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WARNINGS regarding Broderbund Census Data:  Gender-Switching!
Below are excerpts from messages I've posted in Broderbund's Family Archive CD Genealogy Forum at GenForum regarding a serious problem with their 1800 and 1810 Census Index CDs (nos. 312 and 313).  The problem is that the genders have been switched in some of the numerical data.  For the full messages, click on the dates below, which will link you to the original messages at GenForum.  Since posting those messages, I continue to find other states and counties to be flawed (see below).  I am keeping the "Summary" updated.

The same problem applies to the online versions of these databases at Broderbund's GenealogyLibrary.com.
In summary, years and states known to be effected are:
CD-312 1800 KY, MA, MD, ME, NC, NY, PA, SC, VA, VT
CD-313 1810 KY, VA
CD-314 1820 IL, MS

Not all counties in all states or all states have been checked, so be sure to run a test yourself to see if the county you're working on is effected.

The online Kentucky and North Carolina census data at Ancestry.com do not appear to have this problem of switched genders.  I haven't checked other states.

9 Dec 1998

This is a warning to users of Broderbund's 1800 and 1810 census index CDs. 

In the Introduction to the 1800 Census Index (CD-312), it describes the numbers given with the entries as the first five digits referring to males and the second five digits referring to females. That is how it should be; that is how the original census data were taken.  (See What the Numbers in the Federal Censuses Mean.)  However, that is not how it is with much of the data on these CDs, which have the genders THE OTHER WAY AROUND! 

If you wish to confirm that this switching of genders has occurred, just check the entries on CD-312 for the following names in the state of  Pennsylvania.  I deliberately searched for entries that had households of only one gender and with the head-of-household having a given name of unambiguous gender:
Susannah Abbington 00110-00000
Mary Abbott 31020-00000
Rachell Abbott 10010-00000
Mary Adams 00101-00000
Paul Abbott 00000-00001
John Adams 00000-00010
Martin Adams 00000-00100
Mathew Adams 00000-00110

I also checked my 1810 Census Index (CD-313). Here, the Virginia entries have females first, while the New York entries have males first.

Here are some VA, 1810 examples:
William Abbot 00000-00100
James Abbott 00000-00100
William Abernathy 00000-00100
Jonathan Ackiss 00000-00100
John Acklen 00000-00010
Edward Adams 00000-00100
Lucy Abbott 00021-00000
Betey Adams 11010-00000
Prudence Adams 02010-00000

In point of fact, I came across one inconsistent entry for VA in 1810, namely:
David Abbey 00001-00000

but all the others I found were as above, with females first.

Here are a few NY in 1810 entries, which don't appear to be affected:
David Abbot 00100-00000
Calvin Abbott 20010-00000
William Abeel 00001-00000
Catharine Abraham 00000-00011
Betey Ackerman 00000-00101
Mary Ackerman 00000-01021

I haven't checked all counties or all states.

11 Dec 1998

Justine Gengras responded that the 1800 Maine data, on CD-312,  are also switched.

8 Jan 1998

I just ran a check on the census data for Kentucky in 1810 (CD-313) using the same method described in my initial message. Here are the results for five single-gender households:
ADAM, William J 00000-00100
ADAMS, George 00000-00100
ADAMS, James 00000-00010
ADAMS, Ann 10101-00000
AMIS, Catherine 30100-00000

23 Oct 1999

I was just working with the census data from Pendleton Co., SC, and found that the numerical data for 1800 (CD-312) has the genders switched.  I have not checked other SC counties, but my guess would be that they are switched also.  Here are some examples from Pendleton Co., SC, in 1800:
Adams, Thomas 00000-00010
Canciller, John 00000-00001
Cannon, James 00000-01001
Bryant, Kitty 11001-00000
Calloway, Jane 01101-00000
Cannon, Anne 00001-00000

10 Nov 1999

I just discovered the genders switched on a record for St. Clair Co., IL, in 1820 (CD-314).   It's easy to tell there's been a switch in 1820 because this is the one census year when the number of age classes for the two genders is not equal.  See What the Numbers in the Federal Censuses Mean

14 Nov 1999

Confirmation that Somerset Co., PA, is effected for 1800 (CD-312):
Baker, Mary PA Somerset Co. p. 549 10100-00000
Baker, Sarah PA Somerset Co. p. 508 11010-20000
Baker, Philip PA Somerset Co. p. 528 00000-00200

11 Dec 1999

Confirmation that Northumberland Co., PA, is effected for 1800 (CD-312):
Allison, John PA Northumberland Co. p. 787 00000-00001-00
Anner, Thomas PA Northumberland Co. p. 787 00000-01101-00
Baker, William PA Northumberland Co. p. 668 00000-01001-00
Aouty, Mrs. PA Northumberland Co. p. 749 20010-10000-00
Bage, Mrs. PA Northumberland Co. p. 837 10011-00000-00
Barber, Mrs. PA Northumberland Co. p. 716 00001-00000-00

19 Dec 1999

I have discovered that the genders for 1800 in Washington Co., MD, (CD-312) have been switched:
Arclebaugh, Mary 01001-01000-00
Belch, Widow 00001-00000-00
Beltz, Mary 10010-10000-00
Binkly, Catherine 00001-00000-00
Book, Widow 00101-00000-00
Borm, Agnus 00001-00000-00
Baird, John 00000-00010-01
Beades, Benjamin 00000-00100-06
Bond, George 00000-00001-00

14 Jan 2000

I have discovered that the genders for 1800 in Rutland Co., VT (CD-312) have been switched:
Cheney, Samuel VT Rutland Co. Rutland 00000-00010-00

10 Feb 2000 

I have discovered that the genders for 1800 in Mecklenburg Co., NC (CD-312) have been switched.  See Sylvester Wyatt page.  The Ancestry.com database has the data correct. 

19 Oct 2000

I have discovered that the genders for 1800 in Worcester Co., MA (CD-312) have been switched.  One can probably assume that the data in other counties are also switched, but I would check to be certain if using data from another county.  (Ancestry.com does not appear to have this county in their database.)
Adams, Abigail 00001-00000-00
Adams, Hannah 21010-00000-00
Adams, Polly (widow) 00110-01000-00
Ainsworth, Hannah 00001-00000-00
Albee, Mary (widow) 00011-00000-00
Allen, Mary 00001-00000-00
Allen, Molley 00201-00000-00
Amesdenn, Rhoda 31010-00000-00
Aldrich, Jacob 00000-00001-00
Allen, Timothy 00000-00001-00
Andrews, Samuel 00000-00001-00

2 Nov 2000

I've just confirmed that the genders are switched in 1800 for Bucks Co., PA:
William Barnsley 00000-01100-00
Mathias Bennet 00000-20010-00
Elizabeth Baker 00010-00000-00
Eliza Banes 00001-00000-11
Widow Behtel 00101-00000-00
Ann Benezet 00021-00000-40

1 Dec 2000

I've just confirmed that the genders are switched in 1800 for Caledonia Co., VT:
Enoch Bailey 00000-0001000
John Barker 00000-0000000
Jesse Bridgeman 00000-0001000
Alex Buchanan 00000-0001000
Moses Buchannan 00000-0010000
Widow Cate 31101-1000000
Widow Gibson 00100-1000000
Widow Gilman 00101-0000000
Widow Hendrick 10100-0000000

7 Dec 2000 

The records of Lawrence Co., MS, in 1820 have the genders switched.  Also, records start in the F's (see this page regarding missing records). 
John Field 00000-0000100
Jobe Foster 00000-0001000
Harris Freeman 00000-0001000
John Freeman 00000-0000100
James Gideon 00000-0001000
Eliza Nelson 00100-0100010
Rhodah Price 21001-3110000
Ann Sellers 00001-0000000

15 Dec 2000

Rockingham Co., NC. 1800 some records appear switched, and some not.

Robert Chandler 10100-00000-00
Thomas Chayce 00101-00000-00
William Cottrell 21010-20000-00
Taylor Lindsay 00111-00000-03
John Oglion 00100-00000-02

John Charters 00000-0120002
James Cork 10000-1010000
Bartholomew Crogan 11000-1001001
Joseph Cuningham 00101-0000000
George Deatheridge 00000-1001020
James Erwin 20000-2200100
William Fretwell 00000-0010000
Abner Gibson 40100-1000000
Christopher Hand 00000-1210110
Wyatt King 00000-0001001
John Lenox 00000-0000200
Robert McKay 00000-0010000
Valentine Mileham 00201-0000000
Hugh Mills 00000-0010002
Nathaniel Murry 00000-0110001
Richard Oakly 21101-2000000

Martha Challis 01000-00001-09
Elizabeth Galloway 20000-00010-09
Sarah Hays 00000-00301-14
Mary Hubbard 10000-00101-00
Lucindea Perrage 00000-20010-00

Sarah Barnes 00110-1200000
Mary Cobler 00011-0000010
Patsy Combs 10010-1000000
Nancy Davis 00301-0000000
Rachel Dorson 11010-2000000
Sarah Duncan 10101-0000000
Agnes Faling 00101-0000000
Susana Fitts 11110-100000
Mary Grogan 00001-0000000
Mary Linder 21111-0000010
Mary Martin 12010-1000000
Nancy Norris 12110-0000000
Rachel Overton 30010-0000000

10 Sep 2001

I just discovered the genders are switched in Oneida Co., NY, in 1800.

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