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Rev. Chad BROWNE — of High Wycome
Husband:  Chaddeus / Chaddus / Chad BROWN / BROWNE
Birth:  ca. 1603, of High Wycome, BKM
Death:  ca. 1663
Event:  1642, ordained Pastor, First Baptist Church of Providence

[The average male marries at the age of 23.]

Marriage:  11 Sep 1626, High Wycombe Parish, Wycome Dist., BKM
Migration:  Jul 1638, made the crossing on the Martin; landed Boston, MA; settled Providence, RI
Wife:  Elizabeth SHARPAROWE
Birth:  ca. 1607
Death:  ca. 1672

[The average woman marries at the age of 19 and has her last child by the age of 43.]

— born in England:
1.  John BROWNE, b. ca. 1629

— presumably born in the 1630s or '40s in Providence, Providence Co., RI:
2.  James BROWNE 
3.  Jeremiah BROWNE; m. Mary __?__
4.  Judah BROWNE; d. 1663
5.  Daniel BROWNE; d. 29 Sep 1710; m. 25 Dec 1669, Alice HEARNDEN (1652->1718)
6.  Chad BROWNE 

[Last child little if any later than 1750.]

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1a.  Clarence Almon Torry.  1985.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA (reprinted 1997, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; online at AmericanAncestors.org [NEHGS]):
The locations are known residences of the husband, ending with the husband's place of death.  An entry in Torrey does not imply a marriage in New England; it only demonstrates the presence of a married couple there before 1700.  Torrey is a compilation of published sources, not primary records, so he should be considered a secondary source.
p. 216 BROWN, Chad & Elizabeth SHARPAROWE; in Eng, 11 Sep 1616, High Wycombe; Boston/Providence {Davol-Willets 40; Winthrop-Babcock 78+; Reg. 65:84, 80:74, 102:205; Palmer (#8) 394; Brady Anc. 92; Brown (1899) 9; Brown (1929) 11; Austin's Dict. 258; TAB 20:121; Carr (1947) 12}

1b.  F. Apthorp Foster, ed.  1911.  "NOTES."  The New England Historical and Genealogical Register.  Vol. LXV, January, No. 257, p. 84.
p. 84
...In Phillimore and Gurney's Buckinghamshire Parish Registers, vol. 6, pp. 10, 11, occur the following marriages at High Wycombe...
     Chaddus Browne & Eliz. Sharparowe  11 Sept. 1626...
The date of Chaddus Browne's marriage, as above, and the first name of his wife are right for Chad Browne of Rhode Island.  The locality seems likely, judging by the names of his associates as shown by Sylvester Baldwin's nuncupative will. ([unreadable] William P. Greenlaw; cf. Chad Browne Memorial, [unreadable] and Water's Genealogical Gleanings, vol. 1, p. 708.)

2.  William Bradford Browne.  1926.  "Chad Browne of Providence, R.I., and Four Generations of His Descendants."  The New England Historical and Genealogical Register.  80(January): 73-86; 80(April):170-185.
p. - -
p. 74 ...
1.  CHAD1 BROWNE, the immigrant ancestor of the well-known Rhode Island family that forms the subject of this article, arrived in Boston in the early part of July 1638, the the ship Martin, accoumpanied by his wife Elizabeth and his son John, aged 8 years.  His parentage and the date and place of his birth have not been discovered, but he married at High Wycombe, co. Bucks, England, 11 Sept. 1615, ELIZABETH SHARPAROWE,* who survived him and died probably about 1672.  He died in or before 1663, being mentioned as "deceased" in a deed from William Field of that year.†...
p. 76 Children, all except the first probably born at Providence:*
  2.   i.   JOHN,2 b. in England about 1629.
  3.   ii.   JAMES.
  4.   iii.   JEREMIAH.
    iv.   JUDAH.  The Friends' Records of Newport contian the following entry:  "Judah Brown the son of Chad Brown of Providence in the Colony of Rhode Island he dyed at Newport and was buried in the place given by Thomas Clifton upon 16d: 3mo: 1663."
  5.   v.   DANIEL
      vi.   CHAD.  He is regarded by "The Chad Browne Memorial" as idential with Juda; but the two names do not seem interchangeable.

.  Sir John Bernard Burke.  1996.  "Burke's American Families with British Ancestry." Pages 2529-3022 from Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry (1939, Burke's Peerage, London).  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD.
p. 2585

Lineage.—CHAD BROWNE, of High Wycombe, Bucks, the Founder of this branch of the family in America, left England in 1638 on the Martin, landed at Boston, Mass., and settled at Providence, R.I., where in 1642, he was ordained as Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Providence; he m. 11 Sept. 1626, Elizabeth Sharparowe (d. ca. 1672), and d. ca. 1663.  He was s. by his son,
DANIEL BROWN, of Providence, R.I.; m. 25 Dec. 1669, Alice (b. 1652; d. after 1718), dau. of Benjamin Hearnden and Elizabeth White, of Providence, R.I., and d. 29 Sept 1710...

.  William Richard Cutter.  1910.  "Memoirs..." The New England Historical Genealogical RegisterSupplement.  1910(Apr):lii-liii.
p. xlv The following pages contain obituary notices of members who died during the year 1909...
p. lii ALBERT WATERMAN BROWN of Providence, R.I., a resident member, elected in 1904, was born in Hopkinton, R.I., September 15, 1860, and died January 25, 1909.  He was the son of John Braman Brown, born in Hopkinton September 25, 1800, and Anstress Carvine Shippe, born in East Greenwich, Kent Co., R.I., July 14, 1821.  She was the daughter of Rufus and Elizabeth (Spencer) Shippee.  In his letter of acceptance he gave a long account of his ancestry, from which the following abstract is taken:

John Braman6 Brown was the son of Christopher5 Brown and Anna Braman (John Braman and Mercy Pooley, daughter of John).  Christopher, son of Zephaniah,4 served in the Revolution in Sullivan's expedition as a private.  Zephaniah4 Brown, who married Alice Wilson (Jeremiah Wilson and wife Mary Tefft), was the son of Samuel3 Brown and wife Mary; Samuel3 was the son of Jeremiah2 and wife Mary, who lived at Newport and Kingston, R.I.; and his father was Chad1 Brown, whose wife was Elizabeth.  Chad Brown came to Providence, R.I., in 1638, and surveyed the Home Lotts for the first settlers, later becoming the first settled pastor of the first Baptist church, and succeding Roger Williams...

p. - -

.  Anon.  1888.  The Chad Browne Memorial, consisting of Genelogical Memoirs of a Portion of the Descendants of Chad and Elizabeth Browne.  Self-published, Press of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY (online at books.google.com):
p. - -
p. - -
p. - -

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