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Biographical Sketch of Col. George ELY (1745-1820)
Source:  Reuben P. Ely, Warren S. Ely, and Daniel B. Ely.  1910.  An Historical Narrative of the Ely, Revell, and Stacye Families.  Fleming H. Revell, Co., New York (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).
(42) COLONEL GEORGE ELY, third son of George and Mary (Prout) Ely, was born in 1745, probably in Solebury Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as when his father joined in the deed conveying his father's Trenton estate, in 1741, his residence is given as Solebury, where he seems to have resided until 1761, when he purchased the Praulsville plantation.

George Ely married, April 27, 1768, Susanna Farley, born in Amwell in 1746, daughter of Caleb Farley, a large land owner in that township.  From the time of his marriage until the outbreak of the Revolution, George Ely followed the vocation of a farmer in Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

On the organization of the militia of Hunterdon County for the defense of the rights of the Colonies, George Ely at once took an active part in the organization and equipment and was commissioned Captain of the Second Regiment and served throughout the war, being promoted to the office of Lieutenant- Colonel of the 3rd Regiment, June 21, 1781, and soon after as Colonel of the same regiment.

Soon after the close of the Revolution he removed to Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, and took up large tracts of land near Shamokin, where he died in 1820.  During the latter part of his life he was the proprietor of a tavern, a favorite occupation with old soldiers incapacitated from active work by privations of military campaigns, and in that day only men of the highest standing were entrusted with a license.

The will of Colonel George Ely is dated June 5, 1820, and was probated on July 31 of the same year, his death occurring on July 21, 1820.  His wife Susanna survived him over a year, dying November 30, 1821.

Children of Col. George and Susanna (Farley) Ely:--

153. Catharine Ely, born 1769; married William Rittenhouse and had children Esther, Susanna, George and Elijah.  She died before her father.

154. John Ely was a soldier in the Indian Wars that succeeded the Revolution, serving under General Wayne and died unmarried at Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1800.


155. Joseph Ely, born January 6, 1772; died September 20, 1846; married Martha Williams, who died February 11, 1853.

156. George Ely, born in 1776; died in 1834, in Columbia County, Pennsylvania; married Joanna Campbell and had ten children.

157. Caleb Ely, born 1778; died in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, 1854; married Jane Campbell and had twelve children.

158. Hester Ely, born about 1777; married John Bird and had a son Charles living at Mt. Gilead, Ohio, a few years since.

159. Samuel Ely, died about 1834, leaving at least four sons, Asher, Jacob, Isaac and William.

160. Nancy Ely, married Israel Thurston and died in Clarke County, Ohio.

161. Asher Ely, born November 26, 1788 died November 1, 1849; married, May 6, 1811, Catharine Campbell, and had twelve children.

Family Group Sheet of George ELY & Susannah FARLEY
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