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Diana, Goddess of the Hunt — for Ancestors!
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Timothy Dowlings's Genealogy Scrapbook
Timothy Dowling has taken four images from my web site (photographs of my parents and paternal grandparents) and used them without my permission on his web site and in his WorldConnect file (both online at RootsWeb.com).  He has not complied with my requests to remove them.  Instead, he substituted an image of Adolph Hitler for my father's photo and one of an ugly, Nazi-looking woman for my mother's photo.  What made the image of Hitler especially egregious, not just to my father's memory, but to the honor of the United States military, was that the image of my father he replaced was of him in his Army uniform in Germany serving an additional year in the Army of Occupation, after serving a year in combat in WWII.

When told by RootsWeb to remove those images, he put back the original photos, altered in a manner I find grotesque — and still insulting to the memory of my parents.  RootsWeb has referred me to Ancestry's legal department (RootsWeb.com is owned by Ancestry.com).

Dowling has stated on his home page that his site contains "…over three thousand pages of pictures and videos."  You may want to look though his Scrapbook to see if he has used any images from your web site or online file without asking your permission.  The surnames listed below are those of individuals whose images are listed as being in his scrapbook.

Diana Gale Matthiesen (20 Jan 2010)
Abbott, Abernathy, Ackman, Acres, Adams, Adcock, Addington, Affleck, Agassi, Aiken, Ainslie, Akins, Alcott, Aldrich, Aldridge, Alexander, Alisky, Allen, Alley, Allison, Allman, Allyn, Allyson, Amis, Anderson, Andrews, Angel, Angell, Aniston, Anthony, Antoinette, Anton, Apgar, Applegate, Appleton, Archer, Armour, Armstrong, Arnaz, Arnold, Arquette, Arthur, Artman, Artz, Ashbaugh, Asbrook, Astaire, Astor, Atchley, Auchincloss, Augustus, Autry, Averell, Avery, Axson, Ayers, Azaria
Babbitt, Bacall, Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Bakley, Balcom, Baldwin, Ball, Balsom, Barber, Bardot, Bari, Barker, Barnum, Barrymore, Bartholomew, Barton, Basinger, Bass, Batson, Battle, Baum, Baxter, Bayh, Bayley, Beaty, Beaufort, Beaumont, Beck, Beckmon, Beckwith, Beecher, Beer, Bel Geddes, Bell, Bennett, Benson, Berenice, Berenson, Berlin, Berner, Berry, Bertrand, Berumen, Bessette, Bethke, Bielanski, Bingham, Bird, Birney, Bissell, Bixby, Black, Blackwell, Blair, Blake, Blevens, Blondell, Bloomer, Bloss, Blystone, Blythe, Bock, Bocker, Boetiger, Bogart, Boleyn, Bolling, Bond, Bonfiglio, Bono, Booher, Boone, Borden, Bostwick, Bottoms, Boughton, Bouvier, Bowden, Bower, Bowers, Bowman, Boyle, Bradbury, Bradham, Bradley, Brainerd, Brando, Brandt, Brann, Bratcher, Breck, Breen, Brentrup, Brewer, Brewster, Brickell, Bridges, Briggs, Brittingham, Broadhead, Broccoli, Brooks, Brown, Brownlee, Bruce, Brunson, Buchanan, Buckalew, Buckingham, Buckman, Buffett, Buffum, Bulifant, Bulkeley, Bullard, Bullock, Bundy, Burbank, Burd, Burditt, Burger, Burke, Burne-Jones, Burnett, Burnham, Burns, Burr, Burran, Burroughs, Burton, Bush, Bussard, Bussard, Buterbaugh, Butler, Byrd
Cabot, Cage, Caldwell, Calkins, Cameron, Campbell, Cannon, Capet, Carlin, Carmack, Carmony, Carnahan, Carney, Carow, Carpenter, Carradine, Carrey, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Cartwright, Casey, Cash, Cassidy, Castaneda, Cavendish, Chadwick, Chalmers, Chamberlain, Chance, Chancellor, Chapin, Chapman, Charteris, Chase, Chaucer, Cheney, Cherrill, Chld-Villiers, Childers, Childress, Childs, Chittenden, Christian, Christophel, Chrysler, Churchill, Ciccone, Clark, Clarke, Clemens, Cleveland, Clifford, Clift, Cline, Clinkscales, Clinton, Clooney, Close, Cobb, Coburn, Coddington, Cody, Coffin, Cofield, Cogan, Cohen, Colbert, Cole, Coleman, Colfax, Collins, Colt, Colvig, Combes, Conard, Congdon, Conklin, Conkling, Conrad, Constable, Converse, Conway, Coolidge, Cooper, Copeland, Coppola, Corbin, Marilla, Corey, Cornell, Corrigan, Corroan, Costello, Couch, Couillard-Lislois, Cox, Coxe, Craig, Craiger, Crall, Cranch, Cravens, Crawford, Crean, Creekmore, Crippen, Crockett, Cromwell, Cronkite, Crsby, Cross, Crossman, Croteau, Crowell, Cruise, Crupper, Culkin, Cullinane, Culver, Cuomo, Curtin, Curtis, Curtiss, Custer, Custis, Cutter, Cyrus
D'Albret, D'Este, Dahl, Dallas, Dalton, Damon, Dandridge, Danker, Danson, Darby, Darnall, Darwin, Dassey, Davenport, Davies, Davis, Davison, Dawes, Day, Dayton, de Bourbon, de Castile, de Guzman, de la Torre, de Medici, de Valois, Dean, Deardorff, Deering, Deforest, del Carmen Cervera y Fernandez, Dellnow, Dempsey, Dennis, Dent, Depp, Dever, Dewalt, Deewey, Dicicco, Dickinson, Didion, Diedrich, Dieter, Digby, Dill, Dillinger, Dimaggio, Dimke, Dion, Disney, Dixon, Doble, Doherty, Dohrn, Dole, Dominczyk, Donaldson, Donelson, Donnelly, Doolittle, Dorsey, Dotti, Doubleday, Doucette, Doud, Dougherty, Douglas, Douglass, Dow, Dowling, Dreisbach, Drew, Drollet, Dudney, Duer, Duff, Duke, Dundas, Dunham, Dunlevy, Dunne, Dutton, Duvall, Dwight, Dyer
Earhart, Eastman, Eastwood, Ebey, Edison, Edwards, Egan, Eisenhower, Ek, Eliot, Ellenwood, Ellerman, Elliott, Ellis, Elmendorf, Elsbree, Embrey, Emerson, Endicott, Enge, Engels, England, English, Epstein, Ervin, Erwin, Eschback, Estey, Evans, Evarts, Everett, Everhart
Fackler, Fahey, Fairbanks, Fairburn, Fairchild, Falls, Farnese, Farr, Farrow, Fawcett, Federline, Feister, Felder, Felt, Fenwick, Ferguson, Ferrell, Ferrer, Ferris, Fess, Fickel, Fidler, Field, Fiennes, Fillmore, Finch, Finkeldey, Finley, Firestone, Fisher, Fisk, Fitzgerald, Fleming, Floyd, Flynt, Foley, Folger, Folsom, Fonda, Forbes, Ford, Foster, Fox, Foxworth, Franchitti, Franciscus, Frank, Franklin, Frawley, Freeman, French, Freneau, Friday, Fridley, Friesen, Fudala, Fuller, Funnye, Furcillo
Gabel, Gable, Gabor, Gainey, Galton, Gamber, Gano, Gardiner, Gardner, Garfield, Garity, Garland, Garner, Gates, Gatz, Gayle, Genaet, George, Gere, Gerry, Giamatti, Gibbons, Gibson, Giddens, Gifford, Gill, Gillaspy, Gilman, Gish, Glass, Glenn, Godwineson, Goetz, Gonzales, Gooch, Goodhue, Goodyear, Gordon, Core, Corton, Gottfried, Goulet, Graf, Graff, Graham, Grammer, Grant, Graves, Gray, Green, Greenberg, Greer, Grey, Griffith, Grim, Grinstead, Griscom, Gross, Grove, Guest, Guinness, Gunter, Gupton, Gurr
Haase, Habsburg, Hadden, Hagen, Hager, Hale, Hall, Halm, Halpin, Halsey, Hamil, Hamilton, Hammerstein, Hancock, Hanford, Hanks, Hann, Hansen, Hanson, Harbaugh, Harder, Hardicanute, Hardin, Harding, Hardy, Harefoot, Harlan, Harper, Harrell, Harriman, Harrison, Harter, Hartford, Hartwell, Harum, Harvey, Hatch, Hatsell, Hattery, Hauer, Hawks, Hawn, Haws, Hay, Hayden, Hayes, Hayes, Hayworth, Hazel, Hazen, Heath, Hefner, Heinz, Hellums, Hemingway, Hendrix, Henry, Hensley, Hepburn, Herbert, Herlihy, Herndon, Herron, Hershey, Heston, Hickman, Hickok, Higgins, Higginson, Hightower, Hill, Hilton, Hinckley, Hinsche, Hitchcock, Hoar, Hobday, Hoes, Hofert, Hogan, Holbrook, Holden, Hollma, Holly, Holman, Holmes, Holzschuh, Honeycutt, Hood, Hook, Hoover, Hopkins, Hopper, Horan, Horne, Hosbrook, Houghtaling, House, Householder, Howard, Howe, Howell, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hubble, Hubley, Hudson, Hudspeth, Hueston, Hughes, Huhtala, Hulbert, Hulce, Hull, Hume, Muniston, Hungerford, Hunt, Hunter, Hurley, Hurst, Hussey, Huston, Hutchinson, Hutton, Hyde, Hyland
Ingalls, Ives
Jackson, Jaedicke, James, Jane, Janke, Jay, Jefferson, Jenifer, Jenkins, Jessel, Jewett, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jonze, Joplin, Jordan, Joyce, Judd, Judson, Juliar, Juneau, Jurczyk, Justice
Kamm, Kanallakan, Kantner, Kashfi, Kastner, Kaufmann, Keaton, Keck, Keillor, Kelleher, Kennedy, Kent, Keough, Kern, Kerry, Kershner, Ketcham, Kettner, Key, Keyes, Khan, Kiman, Kilbourn, Killian, Kilpatrick, King, Kingston, Kipling, Kirby, Kirchner, Kling, Klingensmith, Klock, Knavs, Knickerbocker, Knight, Knobel, Knotts, Knowles, Koeck, Koethe, Konstantinovna, Kopera, Kortwright, Kott, Lottak, Koufax, Kristofferson
Lackey, Lafargue, Lafon, Lalonde, Lamas, Lamphere, Lamprecht, Lancaster, Lane, Langenberg, Langford, Langhorne, Lankrd, Lansing, Lapiere, Lash, Lasser, Latrobe, Law, Lawford, Lawler, Lawrence, Lawson, Leary, Leasure, Lee, Leidy, Leigh, Leland, Lemmon, Lemon, Leon, Lepper, Leszczynska, Letterman, Levy, Lewis, Libby, Liberto, Lill, Lincoln, Lindbergh, Lindemulder, Lindermann, Lindstrom, Lipton, Lithgow, Littlejohn, Livanos, Livingston, Lloyd, Locklear, Lockwood, Lodge, Lombard, Long, Longfellow, Longuet, Loring, Love, Loveless, Lowe, Lowell, Lucas, Ludden, Ludwell, Luft, Lumet, Luther
MacArthur, MacDonald, McAdoo, McAfee, McAlvin, McCain, McCardle, McCarthy, McCartney McClellan, McCool, McCord, McCurry, McDaniel, McDonald, McDonough, McDowell, McEachern, McEldowney, McElroy, McEnroe, McGlen, McGrath, McGraw, McHenry, McKennan, McKinley, McKinsey, McLallan, McMichael, McWilliams
Mack, Madison, Madsen, Magri, Majors, Makao, Manchester, Mandrell, Mann, Manson, Mantle, Maples, Mapother, Marcellus, Marquez, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Marvin, Marx, Mason, Massey, Matchinsky, Mather, Matthiesen, Mauricia, Maxwell, May, Mayer, Mayo, Meacham, Mead, Meeks, Mekeldt, Melby, Melson, Melville, Menzel, Merrill, Merring, Messplay, Michaelsen, Michalka, Mickey, Miglietta, Miller, Mills, Miner, Minerd, Minnelli, Mitchell, Mohler, Monpas, Monroe, Montalban, Montgomery, Moon, Moore, Moraine, Morgan, Morosini, Morris, Morrison, Morse, Morton, Mosey, Mount, Mountbatten MtCastle, Mumford, Murphy, Mussman, Myers
Nance, Nash, Ndesandjo, Needles, Neher, Nelson, Newberry, Newcomb, Newell, Newhart, Newman, Newton, Niarchos, Nicholson, Nielsen, Niemi, Nixon, Nolan, Norman, Norris, North, Northrop, Norton, Nutt
O'Dell, O'Keeffe, O'Mara, O'Neal, O'Sullivan, Oakley, Obama, Oelrichs, Ogwell, Oliver, Onassis, Onstrott, Orne, Orrenmaa, Orth, Ortiz, Osborne, Osgood, Osmond, Osterman, Oswald, Outman, Overall, Overholt, Overmire
Pabst, Packer, Padgett, Page, Paige, Palin, Paradis, Parish, Park, Parks, Parr, Parris, Pate, Patton, Paugh, Pauley, Payne, Peabody, Pearmain, Pedraza, Pelham, Penn, Penniman, Penrod, Percy, Perez, Perkings, Perry, Peters, Pettigrew, Pettit, Pfannerstill, Phelps, Philips, Phipps, Phoenix, Pickford, Pierce, Pierson, Pillsbury, Pinney, Piper, Pitt, Pixley, Platz, Plimpton, Plumley, Plummer, Poe, Polk, Pollard, Pond, Pontious, Pool, Pope, Porter, Post, Powell, Powers, Prahm, Pratt, Prebicin, Prescott, Presley, Previn, Price, Priddy, Propp, Prusakova, Pulliam, Purvis, Putnam
Quayle, Quiner, Quinn
Rackett, Rajala, Ralston, Ramey, Ramsey, Rathbone, Rathbun, Raye, Read, Reader, Reagan, Reagner, Redd, Redding, Reed, Reeve, Reeves, Reichert, Reid, Remington, Renfro, Reuss, Reynolds, Reznar, Rhodes, Rhys-Jones, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Riley, Ringling, Ringwald, Ripley, Riskin, Ritchie, Ritter, Rives, Roach, Robards, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roche, Rocheford, Rochefort, Rockefeller, Rockett, Rockwell, Rodham, Roebuck, Rogers, Rogowska, Rogowski, Rolfe, Romney, Rooney, Roosevelt, Rose, Rosecrans, Ross, Rothrock, Rothschild, Rowan, Rudolph, Russell, Ryan, Ryder
Sadler, Sambora, Samson, Sand, Sanders, Sanderson, Sanford, Sargeant, Sargent, Satterly, Saunders, Savage, Savant, Saxbe, Saxe, Saxton, Schaech, Schaff, Schmidt, Schoenberg, Schuyler, Schwartz, Schwartzman, Schwarzenegger, Schwarzkopf, Schwindt, Scott, Scribner, Scruse, Seamore, Searl, Sears, Sedgwick, Sell, Selleck, Sells, Selznick, Setzer, Sevcik, Seymour, Shah, Shakel, Shakespeare, Shand, Sharrow, Shaw, Shearer, Sheen, Sheeran, Sheffield, Shelly, Shelton, Shenberg, Shepard, Sherk, Sherman, Sherwood, Shields, Shirtz, Shoptaugh, Shoptaw, Short, Shreve, Shriver, Shutt, Sills, Simon, Sims, Sinatra, Slamik, Slawson, Sleight, Smith, Snow, Snowden, Snyder, Soetoro, Sonnenburg, Sonstegard, Sorel, Southmayd, Southworth, Spann, Sparks, Spears, Spencer, Spencer-Churchill, Spock, Spreckels, Spruiell, St. John, Stafford, Staley, Standish, Stanford, Stanley, Stanton, stark, Starr, Stearns, Steenburgen, Steinbeck, Steinberger, Stelmaszek, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stieglitz, Stigerwalt, Stoehr, Stokowski, Stone, Storm, Stover, Strache, Straight, Stratton, Straub, Strickland, Strong, Stroud, Stroup, Struensee, Stuart, studebaker, Sturges, Sturgis, Stuyvesant, Styres, Sullivan, Swadling, Swayze, Sweeney, Swift, Sydenstricker, Symmes, Szaechenyi
Taft, Tagliabue, Talcott, Talmadge, Taney, Tantlinger, Taplin, Tate, Tatman, Taylor, Teegarden, Tell, Temple, Teriipia, Thames, Thatcher, Thomas, Thompson, Thomsen, Thomson, Thornton, Thurman, Tiffany, Till, Timberlake, Todd, Tolleson, Tombaugh, Tompkins, Toppari, Torres, Tracy, Treasure, Trudeau, Truman, Trump, Tucker, Turman, Turner, Turpen, Tuttle, Tyler
Upson, Urquhart
Vadim, Vallaee, Van Buren, Van Campen, Van Cleef, Van den Corput, Van der Cook, Van Devanter, Van Dorn, Van Dyke, Van Horne, Van Keuren, Van Patten, Van Rensselaer, Vanderbilt, Vanderpool, Vanpool, Vardeman, Vasa, Vaughan, Vidal, Vieau, Villiers, Vinal, Vincent, Vinding, Voight, Von Bora, Von Habsburg, Von Ketteler, Von Westphalen, Voris
Wade, Wagner, Wainwright, Waldegrave, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Walpole, Walsh, Walters, Walton, Wambaugh, Ward, Warmoth, Warner, Warnholtz, Warren, Washington, Waters, Wayne, Weakland, Weaver, Webb, Webster, Wedgwood, Weiler, Welborn, Welch, Welles, Wellington, Wellman, Wendt, Wener, West, Westland, Wetheral, Wheeler, Whelihan, Whipple, Whitaker, White, Whitehead, Whitehouse, Whitford, Whitmyer, Whitney, Whitworth, Wicks, Widmark, Wilcox, Wilder, Wilkerson, Wilkes, Williams, Wilmerton, Wilson, Wilti, Wing, Wingfield, Winningham, Winslow, Winsor, Wise, Wiziarde, Wolcott, Wolf, Wood, Woodbury, Wooden, Woodward, Wool, Wozniak, Wray, Wright, Wyatt, Wykoff, Wyler, Wyman
Yarbrough, Yarde-Buller, Yasbeck, Yates, Yli-Toppari, Young, Youngs
Zadrozny, Zappa, Zborowski, Zeier, Zelnickova, Zepeda, Zeta-Jones, Zieger

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