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Col. Samuel BROWNE, Esq.
Abigail KEECH

Husband:  Samuel BROWNE
Birth:  8 [8th mo] 1669, Salem, Essex Co., MA
Death: 1731
Offices:  Selectman; Rep. to General Court; Member, Governor's Council; Justice, Court of General Sessions and Court of Common Pleas
Military Service:  Colonel of the Regiment 
Occupation:  merchant (said to be the greatest of his day in Essex County)
Father:  Maj. William BROWNE, Esq.
Mother:  Hannah CORWIN
Marriage-1:  19 Mar 1695/6
Wife-1:  Eunice TURNER
Birth:  of Salem, Essex Co., MA
Death:  by 1706
Marriage-2:  21 Feb 1705/6
Wife-2:  Abigail KEECH
Birth:  of Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Death:  8 Feb 1725
Children with Eunice TURNER:
Children with Abigail KEECH:
1.  Mary BROWNE, bapt. 4 Jan 1701/2; d. young
2.  Samuel BROWNE, b. 7 Apr 1708 ***
3.  William BROWNE, b. 7 May 1709 ***
4.  John BROWNE, b. 23 Dec 1713; d. young
5.  Benjamin BROWNE, bapt. 19 Feb 1715/6; d. by 24 Aug 1737
6.  John BROWNE, bapt. 10 Feb 1715/7; d. young
7.  Abigail BROWNE, bapt. 30 Aug, 1719
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1.  Anon.  1909.  "Descendants of William Browne of Salem." Essex Antiquarian (Salem, MA) XIII(1): 159-162 (online at NEHGS www.americanancestors.org and books.google.com; boldface added):
p. 160
COL. SAMUEL BROWNE3, born in Salem 8:8:1669.  He was a merchant, and lived in a fine house, the best in Salem.  It had seventeen rooms, was three stories in height, and was built by himself on what is now Derby square, or the Market place.  He was a selectman of the town, representative to the general court, member of the governor's council, justice of court of general sessions and of court of common pleas; and was called "esquire."  He had a fishing stage, etc., on Marblehead Neck in 1712; and he and his brother John bought the King farm in Lynn, of four hundred acres, in 1710.  He married, first, Miss Eunice Turner of Salem March 19, 1695-6; and she died  before 1706.  He married, second, Miss Abigail Keech of Boston Feb. 21, 1705-6; and she was the mother of his children.  She died Feb. 8, 1725.  He died in 1731, his will, dated March 23, 1730-1, being proved May 22, 1731.  He had a funeral that has become famous.  In his will he devised his homestead to his son Samuel.  He bequeathed to the First church of Christ in Salem, to purchase a silver flagon for the Lord's table, etc., seventy pounds; to the ministers of the four churches in Salem, viz., to Samuel Fiske fifteen pounds, Benjamin Prescot ten
p. 161 pounds, Peter Clarke ten pounds, and to William Jenison ten pounds; to the churches and parishes of Salem within the town bridge one hundred pounds, etc.; to the grammar school fifty pounds, etc.; to the reading and writing school fifty pounds, etc.; to a woman's school for teaching poor children fifty pounds, etc.; to Harvard college in Cambridge, to purchase plate for the college with, with my coat-of-arms upon it, sixty pounds," and also my houses and lands in Hopkinton, which I purchased of Eleazer Giles alias Leased of the college trustees," about two hundred acres, for the bringing up some poor scholars.  Colonel Browne had real estate in Lynn, Attleborough, Oxford, Brookfield, Hopkinton, Plymouth, Plympton, Gloucester, Marblehead, Stoughton, Ipswich, Springfield, and Hadley, as well as in several places in Salem; also in Colchester, New London, Hebron and Stafford, in Connecticut; and Prudence Island and Providence, in Rhode Island; and in Newington, in New Hampshire.
   Children, born in Salem:—
  27—I.   MARY4, bapt. Jan. 4, 1701-2; d. young.
  28—II.   SAMUEL4, b. April 7, 1708.  See below (28).
  29—III.   WILLIAM4, b. May 7, 1709.  See below (29).
  30—IV.   JOHN4, b. Dec. 23, 1713; d. young.
  31—V.   BENJAMIN4, bapt. Feb. 19, 1715-6; administration was granted upon his estate Aug. 24, 1737.
  32—VI.   JOHN4, bapt. Feb. 10, 1716-7; d. young.
  33—VII.   ABIGAIL4, bapt. Aug. 30., 1719...

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