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An Illustrated Heraldic Bibliography for American BROWN(E)
I descend from a BROWN born in New Hampshire (ca. 1806), and he has been a brick wall for family genealogists for decades.  It has long been alleged that he descends from the armorial BROWNs of Lavenham, Suffolk, but no paper connection to them or to an alleged cousin descended from them had been made. 

The problem with armorial ancestors is that everyone wants to connect to them, so the pedigrees containing them are often erroneous.  With the advent of Y-DNA testing, we finally have a powerful tool for exposing bad connections and breaking down brick walls for these BROWN families.  This prospect led me to begin work on the armorial BROWNs who immigrated early to New England, hence this page, which is definitely still under construction.

The basis for finally, and accurately, identifying these families has to be Y-DNA testing as the unequivocal and final arbiter of relatedness.  This will require finding and testing individuals with solidly documented pedigrees who can become the standard for their family, a task made difficult by the fact that the BROWN Y-DNA Surname Project at FamilyTreeDNA (as of this writing) does not include pedigree information or even earliest ancestor for a large number of its members.

As for "my" BROWNs, Y-DNA testing has brought these advances:  we have a match with three other BROWN descendants, all with an origin in New England, but also at a brick wall.  I continue to work on their genealogy in the hopes of adding a paper connection to the genetic ones.  The alleged cousin with the alleged descent from the Lavenham BROWNs appears to be neither.  We are not a DNA match with him, and I've found a bad connection in his paper genealogy, so he appears not to be a Lavenham BROWN, either.
There are many more armigerous BROWN(E)s in the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland) who may or may not have had descendants emigrate to the United States; they are listed on a separate page.  I'm not giving this "British Isles" page any priority, so it will likely remain fragmentary in its coverage.

Regarding the illustrations:  wherever one was available in the source, I extracted it and give it below; however, most sources (see Bibliography below) are not illustrated.  In those cases, I've rendered the arms, myself, based on the blazon (written description), in which case the image is dependent on the accuracy of the blazon and my (limited) expertise interpreting it.  So, unless otherwise noted, all renderings below are mine.  If you see any errors, please don't hesitate to correct me.

If you would like to use one of these images to represent your family on your personal genealogy web site, you are welcome to do so, but if you are a commercial web site, you do not have permission to use them.  I rendered these using Armorial Gold clipart, and you can do the same.  If you make your own, you're free to use them any way you want.

If you need help with the arcane terminology, James Parker's,Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry, is an excellent source.

Edmund BROWNE of Lavenham
Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms:  Argent on a bend Sable, three eagles displayed of the field.




Lineage.—EDMUND BROWNE, of Lavenham, Suffolk, probably of the same family as Thomas Browne of that place, who entered his pedigree at the visitation of 1664, as the son of Robert Browne, and bore arms...

Edmund Browne was bapt. at Somerton, Suffolk, 4 Nov. 1576 ; m. at Lavenham, Aug. 1603, Anne Woder, and was the father of
1.  THOMAS, of whom presently.
2.  Edmund (Rev.), went to Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1638, Minister at Sudbury, Mass...

The elder son THOMAS BROWN, of Lavenham, Suffolk, and afterwards of Sudbury, Massachusetts, whither he went with his brother, Edmund...

Burke (1939/1996: 2584)

Please Note:  the arms actually belong to Robert BROWNE.  In Edmund's baptismal record, his father was named, William.  Unless William can be connected to Robert, these are not proven to be Edmund's arms, so if you descend from Edmund, it's probably not a good idea to get too attached to them at this point.

William BROWNE of Salem, 1635
According to an article in the Essex Antiquarian (1909 13:159), the Hon. William1 BROWNE, Esq. (1608-1688) immigrated to Salem, Massachusetts, in 1635.  He is "said to have" descended on this line in England:
Simon1 BROWNE of Browne Hall, Lancashire, 1540; removed to Brundish, Suffolk
__Thomas2 BROWNE (-1608) of Brundish, Suffolk
____Thomas3 BROWNE (-1626) of Brundish, Suffolk
______William4 BROWNE (1608-1668), youngest son of Thomas3 and our immigrant.
I don't yet know to what degree this line has since (1909) been proven or disproven.


•  Col. Samuel BROWNE (1669-1731) of Salem, MA
•  Capt. John BROWNE (1672-1719) of Salem, MA
•  Mary (BROWNE) LYNDE (1679-1753) of Salem, MA
•  William Burnet BROWNE (1738- ) of Elsing, VA
 Unknown Connection:
•  Edward BROWN (1680-1737) of Newbury, MA
Col. Samuel3 BROWNE, Esq. (1669-1731) of Salem  [William2, William1]
Crest Arms Blazon Sources
  Arms:  Argent on a bend double cotised Sable three eagles displayed Argent. 1. Browne, Col. Samuel (Salem, Mass, 1669-1731) — Gore Roll of Arms; arms engraved on a two-handled cup given to Harvard College and a flagon given to the First Church of Salem, 1731.  The Harvard cup has only single cotises and is engraved reversed...

Hall, Collins, & McMillan

Arms:  Arg on a bend [Sa] double cotised [of the same] 3 eagles displ of the field.

Crest:  An eagle of the field.

Alt Crest:  same plus 2 bends Sa in each wing. 

     Engr. on flagon from Hon. Samuel Browne, [1669-]1731, First Church, Salem, Mass.  Old Sil. Am. Ch., p. 421.

   Bookplate I. Coffin Jones Brown, but the eagle of the crest has 2 bends sa in each wing.

   Also on two-handled cup from Col. Samuel Browne of Salem, 1731, to Harvard College (Curio, 1888, p. 21).

Also on tray made by Hurd, owned by Mrs. Lucy T. Richardson, Jamaica Plain, Mass.  Seen by L. Park, 1923.

Bolton (1927: 24)

John Coffin Jones BROWN (1829-1911) was a frequent contributor to the NEHGR and a member of its Committee on Heraldry.  An article there shows him to be a descendant of Edward1 BROWN (1680-1737) of Newbury, MA [John Coffin Jones5, Capt. Nathan4, Capt. Nicholas3, Capt. Edward2, Edward1)].  So, how does Edward of Newbury connect to this family? 

Jackson (1943: 358).

Arms: Argent, on a bend doubly cotised Sable three eagles displayed Argent.

Crest: An eagle Argent, charged with a bar gemel Sable, beaked and legged Or.

Samuel Brown, Esq., of Salem, Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, Col. of the First Regiment of Foot, co. of Essex, and one of his Majesty's Council.

U.S. Heraldic Registry (#20061016T)

Capt. John3 BROWNE (1672-1719) of Salem [William2, William1]
Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms:  Argent on a bend double cotised Sable three eagles displayed Argent...  with a crescent Gules in sinister chief for difference. 2.  Browne, John (Salem, Mass, 1672-1719) — Gore Roll of Arms, dated 1713...

Hall, Collins, & McMillan

Arms: Argent, on a bend doubly-cotised Sable three eagles displayed Argent, a crescent Gules for difference in sinister chief.

Crest: An eagle displayed Argent legged and langued Gules

Capt. John Browne of Salem, in the County of Essex, merchant.

U.S. Heraldic Registry (#20061016H)

Essex Antiquarian
I'm sorry the image isn't clearer, but this was the best I could manage from the page available online.  Even so, you can still make out the elements of both the arms and the crest.  But what's that "ball" between the shield and the crest? CAPT. JOHN BROWN (1672-1719) of Salem.  The image is of the seal on his will.

Essex Antiquarian (1909. 13:160A)

Arms:  Argent, on a bend Sable doubly cotised of the same, three eagles displayed of the field; a cresent Sable for difference.

Crest:  An eagle displayed Argent on the wings two bars, Sable.

BROWNE.  Massachusetts.
John Browne, Salem.

Crozier (1904/1957:29)

Mary3 (BROWNE) LYNDE (1679-1753) of Salem  [William2, William1]
Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms:  Quart of 6: 1: Gu on a chief or 3 crosses potent gu; 2: Gu 3 lions' gambs erased Arg (Newdigate) 3:  Az on a fleur-de-lis Arg (Digby); 4: Arg on a bend double cotised Sa 3 eagles displayed Arg (Browne); 5: Arg fretty Gu a chief Az (Curwen); 6: Per chev embatt Sa and Or 3 panthers' faces erased counterchanged (Smith of Buckingham, Norfolk). Lynde...
Painting of escutcheon for Benjamin Lynde, Jr. [c1675-1745] of Salem, Mass., by Thomas Johnston, dated 1740.  Whitmore's Elem. of Her., p. 71.

Bolton (1927: 107)

William Burnet5 BROWNE (1738- ) of Elsing Green, Virginia [William4, Samuel3, William2, William1]
Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms:  Argent on a bend double cotised Sable, three spread eagles of the first.

Crest:  An eagle displayed Argent, on the wings two bars Sa.

BROWNE.  King Wiliam county.
Herbert Claiborne, born 7 Apr., 1746, of King William Co., married, 2nd, a daughter of William Burnet Browne of Elsing Green, who settled a large estate upon his eldest grandson upon condition of his taking the name of William Burnet Browne.  William [p. 25] Burnet was a son of William Browne of Beverly, Mass., who married a daughter of William, the son of Bishop Gilbert Burnet, and was Provincial Governor of New York and Massachusetts.
In case you had trouble following the above, here is the line:
Gilbert BURNET (1643-1715), Bishop of Salisbury & Mary SCOTT
__ William BURNET (1687/8-1729), Governor & Mary VAN HORNE
____William4 BROWNE (1709-1763) of Beverly, MA & Mary BURNET
______William Burnet5 BROWNE (1738- ) of Elsing, VA & Judith Walker CARTER
________Herbert CLAIBORNE (1746-) & Mary Burnet6 BROWNE
__________William Burnet CLAIBORNE-BROWN (1782-1833)

I tint the rest of the entry grey because it is in error.

He traced descent from Sir Thomas Browne, Treasurer of the Household to Henry VI., from whom in succession Sir Anthony, Standard Bearer to Henry VII., and Sir Anthony, created Viscount Montacute
The Viscounts Montacute are a different BROWNE family with a different coat of arms (see below).
Crozier (1908: 24-25).
Arms:  Argent on a bend double cotised Sable three eagles displayed Argent. 3.  Browne, William Burnet (of Elsing Green, King William Co., Va, 1792-1833).

Hall, Collins, & McMillan

This is the grandson mentioned above who, by blood, is a CLAIBORNE.  Does he really have a right to the arms just because he changed his name?

Rev. Chad BROWNE of Providence, 1638
Crest Arms Blazon Sources

The bars on the wings are drawn in the image, though they're not mentioned in the blazon.

Filled-in "black" areas are not printed as such in any of Matthews's images.


The eagles in the image have their wings "inverted" (partially folded) as opposed to the usual "elevated" (spreadwing) posture; when no posture is specified, elevated is assumed.


Arms:  Sable, three eagles in bend between two cotises Argent.

Crest: An eagle displayed.

Matthews's blazon is incomplete and, thus, ambiguous.  It literally indicates a black shield with everything on it silver (white), but I wonder if this isn't just a case of bad syntax.


of Rev. Chad Brown, first pastor, 1st Baptist Church in Am., Providence, R.I., 1636).

Matthews (1991: IV-97b)

Are there two Elisha Rhodes BROWNs?  (See below.) 

Lineage.— CHAD BROWNE, of High Wycombe, Bucks, the Founder of this branch of the family in America, left England in 1638 on the Martin, landed at Boston, Mass., and settled at Providence, R.I...

Burke (1939/1996: 2585)


BROWNE / BROWN of Betchworth — Viscounts Montacute
 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms:  Sa, three lions passant, in bend, between two double cotisses, Arg. BROWNE—VISCOUNTS MONTACUTE, OR MONTAGU.

SIR ANTHONY BROWNE, who was made knight of the Bath at the coronation of King RICHARD II...

Burke (1883:

In the window, the shield appears bordured, but so do the other shields at Brownlow House, so I suspect it's an artifact of being formed in glass.  None of the blazons mention a bordure .
(Detail of above)
It's not uncommon for a lion passant to be shown guardant (facing the viewer), without it being stipulated, though it should be.  So, was a guardant lion limited to this one family, or should they all be shown guardant?

Motto: Suivez raison.

Irish Heraldry:  Brownlow House, Lurgan - Heraldry.  Blog by Seamus BELLEW.

"...Charles Brownlow, 2nd Baron Lurgan was born on 10 April 1831. He married Hon. Emily Anne Browne, daughter of John Cavendish Browne, 3rd Baron Kilmaine and Elizabeth Lyon, on 20 June 1853. He died on 15 January 1882 at aged 50. He was invested as a Knight, Order of St. Patrick (K.P.).

"The arms of the spouses [MacDonald, Dawson and Kilmaine (Browne)] of the three children of the first Lord Lurgan are depicted on stained glass at Brownlow."

Arms:  Sable, three lions passant bendways, between two double cotises Argent.

Crest:  A buck's head erased ppr. attired and ducally gorged Or.

Motto:  Follow reason.

BROWNE.  Massachusetts.
Thomas Browne, Concord, 1632.

Crozier (1904/1957: 29)

Arms:  Sable three lions passant bendways between two double cotises Argent. Browne, Thomas (of Concord, Mass, 1632)
-   Same arms as Thomas Browne, of Concord, quartering those of Tristram Coffin, Boston, Mass. BROWNE.  South Carolina.
Rev. Henry Bascom Brown, President of S.C. Conference Historical Society, Sumter.

Crozier (1904: 29)

Arms:  Sa 3 lions pass in bend bet 2 double cotises Arg.

Crest:  a buck's head erased ppr attired and ducally gorged Or.

Motto:  Suivez raison.

Bust of Rev. Marmaduke Browne in Newport, R.I., burying ground, with arms at head of indcription.

Bolton (1927: 24)

Arms:  Sa 3 lions pass in bend bet 2 cotises (?).

Crest:  a griffin's head erased Vert (?).

Browne (?)...
Very old canvas hatchment owned 1923 by Misses Emma and Elizabeth Harris, Holyoke Pl., Cambridge.  Benjamin Lynde married Mary Browne of Salem.  Ancestors of the Harrises.

Bolton (1927: 24)

The Mary BROWNE who married Benjamin LYNDE is a descendant of William of Salem, 1635, not this family.
Arms:  Sa. three lions pass. in bend betw. two double cottises Ar.

Crest:  An eagle disp. Vert.

Supporters:  two wolves Ar. with each a plain collar and chain Or.

Motto:  Suivez raison.

Browne (Viscount Montagu; derived from Sir ANTHONY BROWNE, K.B. at the coronation of Richard, II.; the heiress m. POYNTZ).

Crozier (1904: 132)



Arms:  Sa. three lions pass. in bend Ar. betw. two double cottises of the last.

Crest:  An eagle displ. Vert.

Supporters:  dexter a talbot ppr., gorged with a baron's coronet; sinister a horse Ar.

Motto:  Suivez raison.

Browne (Marquess of Sligo).

Crozier (1904: 132)

Arms:  Sa. three lions pass. in bend betw. two double cottises Ar., a cresent for diff.

Crest:  An eagle displ. Vert.

Supporters:  two lions reguard. Ar. ducally crowned, plain collared and chained Or.

Motto:  Suivez raison.

Browne (Lord Kilmaine.  See BROWNE of the Neale).

Crozier (1904: 132)


BROWNE of Snelston, Derbyshire
(Nathaniel BROWNE's male line became extinct with a great-grandson who died ca. 1752.)
Crest  Arms Blazon Sources

Although the blazon calls for the griffin to be "collared," a collar is not shown in the image.

Arms:  Sable, three lions passant in bend between two cotises Argent, in chief a trefoil slipped ermine.

Crest:  A griffin's head erased Vert, eared beaked and collared Or, charged on the neck with a trefoil slipped ermine.

NATHANIEL BROWNE, of Hartford, Conn., 1654, grandson of Sir William BROWNE, Lt.-Gov. of Flushing, Holland.

Matthew (1907/1991: II-Addenda-14)

Note:  Nathaniel BROWNE is a "gateway" ancestor to such lineage societies as the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne, the Military Order of the Crusades, and the Baronial Order of Magna Charta through surviving female lines.
    Arms: Sable three lions passant in bend cotised Silver, in chief a trefoil slipped ermine.

Crest:  A griffin's head erased Sable (?Vert) ears, beak and collar Gold, charged on the neck with a trefoil slipped ermine.

361.  BROWNE, Nathaniel, of the family of Browne of Snelston, Derbyshire, England; of Hartford, Connecticut, ca. 1633-4.

Beckwith (2013: 123; Plate 361)

    Arms:  Sable three lions passant in bend between two cotises Argent, in sinister chief a trefoil slipped Ermine. Browne, Nathaniel (Hartford, Conn, 1654)... Grandson of Sir William Browne of Flushing, Neth.; family orig. of Snelston, Derbys.

Hall, Collins, & McMillan; citing Matthews and NEHGS


 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms:  Sa 3 bends gemelles bet 3 lions pass.

[We're not told what the colors are, beyond that the field is black.  I'm being as conservative as possible and making everything else silver (white).]

Crest:  an eagle displ.
Motto:  Patria cara, carior libertas.

Bookplate David Paul Brown, Phila. C.P. Harrison, sc.

Bolton (1927: 24).


 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
- - John BROWNE, Sr. (1583-1662) of Hawkedon, SFK, to Swansea, MA.

BROWNE of Norwich, London, and Virginia
 Crest Arms Blazon Sources Comments
  Arms:  Erm on a bend Gu 3 lions ramp Or.

Crest:  A griffin's head.

Wax seal on will of Buckner Browne of Essex County, Va., probated at Tappahannock, 19 Aug., 1735. Wm. & Mary Quar., Jan. 1894, p. 157.

Bolton (1927: 24)

In a cursory online search, I can find no other mention of a person named "Buckner BROWNE," but there is much online regarding Buckingham BROWN (b. 3 Jan 1671, London; d. 1 Feb 1735, Essex Co., VA), including this ancestry:
Richard BROWNE & Constance HARVEY
Thomas BROWNE & Elizabeth BERKENHEAD
Thomas BROWNE (-1613) & Anne GARRAWAY
Sir Thomas BROWNE (1605-1682) of Norwich
      & Dorothy MILEHAM
Clemment BROWNE (1639-1671) of London
     & Mary GLEBE
Buckingham BROWNE (1671-1735) of London & VA
     & Elizabeth MESTICHE

Please note that while his will was proved at Tappahannock, county seat of Essex County, that fact does not establish that he lived in Tappahannock.


  Arms:  Ermine on a bend Gules three lions rampant Or.

Crest:  A griffin's head.

BROWNE.  Essex county.
Wax seal on the will of Buckner Browne of Essex, probated at Tappahannock 19 Aug., 1735.

Crozier (1908: 23)

  Arms:  Ermine on a bend Gules three lions rampant Or. Browne, Buckner [or Buckingham] (d. ca. 1735, Essex County, Va)... Arms on wax seal on his will.

Hall, Collins, & McMillan


BROWNE of Plymouth
 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
  - Arms:  Sable a lion Silver a bend checky Gold and Azure.

Crest:  A demi-lion Silver.

54.  BROWNE, John.  Plymouth Colony, New England.

Beckwith (2013:12; Plate 54)

Arms:  Sable a lion rampant Argent debruisesd by a bend checky Or and Azure. Browne, John (to Plymouth, Mass, ca 1632).

Hall, Collins, & McMillan citing NEHGS, A Roll of Arms

Arms:  A lion ramp debruised by a bend charged with a cross.

Crest:  Possibly a mascle. Later a demi-lion ramp was used.

Seal of James Browne of Plymouth, 1668, son of John, on a deed.  (Life, by Geo. Tilden Brown, p. 9.)  Similar to Browne of Cheshire.  Seal owned 1920 by Col. Cyrus P. Brown of St. Paul. Minn.

Bolton (1927: 24)


BROWNE of Tolethorpe Manor, Rutland, and Stamford, Lincolnshire
 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms (as granted to Christopher Browne by Edward IV in 1480):  Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per bend Argent and Sable, three mascles in bend counterchanged; 2nd and 3rd, Sable, three mallets Argent, two and one.

ROLLIN BROWNE, of New York, N.Y., and Fanton Hill, Westport, Conn...

Lineage.—The BROWNES were established in the County of Lincoln from early medieval times, and attaned great prosperity in the wool trade. 
        The first of whom definite record has been traced is JOHN BROWNE, of Stamford, Co. Lincoln, b. ca. 1330, Alderman of Stamford (i.e., Chief Magistrate of the town, which had no Mayor until the time of Charles II), who purchased from Sir Thomas de Burton, Kt., the Manor of Tolethorpe, in the Parish of Little Casterton, Co. Rutland, which subsequently became the chief seat of the family...

Burke (1939/1996: 2586)


Note the quarters are
reversed from the above.
Arms:  Quart 1 and 4: Sa 3 mallets Arg; 2 and 3: Per bend Arg and Sa 3 mascles in bend (Browne).

Crest:  A demi-stork with wings expanded and neck nowed ppr.

Motto:  A prendre amourir.

Bookplate Edward Ingersoll Browne, Boston.  See Heral. Jour., vol. 4, p. 26.

Bolton (1927: 24)

Arms:  Per bend Argent and Sable, three mascles, in bend counterchanged.

Crest:  A stork's head, couped and knowed at the neck, between two wings, Argent.

Motto:  Appendré a mourir.

BROWNE.  Massachusetts.
Christopher Browne, Watertown.

Crozier (1904/1957: 29).

  Arms:  Party bendwise Silver and Sable three mascles in bend counterchanged.

Crest:  A demi-crane displayed neck knotted, in its beak a scroll lettered "A prendre amourir."

Torse: Gold and Azure.

Mantling: Sable doubled Silver.

710.  BROWNE, Edward, of Achurch cum Waterville, Northants; to Maryland 1634.

Beckwith (2013: 265-266)

  Arms:  Sable, three square hammers (i.e., mallets) argent. BROWNE, co. Rutland.


  Argent, a fesse between three mallets sable. BROWNE.


Arms:  Argent, two lions passant in pale Sable. BROWN.  Massachusetts.
John Brown, Boston, 1632.
(Stamford, Lincoln.)

Said to be descendant of John BROWNE (1312-1377) of Tolethorpe Manor, Co. Rutland, and Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Crozier (1904/1957: 29)

Arms: Argent two lions passant in pale Sable. Hall, Collins, & McMillan

BROWN of Dublin, Ireland
Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms:  Per pale, Argent and Sable, a double-headed eagle displayed counter-changed.

Crest:  An eagle displayed Vert.

Motto:  Suivez la raison.

of New York City (Eldest son of Edward Brown, b June 2, 1815, d May 27, 1898, m March 11, 1837, Eliza James Marsh, d. Dec. 18, 1883; son of Robert and Sarah (Cox) Brown ; son of Robert Brown)...

Matthews (1907/1991: I-205)

Robert1 BROWN (1738-1790) of Dublin, IRL, to NYC
Robert2 BROWN (1763-1827) & Sarah COX
Edward3 BROWN (1815-1898) & Eliza Jane MARSH
Edward Marsh4 BROWN (1838- ) & Adelaide MAYHER


Arms:  Per pale, Argent and Sable a double-headed eagle displayed counter-changed.

Crest:  An Eagle displayed vert.

Motto:  Suivez la raison.

BROWN.  New York.
Edward Brown, New York, 1815.

Crozier (1904/1957: 29)

Per pale Argent and Sable a double-headed eagle displayed counterchanged. Hall, Collins, & McMillan

Crest Arms Blazon Sources
  Arms:  Arg a two-headed eagle displ Sa.  Impaling:  Or on a chief Sa 3 crescents Or (Preston).

Crest:  A griffin's head erased.

Motto:  Fortiter et fideliter.

Bookplate: John Mason BROWN

Bolton (1927: 23)


BROUN / BROWN / BROWNE of Colston, Scotland
Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms:  Gu. a chev. betw. three fleurs de lis Or.

Crest:  A lion ramp. holding in his dexter paw a fleur-de-lis Or.

Motto:  Floreat majestas.

Brown or Broun (Colstonn co. Haddington, bart., 1686.  In 1718 Coulston went to the heiress, whose granddau. and heir was the late Marchioness of Dalhousie, and the baronetcy to the Thornydike branch).

Burke (1884: 131)

Arms:  Gu a chevron between three fleurs de lys Or.  BROWNE of Colston (1672-7).

Paul (1903: 56)

Arms:  Gules, a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis Or.

Crest:  A demi-lion rampant, chained.

John BROWNE, planter, of Talbot County, Maryland, d 1698.

(1907/1991: II-Addenda-14).

Arms:  Gules a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis Or. Browne, John (d. 1698, Talbot Co., Md.)... Undifferenced Scottish arms of Broun of Colstoun.

Crest Arms Blazon Sources
Arms:  Gu on a chev bet 3 leopards' faces Or 3 escallops Az.

Crest:  A cubit arm vested Gu [hand Gu also] holding erect a dagger Arg hilted or enfiled with a face of the shield.

Very old hatchment painted on wood 20 x 20 inches owned by Harry Reed Draper, Ayer, Mass.  His g. g. mother was Ruth Browne, desc. of Dea. Wm. Browne of Sudbuy, Mass.  Thos. and Rev. Edmund were his contemporaries there.

Bolton (1927: 24)

Obviously, something doesn't jibe here, but it remains to be seen where the error lies.
  Arms:  Gules, on a chevron between three leopards' heads cabossed Argent, as many escallops Azure.

Crest:  Out of a mural coronet Gules a crane's head erased ermine, charged on the neck with an escallop Azure.

Motto:  Verum atque decens.

BROWN.  Pennsylvania.
Frank R. Brown, Philadelphia, 1891.

Crozier (1904/1957: 29)

  Arms:  Gu on a chev Arg bet 3 leopards' faces of the same 3 escallops ppr.

Crest:  A cubit arm habited Gu holding a sword piercing a leopard's face through the neck. 

Oval water color (old), 3 x 2½ in., owned by Thomas BROWNE, Sr., of Portland, Me., 1790.  Done in England.  Now owned (1915) by Herbert Browne, 66 Beacon St., Boston.  Another water color (abt. 1850), 8 x 5 in. framed.

Bolton (1927: 24)

Arms:  Gules on a chevron between three leopards' faces Argent three escallops proper. Browne, Thomas (of Portland, Me, 1790)... Arms on oval watercolor.

Hall, Collins, & McMillan


Crest Arms Blazon Sources
- - Arms:  Gu a chev Or bet 3 lions gambs Arg on a chief Or an eagle displ Sa a bordure Or.

Crest:  A griffin's head erased.

Motto: Gaudeo.

Bookplates: John Carter Brown and John Nicholas Brown, R.I.  Also seal ring of the latter.  Also on façade of Jno. Carter Brown Library, Providence, with ermine symbols instead of gambs.  Arms used also on Brown residence.

Bolton (1927: 24)

- - Arms:  Gu a chev Arg bet 3 lions gambs.  On a chief Arg an eagle displ Sa.

Crest: A lion's gamb.

Bookplate A.G. Browne, Jr.

Bolton (1927: 24)


 Crest Arms Blazon Families Sources
Arms:  Az 3 bucks trippant Or.

Crest: A stag's head erased.

Motto:  Nec timeo nex sperno.

Bookplate: Harold Winthrop Brown.

Bolton (1927: 23)

Arms:  Az 3 stags trippant ppr.

Crest: A buck's head erased ppr [attired Or?].

Motto:  Nec timeo nec sperno.

Bookplate:  Elisha Rhodes Brown.
Also of Harold Winthrop Brown.

Bolton (1927: 23)

Are there two Elisha Rhodes BROWNs?  (See above.)  Or is this an error on the part of Bolton?

 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
- - Arms:  Arg 3 pheonix (sic) rising from the flames.  Impaling: Gu 3 fleurs-de-lis Arg on a chief Or 3 hearts Gu.

Crest:  A pheonix (sic) rising.

Motto:   Toujours loyal.

Bookplate:  John Lewis BROWN, Jr.

Bolton (1927: 23)


 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
- - Arms:  1st and 4th, Or, a chev. Gu. surmounted by another erminois betw. two escallops in chief of the second and in base a rose also of the second, barbed and seeded ppr., BROWN: 2nd and 3rd, Az. a chev. dovetailed betw. in chief two roses and in base an escallop Ar., CORNISH;

Crests:  BROWN: a demi man ppr. wreathed round the temples Or and Gu. charged on the body with five escallops saltireways Gold, and in the dexter hand a battle axe ppr.; CORNISH: upon a ragged staff Or, a Cornich chough wings expanded, ppr.

Motto:  Deu pascit corvos.

Brown (CHAS. BROWN CORNISH-BROWN, Esq., of Sandford co. Derby, took name and arms of BROWN in addition, 14th Oct., 1863).

Burke (1884: 131)


 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
- - Arms:  Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Or, a bend Az. a canton erm.; 2nd and 3rd, per chev. nebulée Ar. and Az. three tilting spears two and one points upwards counterchanged.

Crest-1:  On an escallop Ar. a cross moline Gu. betw. fourn torteaux.

Crest-2:  A demi talbot ramp. Ar. pellettée holding a tilting spear erect Or.

Browne (GRAVER-BROWNE, Morley Hall, co. Norfolk).

Crozier (1904: 132)


 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
  - Arms:  Quart 1 and 4:  Arg a lion ramp Sa [Pownall]; 2 and 3: Gu a chev Arg bet 3 lions' gambs bendways erased Sa within a bordure Arg.  On a chief Arg an eagle displayed Sa (Browne).  Impaling:  Sa a lion rampant Arg.  On a canton of the last a gross Gu (Churchill).

Crest:  a lion's gamb Gu grasping a key Or, to which a chain is fixed.

Boston Society.  Painted on canvas for King's Chapel, 1886.  Thomas Pownall, gov. of Mass.  1757.

Bolton (1927: 107)


 Crest Arms Blazon Sources
- - Or, on a chevron engrailed azure bars wavy argent BROWNE.



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