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Historical Timeline of Events Relating to Early LYON Immigrants to America
Year Europe Massachusetts Connecticut
1620   Separatist pilgrims arrive on the Mayflower and establish Plymouth Colony  
1630 Puritan clergyman, Rev. Thomas Hooker, lecturer to the Church of St. Mary, Chelmsford, Essex, flees England for Holland Massachusetts Bay Colony settled by a group of about 1000 Anglican Puritans under the leadership of John Winthrop, later Governor of Colony; some settle at New Towne, across the Charles River from Boston (later, ca. 1648 in Connecticut, Thomas Lyon married a granddaughter of Gov. Winthrop)  
1632   First Church of Christ (Centre Congregational) was organized in New Towne; called themselves "Hooker's Company" in expectation of the arrival of Thomas Hooker  
1633 Puritan clergyman, John Davenport, Vicar of St. Stephens, London, flees England to found English Church in Amsterdam Rev. Thomas Hooker arrives in Massachusetts and assumes leadership of the church in New Towne the Dutch establish a fort at the upper navigable limit of the Connecticut River, in/near what would later become Hartford
1633-35     disgruntled Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony commence settlement of the Connecticut River Valley
1635     60 settlers came from New Towne, MA,  established a town that would later become Hartford
1635-38     disgruntled Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony commence settlement on southwestern coastal strip, including what later became New Haven
1636   Harvard College established at New Towne under the leadership of Thomas Hooker and Samuel Stone, most of the congregation of the First Church of Christ of New Towne, MA, moved to the settlement that would, in 1637, be named Hartford, for the birthplace of Samuel Stone (Hertford, England)
1637   disgruntled Puritans, John Davenport and Thophilus Eaton, leave Amsterdam and arrive in Boston   
1638   New Towne is renamed Cambridge New Haven is founded (originally as Quinnipiac) by Puritans led by John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton; renamed possibly for Newhaven, Sussex, England, though I suspect the name was intended literally, as in "a new haven," because neither Davenport nor Eaton was from Sussex
1639     Guilford is founded (originally as Menunketuck); renamed presumably for Guildford, Surrey, England
1639     Milford is founded on land purchased from the Paugusset Indians; presumably named for Milford, Surrey, England
(Henry Lyon is granted three acres)
1640   first book published in North America: the Bay Psalm Book  
1643     New Haven Colony formed by joining of New Haven, Milford, Guilford, and other communities
1644     Branford is founded, its name a corruption of Brentford, Middlesex [now Greater London], England
    second edition of the Bay Psalm Book
(Richard Lyon assists editor, Henry Dunster, Pres. of Harvard)
1649 Charles I is beheaded outside Whitehall Palace, London    
Year Massachusetts Connecticut New Jersey
1660     Dutch begin first settlements Bergen, New Amsterdam, which became Jersey City, Hudson Co.,NJ
1662   by order of the King, New Haven Colony is absorbed into Connecticut Colony  
1664     English take over New Amsterdam; includes region the English name Nova Caesarea (New Jersey)
    Elizabethtown Purchase: the "Elizabethtown Associates" buy land from the Lenni Lanapi Indians
19 Feb 1665 Connecticut settlers intending to remove to Province of New Jersey take "Oath of Allegiance"
1666 Connecticut Colony: Fairfield Co. is formed
30 Oct 1666 Connecticut settlers from Brandon and Guilford, CT, intending to remove to Province of New Jersey sign "Plantation Covenant"
1667 Connecticut Colony to Province of New Jersey Henry LYON family moves
1668 Prov. of NJ: colonists meet to set dividing line between Newark and Elizabethtown
1672/3 Newark to Elizabethtown Henry LYON family moves
1676 Province of New Jersey divided into East and West
1683 Province of East Jersey:  Essex Co. is formed
1693-6? Elizabethtown to Newark Henry LYON family moves
1702 East and West New Jersey Provinces reunited as a Royal Colony under the Governor of New York
1738 New Jersey became a separate colony under its own government
1787 New Jersey became the third state to ratify the U.S. Constitution
1857 NJ: Union Co. formed from Essex Co.

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