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STRAUB / STROUB / STROUP Marriages in Snyder County, PA
Source:  George W. Wagenseller.  1899.  Snyder County Marriages, 1835-1899:  Miscellaneous Marriages, 1868-'98; Rev. Casper's Marriage Record, 1839-'82; Rev. Shindel's Marriage Record, 1835-;88; Rev. C.G. Erlenmeyer's Marriage Record, 1840-'75.  Wagenseller Publ. Co., Middlleburgh, PA.
A STROUB, Agnes of Pallas m. 18 Apr 1886 Edgar RISHE of Richfield; J.E. Shinkel, JP (p. 76)
STROUB, Agness m. 27 Oct 1889 Peter L. GRAYBILL; both of West Perry Twp.; J.C. Hornberger, JP (p. 96)
STRAUB, Albert of Washington Twp. m. 30 Sep 1883 Sarah A. HASSINGER of Perry Twp.; J.C. Wampole (p. 66)
STROUB, Alice m. 2 Dec 1833 Hiram W. HACKENBURG; both of Centre Co.; Rev. Shindel (p. 66) [sic]
STROUB, Alice m. 2 Dec 1883 Hiram Wm. HAGENBURG; both of Snyder Co.; Rev. Shindle (p. 199) [sic]
STROUB, Amanda of Washington Twp. m. 8 Dec 1877 at Freeburg James A. FRYMOYER of Perry Twp.; Wm. Moyer, Esq. (p. 37)
STROUB, Amon of Lewisburg m. 28 Sep 1884 S. Ellen BOWERSOX of Troxelville; Rev. Dietzler (p. 69)
STRAUB, Amos m. 8 Sep 1872 Sarah DIEMER; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 207)
STROUP, Anna B. of Fremont m. 19 Aug 1888 George D. BROWN of Millerstown; Rev. S.P. Brown (p. 88)
B STROUP, Barbara m. 12 Oct 1893 Tillman STROUP; both of Strouptown; J.C. Schoch, CC (p. 119)
STRAUB, Benjamin m. 23 Aug 1874 Mary HEPNER; both of Washington Twp.; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 208)
STRAUB, Benneville m. 22 Sep 1883 Lydia Ann MOURER; both of Susquehanna Twp., Juniata Co.; D.S. Boyer, Esq. (p. 65)
C STRAUB, Caroline m. 11 Oct 1849 Moses MOHR; both of Chapman; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 217)
STROUB, Caroline m. 16 Apr 1872 Jacob MOYER; both of West Beaver Twp.; Rev. L.C. Edmonds (p. 14)
STRAUB, Catherine m. 24 Dec 1865 Joseph MOYER; both of Washington Twp.; Rev. C.G. Erlenmeyer (p. 201) 
STROUB, Catharine m. 24 Jul 1845 Benjamin DUNKELBERGER; both of Washington; Rev. Shindle (p. 176)
STROUB, Charles m. 16 Jul 1865 Matilda KROUSE; Rev. Casper (p. 164)
D STRAUB, Daniel m. 12 Oct 1845 Lydia HEIMBACK; both of Chapman Twp.; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 213) 
STROUP, David L. m. 1 Nov 1888 Ada ZIMMERMAN; both of Sunbury; Elias Hummel, JP (p. 89)
STRAUP, Diana of Washington Twp. m. 17 Jul 1879 Daniel HUMMEL of Middlecreek Twp.; J.K. Hughes, Esq. (p. 44)
E STRAUB, E.M. m. 9 Feb 1871 Anna BOYER; both of Penn Twp.; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 206)
STROUB, Edward S. of Centreville m. [no date] Katie NEWMAN of Huffer; Rev. B.F. Goodman (p. 96)
STRAUB, Elias m. 17 Jun 1860 Emma Jane MOLL of Penn Twp.; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 227) 
STROUB, Elias of Freeburg m. 4 Jul 1880 Sarah Cordelia THOMPSON of Selinsgrove; Rev. J.W. Buckley (p. 49)
STROUB, Elias m. 13 Mar 1896 Esletta LAUDENSLAGER; both of Selinsgrove; W.O. Holmes, JP (p. 133)
STRAUB, Elizabeth m. 11 Oct 1849 Jacob KELLER; both of Chapman; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 217)
STRAUB, Elizabeth m. 26 Oct 1854 Joseph RINE; both of Chapman; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 222)
STROUB, Ellen B. of Juniata Co. m. 11 Feb 1893 John W. GARMAN of Perry Twp.; J.C. Schoch, CC (p. 115)
STROUB, Ellen C. m. 27 Nov 1881 Noah WISE; both of Washington Twp.; Rev. Haas (p. 57)
STROUB, Ellen M. m. 8 Oct 1889 George A. UPLINGER; both of Penn Twp.; Rev. Wampole (p. 95)
STROUB, Emma of Kratzerville m. 15 Mar 1888 John A. KLINGLER of Salem; Rev. Haas (p. 86)
STRAUB, Emma D. m. 25 Mar 1883 S.C. HOLLENBACK; both of Kratzerville; Rev. S.F. Ochsenford (p. 63)
STROUB, Emma J. m. 16 Oct 1842 William H. SPRENKLE; both of Washington Twp.; George F. Brosius, JP (p. 113)
STROUP, Eva m. 10 Oct 1897 Frederick HAUPT; both of Susquehanna Twp., Juniata Co.; Rev. H.H. Spahn (p. 143)
F STROUP, F.D. of Oriental m. 25 Dec 1884 Alice S. GELNETT of Aline; Rev. J.C. Mumma (p. 71)
STROUB, Franklin m. 4 Feb 1877 Susanna RAMER; both of Washington Twp.; Samuel School, Esq. (p. 33)
G STRAUB, George B. m. 1 Apr 1852 Catharine Ann ROUSH; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 219)
H STROUP, Henry W. m. 11 Jul 1896 Nettie L. HEIM; both of Perry Twp.; M.I. Potter, JP (p. 135)
I STROUB, Ida M. of Monroe Twp. m. 16 Jun 1889 Isaac C. SPRENKLE of Selinsgrove; R.C. Fiss, JP (p. 93)
J STROUB, J.F. of Kantz m. 26 Dec 1866 Emma T. BOYER of Fremont; Rev. J.F. Wampole (p. 80)
STROUB, J.F. of Perry Twp. m. 9 Aug 1894 Mary A. BILGER of Middlecreek Twp.; Rev. S.S. Kohler (p. 124)
STRAUB, John m. 27 Jun 1845 Maria HOUSER; both of Perry Twp.; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 213) 
STROUB, John A. m. 5 Dec 1875 Mary O. SPRINKLE; both of Washington Twp.; Rev. W.D. Haas (p. 29) 
STROUB, John A. of Shamokin m. 11 Jan 1891 Alba A. MOYER of McKees; Rev. J.F. Wampole (p. 103)
STRAUB, John S. m. 9 Jun 1864 Catharine A. PONTIUS; both of Washington Twp.; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 230) 
STROUP, John W. m. 16 Jan 1868 Sallie E. BERRY; both of Freeburg; Rev. Shinklw (p. 194)
L STRAUB, Laura Ellen of Painter m. 23 Dec 1881 James DREESE of Adamsburg; Rev. M.L. Dietzler (p. 57)
STRAUB, Lucinda of Juniata Co. m. 14 Mar 1868 Amos BAILEY of Shamokin Dam; Rev. Brown (p. 7)
M STROUB, Maggih of West Perry Twp. m. 5 May 1896 John F. SHAEFFER of Perry Twp.; Rev. Oscar G. Romig (p. 134)
STROUB, Mary of Middlecreek m. 29 Aug 1852 Jacob SHEMORRY of Centre Twp.; Rev. Adolph B. Casper (p. 158)
STROUB, Mary E. of Perry Twp. m. 17 Jan 1897 Daniel MULL of Jackson Twp.; Rev. W.A. Haas (p. 139)
STROUB, Mary Ellen of Middlecreek m. 16 Sep 1858 Reuben D. WALTER; Rev. Casper (p. 161)
STRAUB, Matilda of Chapman Twp. m. 29 Oct 1854 Charles ROUSH of Freeburg; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 222) 
STROUB, Melinda of Washington Twp. m. 20 Jul 1877 Henry P. YEAGER of Franklin Twp.; Rev. J.F. Wampole (p. 35)
N STROUP, Nora m. 17 Mar 1895 Frederick WOCHLEY; both of West Perry Twp.; Rev. Samuel Kuhn (p. 129)
P STROUB, Philip m. 17 Oct 1869 Emma SHOEMAKER; Rev. Shinkle (p. 8)
STRAUB, Philip m. 8 Oct 1857 Maria ERDLEY of Penn Twp.; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 225) 
STROUB, Polly of Selinsgrove m. 12 Oct 1890 George ROW of Smith Grove; Rev. Haas (p. 101)
S STROUB, S.G. m. 8 Mar 1891 Ella M. STAHL; both of Union Twp.; Rev. Haas (p. 104)
STROUB, S.G. m. 12 Jun 1892 M.J. MITTERLING; both of Perry Twp.; Rev. Samuel Kuhn (p. 114)
STROUB, Sallie m. 6 Aug 1893 Joseph S. RAMER; both of Monroe Twp.; R.C. Fiss, JP (p. 118)
STROUB, Salome m. 21 Dec 1890 Milton SHAFFER; both of Hoffer; Rev. J.F. Wampole (p. 102)
STRAUB, Samuel m. 8 Dec 1861 Sarah A. WEYLAND; both of Washington Twp.; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 229)
STROUB, Samuel of Washington Twp. m. 31 Mar 1863 Sophia LAWVER of Centre Twp.; Rev. Casper (p. 163)
STRAUB [TRAUB], Samuel m. 26 Apr 1842 Mary Ann RICKENBAUGH; "from Union Star" (p. 168) 
STROUB, Samuel H. m. 2 Feb 1894 Susan DeLONG; both of Centre Twp.; Rev. W.H. Schoch (p. 126)
STRAUB, Sarah of Perry Twp. m. 20 Feb 1858 Peter GARMAN; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 225)
STROUB, Susan m. 10 Jul 1881 Riley MILLER; Rev. J.K. Snyder (p. 55)
STRAUB, Susan m. 30 May 1865 William MILLER; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 203)
STRAUB, Susan of Penn Twp. m. 25 Oct 1856 I.E. LOYD; Rev. Erlenmeyer (p. 224)
T STROUP, Tillman m. 12 Oct 1893 Barbara STROUP; both of Strouptown; J.C. Schoch, CC (p. 119)
W STROUB, Wesley of Monroe Twp. m. 26 Apr 1889 Jemima KRATZER of Kratzerville; R.C. Fiss, MP (p. 92)
STROUB, Wesley G. of West Perry Twp. m. 26 Mar 1896 Martha PORTZLINE of Perry Twp.; Rev. Oscar G. Romig (p. 134)
STROUB, William F. m. 17 Ap 1842 Albertina MAGARITZ; both of Black Oak Ride (West Beaver Twp.); Rev. Shindle (p. 173)

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