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Source:  Excerpt from the "New Lebanon Cemetery" Section of the History of New Lebanon, Cooper County, Missouri by Eugene Allen Cordry (c1976.  VKM Pub. Co., Fort Worth, TX),
online at the Cooper County MOGenWeb site.

Apparently the text was OCR'd, so please make allowances.
DVKM = Descendants of Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri by Eugene Cordry.
Information [in brackets] was by Eugene Cordry.
Comments [in blue] are by DGM. 


CORDRY, CATHERINE (old) b 1764 d July 2, 1836. [Catherine Mann was the wife of John Cordry.  She was born in VA., married and started her family there, pioneered with her husband in what is now western Ky., and pioneered once again with her children in Mo.  John Cordry served as a Pvt. in Capt. Joseph Crockett's Co., 7th Va. Regt. of Foot commanded by Alexander McClenachan from Dec. 28, 1776 to June 30, 1777.  John and Catherine Cordry had nine children:  Charles Cordry b Mar. 6, 1784; Hannah Cordry b 1785-6; William Cordry b c1788; John Cordry b c1790; Elizbeth Cordry b c1792; James Cordry b Nov. 20, 1795; Mary Cordry b c1798; Sally Cordry b May 1, 1801; and Elijah Cordry b 1805.  Also see DVKM.]

CORDRY, CHARLES (LB-6) b Mar. 6, 1784 [son of John and Catherine (MANN) CORDRY]d May 12, 1875. [He moved from Todd Co. Ky. in 1830 to Cooper Co. Mo., see DVKM.]

CORDRY, CHARLES WALKER (LD-11) b Oct. 8. 1853 d Jan. 23, 1931. [He lived all of his life near New Lebanon, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, ELIJAH (old) b 1805 d Aug. 12, 1851. [He was born in Christian Co. Ky. [son of John and Catherine (MANN) CORDRY] and came to Cooper Co. Mo. in 1835, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, ELIZA J. (LB-43) b Sept. 26, 1820 d Feb. 11. 1911 wife of G. R. Cordry. [Eliza Jane Steele married Green Raybourn Cordry, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, ELIZABETH (old) d Sept. 18, 1843 Second wife of James Cordry. [James Cordry married secondly Oct. 25, 1840 Clay Co. Mo. Elizabeth Garton b 1797 Christian Co. Ky. and had no children., see DVKM.]

CORDRY, F. W. b May 1, 1884 d Apr. 18, 1975. [William Franklin Cordry was the son of Charles Walker Cordry: he married Lolita Ann Brown and had no children, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, GEORGE B. (LD-11) b July 19, 1892 d (no date). [Infant son of Charles Walker Cordry: this child is incorrectly named Charles Pleasant Cordry in DVKM.]

CORDRY, GREEN R. (LB-43) b Dee. 11, 1816 d Dec. 7. 1896. [Green Raybourn Cordry was born in Todd Co. Ky. [he must be a grandson of John and Catherine (MANN) CORDRY, but which of their sons was the father?] and came to Cooper Co. Mo. no later than 1829, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, JAMES (old) d Apr. 18, 1860 aged 64 years 5 months 28 days. [He was born Nov. 20, 1795 near Elkton, Christian Co. (now Todd Co.) Ky. [son of John and Catherine (MANN) CORDRY] and came to Cooper Co. Mo. in the fall of 1830. He married Margaret Murphy and had nine children: (1) William Langston Cordry b Jan. 15, 1816; (2) Thomas Murphy Cordry b Nov. 13, 1817; (3) Mary Ann Cordry b Nov. 18, 1819 (married George Decater Wear); (4) Catherine Elizabeth Cordry. b Sept. 3, 1823 (married Jonathan Warren Weir: (5) son b Jan. 21, 1825 d Jan. 21, 1825: (6) James Francis Marion Cordry b May 27, 1827: (7) son b Aug. 12, 1829 d Sept. 1, 1829; (8) Bathsheba Adeline Cordry (married Samuel Calvin Rankin): and (9) John Mann Cordry b May 23 1833. Also see HHCC and DVKM.]

CORDRY, LESLIE FRANKLIN (LD-25) b 1873 d 1931. [He was b Sept. 2. 1873 and d Jan. 16, 1,931. see HCCJ and DVKM ]

CORDRY, LEVERETTE L. (LD-24) b July 27, 1861 d May 2, 1905. [He was the son of James Francis Marion Cordry. see DVKM.]

CORDRY, LIZZIE G. (LD-24) b Oct. 30. 1864 d Sept. 1,5, 19,53 wife of L. L. Cordry. [Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gentry married 1st Leverette L. Cordry and married 2nd William Eugene Reavis. ]

CORDRY, LUCIAN BURGESS (LB-89) b 1854 d 1925 wife of Thomas Nelson Cordry. [Lucian Ainsley Burgess was born in Mason Co. Ky.: she married Mar.
9, 1876 Thomas Nelson Cordry and had five children, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, MAGGIE ADELLA FRITTS (LD-2-~} b 187;~ d 1956 wife of Leslie Franklin Cordry.

CORDRY, MARGARET (old) d July 6, 1840 aged 4:t years. [Margaret Murphy was born Mar. 21, 1797 in South Carolina daughter of William Murphy; she married Dec. 27, 1814 Christian Co. Ky. James Cordry b Nov. 20, 1795.]

CORDRY, MARY ANN (LB-58) b Sept. 28, 1819 d Oct. 14, 1900 wife of W. L. Cordry. [Mary "Polly" Ann Weir was born at Fayette, Howard Co. Mo., the daughter of Rev. Samuel Weir. She married Mar. 29, 1837 smith of New Lebanon, Mo. William Langston Cordry.]

CORDRY, MARY E. (LD-20) b 1882 d 1973. [Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Todd was the wife of Owen Estill Cordry; they had one child who lived beyond in- [p. 247] fancy; Dora Margaret Cordry b Nov. 5, 1911 (married Noel L. Cole).]

CORDRY, M. E. (LD-11) b July 19, 1860 d Oct. 1, 1933. [Martha Elizabeth Oglesby was the daughter of Henry Franklin Oglesby and Martha Cornelia Nichols; she married Charles Walker Cordry and had three children, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, MEDORA (LB-92) b Dec. 17, 1851 d Oct. 8, 1949. [Medora Elizabeth Hutchison was the daughter of Lewis Monroe Hutchison and Sallie Emaline Cordry; she married William Franklin Cordry b Nov. 8, 1846 and had four children, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, OLIVER LANGSTON (LD-25) b Apr. 29, 1877 d Apr. 27, 1949. [He married Stella May Sites and bad two children: Ollie May Cordry d at birth; and Mary Elizabeth Cordry (married Dec. 23, 1946 Robert Lyle Thomas b Sept. 3, 1914 son of Ira Thomas). See HCCJ and DVKM.]

CORDRY, OWEN ESTILL (LD-20) b 1879 d 1935. [Owen Estill Cordry was born July 23, 1879, and died June 27, 1935, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, RACHEL (LB-6) b Sept. 6, 1807 d July 1, 1881 daughter of Charles and Rebecca Cordry. [She never married. ]

CORDRY, SAMUEL JASPER (LB-58) b July 7, 1841 d July 26, 1902. [He was the son of William Langston Cordry; he never married. "Uncle Jap" reputedly buried various cans and jars of gold coins on his homestead. See DVKM.]

CORDRY, STELLA MAY (LD-25) b Dec. 5, 1880 d ,June 3, 1960 wife of Oliver L. Cordry. [Stella May Sites was the daughter of Lee Thomas Sites and Victorine Kincheloe; she married Oliver Langston Cordry, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, SUSAN (old) d Feb. 4, 1870 aged 64 years. [Susanna Bentley b Lincoln Co. Ky. daughter of Levi Bentley b 1765 Chester Co. Pa. and Sarah Harlan b 1774 Washington Co. Md. married Elijah Cordry and had three daughters, see DVKM.]

CORDRY, COL. T. M. (old) b Nov. 13, 1817 d July 21, 1852. [Colonel Thomas Murphy Cordry was born in Elkton, Christian Co. Ky. [son of James and Margaret (MURPHY) CORDRY]; he was a colonel in the Missouri Militia. He died from injuries received consequent to a fall from a horse. He married Sept. 23, 1841 Martha Jane Elliot b Feb. 14, 1822 Howard Co. Mo. and had two children. See DVKM,]

CORDRY THOMAS NELSON (LB-89) b 1849 d 1925.  [He was born Apr. 16, 1849 near New Lebanon and died Aug. 17, 1925 in Pilot Grove, Mo., seeDVKM.]

CORDRY, W. F. (LB-92) b Nov. 8, 1846 d July 25, 1935. [William Franklin Cordry was the son of William Langston Cordry and Mary Ann Weir, see DVKM and HCCJ.]

CORDRY, WILLIAM LANGSTON (LB-58) b Jan. 15, 1816, d Dec. 26, 1903. [He was born near Elkton, Christian Co. (now Todd Co.) Ky. [son of James and Margaret (MURPHY) CORDRY] and came to Cooper Co. with his parents as a boy of fourteen.  He married Mar. 29, 1837, Mary "Polly" Ann Weir. He became a prominent farmer and stockman. His obituary reads in part: "Shortly after his marriage he professed religion at the old Lebanon shed under the preaching of Rev. Archibald McCorkle, a [Cumberland] Presbyterian minister, but shortly after united with the Primitive Baptists at old West Fork, where a church formerly stood." 

He had nine children: 

(1) Samuel Jasper Cordry b July 7, 1841; 

(2) James Newton Cordry b June 4, 1844 (married May 13, 1869, Amanda Lou Woolery b Nov. 24, 1848 [these are the great grandparents of Eugene Allen Cordry]); 

(3) William Franklin Cordry b Nov. 8, 1846; 

(4) Thomas Nelson Cordry b Apr. 16, 1849; 

(5) Amanda Elizabeth Cordry b July 24, 1851, d Apr. 20, 1852; 

(6) Charles Walker Cordry b Oct. 8, 1853; 

(7) Robert Dudley Cordry b Feb. 2, 1856; 

(8) Mary Alice Cordry b July 24, 1858; and 

(9) Margaret "Maggie" Ida Cordry b Dec. 13, 1860. 

[Also see DVKM.]

Family Group Sheet of John CORDRY & Catherine MANN
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