meadows and whereof I am jointly entitled with said Rodgers --- to her my said daughter, Betsy and her heirs forever and I also give to her and her heirs my negro woman, Alce, reserving the choice of any issue that the said negro woman Alce may hereafter have for my daughter, Rebecka and which she the said Rebecka may make at any time she may think proper if such issue should be.

Item:  I give and beqeath to my daughter Jean an equal half of the remainder of the tract of land whereon I now live after the said one hundred and fifty acres here before bequeathed is taken out, and said Jean's part is to be laid off adjoining James Arbuckle and John Rodgers and said one hundred and fifty acres before mentioned to her the said Jean and her heirs forever --

Item:  I give and bequeath to my daughter, Rebecka, the other half of the remainder of the tract whereon I now live (after the said one hundred and fifty acres here before bequeated is taken out) and which said part shall include the improvements where Donal Fear now lives to her the said Rebecka and her heirs forever -- and also one choice of any issue if my negro woman Alice that may hereafter by as before specified in the bequest to my daughter, Betsy.

Item:  I give and bequeath to my daughter, Nancy, wife of Donal Fear the tract of land called the Mill place adjoining the lands of James Peebles and Michael Shanks to her and her heirs forever and I also allow her the privilege of living eight years on the land where she now lives clear of any rent or other charges which land is here before bequeated to my daughter, Rebecka and who at the expiration of the said term of eight years from this date is to have a full and free possession of and in the said land from the said Nancy or any other claiming under her.

Item:  It is also my will that my three slaves: James, Saul and Rodger be employed on the Plantation whereon I now live under the direction of my wife and my Executors for the mutual benefit of my said wife and her unmarried children until my youngest daughter be come of lawful age, and the said three slaves if alive be sold and one hundred and fifty pounds of the money arising from such sale to be paid to my daughter Betsy and the balance to be equally divided between my daughters, Sally, Jeaney, Rebecka and Polly, but if the said negros die or any of them before my said youngest daughter dies or becomes of lawful age the money arising from such sale or the survivors of them to be proportioned between my said daughters, Betsy, Sally, Jeaney, Polly and Rebecka according to their present value to be ascertained by appraisement and be paid to my said daughters in the same proportion as is expressed and meant before in the clause.

Item:  It is my will that my still and still vessels be sold and the money arising from such a sale to be applied to the mutual present necessities of my beloved wife and children enjoining and entreating her my said wife while it please God to spare her life carefully to watch over the tender years of my dear children to warn them of the vices and dangers of the world, and carefully to instruct them in the Paths of Virtue and Rectitude which finally lead to enjoyments that will end no more, and fond parental affections shall increase and most sincerely implore the assisting Aid of Almight Grace.

Lastly, I do constitute my said wife, Jean Davis, Wm. Renick and Jno. Stuart, Joseph Maze executors of this my last Will and Testament in Testimony whereof I have this 17th day of March One Thousand Eight Hundred hereunto set my seal and Subscribed my Name.

John Davis   *Seal*
Signed, Sealed and Acknowledge to be the last will of Jno. Davis in presence of us ---
William Morrow
John Rodgers
Agatha Stuart
John Stuart
Family Group Sheet of John DAVIS & Jane CLENDENIN
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